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Here are my favorite shoes from the styling. The first ones are from Bianco, and will make your legs supermodel long. The second ones are H&M and looks really great. I want them for spring when my legs are slightly more tanned. HOT. The last ones are my absolute faves. So well made, and a very nice Surface to Air copy from Bianco. The leather is smooth and nice, and they are really comfortable. Now we are off tho a ranch/farm to shoot. Have a nice day.

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6 AM food, mail, work , coffee, make-up...


Gorgeous Caitlin from PageParkes models in Houston, was working the bikini.cait11

The pool looks nice, but it was absolutely freezing, so we had to be quick. Caitlin was a real trooper.


This is my job, can you believe it? Sometimes I need to remind myself how very lucky I am...


Another hard day at work is over... No, just kidding, it was amazing shooting in the sun with Veslemøy and Caitlin. We´ve had a quick look over the photos already, and I´m so excited to see the end result. Have a great weekend! We have another shoot in the morning, so it´ll be an early night..



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