I've started reading the Harry Potter & the cursed child book. I've had the book for about a year, since it came out about a year ago, but haven't felt I had the energy, and mindset to start reading it.

The first thing I thought when I heard about the book, was that this one i needed to have, because I have read all the other Harry Potter books, and I loved them. Aswell as I do with the movies as well, and can't wait for this movie to come out.

When I started reading this book, my first thought was, that it takes some getting use to when you read, because of the way it is written. This one, still have the Feel of Harry Potter, but it is written as a Theater Play. That way of reading for me is hard, I kept on going back in the text to see who said what.

Usually reading books is easy for me, especially when it's reading for pleasure books. Not for studying haha. But this one was a little more trying and took a little longer to read. Though still not too long, as I'm a fast reader.

I started reading it around the 1st of november and it was because I felt I had mindset and time for it. Also this was kinda in the middle of our move, and temporarely living situation. And right before christmas time. Harry Potter always reminds me of christmas, and for that reason I also watched every single Harry Potter movie before started reading this book.

Can't wait for this moving to be over with so I can start christmas decorating and stay in one place for a long time. December can't come fast enough this year.

And i finished reading the book the 7th of november. I didn't read every single day. In total it took me about 2 days to read.

It's a good book, but still left me wanting more, like not all was uncovered. It also left me with a feeling of this one being a bit too futuristic, not following the kinda old fashioned feeling i had with the other Harry Potter books/movies. 

I was glad to get a little bit more insight into Harry and his Childhood,  and into Voldemort as well. 

Though the idea of Voldemort having a child, was a little too farfetched for me. He always said he didn't want to be a father because of his own father, and he himself wasn't pureblooded enough, or at least that's how I understood him. 

But as I said it wasn't a bad book, just not what I expected, still want to see the movie about it though. 

Hope you liked My little book review and please tell me what you think of the book, if you have read it. And also please suggest other books I could read. 

XOXO Michelle  

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We have now started the 1st part of our moving progress. This means that at the moment we are living a temporary place because we had to be out of our old house 1st of november and we can't move into our New house until 1st of december. It isn't amazing to have to live out of a suit case the next month but at least we know we will be moving into our own soon.

I did have one of My bigger episodes while the 1st days of packing up and moving, so really great timing on My body's part. We are still not done with the packing, it's gonna take a few trips,  and I'll do My best and help what i can,  but not easy with a body that really doesn't want to get better at the moment.

I'm writing this blog post, over a little time. We have now been living temporarely for about 2 weeks, and it's rough cause you are just a guest in others home, and i don't seem to be able to Settle in, and neither is misha totally. So hopefully we can move in soon.

It has been Nice sleeping on our New mattresses and topper we bought prior to moving. They are so Nice sleeping in. I will properly do a better and more detailed review in a later post.

I can't wait to be able to decorations for christmas in our New home, and get all settled in and stabilize ourself again soon. And hopefully i can get My job or lack there of sorted soon..

Well this was just a small updated from me. Hopefully i will be able to show our New home, and christmas decorations soon..





Wow so Much has been happening lately.. We are getting ready to move, and I have tomorrow wednesday as my last day at work. I have tried to remember to have fun with Friends also, because you so easily forget them during busy periods 😲 but not as much as I would hav wanted, because my energy level isn't as high when I have work also.

A while ago my sweet friend Maria invited me to a jewlery event at one of our local stores, with a designer called Mads Ziegler. Unfortunately we didn't get the message that the event had been moved forward a few hours so we got there, when they were packing up. They were very sorry that we didn't get the message but we could still enter the contest about a jewlery set from Mads Ziegler worth 2000kr.

Both Maria and I left feeling a bit dissapointed and sad, but still thats how it was. Then today I found out, I WON 😲😲😲 omg thats just crazy. Didn't expect that at all. So in one of the next few days I'm gonna go there and get my new jewlery 😍 Can't wait to see the set.

K and I actually went to jysk today to buy new matresses and topper for our bed. Unfortunately there were some problems so K has to go out there again tomorrow, and hopefully he will get everything home with him 😄

So this was so far a Great day. Hope everyone had a Great day too 😍

And just a short little Blog post.

Thank you so so Much for reading 😍




I really didn't expect to get celebrated for my birthday. Mainly because K isn't really the type to arrange surprises or anything really on his own.  And we have a lot going on at the moment.
But I did get celebrated a little at work. They surprised me with flags, and small messages, a little present and Some pepper. The pepper is a tradition in Denmark when you turn 30 and are unwed, you get pepper. Some does it in overflow but I'm glad that a little bag of pepper is the only thing I got.

K asked me during the day what I wanted for Dinner, so I just thought he might wanted to make something nice for us. We had to go to the postoffice to send my mobile heating pad because it broke, so I met up with K after work.
While K was in line at the postoffice Rebecca called me to wish a Happy birthday, and we talked for a while. I also talked to my grandma who called to wish a Happy birthday. So needless to say I was a little distracted.

We walked home and outside our house we saw Chris a friend of ours. I didn't think much of it, just thought he was here to talk to K. Kept talking to K, telling him about my day at work, and when I as the last one who walked inside, suddenly SURPRISE.. K had arranged for some of our friends to come and celebrate me.
They had made me birthday buns, and applecrumble. We just sat and talked and had fun all afternoon.

I feel so lucky to have these people in my life and to have K and Misha as my little family.
I got a few gifts, just a little thing from my friend Mie and Chris. Some money from my dad and stepmom, and also some money from my grandma 😄 K also gave me Some presents, but I got them during the week. A New pair of fall boots, from this local store in Slagelse, called Skoskabet Skoskabets facebook and a beautiful cardigan from Utopia Clothing Cardican .

Didn't take that Many pictures, because I was busy enjoying my birthday and surprise.

We also bought K's birthday presents because his birthday is 18th of October. And he really needed some new T-shirts. So I had thought about his presents for a while. We both enjoy watching youtube and especially a gamer and vlogger called Tom. Links for his gamer Channel here TheSyndicateProject
And his vlogging Channel here LifeOfTom

So we decided to buy Some T-Shirts from Tom own clothing line called Syndicate. Link to his shop here Syndicate Original UK

We bought the "Big S" T-shirt in White, the " Life's too shirt, make the most of it" T-shirt in Black and two bracelets. One in black/Grey for K. And of course One in black/purple for me.

The quality of these items are amazing, and it's definitely not the last time we have bought Stuff from there. Even though they are a bit pricey, they are definitely worth it.

Also we are moving again soon. Which is why my blog is a little unregular lately. I'm quite stressed and I just hurt myself too. So I'm having a Hard time using my right arm. You can see why on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading. Please do tell me if there is anything in perticular you want me to write about.




Yes I'm a chihuahua mom and I love it. And yes some people might think I am one of those crazy people who treat their dog like a baby.


Because Misha IS my baby, my princess and I love her with all my heart.

As some of you know, I can't have my own biological children with K, because I can't ever get pregnant. I have accepted that, and will talk about this and thoughts about adoption in another post.

For K, aswell Misha is also our baby. He loves her just as much as I do.

And as all children it was the plan that Misha were supposed to have her own room, but because we are moving to something smaller, she won't. But she will still have her own wardrobe because she has alot of clothes, and she is a model or a Pawdel :-D for a dogclothes company in Germany called Femeniro

Misha also has her own Instagram: Misha_the_blonde_chihuahua and she has about 3600 followers at the moment, and alot of furriends around the world.

We often send gifts and letters to our furriends and get alot back as well. Er have daily kommunikation with them via IG.

It's the best little community for crazy animal/dog pawrents to share, and support eachother, without being judged for loving your furchild.

Misha has a lot of different furriends on IG, both bought and adopted. Some has had horrible lives and some has had amazing. One of Misha's furriends is called Brie the Chi, here is link for her very own facebook Brie the Chi FB and Instagram Brie the Chi IG . Brie is a Puppymill rescue. Which means Brie has been used for birthing babies and only getting the minimum to stay alive. When she wasn't able to give birth anymore, she was supposed to be drowned. But thankfully she was saved by a Rescue center. For the full story of Brie http://briesboutique.co.uk/meet-brie-the-chi/

Thankfully Brie Is alive and well today, and is such an amazing girl, living with an amzing woman called Claire Stokoe. Who loves all the the sweet and beautiful dogs she has.

It's my impression that in Denmark you get judged for treating your pet as a child. And that might be because of some cultural thing, I don't know. But I do know that alot of the people we talk to, via IG in USA and UK and other places, doesn't experience the same judgement.

I believe we in Denmark are quite quick to judge people on everything, and I'm by all means no saint in this area, but I do try to keep an open mind.

In the beginning when we got Misha, I know it was hard for K to walk her, because people are so quick to judge a big guy with a small dog, and sometimes I think he felt imbarressed when Misha had clothes on. But thankfully he doesn't think about this anymore, and he loves having Misha with us everywhere.

Misha is with us mostly everywhere we can bring her, and she sleeps with us in bed, and she has about 6 beds around the house (some which are being thrown out/given away because of the move). She is spoiled rotten and means the world to both K and I. And because of that, I do think we need much more dogfriendly places in Denmark. I found this website where they tell you some of the dogfriendly spaces in Denmark Bring Fido I know that some Starbucks allow dogs, and even have a dog "coffee" a Puppuchino Cosmopolitan Pupuchino Starbucks . Unfortunately there are not many Starbucks in Denmark. Espcially because most dogs are actually easier to control and keep away from things than most children are. (I am saying most, because of course there are exeptions).

Brie that I mentioned earlier, often goes to both Costa and Starbucks to get her puppuchino. She lives in England and with her human Claire Stokoe they are staying up Bries own company, that I also linked to earlier in the story of brie.

Both K and I have grown up with dogs, and both big dogs. So it was quite different for us both to get a small dog like a chihuahua, and Misha is actually a very small chihuahua. Not as small as Brie though.

We didn't plan to get a dog, but at a party for one of our friends over 2 years ago, I was scrolling through facebook, as you do. And suddenly there was a picture of Misha, and she was for sale. I immediately fell in love with her, and showed her to K. He loved her. We contacted the seller and made a deal. She was quite a while away from us, so we couldn't just go and see her unfortunately. But we made a deal about a deposit for her, and the rest when we picked her up. Suddenly we were having a dog.

During the night we talked about her name. She was originally called Cirkeline, but we didn't felt it was easy to use everyday, and it didn't fit her. So our friend suggested the name Misha from a character in the game World Of Warcraft, and we just loved it.

During the next 1,5 month we got all the papers for her, insurance, and beds for her, food for her, a bag, and foodbowls and toys.

About 1,5 month later we were going to pick her up. I was so excited and so was K. Neither one of us had slept properly the night before.

When driving there we just talked about this life changing little girl we were picking up, and couldn't wait. When we arrived and got inside, it was so funny, Misha straight away ran towards us, and didn't mind being with us, even though she had never seen us before. We were a family.

It was quite a long drive home, but she took it like a champ, just cuddled up on my lap. We made a few stops on the way home, to try and get her to pee, but it was raining, and she did not want to be in the rain, as she doesn't today. When we got home, she was so good, and started playing, and examining everything. We had to give her a sock with cut out holes in, because she had a rash on her back from allergies, and she was very cold.

The best decision we ever made was to get her.

Today writing this she is laying on my lap, while I type, and this is how she loves to lay. I'm just crazy in love with my little furchild, she really is my baby. She will always be our first child, and I'm glad that both K's family and mine has accepted Misha as our baby. It took some time, but now they have taken on the title as grandpawrents.

Well this is the story about being a Chihuahua mom, and the story about how we got Misha.

I will probably make another post about the predujices and judgements about having a chihuahua.





For a while now I have been thinking about going blonde again. Not totally white or platinium, neither the yellow bleached blonde. I actually wanted this Hair colour I had when I was younger. I was 15 actually. And lately I've been feeling irritated about the move and work and stuff, so I felt like I really needed a change. I've noticed that everytime I feel like this I change my haircolour. (just been looking at old pictures) So now was the time.

I got this hair colour by alot of different highlights and lowlights in my hair, and it was made at the hairdresser school, and I have never been able to get it to that again.

But recently I found a colour from L'oreal Colorista Hairpaint called #beigeblonde That on the package looked pretty similar.So I had to bleach my hair to be able to colour it with the beige blonde. I bleached it 3 times (not healthy for the hair at all) I bleached it with Schwartzkopf L101 Blonde and then I used the Beige Blonde the day after.

So It was quite the progress I went through over a couple of days. And Ideally I should have went to the hairdresser, getting it done. But Money was tight and I really wanted it now. And really felt I needed a Change.

So here is some pictures of the progress.

So after this pretty rough treatment of my hair, I started using a Hair treatment from Revlon. It's called Revlon Uniq One. There are a few different types, More in sense of smell. They all do the same thing. I chose the Lotus Flower one, because I really love that smell.

I would really recommend if your are going from dark to light, firstly rather go to a hairdresser, or if you really want to do it yourself, then buy a treatment that can pull out the dark pigments before bleaching it. And do it over time instead. But also buying the hair treatment for afterwards.

Hope you liked this little short "needed a change" post.





As I'm getting closer to my 30'th birthday, I've been thinking a lot about my life, career an friendships, or lack there off.

Since, well always I haven't had lots of girl friends. Dont know why, just never had that many, and the ones I had, never really lasted that long.

So I always thought that's just how it is for me, but I kinda feel like something is missing. I often just stay at home by myself, or with K and Misha. When I'm with friends, it's mostly friends i know through K. Nothing wrong with them, but they just aren't "MY" friends. Also I really miss talking girltalk with friends and especially someone nearer to my age, who live close to me, and (this might sound mean, but is not meant to be mean) girls who doesn't have children or immediately plans of it. Since I can't have my own, and would love some friends I can talk about other things than babies and diabers with.

I don't mind babies, and I do have a few girl friends with babies, and I love them. They just have other things on their mind and fair enough. It would just be nice to have friends I have a little bit more in common with.

I did have a girl friend some time ago. A girl friend I thought I was gonna have forever (sounds childish , doesn't it?) We had done so much together, been through so many up's and down's and were still close. And then suddenly I get a message on facebook (not even a text) that she wasn't happy about writing this, but that she can feel we are no longer in the same place, and she feels she owes me an explanation.

Basically it was a break up message. She goes on in the message about us having grown apart, over the last couple years. (I mean really, couple years, and you are just telling me now?) and that's the reason for her not doing an effort for us to see eachother. She goes on saying, that I haven't done anything wrong, and she hasn't either, we just don't have anything in common anymore.

She also ends the message by saying, I know this will hit hard with you, but hope you will appreciate my honesty rather than being made a fool of. (what do you call the last couple years then?)

Needless to say I found this message really hurtning (is that a word?) and really impersonal. She wrote it with her office tone, so I knew she had nothing left for me, but it caught me so off guard that I responded with hate, and told her: Fine, I won't contact you ever again, and have a nice wedding. ( We were invited, but really felt it was wrong she had told me about it, when she felt like this)

I know she really hurt me, because I started deleting everything with her and her husband and kids, also I started throwing everything out. Normally I'm very sentimental and holds on to memories like that.

I know that this has made me hold back towards making new friends. But I'm not getting younger and I have tried making an effort to find new friends. So I've joined some Friendship groups on facebook. This is the names of them, If anyone is interested:

1. Find en veninde #dueraldrigalene - Slagelse og Omegn https://www.facebook.com/groups/109753459681834/

2. Find en veninde #dueraldrigalene https://www.facebook.com/groups/108263743161366/

The woman who started the last grup has her own blog here : Helse Mathilde and this is the direct link to her post about when she started this group.

Since joining these two gruops I've found out that I might be shy, and picky about who I talk to apparently :-S Who knew?

But I'm trying to make more friends both in those groups, and in groups about chihuahuas, because that might be something good to have in common. Also I'm looking into groups about/with chronical pain patients because we might have a better understanding for eachother and the situations we are in. But haven't really found one near me yet.

The last thing I thought about, because it's becoming more and more clear to me. I can't live like "normal" people, and I certainly can't work like "normal" people either. This means I need to find out how I can fit Social life, Work life, Boyfriend time, family time, Misha time and Me-time into my life, without getting more ill and stressed about it.

Well this is some of the things I've been thinking about lately as I'm getting closer to my birthday.

I have decided though, that I'm not turning 30, I'm staying 29 for the rest of my life :-D Haha

I do know why age is such an issue for me, because I feel like at this point in my life I should have done more, achieved more and I feel like my life more or less has been at a stand still since I got ill at 23.

Sorry this turned quite long, and with a lot of quote type pics in.





It's a really interesting movie, and it's both a comedy, romantic, action movie. But our initial thoughts on the movie, was that we thought it was a more action and comedic movie, than romantic, and oh boy were we wrong 😀

We saw the movie in 3D, which I think is the best way to see it, because the way the movie is made, is incredible to see in 3D.

But the movie definitely had way more romantik theme, than we thought. The first 3rd part of the movie, was great and filled with story, action and comedy. The 2/3rd part of the movie was very bleh. Not much really happened, the story was kinda at a stand still, and right now I can't really remember that part of the movie. But then again in the last 3rd part of the movie, a lot happened. They really finished the story nicely, and filled the last part with both action and a lot of romance.

As promised here is a review of the movie " Valerian, the city of a thousands planets"

K and I went to the movies for our 5 year anniversary. We talked about watching both "Dark Towers" and "Valerian, the city of a thousands planets". And based on the time we had to go to the movies, and me not being able to sleep that well, after half creepy and scary movies, we chose the latter.

Also we watched the trailers for both. And the one that really talked to me, and made me curious was Valerian.

As K said, this movie was way more a romantic comedy movie than an action comedy. He said that if he had know that he would probably not have watched it. I found it amazing, but the middle part could have been done better. It was kinda with a star wars and star trek kinda wibe to the movie.

It's an interesting movie, and if you like those type of stories and don't mind the boring middle part, then absolutely go watch it. It was beautifully made though.

I will give it 2,5 stars out of 5 ☆☆<





As many of you know, I am (according to myself) a young woman who lives everyday with a hidden chronical illness.
And because of that I wanted to touch on the subject, even though I actually already did a few years ago in this article http://kandusemig.nu/skader-fra-livsmoderhalskraeft/ unfortunately for My international readers it's in danish. But I might have something more to say on the subject now. So here goes.

Living with a hidden and chronical illness isn't easy. At least I don't think it is easy, at all. I have pain and cramps in my abdominal area everyday of my life. I've had this ever since i had cervical cancer, and got radiation and chemotherapy for it. Which ruined my bladder, bowels, and well everything in that area.
I was forced to come to terms with the fact that everyday for the rest of my life, I would not only not be able to have my own children (I will talk about that subject in another blog) I would also have to accept that I would never have a day for the rest of my life without pain.
That's a hard thing to accept as only 23-24years old.

It's also very hard to have an illness that no one can see, because many people don't understand how you seem to be fine one day, and then the next day, have so many pains that you can't be anywhere else but your bed.

For me personally it has meant I have a lot of limitations in my everyday life unfortunately, that I often have to overcome or just accept. For example I can't eat food with a lot of starch, or very spicy food, or very sugary food, not only does that limit me to how we (usually K9 cooks at home, but it also Limits what and where I can eat in restaurants and such and many other things.

What I have experienced is that not many people can understand how much pain I'm in, and I don't blame them, because sometimes I don't always understand myself. Often they don't understand why injuries and wounds don't heal like normal ones do. And that's because the wounds I have are in functioning organs, that are used all the time, so they never have a moments "rest" to heal. Normally how I explain it, is this: If you have a cut in a finger, and in the place where you bend your finger, it takes longer to heal, than if it was on a non moving area. And if that finger gets wet often it takes even longer. My bowels and everything else, is always moving, bending and are always wet/moist, so they never heal properly.

Some of the limitations I have experienced, is the way I think about myself, especially in relations to my friends. I often feel very less female than them, as I can't have my own children. And it has also changed how I think of myself in social activities, because I don't feel I'm as "old" or adult, as my friends who have children, and still I don't feel as young as my other friends that don't, because they go out drinking all the time, and I can't do that either. Neither do I really want to go out drinking all the time, but it would be nice to have the possibility sometimes.

As a young person there often isn't anything more important than fitting in, and I don't feel I fit in anywhere. That's something I fight with still. It's hard when you really just want to enjoy life, and you can't enjoy life the way your friends does. I can't even really travel, because I'm scared if I get ill, or in a lot of pain abroad, I don't know what to do.

The way I handle my pain and illness everyday is with pain medication, sensible eating and heat. Everyday I wear a heating pad on my stomach to ease the pain. Even though I'm happy that this helpes, it also brings along alot of thoughts and questions.
Because with my old gel and reusable click heating pads, I looked pregnant when wearing them, and having to explain to people that I'm not and can't ever become pregnant is very very hard, and sad for me. But fortunately with my new heating pad, it's hardly noticeable. Another thing that comes with having to wear heating pad on your stomach everyday, is burn marks. They don't hurt, but they are not pretty, and this limits me from wearing a bikini, not only because of the heating pad it self, but if it was a very hot day or country it would show my ugly stomach. This might to someone be a luxery problem, but it's a huge selfesteem problem for me.
Alot of the things I've found necessary and helpful at times, is to be honest about my illness, and that I have to take my medication, and to explain why I sometimes have to say no to social gatherings, because I get a pain episode, or because I don't have the energy for it. I often really want to go, but I also have to listen to my body.

I actually found a lot of comfort in the "spoon theory" a theory and story from Christine Miserandino. There is a picture and link beneath here so you can check it out.

Spoon Theory By Christine Miserandino

As a young person alot of the social gatherings you are invited to, are including alcohol, and often there is no understanding, if you don't drink. And often there is some sort of Peer pressure, because people can't understand how one little drink can harm that much. At least that's how it usually is in Denmark. Which often has led me to just avoid these social gatherings all together.

This has also led to alot of limitations in my quest for at "normal" life and a job. I am trying to make my own way, and earn my own money, but it's not only hard to get a job in my line of work in Denmark, because there isn't that many jobs, but a lot of people wanting jobs. But when you are ill like me and don't know when you get a pain episode it's also hard to get past the initial test period on a job.

Lately I've been in a temporary job and I've been so happy with it, and because of some rules and such it wasn't fulltim. This was a great way for me to test out how much can I really spend on work. Because I dont know if my illness will mean that I at 30 hours a week can come home and stille have the energy and pain level to still do things at home, or if the hours have to be less than that. During this temporary job I had 31 hours a week. And I haven't had one full week yet, because my pains just take over, and I don't have any energy when i come home, I just sleep.

For me this means I have to come to terms with tha fact I can't work fulltime, and need to go into some testing/trials and such with the employment center to hopefully get approved for a Flex job. This i my hope and wish for the future. I just really want to make my own way, and own money, and not be mooching on the state.

Well this got kinda long, Sorry for that. But thats my take and thoughts on being chronically ill. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and if there is a lot maybe i'll do another blog, where I answer them.





Since last post alot has happened. Which is partly why there hasn't been much activity here, but also because of my job.

My job has kept me busy, and tired.

Since the last post we have found out, that we have to move again unfortunately. The owner of our current place, suddenly decided he wanted to actively try and sell this place. This has been so stressful knowing, because we didn't know how long it would take, or it it will be sold, or even when we had to move, and therefore have another place to move into.

Our current landlord also has an apartment building more city central, with an apartment that was going to be vacant. So we went to look at it, and it was a well decorated apartment, very nice, but alot smaller, only 55kvm, no garden ( only a shared garden) and no balcony. K and I decided if we could fit our furniture, (like couch, table, desk and bed, the essentials) in there, we would take it. Also because of the location. Its dead central, with a big park right outside our garden and not far to shopping.

So in November we have to move again. I'm not thrilled, but then again I'm kinda glad to move from here. There is a lot of some smaller things that irritate and bother me, and some bigger. The basement in general, I will not miss.

It's moist, it floods and are either too hot or too cold. The garden door's, both from the basement and the other one, are very hard to close properly, and always breaks. The stairs are hazardous, you can easily slip on them. I will partly miss the garden, but also the amount of work we have put in it, and can't really enjoy, irritates me. And of course I will miss the space and in genral living in a house. But someday that dream will come true and be ours.

I am very dissapointed and angry that we only had 8 months in total here, and I really don't look forward to the moving part again.

I will be just about done with my temporary job, by the time we have to move, so fortunately I can focus on the move totally. During my new job, I have figured out that I'm not gonna be able to handle a fulltime job, and are gonna try and get through trials and testing to have a Flex-job approved. Which might take a long time, but be worth it in the end.

Also two weeks ago my mother, her boyfriend and Nala moved into their new apartment, which at the moment is only 10 minutes walk from us, but when we move will me about 15-20 minutes walk away. Maybe 30 minutes for my mom. It's a beautiful place they moved into, lots of space, and both a balcony and a garden. So jealous right now.

It hasn't all been bad times. K and I had our 5 year anniversary too. We didn't celebrate much, but we went to the movies and saw Valerian, the city of a thousand planets. Will do a reviev of this in another post. And in the beginning of september We will have had Misha with us for 2 whole years now. Our little baby.

We will be happy in the new place I'm sure. The dissapointment will take a while though. Also K won't have the opportunity to have as much LAN parties as he has been having, I think its a good thing, but Don't think K agrees ;-)

Well It is how it is, and we will have to live with it.

See you soon