Buenas Tardes..

December doesn't seem to be much different than November for my health. Still don't know what's wrong with me & the pain is not giving up - aiowfkgsnoaklmfsmpkhbf! Makes me not only crazy but scared too.. 😖

On a lighter note; Yesterday I got a notification that my National ID was ready to get picked up, so that was nice! Today I went for it & the picture is so good, I'm so happy with it you have no idea! it only took 21 years to get it right haha.

On the way home we (me & El Novio) went by the yearly Christmas Market near where I live but.. this time it's so small compared to the previous years - not panda approved, it sucks! We found donuts though.. so it wasn't a total waste of time. Also, there is so much to do during December for me - not only is it my favorite season of all but also my last month in Sweden before heading out to new adventures for a while! iiiiiiiih!! 🙆


  • Start buying the christmas gifts!
  • Answer Emails but also sending new ones.
  • Doctors Appointments.
  • Start packing for Barcelona.
  • Clean my room until it looks like it belongs on a page in the IKEA catalog.

That's it I think - the most important!

"The little truck with all sorts of Christmas sweetness!" 👇😍

Hope you're having snow where you are, peeps! Here it's raining...

XOXO ~ PowPow

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You all saw this coming.. Black Friday has that kind of power & madness.

BUUUUT I didn't buy much at all. Only 2 things! *shopaholic is proud* Also, I did NOT bother to go through the malls since I would only get stressed out.. my goodness.

Ever heard of Pull&Bear? ..Probably. Anyway, I discovered this store my first time in Barceona (make sense since it's a spanish brand) & everytime I traveled back I returned home with new stuff. Simple - it's one of my fave stores. We do have P&B in Sweden but that's a 4hrs train ride from my city & that ticket would be waste of money.. SO when they had their Black Friday offer 50% off + free shipping - Um, of course?!

Shout out to them for 1. fast delivery (2 days!) 2. Wrapping everything inside so nicely & secure.

Now I'm going to continue watching "Bad Moms" which is surprising me so far - worth a shot to watch, peeps!

Now, the pictures are borrowed from their website.

1; Sneakers with cute patches. So comfy & Hallelujah for picking the right size on the first try!!! 2; Wallet-Purse with mermaids. This 2-in-1 will be perfect when I start my new full-time job!

Hopefully you snatched some good deals during this weekend too!

XOXO ~ PowPow



Unless I'm dead, of course. But even then I would be there in spirit.

Which felt like it could have happened this week. Sunday the 14th I was rushed to the E.R & if I explain why this post would become a uni essay so.. to keep it short & simple - I spent the entire Sunday there in a pain I never want to experience again only for them to not having a clue what's wrong me in the end.

I have been going to the doctors daily this week to keep an eye on myself.

The thing that got me even sadder the day after E.R was thinking about the concert me & Nessa had been looking for since months! Melanie Martinez, hellooooo!? The only thing I did on Monday was resting, resting & more resting.

I made it, barely.. totally worth it! Thank you, Nessa for having energy for both of us!

Keeping in mind Melanie was sick she still sounded aaaamaaziing! ✨

Fave song from the album 👇

Take care of yourself out there!

XOXO ~ PowPow



Yes, you read that right! It's official!!!

I have been traveling back to the city of my dreams for the past 4 years.

It's a weird & scary feeling, really. To suddenly become so alive & realize: "This is where I'm meant to be." Quite a shock, I never thought I'd feel like that in my life about a place.. I can't explain it, though - why specifically Barcelona, why it's so special.

Since the very first time I stepped on the streets of the Catalans I knew this is where I wanna end up permanently living my life in a little apartment I could call my home forever. 💗

AND IT'S HAPPENING: I managed to land a good job! ..at least for half a year & possibly more. If I decide to stay with the company & they're satisfied with my performance after that time - a contract to stay fully is going to be signed!

I could possibly still be going back to Sweden after 6 months (still getting paid for those of course) but baby steps, peeps, baby steps. I would regret it forever if I didn't at least try. This could be the start of one of my dream goals.. & I'm taking this tiny chance to try to make it my reality in the future. 👊

2017 - this time: I'm so ready for you.

1; The EBS experience where I befriended two dorks from Switzerland 2015. 2; My "I got food poisoning" face, 2014 😂😂 😂...my goodness, I wouldn't wish that even to my worst enemy.

Stay Strong & believe, Fellow Pandas!

XOXO ~ PowPow



Hola peeps! 

Something you need to know about me is that I LOVE to sleep. LOVES IT. I'd honestly choose that over a party, most of the time. It's not that I don't get enough of it.. probably the opposite. But it's something I have always lived with, passing out for a few hours or so then back on track, I could still manage to keep everything in balance & on time...

So far.

These passed 2 weeks..Damn, have I been tired?! I'm even a bit worried at this point, I just pass out whenever I lay down & there's no waking me up until I feel done.. I have work, school & social duties, you know. I can't be sleeping every minute of the day? SO, I had to make a plan. I told "El Novio" & my mother to keep me awake no matter what! Until bedtime, of course. And so far it has been working... Just been extremely moody. Hopefully this is just a phase & ends soon. 😖

In other news, I'm working on something super exciting!!! I don't wanna say too much because I will jinx myself (like always) Keep your fingers crossed for me! It would be a dream come true if it actually goes through - iiiiiiiiih! 😱😍

Btw, like my new slippers? They're from Monki and I'm obsessed. Feeling like a true little monster!

Be strong & Keep on swimming!

XOXO ~ PowPow