Since we became parents we changed radically. Our priorities went to a second place as we began to build the needs and priorities of a whole family. From the first second of life of our little girl we had clearly on mind what kind of education and communication we wanted to build at home. Instinctively we began to believe in the power and bonds of attachment parenting as a loved family. A few months later I birth our second child. Life returned us the most precious gift: a new life to our family. They have invited us to launch this project. Without them it wouldn’t be possible. Lille Moln is a metaphorical place, it is a personal space where everyone can think about family and the impact that our actions have in our environment. Starting from our house and lasting with the Earth. Lille Moln is a place where you think what kind of footprints am I leaving on the planet? What responsibilities do I have as a human being into my environment? Is there anything I can do? Let’s review our environment and act locally.

You may wonder who is in charge of Lille Moln. Well, it Maria and her wonderful family. I am living with my awesome husband and our two little girls. I moved from Spain to Sweden 4 years ago. How long! Times flies!

Since I became mother my world change radicaly. Now it seems I am in another world, now I understand much better those other mothers when they used to tell me how their lifes were. Now I believe and trust that every mother and father try hardly to give to their kids all the best.

That´s how Lille Moln started. It started because love has multiple faces and to get this project done was one of it´s ways. I feel passionate of customers care, products, marketing, offering to other families and children what we have the oportunity to enjoy.

Cloth diapers is the beginning of our adventure. We started cloth diapering when our big girl was 6 month old. What a challenge! We fell in love with it. We started with Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers, since then CB has being a part of our daily life. With our second child we began cloth diaper from day one. It was the begining of a change in our lifes. We wanted to eat better, to have more activity, to think positively and a huge record of small changes that makes us live better.

It doesn´t means it is the best way of life, but it is the best for us. So here I am, planning how to develop my little business, how to manage that I have to spend several hours in my own project, many hours in my work as Autism child educator and at the same time be that amazing and funny mother I am.

…. to be continued.