Spiritually entering a new dimension, a dimension always there, just forgotten, of love and well being with your heart.
A layer covering your surroundings with love.
And you become part of it.

My song also becomes part of it, and in it's memory I remember what the notes carry with them.
I can not carry those memories, or remember them to the point of proper explenation without it.
The sound does not exit my being, but comes back to itself like a constant force, remaining in one field, but continues to fuel my soul, and it is felt throughout every matter in me.

A meditative state of floating in peace, love and colors of sound vibrating.

Eyes widening up to the darkness of space, and a vision of beauty is constantly present.

Hyper focus, freedom of thought.

You are watching the world through your heart, and with a conscioussness othervise not accessable or accepted.

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