That is the word my colleagues uses when we talk about the introduction week... Greeeeeaaaaat.

Apparently everyone who once were a newbie feels the same way & yes, it is a LOT to take in..

I absolutely hate not to know what to expect & this is the reason why. If I had gotten a little heads up, some kind of preparation, I wouldn't had been feeling this way. My first day went terrible.. okay, it could have gone much worse but I totally felt out of place & had no idea what I was doing nor where I could fix that situation. I went home with a headache & feeling maybe this is too advanced for me... ?

TODAY, though, went sooo much better (Yay!!) - what a relief! Still a lot of information but this time it was much clearer too. Got tons of paper where it explains how I use/handle the system we work with & will be tested on this tomorrow (13th Jan.) iiiih! but my teamleader Justin told me not to study too hard because the test isn't life or death - it's just to see how much I understand so far. Phew. Still going study a little longer than he said because I do feel its important, personally!

Best part is that everyone's so sweet, so different from previous experiences. The only thing that sucks is that when I get nervous I, automatically, turn into a huge bright tomato... Please pray that I stop soon enough - or well, this may be my training to stop haha!

Back in Sweden I have heard that the snow has arrived.. Kinda sad I'm missing out but this is more fun, I guess. 😝

Outside the office, I honestly love the company's logo - simple yet pretty. Also, a selfie after a good process & confidence!

UGH, paperwork.. Fight, fight! Next week will be worth it!

Have a good one, peeps! ✌

XOXO ~ PowPow



So my parents left me today..

Alright alright, I left them at the airport earlier today. Our little vacay before my new adventure had to come to an end & they promised me not to cry when it was time for us to part ways.. Do you really think they kept that promise???

NO! At the "control" (carry on's) area we said our byes. It was my dad who broke it when I hugged him. Biggest surprise of the year so far because my dad... I have only seen him cry once in my 22 years in this world. Weird... but I was not about to cry over something like this so I was basically choking on my own tears haha My mother had a good excuse to cry now too, of course but she's a crybaby.

My parents are very protecting of me - I'm realizing just how much now. It was tougher than I thought it would be.. emotional. Usually I have no problem, almost glad, traveling away from the family but this time it isn't just a week or month. It's half a year or more! Big difference. But so ready too!

It also means that I'm writing this not from a hotel anymore but from my new place! I'm hiring a bedrrom in an apartment, you now, like students do abroad. I do have a roomate (except from my landlady) who lives here but I haven't met her yet. Hopefully we go on well! At least the landlady is very kind. 😊

Gotta say, I do like having Sangrada Familia as my neighbor. 😏

Also remember how I mentioned I visited some vintage stores? One had a whole dressing room covered in Elvis Presley pictures - Loves! I think its only fitting to upload these as it was his birthday yesterday (8th Jan.)

Tomorrow I'll officially start my new job! slightly panicking, no big deal.

Goodnight & happy dreams, peeps. 💤✌

XOXO ~ PowPow



Hey, Hey, Hey!

Today the sales began in Barca & I felt like back "home" in Sweden people went crazy for it (sales) but I went for a shock this day. Here the sales are insanely good - much better than Sweden! but that also meant all the people both locals & tourist goes even more insane. Bleh.. too much stress.

So today was going to be a chill one, staying away from the mall area. Long walks by the beach & through small streets where tons of unique vintage stores hides, yaay! I found many pretty things but they were either too big / small on me so no luck there. 😔

When lunch time came, my dad had found an Argentinean restaurant the night before - so we decided to try that. Now, the thing is that my dad is a very proud Argentinean - I warned him right away that if he began to get a little too excited I would go back to the hotel with a burger king meal instead. I'm so mean haha One of the waitresses service skills were hoooorrribleee, so rude, but the amazing cooked food made it worth it! I might seem like a little on the pictures but my tummy went fully happy out of there. 👌

8/10 would recommend - the only downsides; the waiting time for the food & that one waitress. Still enjoyed it lots, though!

My dad has an obsession, yes I would call it obsession, over Diego Maradonna aka fatso as I call him While waiting on our food I noticed this wall-, and I use this term VERY LOOSELY, "-art." (ouch it hurts!) - told my dad to look over & he freaked, of course. The thing is: My friends knows how with a passion I dislike this football player...

But to make my dad happy I sacrificed myself to take picture for him.

No but seriously, we had a good time there!

I should have taken more pictures of the place because it was so nicely decorated! With newspaper with historical events, old popular album covers & other pictures, etc - all to make it feel like you're in Argentina.

Me & Mom were drinking our tea while Dad spent a lot of time looking at those & half shouting facts about it to us.. as if we cared. LOL, sorry dad!

Now, off to bed. 💤 Goodnight peeps!

XOXO ~ PowPow



5th of January;

Before this whole "starting a life in another country" craziness - My family & I actually had this Barcelona trip planned months before.

The whole reason was because my father wanted to celebrate the "Reyes Magos" holiday here in Spain.. A holiday for kids, people. 😂 I don't know why but he was so excited. It's basically three magicians who brings presents, life advice & candy to the children. Sounds creepy trying to explain it oops

And so the day arrived, or rather evening I should say. The big parade, named "La Cabalgata De Los Reyes Magos", walks through the whole city through specific streets - so we took the closest one near us so we didn't need to 1. go early 2. Worry if my mother got a panic attack we would be far away from home.

I went not having high hopes at all - I mean I love lights & everything hto do with Christmas but this little tradition made me feel like I'm way beyond the age limit to find it THAT magical. WRONG; the best damn part was the finale where they had machines that threw candy at people haha! I got scared at first because the candy they threw were hard ones & could hurt your head with the force it was shot out.

Totally worth 1h 30mins.. and seeing my dad being a kid again, ofc, what a sight! 😝

p.s I got into a fight with an older lady but she gave up & left. I'm always very respectful so she deserved my mouthiness, trust me.

I mostly filmed the parade so I went on instagram & found these pictures below of some of the parts! Pretty shots right? I included the persons insta name 'cause cred!!!

The candy we caught with my moms hat! 😂

Lots of love, peeps! 💜

XOXO ~ PowPow



I has been a lot happening for me at the moment & I want to document everything BUT

Every time I"m back at the hotel the only thing I have energy left for is jumping into the shower followed by the bed & lovely dreams.. See the struggle, hehe.

I do think my mood might change next week when things slow down a bit (a lot of runs with documents for work&apartments back & forth ATM) & when I finally have my privacy, moving into the apartment(s). Today was no exception & therefor not much "oh-so-worthy-a-pic- "moments but one street wall art that caught my eye.

Guys.. Its so nice feeling you're exactly where you belong. It"s definitely going to be weird leaving my parents at the airport & not flying back "home" with them this time though.. but at the same time I couldn't be happier.. ✨💗

We live near "La Boqueria" food market, so on the way home we picked some fresh fruit up (& fresh pressed blueberry&banana juice) for a light dinner. Oh how I missed the energy in that market..

Follow your dreams, peeps!

XOXO ~ PowPow