Secrets can be dirty, and it can be cool, but it is definitely interesting when your favorite celebrity is being discussed. For example, did you know that Ricky Martin started his musical journey with Menudo, a Puerto Rican boy band? The famous Tim Allen was arrested in the late 70s while attempting to smuggle cocaine.

If you are already surprised, there is more in store, and you'll have your share of happiness and disappointments in this post. Keep reading!

1. Drinks and Daniel

Daniel Radcliffe was the star people wanted to meet after the Harry Potter series. He was seen as a young celebrity, but not many people knew he had a drinking problem until he confessed the same. Baby-faced Dan shocked the world when he noted that his attempt to live like a famous person forced him to develop a dependency on alcohol.

2. Lady Gaga was broke

If you are planning a successful online marketing campaign, SEO services provided by an SEO expert can help you, but what can you do when you are broke, and there is no support around? Lady Gaga had her share of terror when she was broke, and everything was dependent on the success of her gig. She threw in everything she had to make her famous 2009 Monsters Ball world tour successful. She noted that she had $3 million dollars in her bank account and so she was bankrupt during the show.

3. Cher and Tom Cruise

Hollywood couple stories can be bizarre at times, and with media coverage, it is hard to hide an affair. However, it seems Cher and Tom Cruise have managed to hide their stint. However, the former revealed that she and Tom were an item in the 80s. Tom was 23 then, and Cher was 39.

4. Brad Pitt and baby wipes

One of the most gorgeous and loveable male celebrities in Hollywood had a confession to make that surprised the world, and we are crying about it. Brad once said that when one is sweating, there is no need to take a shower, baby wipes can do the trick if you rub them under the armpits.

5. Jessica Simpson

The gorgeous singer famous for her blonde tumbling locks and ample cleavage had one more reason because of which people loved drooling over her. The reason was her pearly white teeth. However, she confessed that she never brushes her teeth. Listerine can be good but avoiding the brush can sound irritating.