Hi my dear friends! I hope that all of you are feeling well. It is currently so damn hot here in Toronto. I wear shorts and T-shirts almost everyday, which is crazy because it's the end of august. I took most of these pictures last weekend at Toronto Islands. We walked around, had ice cream and chilled on the beach. It was very beautiful to see the city from distance and I recommend anyone who is visiting to take the boat to the islands.

There is defently a lot of things that separates Sweden from Canada. I am about to list a few of the differences between the swedish and canadian school for you.

1. They write on a black board at my high school. (And the sound gives me chills)

2. I am only taking four courses per semester. That means that I'm taking the same classes every single day! Starting of with Physical Education, continuing with English, then Math and last but not least, science.

3. The bell rings when every period starts and ends. It also rings whenever there is five minuts left before next class starts.

4. They play the canadian national anthem every morning and you have to stand up and be still during the entire song, even if you are late to class.

I am sure that the list will grow a lot during the year, I will try to keep it updated;) I have set two very serious goals for this year. Meeting Drake and tasting every ice cream flavour at or local ice cream shop (aka the best ice cream place in Toronto).

See you later, Alligator!

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It's my last weekend before I'm starting my sophomore year of high school! Well, I should have started on the 5th but there were a complication that came up. I kinda arrived to Canada a little late so most of the international students had already reported to their school and done the assignments that you have to do before starting, or they had already booked their assignments which made all of the bookings before the school started full. They told me that I had to do the assignments later, so I did them yesterday! They are made so that they know what kind of level you are on and which classes you should take.

I did the tests from 8.30 to 2pm with only a 35 minute break. I did these assignments in a school with other international students. I started of with the English part, and that went very well. I was a little nervous before starting but it ended up being fine.
Then, there was math. I got my papers in front of me and started doing them when I realised that there were a few things that I didn't know how to solve. And I know that I should have know, and that I have known how to solve them, but I just couldn't remember!
It was in that moment that I thought "shit, maybe I should have prepared myself before taking the tests". I hadn't even looked at any math problems for like three months. Well, that set the mood for the rest of the math part and I just finished it knowing that I was going to get to take an easier math level in school. Which I find great, it wouldn't have been fun the be put at a high level that I would not be able to handle. It's going to be exiting to see what kind of math I'll do here, it's a little hard with all of the terms in English.

Anyway! I've bought a subway card so I'll be able to get around without having to pay cash. I have also become a babysitter to my aunts colleges kid. He's 1y/o and the cutest lill kid ever. They live in the middle of the city on the 30th floor and there is no way that I will ever step my foot on their balcony again. I just feel like I'm gonna fall over and die...

Also, I just enjoy that wall.
Make good decisions! Make good playlists! Make good pizza!
Make good, my friends!

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I'm finally here! I arrived on Monday evening, local time and in the middle of the night Swedish time.

Both of my flights went very well. I saw two movies and listened to music whenever I wasn't talking to the woman next to me, Agneta. She's about 60 years older than me but we became airplane-friends anyway. When I told her my age she laughed and said that I could have been her granddaughter, I totally could have! We talked about her lake house at Gotland and about my upcoming year. She sure was a fun lady!

When I arrived at the airport in Toronto I had to go through a bunch of controls before I came to the line were I would get my actually study permit. I stood in the line for about two and a half- three hours before I got the go in to a office were they looked at my documents. Everyone standing in front and after me looked super tired, the same way as I was feeling. Some even napped on the floor while waiting. It wasn't that fun, but at least I'm here now!

The days that I've been here have been great but a little bit blurry. I've been jet lagged as hell and have had headaches every now and then. Luckily, it's better now!
We have just been hanging around since school haven't started yet. We went and reported me to the school that I'm starting on my first day here. I've learned how to get to the nearest stores and to the subway. I know a few street names but definitely not as many as I need to learn. It feels great, the city is awesome and the people are nice.

I know that it will take some time before I get in to new routines even thought I've been here for a week. We've decorated my room so it feels like my own which is great. I have a good feeling about this year!!
I'll keep in touch/ Lina



Last night in Sweden!

All of my suitcases are packed and ready. Packing actually went better then I thought, which I'm very happy about!
My #1 tip on how to make packing easier is to use vacuum bags. I put all my clothes that took a lot of space in those, such stuff as winter jackets and thick sweaters. We used our vacuum cleaner to remove all of the air and everything went flat.
The hardest thing about being away for a longer time is saying good bye to everyone, even though I know that we will see each other again soon❤️

My flight is leaving tomorrow and I'm currently in my grandparents house in Uppsala. We took the train from Sundsvall and ended up buying sushi for dinner. Sushi is the best fast food!
Feels crazy that I'm leaving Sweden tomorrow but I'm super excited for the year that's ahead of me.
Good night my friends!



Hi! This is gonna be my first post on this blog and I've never blogged before so this is all new to me. The photo was taken when I was in Toronto in October 2016.

As I wrote about a little in my description, I'm going to Canada for a year! I am from Sweden and Swedish is my first language, one of the reasons why I've chosen to study in Toronto for a year is so I'll be completely fluent in English. I though I would start my blog in English as well, just to practice.

My flight to Toronto is booked and I'm flying in only two weeks!! Which is crazy for me to think about, it has kind of been a long process to get to this point where my school and everything is ready!
I'm going to try to explain this from the start.
So, my aunt got a very exciting job in Toronto that made her, her husband and their two kids move from Stockholm to Toronto last summer. They took the opportunity as an adventure to explore a new country and culture for a few years. They got a nice and big house in Toronto and my cousins that are ten and seven goes to a school in the neighbourhood.
I've always loved to travel and somehow a joke came up in 2016 that I was going to live with them for an exchange year. I became very fond of the idea and started talking to my parents about making it a reality. The idea was that I was going to live with my aunt and her family for a year while going to high school. We though about me doing this after I'd studied one year at the Swedish gymnasium. Then I got worried that they would have moved back to Sweden by then, since I was only in eighth grade by the time the topic got brought up. We all came to the conclusion that it would be best for me if I'd spend my ninth Swedish school year in Canada. We did some research and I'm able to apply for the gymnasium in an other ways despite the fact that I won't finish my Swedish ninth year.
My dream became a plan and I applied for a few high schools in Toronto that accepts international students. I went to visit my aunt and her family on my fall-break. When I was there I visited a few different schools and got in to one of them. It was a long and complicated application process that my family helped me with (thank you mom😉). And not to talk about getting a visa! Oh boy, that was hard and took a lot of time, long story short, I've now got my visa.
Somewhere in all of this my older sister though "hey, I'd like to be an au pair in Canada!". She found a great family that she really connected with and had everything set up when the doctors found out that there was something wrong with her heart. She spent a week at the hospital and now she's preparing to probably get a pacemaker soon. The issues with her heart resulted in her trip getting cancelled... Of course it's sad that she won't go with me but the most important thing is that she gets better.

That's all I have for now!
xo/ Lina