Wow I really don't know where to begin. I've had 8 magical months in Australia that sadly have come to an end. I've met so many nice and interesting people from all over our globe and the memories we have made will never be forgotten.

I've just got back home to Sweden which I have mixed feelings about. Of course it's always nice to come home when you have family and friends that are waiting for you and excited to see you. But after the months I've had it's hard to go back home, to my old life. But every black cloud has it's silver lining right?

Anyways, I'm not going to write a huge post about my time in Australia. It will be a big one, but I'm sure that the rest of it will come up along the way. I will tell the big picture like where we started, how we worked our way up the east coast of Australia and some of the things that happened along the way.

Some and my mate Zach flew to Melbourne in the beginning of February. We both didn't really know much about this country or how we were going to travel. I got homesick very early and wanted to go home after just 2-3 days - I'm so glad I didn't! It took a while for me to realize how far away I was from home and that I had to start to take care of myself for real, but as you can guess I figured it out eventually and now I'm happier then I've ever been. 

It took us about 3 months to travel up the coast. You can definitely do it ALOT faster but we really didn't wanna rush it. We traveled first with airplane from Melbourne to Brisbane and from there all the way up to Cairns we took the Greyhound bus and hitchhiked with friends in camper vans. After these 3 absolutely AMAZING months I actually had to fly back to Europe for personal reasons. Me and my boyfriend Shaun, flew from Cairns to Bangkok were we had a 1 week stop with his dad who lives in Hua hin, Thailand. After that we flew back to my boyfriends hometown Buxton, England and stayed there for 2 weeks. Had a fabulous time and met so many lovely people. The next thing we knew we were on a plane to Sweden and had 5 great days back in Stockholm. Shaun got to meet my family and friends for the first time since we met in Australia. After that it was time for both of us to travel back to the land down under and get back to working life. Although we actually treated ourselves with 2 weeks in Thailand again on our way back. We spent the first week on an island called Koh Tao which is located outside Thailand's east coast and the second week on Phi phi island which is located outside Thailand's west coast. It was actually the first time I visited Asia and of course I fell in love with it. The sun, the crystal clear water, the diving was amazing and the culture is just so interesting and different from our western lifestyle.

Once we arrived in Australia again I started working and settling down in Sydney were I got a job and an apartment with a group of amazing girlfriends in a share house. I spent almost 3 months there until we all got tired of the city life and took our backpacks up the coast for the second time. This time we travelled with a big camper van and it only took us 10 days to reach our end destination: Cairns. Once again I had a great time in Cairns which I by the way, want to call one of my favorite cities on earth. It's such a small town but full of friendly people and backpackers from all over. I guarantee you that you will make heaps of friends there. We where there for 1 month until it broke us.

Haha no, but it literally did. I had no money left what so ever left and had to book a flight back home. And well, now I'm here. Back in my bed in my childhood home, working at the very same school that I went to when I was 6-9 years old. It's amazing to be back although I miss Australia and traveling a lot. I'll be back on track soon though, I came to Australia on a one way ticket and now that I'm back home I booked a return ticket back to Aus. I fly back on the 7th of november when I've saved up some money for my next adventure: Asia and NewZealand!

WARNING! A lot of pictures down below. Haha.

Surfers Paradise, Gold coast, Queensland.

Steve Irwin Zoo, Sunshine coast, Queensland.

Sky dive, Byron bay, New south wales.

Camping on the worlds largest sand island, Fraser island, Queensland.

Sailing trip around the Whitsundays islands, Whitehaven beach, Queensland.

Zach surfing, Noosa, Queensland.

Roadtrip with friends, Magnatic Island, Queensland.

Massive party week, Cairns, Queensland.

Reef kiss, Great barrier reef, Queensland.

Tandem bungee jump, Cairns, Queensland.

New and old friends, Buxton, England.

Amazing view point, Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand.

Crystal clear water and great snorkeling, Koh Tao, Thailand.

Back in Oz again, Sydney, New south wales.

Up the coast for the second time, somewhere on the road, Australia.

"The team", Mila mila falls, Tropical north Queensland.

Fitzroy island, Tropical north Queensland.