Spiritually entering a new dimension, a dimension always there, just forgotten, of love and well being with your heart.
A layer covering your surroundings with love.
And you become part of it.

My song also becomes part of it, and in it's memory I remember what the notes carry with them.
I can not carry those memories, or remember them to the point of proper explenation without it.
The sound does not exit my being, but comes back to itself like a constant force, remaining in one field, but continues to fuel my soul, and it is felt throughout every matter in me.

A meditative state of floating in peace, love and colors of sound vibrating.

Eyes widening up to the darkness of space, and a vision of beauty is constantly present.

Hyper focus, freedom of thought.

You are watching the world through your heart, and with a conscioussness othervise not accessable or accepted.

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Delusions and illusions. So caught up in them.

Hiding behind them,. Finding comfort in them. Accepting them.

The power of science today has us forgotten that we create our own reality. And all patience is lost.

Patience must never be forgotten. I feel that it is somewhat the essence of change. That, especially, applies to me.

We can think all we want about what we want to believe, but to move forward with that faith, we have to accept fully what we choose to believe. The truth or not, that's the beauty of it, it's your choice. We are scared to choose.

What if we choose wrongly. The illusion has gotten to us again.



Where is the poetry.

Honest, precise, thoughtful and words of justice. Positive and supporting when spoken.

Song, melody, rhythm and dance gone from communications invisible meeting.

Poetry uttered in courage, poetry with words from the now.

We are all composers who's lost the rhythm in our own directed play. Your character, everyone and everything.



There is no beginning or an end to anything. There is only change. That's the only thing certain in life. Change.

Why is change so scary. We fear it, we avoid it, even if the changes are for the better.

But without it, we end our evolutionary path, and thus live our life with a dying soul. Like the shadow that follows, never seeing the happiness in the person who's shadow it is.

It's an epidemic. Too many are suffering. Especially the ones aware of it, but unable to change that fact.

Lately it seems I have amplified all the changes I need to make, because I sense the death of them are very close. But fear can have me paralyzed, and my words remain words, and action does not take place.

But this can be altered now, right this second. Just by writing this I have manifested my thoughts into written words, said in silence, but for everyone to see..

It's up to me now to have my body follow my souls desires. Big words for small things

But the grandest tree started out an acorn.