LiifeOfNiinah is back. Did you miss me? If you didn't... Oh who am I kidding? Of course you did.

Pop quiz: What's there to stress the hell out of students until they're too tired to even BE tired?

If you guessed "school ",  nice try but no.

I was thinking more along the lines of "exams".

Oh my God. Where do I even begin with the wretched things? I just finished my Year 11 final exams a couple months ago and let me just say, the complete and utter stress I got from them was incomparable to any other stress I thought was stressful in my past. Like it reached the point where I was too stressed to be stressed.

I feel like I've stressed this enough already (heh. Get it? Sorry not sorry for the lame joke).

At the beginning of Year 10, my teachers told us "you better start preparing now. Exams are just around the corner." But I didn't listen. 'There's still two years bro, calm your briefs' was what I thought.

At the beginning of Year 11 they said the same thing, but I was still stubborn. 'I have like nine months bro. Don't be dramatic,' thought little old me, unaware of how fast time would fly.

Fast forward - May rolled around. I swear I just blinked and the first month of exams just appeared out of nowhere. The first exam was Physics, and I don't know shit in Physics. But luckily, it was around the middle of the month, so I felt I had plenty of time to revise.

I couldn't tell but in the background, life was just laughing and saying 'lol' to my thoughts.

You know that moment when 'revising' means 'learning for the first time'? Yeah I had that moment. All year I spent Physics classes goofing off and not really paying attention. That bitch called Karma caught up to me though.

I couldn't learn the whole textbook in two weeks. And where you can't learn, you could only cram. Those weeks were filled with sleepless nights and caffeine highs, trying to copy and paste everything in the textbooks into my memory.

At times I felt like saying "ah screw this shit" but then I remembered I needed to pass if I wanted to move schools, and I forced myself to endure the pain I wouldn't have had to endure had I not procrastinated till the last minute.

And, get this, when the exam came, half of the shit I spent two weeks cramming didn't even appear in the paper. That moment when you spend weeks nailing topics and they don't even come in the exam; or if they come, questions about them you didn't even know existed come.

Look at it through this analogy.

Textbook: The sun is a star.
Exam: The sun is the centre of gravity for all planets in the Solar System. Calculate the mass of the sun.

And I'm just there feeling like I've been ripped off and utterly betrayed by the textbook.

Not to worry, not all exams were as bad as Physics. I mean they were pretty bad if there was no any sort of revision done, but pretty do-able if there was some revision done.(and that's an understatement) but unlike Physics, at least for them there's something I call 'hope'.

Besides, your intelligence shouldn't be measured by the grade on your exams but by the perception of your character... or some deep quote like that. I don't remember. Google it.

I was glad when exams finally ended. I could have thrown a party if I wasn't still recovering from my next train of thought: my results. But let's not take a walk down that lane shall we?

Exams are quite literally the worst thing that can happen to a student. Forget about school. It's exams. I mean exams are the only reason we're even in school in the first place. Then again, higher school is the reason we have exams...

MY POINT IS, they're bad. Not just bad. They're terrible. And the depressing thing is, they're not over. I still have the rest of my education to look forward to: more education, more exams.

This is why I've considered dropping out more than once.

But you know what? As long as in the future I end up with a nice house, a nice job and dope cars, I'll do all exams I have to do, and I will ace them in Jesus' name. Can I get an amen?

Well my rant is officially over. If you liked it or could relate to it in any way, my goal has been achieved.

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LiifeOfNiinah, over and out.

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