So today is like a shopping day, We woke up pretty early to grab some breakfast at the crepe factory where we ate some pancakes and waffles. We've come to conclusion that English breakfast is not really our thing so why not go to a french café? During the breakfast we kind of started to talk about what we wanted to buy and what else we wanted to see to plan our day as good as possible.

After breakfast we decided to go to the Oxford street to just look around and see what we could find. And we did actually. The three of us bought a lot... But you gotta do what you gotta do right? Couple of hours later, we were still at the shopping street looking at stores when we realized that we had other things planned and that the shopping could wait till later at Harrods.

We ate some lunch, nothing special really, just some Italian. Then we hit the London eye, and honestly the view was incredible. Seeing all the people walking around on the ground beneath us was crazy! It was an wonderful experience!

Next on our "to do list" was the Sherlock Holmes museum. All three of us love the Sherlock Holmes books so we wanted to check that out. I assume that you kind of need to be a fan of the books to enjoy the museum or perhaps seen the movies. The museum was Sherlocks apartment so it was not really that much to see but we enjoyed it anyways.

Our final stop was Harrods. For you that doesn't know what Harronds is, it's a big shoppingmall with a lot of expensive things. It was fancy decorated, it was almost that fancy that you didn't dear to touch anything even tough it was for sale.

Because it was our last day we decided to eat a fancy dinner with fancy clothes at a fancy restaurant so we went to an English restaurant. The food was great and there was some live music during the dinner so that was nice.

We are now back at our apartment, packing for our department tomorrow.... It was an amazing few days here in London and we hope to explore more of the world together soon!

We hope that you enjoyed reading our little traveling diary<3

See you soon!

/ Lily, Johanna and Elin

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Hi again!

So today was a long day. We woke up at 6 a.m and went down to Starbucks to get some breakfast. The reason why we woke up so early was because we had a train to catch at 8 a.m to Cambridge. We wanted to explore more of England so we decided to take a train to Cambrige so we could look around and to go to museums. Just over the day though. The trip took us 50 minutes and we had fun talking about old memories and laughing at how embarrasing we are.

As we reached our destination, Elin realized that she had forgotten her bag in the train and unlucky as we are the train continued to an other city just when we realized that the bag was gone. We contacted the ticket man to ask him what to do but unfortunatly there wasn't much to do because someone had problably taken the bag on the train. Luckily she only had her earplugs, charger and some loose money. Most of her money was in her wallet-case that she wore on her pgone so she was lucky with that.

So when we went out of the trainstation we took the bus to the Ely cathedral and the Cambridge university Botanical Garden. That tookk us the whole day and our feets was dying from all the walking.

On the way home on the train we all fell asleep and when we reached back to London we ate some dinner and went back to the apartment just to chill.

That was our day:)b hope you liked it and we'll see you tomorrow!

/ Lily. Johanna and Elin.



Good Evening,

We just came home from a football game and it was very fun. We went to Emirates Stadium and watched the football game between Arsenal and Manchester United. Emirates Stadium is a big stadium with 60,000 seats and it's located in Holloway in London. It is the third-largest football stadium in london after Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford.

At half time we went to a souvenir shop that they had on the other side of the arena. We wanted to buy souvenirs but we didn't know if we wanted to get T-shirts or dolls of the players. After all we decided to get the dolls that looked like the football players. Lily got Paul Pogba because her cousin is a big fan so she bought it as a present. Then we had to rush back to our seats because the game was starting again.

On our way home we took a quick stop at McDonalds because we hadn't had dinner yet. We were very tired so we decided to take our food back to the apartment and eat it there. After we just to sleep. We had a wonderful and hectic day.

Good night, see you tomorrow!

// Elin, Lily, Johanna



Hello everyone and welcome to our blog!

This blog is going to be our travel diary where we tell you where we went, what we did and how it was and so on.

So... earlier this week we decided to do a spontaneous trip to London and today at 3 pm we went to arlanda here in stockholm and took a flight to London that took us around 2 hours.

We are currently at our apartment that we have rented for a couple days.

Our plan these 4 days is to explore as much as possible so we thought, why not document it?

So today we went to madame tussauds and after that we ate an english breakfast and that was disgusting because we ate beens and sausage.

Pictures from Madame Tussauds.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum located in London where you can find wax sculpturers of famous people from all over the world and we took picture with almost every wax sculpture even if we didn't know who they were. Since we were there on daytime it wasn't so much people and we were almost alone.

Tomorrow we are going on a fotball game, we are going to watch Arsenal and Manchester United!

See you tomorrow :).

/ Lily, Johanna, Elin