I'm sorry that I have not had time for this blog, I've had a lot of exams but yes. I will not write so much, just add a few pictures from last times so I know I will be more active in this and next month! Btw it's just 4 days until IsacElliot 360 🔥

Suunnittele blogisi - valitse Nouwin monista malleista tai tee omasi, "osoita ja napsauta" - Napsauta tästä



Yesterday was very special. My friend won 2 tickets to Isac's private gig in Helsinki + meeting. First about the gig, it was amazing. Nrj filmed a video about the gig+meeting so I have just our pics with Isac, I'll post them to the end. But yeah, I smiled the WHOLE gig, since Isac came to stage. We just sang all songs and a few times Isac said "Stand up, let's dance a little" and it was totally the best gig ever, guess why? Because I finally got just enjoy the gig and dance and sing. We also exhanged glances many times, and at some point when I tried to rap Lipstick, I was close to forget lyrics and at the same time Isac looked me and smiled, aaaand then I totally forgot lyrics.

We too got popcorns and cocacola, but only when Lauri did his little show with one song, I ate :D

And then was the meet and greet. I hugged him and gave my present to him and I asked

"Can you please check my twitter dm, it's very important"

He promised and said if he finds me there. Then we took pictures and hugged and talked so much more than before, I'm very thankful. Then we just gone to eat.

Thank u all who were with me ❤

I gave my present and asked can he check twitter dm



I have been a "little" unactive, but yeah week ago my school started again after holiday, before it I met Isac about 3 times and now again. So let's start.


Cruise was _AMAZING_. I was there with 6 friends, and it was totally the best gig ever (if I donmt talk about Norway) So we spend a lot of time with friends, and at the gig day we met Isac. He just came to talk to us, I was suprised. But the whole trip was lovely and the best everr. Thank you all once again for being with me on Isac's last gig in 2016, love ya'll ❤


Second time in my life when I saw Isac f2f in 2days. He tweeted about my presents what I gave to him (heh Fredi gave them to him) on cruise, I got my BEAST beanies and ofc the best: I met him for the last time in 2016. ❤


First time when we met in 2017. I was super happy to see him for a long time. Let's start the new year🙏🏻

Let's start the new Elliot Year 2017! Hope realmy that this year will be the best ever, we have a lot of time to make our dreams true. Let's do this❤ Happy new year!

XXX @MineIsacLife / Rosanna



So he left today again to USA for a few days and he is coming back soon❤️

see you soon.



So Isac arrived back to Finland 23.11 15.33pm

At the airport was about 40-50 girls who were waiting for Isac to come home, the meeting was just amazing.



So yesterday was Isac's cruisegig and it was just amazing. I met my friends and we were at the gig ofc. I'll tell you a little bit of our trip from Turku to Stockholm and fter it I'll just put some pics so let's start.

We leaved from Turku to Stockholm at 20.55pm and we were in Stockholm at 6.00am (?) in the next morning 23.10. I just spent time with my friends and at gig I was with my three friends. The cruise was amazing as I said but now I just show you the pictures from the trip

XX Rosanna / MineIsacLife

Thanks for Isac, my friends and parents ❤️



This is maybe the most asked question of him. Someones ask me sometimes how I can dream big like 24/7 about meeting him. On this post I thought I could to tell you 6 reasons why I really use my all money on him, why I use 3/4 everyday of my life on him?

1. I care to dream about meeting him always. I have noticed that it's just so much easier to meet him if just dream big about it every day. Someones says it waste time toi much, but if you really want to meet him someday, it can't happend if you just don't dream big enough.

2. "Dream big, you will find your way"

One of the most important quotes to me. When I met him for the first time, my friends in school started to say "Why you love someone f***ing Isac Elliot? He is just one artist, not anymore" and these word totally got me to stop dreaming about meeting him again. In November 2015 I was really sure I will not meet him for a long time. So it happened. I didn't met him for about 7 months, but about two weeks before my summer holiday in year 2016 started, I got to know that Isac is coming home from Norway, so I got to meet him and after it I've only started to believe for my dreams and I've met him now many times. That's why I support people to believe their biggest dreams if they really want to do them come true some day.

3. I've always wanted to travel as much as my dad. He has travelled like in 6 different countries. I had always wanted to visit in Norway and Sweden, and what happened? I flew to Norway to IsacElliot One and last year I were on cruisegig


In this year in five days I will see Isac again on cruisegig. It's amazing. I just live to travel by train, airplane, car and boat.

4. It's amazing when you get new friends from the other countries who are fans of the same artist than you. It's amazing when you meet them for the first time. Even you don't talk enough for the first time, it's okay 'cause if you haven't met them before, it's first akward and I know it :)

5. I love to take photos with Isac and my friends, so that's why I love to make new memories from Isac's gigs and meetings. When you have met your favourite artist, you just can look the pictures of you and him, it's just lovely.

6. I feel like someones just don't wanna meet their fav artist(s) because they are just scared about that what will happen when their friends get to know they have met him/her. I'm feeling like: why you are scared about it. Everyone has law to meet the people who make them happy. No one should to be bullied about it. Do just whatever you want and don't let the haters bring you down, it's important

Thank you so so so much if you read this until the end

XXX Rosanna / Mineisaclife



Isac had meet&greet on tuesday in Forum, Helsinki. So me, my friend and her halfsisters went there. We lined about 4h. Isac came 16.00pm and then we started to get pics, autographs and #tyttöjenpuolella things from him. I got a picture with him, an autograph and #tyttöjenpuolella wristband. So good day! ❤️



I forgot to do a blogpost here last time when I met him. So we drove about 2hours to the airport with my 2 friends and my friend's mom. We arrived to the airport when time was about 19.20. We met our friends there first and after it we just started to wait for Isac. We waited about 3hours if I remember right, time was 22.30 and we wanted to eat something, so we ate then.

Isac's flight arrived 23.25 and we were already super tired. But we were not the only ones, Isac was tired too. We took the pics and finally we had time to talk with him. Then time was 00.00 at the same time when Isac left his home. We were at my home when time was about 2.00am. We all were super tired.

xx mineisaclife / rosanna

Waiting for Isac coming home at night ^^