Like many neighborhoods in our nation’s capital, the U Street area has had a rich history that is still in the making. The Shaw Neighborhood is home to some of the most unique places in the region with a lively atmosphere and close proximity to nearly every sort of venue and amenity you could possibly imagine. Over the past few years, the best of the old has been met with the best of the new, and if you’re looking for some of the hottest night life in Washington DC intermixed with stunning Victorian architecture and a vibrant cultural heritage, U Street is where you need to be.

U Street Music Hall

The U Street Music Hall is a popular favorite not only because of its impressive and expansive drink selection but because of the plethora of great shows occurring there every weekend and many weeknights. This DJ-owned and operated club first opened its doors in 2010 and has refused to stop grooving ever since. Moreover, the U Street Music Foundation offers music education grants to DC area youth to help those in need and to assure that the revitalized DC music scene will continue its impressive rate of growth. So if you’re in the mood to check out a new band, or you know that one of your favorites might be in town (see their website for a full concert calendar), the U Street Music Hall is a perfect place to begin—or end—your night exploring Shaw.


Takoda is perhaps the greatest new restaurant and bar to open in the U Street Washington DC area. Since its opening in late 2015, its popularity has only continued to increase. What makes this place so unique is that there is something for everybody and there is always something going on. The menu features one of the best bacon-infused burgers around, as well as a wide variety of other American-styled fare that will be sure to satisfy. Beyond the delicious food, the rooftop beer garden has already become a local favorite with some of the finest craft brews and drink selections in the area, and the scenic views of the neighborhood that can be taken in from the roof of this revitalized establishment are almost as cool as the beer that’s on tap all year round.

Post-industrial conversions of older buildings have been a growing trend in the DC area, and there is perhaps nowhere better than the Shaw Neighborhood to see this trend on display. The tasteful brick façade you’ll find at Takoda juxtaposed with the structural improvements and modern amenities existing throughout makes this bar a truly unforgettable experience.

Cloak & Dagger

What makes Cloak & Dagger so unique and worthwhile is the way in which it combines the old with the new to provide a truly transcendental experience for its visitors. This Victorian-themed night club combines the tasteful aesthetics of early D.C. architecture with the rich cultural heritage that has enabled the town to enter a new era of revitalized glory. There are few, if any, other venues in America that can claim to have been named in the top 45 Hip Hop venues in the nation while always maintaining such a strong commitment to their 19th Century architecture and décor, but Cloak & Dagger still manages to pull this off to near perfection.

Sudhouse DC

Sudhouse DC is one of the most charming American themed bar and grills in the entire area, and definitely worth a visit by anybody looking for some good food and a great atmosphere. Sudhouse DC was founded by Washington locals who were inspired by the Bohemian atmosphere of the neighborhood and sought to establish a mom-and-pop styled bar and grill that would make its customers feel as if they were not just guests, but a member of their family. This ambition is reflected in its highly relaxed atmosphere, its personable staff, and the quality of the food and drinks it offers. Furthermore, the ample amounts of Americana decoration displayed throughout the establishment are a worthwhile reflection of the city as a whole.

The Shaw Neighborhood, in a sense, is a microcosm of the entire Washington DC area. While many tourists will immediately flock to the National Mall and other historic monuments located to the neighborhoods more publicized south, Shaw is an area that allows true culture, history, and good times to vibrantly and organically come together. Whether you are looking to find some of the top food in the area, sample some innovative microbrews, catch some live music, or simply explore the city you love, these bars are just a few of the many gems you can find in this lively and historic neighborhood. So, while you are in the capitol city, you should come by and capitalize on an unforgettable experience!

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If you’re a fashion lover and you have some constraints, there is a need for you to get rid of it at the earliest. However, money is one thing that can force us to change our plans unnecessarily and feel miserable about the adjustments we make. If you’re one of those who require a fashion budget, we have some cool fashion tips that will help you be awesome even on a budget.

1. Stay updated with the latest

It is critical to be updated with the latest that trend in the fashion world. If you have no idea about the latest happenings in the fashion world, you’re found to be late about the year trains and lose the opportunity to get some of the best accessories at a discount. Remember that when things start trending and people start appreciating it, the cost of the same accessory or clothing increases.

Realize the trend at the earliest and understand whether it has the potential to be a global trend or not.

2. Get the latest Salon updates

It is important to get the latest Salon updates and be sure that you do not miss out on things that are trending and look for other opportunities that can have a considerable impact on you. So, it is important to learn about inexpensive style and cut at Ulta Salon and other salons that can help you create a considerable impact in the fashion world on a budget. Remember that most of the salons offer discounts and you need to be smart enough to get the best deal and enjoy the benefits of the same.

3. Look for an ideal figure

There's nothing wrong in looking for an ideal figure that can have a considerable impact on you and can make you feel comfortable in your own skin. In most of the cases, we idolize celebrities and models. However, there are other factors that can be idolized. For example, even a common student in your college or your co-employee at work can be good enough for you to be an inspiration for you and help you find an ideal solution for yourself. Remember that in most of the cases you’ll be in a position to create an ideal atmosphere for yourself by simply choosing the right idol. In most of the cases, it shouldn't be difficult for you to find an ideal figure for you and so, you should keep looking for them until the time you’re satisfied with the selection made by you.



If you feel that your house needs a stylish makeover, you should start looking for tips to add style and personality to your space. If you’re looking for inspiration, the following points should help.

1. Focus on the accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch that makes your room feel complete. So, it is important to be sure that they are not boring or impersonal. Remember that they will shout out your personality and so it is important for you to choose accessories that will create a positive impact on you and your living space. At the same time, make sure that you’re choosing accessories that you love and not only the ones that you think others will appreciate.

2. Establish a WOW factor in every room

There are a number of ways in which you can create an element of surprise in every room. For example, if you’re working on your bathroom, you can look for bathroom vanities and make sure that you mix and match it with the right color and style.

Remember that the options are endless and it is you who decides what is to be done and where.

3. Let your best assets be on display

If you have heavily invested in art or any particular asset, there is no harm in showing it off to your visitors. However, make sure that you display your best assets in the best possible way and keep it at the right place. Most of the assets we are talking about here will be durable, and in such cases, you need to be sure that an additional layer of safety is maintained so that your investment in the same stays safe for a long time.

4. Embrace originality

Being original is being unique. Remember that if you’re simply copying something, you’ll not be in a position to impress yourself on a later date. This is because you know that the same is inspired completely by someone else or some other thing. So, embrace originality and be sure that you’re pushing yourself in a position where you can appreciate your efforts and be happy about the same later on.

5. Declutter your house

Cluttering your house can make it difficult for you to turn your simple home into a fashionable one. So, make sure that you get rid of unnecessary items please stay here and there in your house and give yourself an opportunity to turn your house into something that can be appreciated by you, if not others. Your appreciation is the biggest thing for your house, and so you should start looking for ways in which you can declutter your entire house.



Secrets can be dirty, and it can be cool, but it is definitely interesting when your favorite celebrity is being discussed. For example, did you know that Ricky Martin started his musical journey with Menudo, a Puerto Rican boy band? The famous Tim Allen was arrested in the late 70s while attempting to smuggle cocaine.

If you are already surprised, there is more in store, and you'll have your share of happiness and disappointments in this post. Keep reading!

1. Drinks and Daniel

Daniel Radcliffe was the star people wanted to meet after the Harry Potter series. He was seen as a young celebrity, but not many people knew he had a drinking problem until he confessed the same. Baby-faced Dan shocked the world when he noted that his attempt to live like a famous person forced him to develop a dependency on alcohol.

2. Lady Gaga was broke

If you are planning a successful online marketing campaign, SEO services provided by an SEO expert can help you, but what can you do when you are broke, and there is no support around? Lady Gaga had her share of terror when she was broke, and everything was dependent on the success of her gig. She threw in everything she had to make her famous 2009 Monsters Ball world tour successful. She noted that she had $3 million dollars in her bank account and so she was bankrupt during the show.

3. Cher and Tom Cruise

Hollywood couple stories can be bizarre at times, and with media coverage, it is hard to hide an affair. However, it seems Cher and Tom Cruise have managed to hide their stint. However, the former revealed that she and Tom were an item in the 80s. Tom was 23 then, and Cher was 39.

4. Brad Pitt and baby wipes

One of the most gorgeous and loveable male celebrities in Hollywood had a confession to make that surprised the world, and we are crying about it. Brad once said that when one is sweating, there is no need to take a shower, baby wipes can do the trick if you rub them under the armpits.

5. Jessica Simpson

The gorgeous singer famous for her blonde tumbling locks and ample cleavage had one more reason because of which people loved drooling over her. The reason was her pearly white teeth. However, she confessed that she never brushes her teeth. Listerine can be good but avoiding the brush can sound irritating.