Good Evening!

One week ago, I was with my grandmother and my fiancé at Tjolöholmscastle, in Fjärås.
It's this beautiful big castle here in Sweden. And we bought tickets for a guiding with Downtown Abbey theme.
Me and my grandmother loves the show Downtown Abbey, so I thought it would be a nice trip for us.
I dragged along my fiancé too, and I think he enjoyed it as well.

The guide showed us some of the castles nicest rooms, and told us a little about their story. She talked about the similarites between Downtown Abbey and Tjolöholmscastle. It was truly fascinating.
In each room it was the real clothes they used in the TV-show Downtown Abbey, so that was really cool to see them in real life!

I will not tell to much about it, because I do not want to spoil too much, if someone wants to exprience it themselves,
All I can say, is that I do recommend to go here and have this guiding, if you are a Downtown Abbey fan. :)
Here are some pictures from it:

If you haven't watched the show Downtown Abbey, I do really recommend it! Because it's funny, intresting and a good amount of drama. I've watched it 4 times already.

That was all for me this time!

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Flowers, Still Life

Hello sunshine!

There is this adorable flower shop here in Sweden, called "BlomBlom". Located in Gothenburg.
I love their flower arrangements, and the style of the shop. It's a little old style and vintage feel of it.
Small birds live in a cage at the store, and they are so cute!
So as the flower lover I am, I just had to photograph some of their flowers.
And the cute little bouquet I bought.

They even sold wild strawberries plants! I wish I hade place for wild strawberries, but sadly I don't. :(

The Bouquet I bought

You just can't love this litte thing! Even my friend had to photograph it as well.
That was all for now!



Still Life

Sunny hello to everyone!

I got a bit of summer feeling today, so I made a small Rhubarb and Strawberry pie!
A very simple one, beacuse I only have a microwave to bake in. But it was very delicious, especially with Ice cream.
And I had to do some photographing of it ofcourse. So here you go! A little summer feeling!

Here are the recipe of the pie, It is in swedish, so sorry to everyone who does not know swedish!

Sunny greetings goodbye!



Events, Flowers, Still Life

Evening Everyone!

Yesterday me and Lizel was at a Photography Expo in Mölndal.
It was a ton of people there and all of the exhibitors were very nice and helpful.
I was after a new Tripod, so I could easier photograph still life and from above pictures.

Manfrotto had a Tripod that was perfect, and they had a special price for it, so I had to buy it.
It's the "Manfrotto 055 XPRO"

It is very easy to handle, but I was a little disapoined that there were no case/bag for it. But I usually don't carry my tripods around that much, so I can manage.

So today I tried it out, so here are two pictures from that.
{Chocolate & Flowers}