Our third stop was Gili Trawangan. It's a small island east of Bali, so you have to go there by boat. The island is so small so you can walk around it during one day. We mostly spend our week there laying on diffrent beaches around the island. We stayed at Gili Beach Bum Hoste., It was okay, we shared the room with four other people but we were only in our room to sleep so it was okay, but i wouldn´t stay there again.

We rented a bike to get around the Island and found a lot of beautiful places. You can´t bike the whole time, somtimes it´s just sand so you need to walk with the bike some parts. But it was a nice way to get around the Island.

We also went on a snorkling trip one day, where we got to snorkel on diffrent spots and then the whole day ended with a short stop at Gili Air (where i had the best banana Milkshake ever!)

Besides the snorkeling I also took the opportonity to dive while we were there. It was nice dive sites, one was with a week but unfortunately the corals are a bit damaged from fishing with dynamite.

There was this market in the evening where we went to eat almost every day. It was super cheap, you got to pick what you wanted to eat and it wasnt small portions and the price for it was around 3-5 euros (depending on what you took and how many diffrent things). Im a vegetarian but I loved Indo cause they have so much vegetarian food, they had this Tempeh that was so good!

Gili Trawangan is also known for being a party Island, and yes they have a bar street but when we were there it was ramadan so all the bars were only open until midnight. And that was luckily too cause then one evening all the people that were out on the bar-street walked to a beach (where one bar still was open) and it ended up in a big bonfire with one guy playing the guitarr and the rest were sining along. It was really nice, almost movie like, like this stuff that only happens in movies.

That´s all from Gili T, our next and last stop is Nusa Lembongan. /H

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Part 2 of my Indonesia trip;

Our second stop was Ubud. There´s really a lot of stuff to do and visit in Ubud. We were there for one week and stayed at a Hostel called Balibbu, it was a nice hostel close to the center and not too pricey.

Roads of Ubud.

Monkey forest - Is a must to see all the monkeys but be careful with the bananas cause they are going crazy and can be a bit aggressive if they see that you have banans and don't give it to them directly. If you want a monkey to climb up on your shoulder, then just take the banana in your hand and put it over your head, then they will climb up on your shoulder to get it. Totalt adrenalin-rush!

The Yoga Barn - Ubud has a lot of places that is offering yoga. We had heard a lot good about Yoga Barn so we went there. We bought a 5 class card so we could join some diffrent classes during our week in Ubud. The best class was definitely yin-yoga. I really like the place it was a nice atmosphere and great classes. And I think the best part was all the amazing fresh food! Just check the photos, it was as good as it looks and healthy!

One evening we had a super nice dinner at Kebun Bistro. A cozy resturant and really good food. It was a bit more expensive but the food was totaly worth the price.

Tegalalang rice terrace - we rented bikes for one day and biked to Tegalalang were the beautiful and popular rice terraces are. We stopped at a place for a break and to refill our energy with some food and desert. And the trees at that places where suuuper tall! (see the photo in the right corner). It was a bit sweaty on the bikes but i think it was worth it to take a bike instead of a scooter cause then we could easily stopp as often as we wanted to take photos.

Mount Batur- We did this sunrise trekking up the volcano Mount Batur. The trip started at 2 in the night and it was super dark so a tip is bring a flashlight (I had on of those you have around your forehead). It´s a bit cold at the bottom were you start the trekking, but then when it gets more uphill it gets warm and sweaty. And the at the top were you stop to wait for the sunrise, its 1700m about ground so its cold up there and you've been sweating during the walk so before the sun came up I was freezing super much. If i knew that i would have brought one more sweeter to change to at the top so i´ve had dry clothes while waiting for the sunrise.

Tegenungan waterfall - We rented a scooter for two days and went to Tegenungan waterfall. I think it looked more beautiful from above then compared to when you had taken the long stairs down to the waterfall.

Goa Gajah– With our scooters we also went to Goa Gajah also known as the Elephant Cave. It was really beautiful there, the nature was stunning (see all the small photos). Really worth a visit, and interesting to get to know some more history. But remeber that you need to cover up your knees, I just used a saraong to tie around my waist. and to that it was okay to have a tanktop.

Thats all from Ubud, see you tomorrow at stop number 3; Gili Trawangan /H



-”Har du vart på Bali?" – "De har så vackra blommor där.”

If you´re from Sweden and seen the movie Massjävlar maybe you recognize that line. :P Well anyway Bali is our next destination and i thought that i will do it in 4 parts so the post does´t get too long. When I was out backpacking Indonesia was a country I never visited but during my backpacking trip I heard so much good about it from people who had been there, so I really wanted to go there and so I did. Two years ago I went there in a one month long holiday. I wanted to see many places but also didn´t want to stay for just 3-4 days at a place and feel like I'm in a rush, so I decided that 1 week at each place would be perfect. (Plus that Indonesia is such a big country so you can’t see everything in one month), so I had 4 stops and this will be about the first one;

Seminyak, Bali -

The first day and night my travel company and I spent in Kuta just to have been there. And the morning after we took a taxi to Seminyak. We thought it was two diffrent places but 6 min later in the taxi-ride we were already there at our Seminysk hostel, haha guess if we were suprised that they were so close. We hadn´t got that inpression when we were reading about the places before our trip. We spend our one week in Seminyak staying at M Hostel Seminyak. We took the cheap option to stay in a dorm, but they have single or doublerooms too. It was reach even if it was a dorm and cheered bathrooms, pictures is of outdoor, room, and the bathroom facilities.

We spend some time both daytime and evenings at Double six beach, it was the beach closest to our hostel. (Tip; on the way to the beach there was a super nice restaurant called Sang Ria Grill).

If you are in Asia you just have to buy fresh fruits on the beach, it has never tasted as good as then!

We didn´t just spend the days lay on the beach. We walked a lot to explore Seminyak and we did this that one day we walked left from our hostel and the next day we walked to the right from our hostel. And we didn't had any goals, we just walked to see what we would find.

When walked to the left from our hostel we found this beautiful beach and also a super nice market, It was called "The Flea Market", (They have a Starbucks coffee on the same road).

When walking to the left we came all the way back to Kuta and where we stayed the first day. But we also saw some typ of ceremony, we didn't got what it was cause they were happy dancing but it still looked like a funeral. But i like these kinds of ceremonies cause it´s so different compared to the Swedish culture.

And we also had some delicious frozen yoghurt at Yoghurt Republic.

One day/evening we went to see this tempel Pura Luhur Penataran Tanahlot to also see the sunset from there. We hadn´t planed to go to this tempel but there was a few people at the hostel that told us about the tempel and that they were gonna go there in the afternoon/evening, and asked if we wanted to join. And this is what I love about treveling and staying at hostels cause then you meet new people and get to do stuff that you maybe hadn't planed to do!

We had a super delicious vegetarian burger at one place but I just ca´t remember the name of the place But is was on the same street as Earth Café..

I thought it was a bit too long to spend one week in Seminyak. I think it would have been enought with just 4 days, but since we already had paid for one week we stayed the full week.

Part 2 comes tommorow with our second stop – UBUD. /H



From "The Big Apple" back to Europe and Berlin.

I´ve always been interested in the world wars and especially the second world war so it was a given choice to go to Berlin, the city with the most monuments from the second wold war.

I was there on a four days visit (two full days), so i made a "program" of each day so we would have time to visit all the places I wanted to see.

Day 1 - Flying to Berlin.

Day 2 -

1) Berlin Wall Memorial. - Started the day with a visit at Berlin wall memorial where the Berlin Wall is retained with the preserves grounds behind it and it’s thus able to convey an impression of how the border fortifications was until 1989. (located at; Bernauer strasse 111).

2) Anne Frank museum. (Located at; Rosenthaler strasse 39).

3) East Side Gallery. - The Berlin Wall again but here just the wall and it’s also a “gallery” cause the whole wall is painted with different motifs. (Located at; Mühlenstrasse 3-100).

4) Alexander Platz and Fernsehturm. - At the top of the Fernsehturm is a restaurant (picture 3), and its spinns around so you get to see all of Berlin while you're eating. I think we were in line for over 2 hours to get up but it was totally worth it! (Located; Alexander Platz).

5) Checkpoint Charlie - Border crossing between old West- and East Berlin. (Located at; Friedrichstrasse 43-45).

Day 3

1) Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche - Started day 2 with a visit at the church. This is a church that was bombed during the war two but is retained in its damaged condition and It´s often called “the hollow tooth”, They build a new church next to it (as you can see on the second picture) and they are often called "The lipstick and the powder box". (Located at; Breitscheidplatz).

2) Topographie des Terrors. - A museum documenting Nazi crime before and during World War II. It´s located where Gestapo and the SS had their head-quarters.(Niederkirchnerstrasse 8).

3) Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas - It´s a monument to all Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. (Located at; Cora-Berliner strasse 1).

4) Brandenburger Tor & DDR museum - We took a walk around Brandenburger Tor and Germany´s Parliament House is just next to it, so we took a walk around the building. You can go up in the big dome, but the line for that was super long so we were pleased with just seeing it from the outside. After that we took a walk along Unter den Linden to the DDR-museum, a museum about DDRs history. (The museum is located at Karl-Liebknecht strasse 1),

Day 4 - Flying home.




Lets now travel to the other side of the world and to the city that never sleeps - NEW YORK!

I´ve been in New York a couple of times and I love that city. I love that you feel that you can and want to walk instead of taking the subway or a taxi. I love walking at the destination I'm visiting cause it feels like you really see and explore the place then. And you can really do that in New York! There is so many things that is a must to see and do in New York so here is what I chosed to see when I was there the first time.

1) Empire State Building. - is of course a must to see! And maybe you have seen the movie An affair to remember, or Sleepless in Seattle or Gossip girl, the two last once is referring to the first movie were they decided to meet up in Empire State Building if they want to be together. So romantic so of course for me it was a must to both see and go up to the top. And what a view!

2) The staty of liberty - we didn’t go to the island were it’s standing cause we heard that you get a better view of it if you take the ferry to Staten Island, so we did that. Went there and back and you get a great view of it, just enough for me.

3) Central Park - THE park of the parks. Wish I lived in New York so I had the possibility to walk and run there everyday!

4) Ground zero - The memorial spot after Nine eleven, unfortunately it was still under construction when I was there.

5) Time square

6) Macy’s - I think it was nice to have been there but in my opinion I think it was too big, you didn’t know where to start and too much to look at so I kind of lost interest cause it was just too much.

7) Chrysler building

8) Flatiron building

9) Rockefeller center

10) Hard rock café, Disney och M&M store.

So that´s it. There´s still a lot of stuff to see and visit but more about that in a later post, cause you can never go to New York too many times! /H



Next stop is Cambodia. A country I totally fell in love with when I was backpacking around south east Asia a couple of years ago. (Its more then five years since i was there so some places can be a bit changed, not as calm and hidden as they were when i was there).

We started our Cambodia journey in Siem Reap.

The two best local drinks in Cambodia; Anchor - one of the local beers, & Spy red - its like a breezer but its made of red wine.

In Siem Reap Angkor Wat is located and it´s know for all the temples. If you go there I would recommend you to take this 3 days entry tour, so you really have time to go around to all the temples. And visit both the big ones and the smaller ones, they all have their own charm. We had a tuk-tuk driver that was with us all three days, he came and picked us up at our hotel and then drove us around in Angkor Wat. All the tuk-tuk driver there are kind of use to driving to and around in Angkor Wat, so the first day when we went to Angkor Wat we just decided with him that we have a 3 days entry-pass so pick us up at our hotel this time the next morning.

Either go and see the sunrise or the sunset at Angkor Wat, its beautiful! (We were a bit lazy so we choose to see the sunset :P)

Phnom Phen - The capital of Cambodia

If you want to know some more about Camboidas history and the horrible genocide that happened there during the Red Khmer regime between 1975-1979, when Pol Pot was their leader, you should visit Choeung Ek (also known as Killing fields) and S-21 Toul Sleng in Phnom Phen. To get to S-21 and Choeung Ek you just take a tuk-tuk taxi, its both cheap and easy to get there.

S-21 Toul Sleng - Is a former high school that was used as a security prison (S-21) by the Khmer Rouge regime. The prisoners were toutured and starved and were usually executed after 2-4 months.

It was only 7 people that served S-21, and when I was there I was lucky cause one of them were there sitting and selling his book there.

Choeung Ek also called Killing fileds is a memorial site of the Khmer massacre and systematic executions. Most of the prisoners came to Killing fileds after first being tortured in prisons like S-21.

And of course you can not miss the coast city Sihanoukville.

Form there you can also visit the smal islands just outside Sihanoukvilles coast line. I was doing my Padi open water there with a diving center called The Dive Shop, and they had all their education on Koh Rong, so we went there. (When i was there, Koh Rong was still very untouch by the tourism, but what I know thats not the case anymore.)

I also did a short visit to Koh Rong Samleon, that at that time was even more untouched then Koh Rong. At that time they were in the beginning of building accommodations and so on so tourists would go there, and now it is a popular island for tourists to visit. It is a beautiful, paradise island with white beach and turquoise water.

If your into diving or snorkeling, there is some really nice dive sites around Sihanoukville, it´s really worth a visit.

I hope you will fall in love with the country like I did! /H



It´s time for my first post and first destination. So first out is. . . BIRD ISLAND!

Bird Island is a small island in the Seychelles archipelago. Its a really amazing place especially if you would like to snorkel/swim with turtles and cuddles with tortoises. Its also known for it´s birdlife.

To get to Bird Island you first need to fly to Mahe (the biggest island in the Seychelles). From Mahe they arrange trips to Bird Island. I paid around 400 dollars and then the flight, two nights in a bungalow + breakfast, lunch and dinner was included. You also had two free drinks at the island and if you wanted to eat or drink anything else or more you just paid extra for that.

Bird Island is a private resort with 26 bungalows.

If you have your own snorkel kit - BRING IT! They have snorkel kit there too but if you wanna be sure you get the right fins size and a comfortable mask I would recommend you to bring your own kit. AND also don't forget to bring an underwater camera so you can capture the moment when you snorkel/swim with turtles cause you will do that for sure!. Just remember never to touch a turtle and especially when they are on their way up to the surface to get some air. But the guide on the island will tell you all about what you need to know.

If you wanna know more about the life on the island there is a guided tour one day that you can join for free and the guide will tell you all about the birds, turtles and tortoises living on the island.

This is really a paradise island with white beaches and the island is so small so yo can walk around it. In the morning we went to the beach closest to the bungalows to swim. Its also from that beach you will see the sunset.

After lunch we walked over to the other side of the island. Cause when the tide is over and the water is deeper again turtles comes close to the beach to feed of the seagrass. And since they are so close to the island you can basically just walk out in the water, you don't even need to swim, you can just stand up and look down the water and you will see the turtles! You might also see some other fishes or mantas ;)

Bird Island is probably my favorite destination I've visit so far, so I really recommend to go to this beautiful island! /H