So semester two has been easier, not educational wise but emotionally. It has been much easier coming back to Glion after a week or weekend in Gothenburg because now I'm not going back to Glion, I'm going home. I have met people and built relationships that have made this place my home, they have given me comfort in the hardest times and made me love life a little bit more. I haven't really been counting down the days until I go back to Sweden anymore because I'm comfortable here now, I mean obviously I can't wait for summer and to be back in Sweden but life here is good.
Finals are here and right around the corner and semster two is coming to an end, in 2 weeks I'll be going back to Sweden for summer vacations and then off to internship somewhere around the world, not sure yet, but I'll let yall know when I know.

I'd definitely say that this semester was a blast. I've met some new people, gotten closer to people I already knew, traveled places that I'd never though I'd go and made memories with people I'll never forget.

... and definitely done some crazy things ...

Disneyland, Paris

The first trip of the semester.
Rented a car with Audrey, Valerie and Kate and spontaneously drove to the place "Where dreams come true." Drove up on Friday night arrived Saturday morning, went to Disneyland, had an absolut blast and the drove back to Switzerland Saturday night.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Two weeks after Disney I ended up in Zermatt with my amazing class, ESE2, where we worked at The Ulltracks, Matterhorn (an skiing event) for 5 days. This was definitely a trip to remember, not only did we all get hands on experience in the field that we are getting into we also got much closer as a class. We worked together for 5 days and made some amazing memories together.

Gothenburg, Sweden

A week after Zermatt it was time for mid-term break, which I spent in Sweden, hanging out with friends, family and working. Going back is always nice, seeing the people you love the most and have gotten me where I am today is a never a bad thing.

Pappas, 50th Birthday

After a week and a half in Sweden for midterm break I went back to Glion for 3 days and then flew right back home to Gothenburg again to celebrate the (now) old mans 50th birthday. The day I came home we went out to eat with my family and grandpa to celebrate and then on that Saturday my pappa had a big party that was a huge success.
I can not explain how happy I am to have such an amazing father, he has taught and given me so much, I'll never be able to repay him for everything that he has done and sacrificed for me.

Semester 2

In general I have to say that I'm very happy with how semester 2 turned out. I've worked and helped out with amazing events and been able to capture some amazing memories with people that will be very hard to forget, whether it is going out for a beer or ice cream or going tobogganing or swimming.

This semester will definitely be hard to forget and not seeing my wonderful class for 8 months will be even harder.

Next up, S E M E S T E R T H R E E, Internship....

So after living in Glion, Switzerland for almost a whole year, new adventures are waiting. I've gone through both an emotional and crazy ride since I've gotten here. I've not only learnt to cherish the once I love but also cherish moments that might never happen again. It's safe to say that I am in a happy place, I have so much to be grateful for. The next chapter now is internship after the summer vacations. It all feels so weird, it felt like yesterday that I arrived at Glion and now in a couple months I'll be heading off for internship somewhere else in the world.

The life unexpected has just started and I couldn't be more excited in seeing where the next chapter takes me.

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The first semester at Glion has now come to an end and to be honest I am quite sad to leave this place..

Going home will obviously be amazing but the fact that the first semester at university is already done is beyond me. It feels like it was yesterday me and my parents drove down to Switzerland for me to start my new life. I have gotten some new amazing memories to look back at and lets not forget the friends I've made. Therefor, I feel like it's necessary to do a recap off the past few months of my life in Glion the things I've done and the people I've been so lucky in meeting.

Okay, so first off.. My amazing class. ESE1, soon to be ESE2. We started off this semester looking at each other with a question mark not knowing anything about each other and leaving for the winter break with memories we will never forget. I am so grateful that I got placed in such an amazing class with so many loveable people. We have some wonderful memories, which some of us can't remember... I wonder why.. and I'm sure we are going to start the next semester knowing that the best is yet to come.

I'm not only greateful for my beautiful class but also for the people I've met within other classes and semesters. We have been on adventures together and have done some crazy and stupid stuff, to say the least. I think you all know who you are and I'm so happy I've met you all and hoping we will start next semester as close as we ended this one and knowing that more crazy and stupid moments are awaiting.

This post, as you probably already realised, is mostly about closing off the first semester at Glion and remembering all the good and bad times. It was hard letting go of my friends and family in Sweden when moving but to be honest it's going to be hard going home again, even though I know I'll be back here with the same people next semester they will still be missed.

Tomorrow I go home for a month and a half long winter break. My room is now completely empty and everything is packed away. Next semester I'll come back to a new dorm room, with new goals and a new mind set. Ready to make new amazing memories with my class/friends.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who as help me through these past few months in my new home, in getting comfortable and feeling like I now have a third home. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am extremely thankful for every single person I've met throughout these past months and everyone who has supported me and pushed me through this and making me realise that risks are worth taking, I am and will forever be grateful.



Even though this photo is about 2 years old, I though I'd show my family which I talk about all the time.

After around 2 months at my new home it was time to go back to the place where I came from, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

As most of you can probably figure out, this was a big relief for me. Going back to the place that I have missed so deeply. With most of my friends not knowing that I was coming, made it even more exciting. The surprise was a huge success and seeing all of them was even better. 
I managed to do a lot when I was home, go golfing, go partying, be an alumni at the high school fair in gothenburg for my old high school, have dinner with my entire family, quiz night with all of my best friends, dinner at my best friends new apartment, go to the movies, day in town with my sister and mommy, and the best one... have a cozy-mozy night with wine and games with my best friends at my house, like the good old days. 

he Highschool fair in Gothenburg, representing The International High School of the Gothenburg Region.

That one thing that happened, which never really happens I went golfing.💪

While being home it felt like I had never left, which was nice, but made it harder for me when I had to leave again and after a week of being back at University I can surely say that, the week that I was home was probably one of the best weeks so far. You know the expression, "You don't know what you have till it's gone" ? Yeah, well as cheesy as it may sounds, it's true. Coming back to everything that I had missed for two months made me realise that I am beyond grateful for the friends and family that I have back home in Sweden. I am sure of the fact that I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and comfort from my mother, father, sister and best friends. 


Me, Freddie and Cloudia.
I think these photos describe my friendship with Freddie pretty clearly.


     Me and Nadia the first night back home.             Me Nadia and Mimmi the last night home.                Dinner at Leo's new apartment.

Don't get me wrong, I love the life I live here, there are new adventures everyday. But home will always be home, the place where you find comfort, support and love and having moved 3 times now, I have learnt that there is no place like home. I am now back to reality and back with my amazing friends in Switzerland instead. Classes have started and deadlines are right around the corner and with the amazing week in Sweden I am ready to get back to the life as I know it now. 



The School View

I think it's safe to say that eventually everything fell into place, my dorm room started feeling like home and soon enough I officially felt like I was living in Switzerland. Life started becoming a lot easier and I found my comfort zone within people I'd never met before. Most of these people had already experience what I was going through, the home sickness as well as the lonelyness, so they all understood what I was feeling and helped me get through it. Soon enough I was over all that and decided to take my life into my own hands, I joined the Universities Volleyball team and the Events Committee.

The dorm room: my new home.

As someone who has taken a lot of the wrong turns within life, I finally think that I took the right one. I was happy in where I had ended up: at this beautiful school where I could acheive my goals and get the eduacation that I wanted. Planning events is what i know, it's what I've done for the past 3 years and the fact that I will be doing the one thing that I love for as long as I want is incredible. 
I'm in this for the long run, my plan in the future was not to go back to Sweden, Florida nor to stay in Switzerland, but too continue my journey and explore places I've never been too, lived or seen before. I was starting to like the idea of being alone and exploring by myself. I've been so used to having my parents guide me through everything and everywhere we went around the world and always having a sister next to me or in the same school that I grew used to the comfort, but finally, doing all this by myself got me to realize that eventually the only thing you can rely on is yourself as well as trusting yourself. Not saying that I'm not greatful for every place my family has taken me, because, trust me, I am. But just the fact that at this place it was all me and I had to learn how to deal with every situation thrown at me. It was the first step into the real world, the world that I'd be living in for the rest of my life.



The comfort of parents and a sister always being around is underestimated, as well as the safety you feel whilst they are around. Though, when all that disappears, life as you know it, has officially started.

I'd never expected leaving home and going to University would be hard, though, what I didn't take into consideration was the fact that I'd be going to University in a different country, a country in which I'd never been to before. In the beginning, the idea of it was amazing, I mean, of course it was. Living on your own, in your own world, leading your own life, in Switzerland, what else can a 18 year old ask for, right? Though all those feelings changed when your parents had officially droven off and left you in this unknown country. That is when you realize that everything you dreamed of, maybe came a little bit to fast. Was I ready for this? The new life, MY new life? Whether I was or not was out off the question at this point. I was officially alone. 

So since the new life had just jumped ahead of me, I might as well take control over it..

Now I know I started this off pretty depressing, but trust me it gets better, much better. After the first week of orientation around the Glion campus, I was now aware of the the hallways and classrooms in which I'd be having lessions and lectures in for the next 3 and a half years. The faces were becoming more and more familiar and eventually you started putting a name with a face. I was still unsure where I'd fit in, but eventually I got a hold of that as well. Soon enough I learnt to see who I was better off without and who I needed around to make the college life a tad easier, more fun and definitely unforgettable. These people are the people you will be hearing mostly about as well as my family in Sweden and the friends that are seriously impossible to forget, which are also in Sweden, and then there is me. The person living the life.