Since last post alot has happened. Which is partly why there hasn't been much activity here, but also because of my job.

My job has kept me busy, and tired.

Since the last post we have found out, that we have to move again unfortunately. The owner of our current place, suddenly decided he wanted to actively try and sell this place. This has been so stressful knowing, because we didn't know how long it would take, or it it will be sold, or even when we had to move, and therefore have another place to move into.

Our current landlord also has an apartment building more city central, with an apartment that was going to be vacant. So we went to look at it, and it was a well decorated apartment, very nice, but alot smaller, only 55kvm, no garden ( only a shared garden) and no balcony. K and I decided if we could fit our furniture, (like couch, table, desk and bed, the essentials) in there, we would take it. Also because of the location. Its dead central, with a big park right outside our garden and not far to shopping.

So in November we have to move again. I'm not thrilled, but then again I'm kinda glad to move from here. There is a lot of some smaller things that irritate and bother me, and some bigger. The basement in general, I will not miss.

It's moist, it floods and are either too hot or too cold. The garden door's, both from the basement and the other one, are very hard to close properly, and always breaks. The stairs are hazardous, you can easily slip on them. I will partly miss the garden, but also the amount of work we have put in it, and can't really enjoy, irritates me. And of course I will miss the space and in genral living in a house. But someday that dream will come true and be ours.

I am very dissapointed and angry that we only had 8 months in total here, and I really don't look forward to the moving part again.

I will be just about done with my temporary job, by the time we have to move, so fortunately I can focus on the move totally. During my new job, I have figured out that I'm not gonna be able to handle a fulltime job, and are gonna try and get through trials and testing to have a Flex-job approved. Which might take a long time, but be worth it in the end.

Also two weeks ago my mother, her boyfriend and Nala moved into their new apartment, which at the moment is only 10 minutes walk from us, but when we move will me about 15-20 minutes walk away. Maybe 30 minutes for my mom. It's a beautiful place they moved into, lots of space, and both a balcony and a garden. So jealous right now.

It hasn't all been bad times. K and I had our 5 year anniversary too. We didn't celebrate much, but we went to the movies and saw Valerian, the city of a thousand planets. Will do a reviev of this in another post. And in the beginning of september We will have had Misha with us for 2 whole years now. Our little baby.

We will be happy in the new place I'm sure. The dissapointment will take a while though. Also K won't have the opportunity to have as much LAN parties as he has been having, I think its a good thing, but Don't think K agrees ;-)

Well It is how it is, and we will have to live with it.

See you soon



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I had one weeks vacation, and the start of the week was spent being ill for me. My body and stomach reacted to the stress and fun I had before and at the housewarming.

Thursday we went on a little roadtrip from Slagelse to Randers to visit My family. I haven't seen My grandmother in over a year, maybe more, and My dad over a year as well. So it was about time.

I find it really hard to visit My family when they live this far from me. Not only does it take 2-3 hours to drive there, but it's also quite expensive. So it unfortunately doesn't happen as often as I would like.

My grandmother especially is hard, because she can't travel for longer rides, so she can't come and visit us. And my dad is a truckdriver, so he is only home in the weekend, and they have a lot to do on their house at the moment. But they promised they would come and visit soon.

So we stayed at My grandmothers from Thursday to friday. And it was nice and relaxing, and I loved that I got to see her again, even though I can feel, and see she is getting older and more ill and fragile. While staying there we went to something called Doktorparken in Randers.

It is a small local park with different animals and especially birds . It was such a good walk for us, and Misha as well. And a little nostalgic for me, as i used to go there with my grandfather when i was younger. Fun fact, i found out that on the 5th of august this year My grandfather was going to be 80 years old, had he still be Alive. And my great grandfather had turned 100 years old this july had he been Alive.

Friday afternoon we went out to My father and stepmoms place, and finally got to see what they had done to their house, on the inside, outside hadn't really changed 😄

It was so so beautiful, and seemed so much more roomy. And alot healthier for them to live in.

We also finally got to see their puppies, or actually we only got to see two of them, as they are the only two they kept themselves. Rocco and Princess. They are now 14 weeks old, and both almost the same size as Misha. it was such a revelation, i thought misha had gotten big, and had grown so much. But in comparison to these two puls, misha is so tiny. At 13 weeks Rocco weigh 1.8 kg and Misha at 2 years old weigh 2.3 kg. And Princess weight 1.2 -1.4 kg so crazy. Trunte, the mother, weighs about 5kg and the dad of the pups (i didn't meet him, cause he is not My dads dog) weighs about 4kg. So the puppies were going to be big puppies.

It was so fun to see Misha's reaction, she had never met Puppies before. She was at first very scared and cauties around them, and she got scared cause the little rascals started barking at her.

But in time, she warmed up to them and they started to play, but the funny thing was that they play in very different ways. Misha is used to just wrestle and chase. These two bite and scratch, and bark. Which caused to misha loosing the tailtip of hair.

Saturday it was quite a nice day, so we ended up going just K and I to Randers Regnskov aka. Rainforrest in Randers. It was quite fun, and I enjoy it every time. Even though I don't think K enjoys it that much now. I worked there after school until i was 18. In total 3 years, and I loved it. I love to see the animals, and how this attraction expands and evolves. I took a lot of pictures there, but here is a few of them.

So early Sunday we left and got in the car for the journey home again. When we got home, we were knackered, and just relaxed the rest of the day. Monday, the last day of my holiday, we went to the beach with my Sister in law and Bastian, Misha and K. It was a nice littel day out, and a relaxing day.

I went back to work on Tuesday, but ended up Tuesday after work being very much in pain and ill. So the rest of this week I unfortunately didn't go to work. And today Saturday, my pains aren't exactly better, so I'm starting to get very frustrated with my body at the moment. But I'll save that for another blog.

Hope you enjoy reading about my life, and experiences.





So this was the weekend we held our housewarming as I've told in earlier blogs.

It was so stressful the week upto, but thanks to my father in law, my boyfriend K, and some of our amazingly helpful friends we got the garden nice and clean, and we got a party tent for the party outside. We ended up being 28 people and it went better than I could have expected.

The guys got the tent set up while I was cleaning and cutting up the potatoes. Then it all went so fast, we made the salads, and got our selves in the right clothes and make up ( well me and my cousin) who came early saturday and I've missed her like hell. I unfortunately haven't seen her in over 6 months and it was way too long. Thankfully we agreed that next weekend, when K, Misha and I are going to Randers (my hometown) we are meeting up again :-)

The boys, Misha, Bastian and my father in law, got the tent up, despite of the rain that suddenly hit.

The Party was amazing, and I finally got to meet all of K's gaming buddies, some of them I had seen or met, but most of them I didn't know. Unfortunately when I am social and enjoying my self, i forget to take pictures often, so from the entire night i have 7 maybe 8 pics. Some of them very similar :-D

We also got a lot of amazing present from all these amazing people. I wish I got more pictures from the evening, but I was more focused on enjoying myself. But some actually played beer bowling, and then there was some card games being played as well as dice games, all involving drinking. There was alot of music and talking and just alot of having fun. And It's defenitely not the last time we are having a party, but maybe the last one this big in our garden. Misha got very tired and skiddish during the evening, i think it was partly the loud music, and partly the many people, as well as her being extremely tired and cold. So most of the evening I carried her around in a blanket.

I had so much fun, and the only thing I wished could have been different, was if I could have talked a lot more to all. But unfortunately I can't be everywhere at once. I still hope all our guests had fun. Sunday was just a day with Cleaning, and moovies and relaxation with K and my cousin. And we actually managed to enjoy the absolutely amazing weather outside as well.

Late evening I was overpowered by pain again, and had to go to bed. So now I' just recooperating and getting ready for a trip to Randers this next weekend.

Until then, hope you are enjoying the summer, and you are having better weather than we are in Denmark at the moment.





I have now had about two weeks at work, and I really do enjoy it, and even more than I thought I would. It's so interesting, and challenging, and I enjoy all the different tasks and New IT programs I need to learn.

I did get sick at the end of the first week, so it unfortunately wasn't a full week. but now I have been there for at full week, and it's hard to be back at work, but it's also very interesting. My colleagues are so sweet, and fun and amazing to work with. I would actually love to get a steady job there, but unfortunately I don't think that's an option.

The last weekend og June was a busy one, because we actually had a lot to do, both because of the housewarming this weekend, but also K's sister was moving to Copenhagen, so he helped her and their parents with the move both friday and saturday. And friday after work I went shopping and just a bit of girl fun in the mall with Mie. We went to H&M and I bought a pair of pants, and some socks. We also went to Matas and there I bought a New of My Nyx lingerie liquid lipstick in embellishment, because this is actually one of My favourite lipsticks so I am starting to run out. I also bought a lipliner to match it from Nyx as well.

After that we went into Kvickly to buy some lunch (some sausages) and a dessert in the shape of a strawberry tarte and sweet Peas. Then to what we actually had planned, we went into Normal and we bought some hair colour, and I bought a bag of liqourice, and a New bathbomb 😄 I'm kinda getting addicted to bathbombs. Just love them and they are so relaxing .

So when we finally got home, we ate some lunch and went directly into hair colouring. It might seem odd to colour Mies hair with highlights since she is blonde, but it did give a different look, and mine didn't exactly get blonde highlights, more like light Brown and orange 😅

We did plan that next time we are buying a light Brown colour to do as lowlights in Mies hair, and maybe correct my hair a bit.
We had to hurry a bit, with make up and hair because we were meeting some of our friends and K for dinner at a chinese restaurant. And it was actually really fun and nice to see and talk to them all again, and I felt like a million dollars in my new pants and with hair and make up done. It was so nice.

While K was moving his sister saturday I was home with Misha, and sending job applications and removing weeds in the garden to get ready for the housewarming, and that was actually what I spent My sunday on as well. K went grocery shopping for the month and housewarming sunday. I also painted our New bookshelf, we bought used. So we can now move this inside before the housewarming.

We had so many things to get done before the housewarming this weekend, and it's some how gotten quite extensive the amount of people coming. 28 people in our garden, and we don't know if it's gonna be sunny or rain, and if it's gonna rain like it has been alot lately, we need a partytent to be in. Whivh my Amazing father in law got for us.. I have the best In-laws. And we need to mow the lawn as well, because it has grown so so much, that Misha can actually hide in it 😅
K is helping or have been forced to help haha, because he is off school for the summer, so the cleaning and clearing up has been his responsibility as well as removing the last of the weeds if the weather allows it.

He was so amazing, and made such an effort to not stress me the last week before the housewarming, and he got it all done. It wouldn't have been possible without him, at least not with me not getting stressed, and therefor in extreme pain.

But now the House warming is done, and I will make a small Post about this later.





Sorry for the delay in this post, but the explanation will kinda be in this.

This is my last week before I start working again for 4 months. it's kinda exciting, and I'm enjoying relaxing with K and Misha.
This weekend we had a Really relaxing weekend, and was dogsitting for my mom.

So we actually tried out how it is to have two dogs, and it's not too bad, but might rather want to have another Puppy, and not a grown up dog.

Misha and Nala had a Great time, but Nala did miss my mom alot, and was a bit fussy, and Misha became fussy because She hit her head on the table because She was trying to jump onto the couch. She has a bit of a bump on her head now.

We actually managed to get our New curtain up in the bedroom so now we don't have curtains all the way down to the floor anymore, and It seems like it's more roomy now.

I had a girldate with Mie on monday, Where we just met up, went shopping in the mall. Didn't find what I was looking for though, but we just talked and had fun, did buy some new felt pens to colour my mandala colouring book with, and a New nyx lipstick, and a New concealer. Still kinda need a New bag though, but haven't found One I like to the right price 🤔 getting a haircut soon also, so excited.. can't wait to finally get it trimmed and get a undercut and sidecut 😘😍

Also I finally made a Twitter account. Pretty excited to see how I'm gonna use it though.

During the week I started cutting our Hedge with a hand branch scissor. It took quite a long time, and it was pretty painful for my hand. But a managed quite a bit.

I actually had a little girl time again Thursday with Mie, cause we wanted to go pokemon hunting, and enjoy the weather. She also helped K with a exam assignment. We went to the park, and sat and enjoyed the sun with Misha as well.

The Weekend we just relaxed, and enjoyed the weekend. I did get a bit ill again, with pains saturday and sunday, which is why I didn't have the energy to finish and post this until now. But K managed to finish my job with the Hedge cutting, and thats done now.

The last two days I've been working at my new job, and it has been exciting, interesting, inlightning and so much info in two days. But I really really enjoy the work, and the collegues there.

It has been amazing weather most of last week, and so far this week as well. Monday I walked home from work, because it was about 27 degrees Celsius. I also went to bed early, so I could get a good long nights sleep. I didn't get much of that in the weekend because of my Pains, and went to bed too late Sunday :-S

So I hope you all are enjoying your week, and hopefully good weather.





This week has been a relaxing one, because I felt I needed to recharge my "batteries" so I wouldn't suddenly get ill. But we managed to get some things in the house done, because it certainly wasn't weather to do anything outside. Most of the week it has been raining, and very very windy.

But Thursday last week, I got a mail from my caseworker at the unimployment center, telling me about a job possibility.

I contacted the place, and we agreed that sometime this week I would get a call about a job interview. He called Tuesday, and we set the interview for Thursday this week.

I went for the interview and it was actually a great interview. I felt they were nice, and very down to earth, and it was really a place I could see myself working. He said he would call me later that day with their decision. He didn't though, but only because he was called out for a emergency meeting, and suddenly the day had passed.

Thursday after the interview, I spent with a friend Mie. We went to Baresso and had a Smootea, mine with Passionfruit and Mie's with Raspberry and pomegranate. I simply love those, and will really be sad the day that Baresso is changed for Espresso.

After that we went around the mall just watching and windowshopping a bit. K and Misha then came and "picked us up" and we all walked back to our place. Were we just talked and watched a movie, and painted in a Mandala Colouring book I bought the other day.

But today, Friday, I got the call, and I got the job and I start the 19th of June.

It's only for 4 months, but it will give me some experience, and also something to do, and I'm very much looking forward to start working again.I am very happy to get a job, but it also proposes some challenges. We still have quite a few things to get done here at home, before the housewarming, along with me probably getting extremely exhausted from getting to work again.

And I am kinda struggling with a sore throat at the moment. Hoping it won't get worse before I have to start work.

We also managed to get to Misha's vet and get her new Flea/Tick medication, and pick up her birthday present from Maxi Zoo. So this is out of the way, and we had a visitor from a friend who have been abroad for 3-6months with Skoleskibet Danmark aka. Schoolship Denmark. It was nice to catch up with him again, and hear all about his trip. He actually went to Bermuda and the West Indian Islands ( I think that's what they are called) But he didn't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

And i started to enjoy my Smoothies again. This one Contains:

Fresh Strawberries

Frozen strawberries



Mango/pineapple/strawberries Frozen smoothie mix.

a little bit of water

and a pinch of vanilla Sugar.

Some fresh strawberries cut up and put in as well.

So now I know what I'm going to be spending my time doing the next 4 months :-) And we can hopefully get some of the last garden work done aswell before the housewarming.





Here at home lately, we have spent every single Sunny moment in the garden. So it can be beautiful and usuable for the upcoming housewarming.

We have been removing weeds, mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge, and keeping an eye on my new kitchen garden with salad and herbs and such.

This weekend was no different. We used our Friday in the garden, as well as visiting K's parents, and celebrating Misha a little bit again. Misha and Bastian got some of the pupcakes as well. Saturday We went early to Sørby market and just relaxed and spent time with K's parents again. Misha was also with us, and she always really enjoys to be out amongst people. I did have to carry her from time to time because of the amount of people.

We met some of my old acquaintances, which is always interesting. After the market we went home to K's parents and had lunch, and then we continued home to us, to set up the new fence.

I'm so thankful for my in-laws. I have the best in-laws in the world in my opinion. They spent their saturday cutting Our hedge and setting up as much as the fence as possible so Misha can't run outside the garden anymore.

Sunday we went to @maria_Vallentin baptism of baby E. And I was so so excited to give them our gift.The whole day was so beautiful, they had decorated so beautifully, in blue and white theme, and Baby E was so good the entire day, didn't fuss or cry or anything.

They got som many gifts and they really deserved this perfect day and I was so happy and grateful to be af part of their sons big day 😍

Also this was my outfit for the day. I went for something, beautiful and relaxing and comfortable. But the day actually started out quite grey, and cloudy, and not very warm. 

I knew it was going to be a long and rough day for me, because over the last couple weeks, we have had quite a lot of plans and things to do, and I could feel my body reacting and not being to happy about the stress and energy level I had been experiencing. But I held it together and had a good day, but as soon as we got home, I fell right asleep on the couch and slept until Monday morning. Where I woke up with quite a few stomach pains. So for the next few days it's relaxing, taking it easy, and recharging, and listening to my body again.

Monday, in Denmark was Grundlovsdag, as well as 2nd pinsedag and fathers day. So here is a picture of my amazing dad, granddad and my boyfriend K. The most amazing men in my life. Even though My granddad isn't in my life as such anymore, only in thought. I would really wish he could have met K and Misha.

I might do a blogpost about My granddad one day.

So a little update on the progress in the garden and what we have been doing lately.

I'm still looking for a job, but I do have an interview this Thursday, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. Also i Posted a review on the new Smartdogbox on my IG. So please check that out as well.





The 2nd of June is Misha's 2nd birthday, but we decided to celebrate her the weekend before, because we have loads of plans the weekend her birthday actually is.

Yes, I am that type of woman, who celebrates her dogs birthday as if it was her child. And it's because Misha actually is the closest thing I will ever come to having a child.

To the celebration we had invited quite a few people, but unfortunately not that many could come. So we ended up being my mom, and her Chihuahua Nala, and my friend Rebecca. Just relaxing out in the garden and talking, eating pupcakes (yes they were made so both the pups and humans could eat them)

So the recipe for the pupcakes I got here Pupcake for Dogs and Humans So thank you very much to @sweetbeetandgreenbeans. I did modify it a bit, because this recipe used peanutbutter, and Misha isn't a big peanutbutter fan as many other dogs apperantly is. So I made 11 with the standard recipe, and 11 with my recipe which comes here.

11 pupcakes
3/4 cup white flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp applesauce
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp honey
1 egg
1 tbsp water
1/2 c shredded carrot

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees celsius or 350 fahrenheit.

Peel and shred the carrots, I used about 1 medium sized and a small carrot to mix into the batter later on.

Mix the flour and the baking powder and then add the applesauce, vanilla, honey, egg and water and mix thoroughly.

Then add the carrots, you can use all of it, or leave a bit for decorating, if you want.

I have chosen to add a bit more flour, because mine (with only 1/2cup flour) was quite liquidy, and was very long time to cook in the oven.

Then Fill the cupcake liners 2/3rds full and bake until you can pull a toothpick out of the middle clean. About 20minutes maybe more.

I made a bit of frosting to the pupcakes with a bit of icing sugar and cream cheese.

Please enjoy.

Misha got quite a few presents, and still some of the ones I had ordered for her, hasn't arrived, so she didn't get them all yet. She got 2 squeaky toys from her Nan and Nala, she got treats from Rebecca, and She got a beautiful dress from Femeniro Dog Clothes, for whom she models. And the we gave her a dress from Femeniro as well, and a beautiful purple dress and a new PJ. 

After Nan and Nala went home, Rebecca, Misha and I decided to sit on a blanket in the garden and play some Disney Trivial Pursuit, which Misha really wanted to be a part of our game, which made it a bit difficult. Then we went inside, watched some movies and relaxed. I think Misha enjoyed her day, because she was very happy and hyper all day until we came inside and relaxed. Then she went right to sleep. 

I really enjoy being able to do this for my girl, and she is the reason I no longer are sad and depressed about me not being able to become a mother. She is my world along side my boyfriend K.

Thank you for reading, i Hope you enjoy this post. Please ask me anything or comment anything.





So the summer if hopefully here for good in Denmark now. Lately it has been the greatest weather in Denmark, with degrees over 15 Celsius and lots of sun.

I really enjoy when the weather is like this, because it usually means I don't have as many pains as usual, but since I am in great need and very overdue for my treatment, it hasn't helped as much as the other years. But I have enjoyed being in the garden and removing the weeds and make it all pretty for this weekend, where we are celebrating Misha's 2 years birthday. Which I will make a seperate post about, both the birthday, and the pupcakes I'm making, and her presents.

We had a Barbeque with some friends 2 weekends in a row and during the week just us. And it is amazing to relax and enjoy having the space to properly barbeque.

So we had a little barbeque this week ourselves too, and just having a little family time.

K and I also finally put up our own curtains, we bought in Ikea ( see my other Haul post). We bought something so we could shorten the curtains without a sewingmachine. And it was so smart and handy. And we found out that I actually fit in our window sill, and I couldn't decide if it was because the sill was pretty high/tall, or I'm just tiny, and K just said, sweety you are just tiny :-S

I know I write this a lot in these posts, but I am truly thankful for my boyfriend K, because every time I am in excrutiating pain, he is there for me. And every day he is the master chef in the Kitchen, and he accepts my wierd and rediculous ideas with Misha.

The other day he had been out grocery shopping, and came home with flowers, just some beautiful and simple flowers, and just because he wanted to. And not only flowers also strawberries. My man knows what I like <3

As I wrote we had another barbeque with some friends again this last friday. It wasn't planned, Mie was just coming and having a relaxing and fun day, and then suddenly her boyfriend Chris and K's friend Rune was here gaming with K.

It was the perfect weekend with amazing hot weather, I just love the hot weather. Mie and I was in the garden most of the day, just talking and playing Disney Trivial Pursuit.

We also went for a long walk with Misha and caught some Pokemons as well.

Saturday was even hotter, around 30 Celsius and we celebrated Misha's 2nd birthday, so the weather was amazing. I'll do a seperate post with just her Birthday, and Presents, and Pupcakes. Sunday we went to the beach, and for a really long walk. It was an amazing day, very relaxing, but so far it was also the last really hot and sunny day.

I hope it comes back for the weekend, as we are going to the Sørby Market and to @MARIAVALLENTIN baptism.





So we have been shopping a bit for both our home, and I finally found some clothes I have been looking for, for a while.

For the house, we have bought some stuff for both the guest room, which daily will be Misha's room.

But also alot of bits and pieces for the living room. We had a little roadtrip to Ikea, where we bought some new plates, regular and deep. A new clock, some new pillows and pillow cases for the couch, some purpleish, some fluffy, and some white blue pattern (not pictured), a new rug for the living room and some spice glasses, a new pillow for me to sleep with, and some new curtains for both the livingroom, gaming room and bedroom.

We also bought a wok pan, and some cented candles, in ikea. Other than that I have bought a wardrobe for Misha's clothes. And yes I'm that type of person. My princess is my baby, and she gets alot of different clothes and dresses and evrything, so now she has her own Wardrobe as well.

For a while I have been struggling with finding jeans, or pants for me, because of my sensitive stomach. I have a hard time finding clothes other than leggings I feel comfortable and relaxed in and which isn't too tight around my stomach.

So now I have started buying maternity pants or jeans, because they are not too tight around my stomach, and I know it might be wierd, but that's what works for me. So this week I found a pair of tight jeans which actually fit me, and weren't too tight around the stomach, because it was maternity jeans. But I also finally found my dungarees. I have wanted to get dungarees for a long time, ever since I saw @Zoella wearing them. I'm a huge fan of @Zoella IG, She has such an amazing and unique style, and she is also very loving, and sweet and adorable to watch on her youtube @Zoella Youtube

So back to the dungarees I love them because they will never be too tight around my stomach and they are just amazingly comfortable. But I don't want to pay a fortune for clothes, so I was happy to finally find them and at affordable price. I bought these and the jeans in H&M. The jeans were 199kr I believe, and the dungarees were 299kr.

I also finally got some of the items I bought on Wish. I got my new Phone case, of course it purple. And this one is the hard case so better to protect my phone, but I also bought one that was more because it was pretty, but I haven't recieved that one yet. It's really comfortable for the Phone, and very protective. And I love that it has a stand. I only paid 21kr. for this.

I also bought some Chokers on Wish, of course not real silver or anything, but for 14kr. They can work as long as they can :-) And I bought a lot of Misha's birthday presents, but not all of it has arrived unfortunately. I will make another Wish Haul post later. But also a post on Misha's Birthday Pawty.