I haven't been writing in a while and the truth is that I just forget sometimes that this blog exists.
But now i'm back with a blogpost and i'm gonna tell you guys why I love to travel.

These are all just my opinions because of course everyone has their own reasons to travel. For example my biggest reason for travelling has been Shawn Mendes since i've only travelled with plane to his concerts. To someone the reason is to go on a vacation to some warm country.

But there's so much other reasons why I like to travel to other countries and I want to share the reasons with you guys so i'm going to tell you 10 reasons why I love to do it.

1st reason: You learn a lot about life
You get to see how much different things are in other countries compared to your country. I know that school is probably the best place to expand your academic knowledge, but when it comes to learning about life, there is nothing more enriching than traveling. Whether it’s the people you meet or the things you see, traveling gives you more valuable life lessons than school will ever give you. Seeing the world provides an education that’s absolutely impossible get in school. Travel teaches you economy, politics, history, geography, and sociology in an intense, hands-on way no class will.

Mainly because instead of being told something, you experience it.

2nd reason: You meet your internet friends and meet many new people
People you meet while on the road become some of the most valued names on your contact list. They become places on the map to visit later on. These folks give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends, and force you to take in new and refreshing perspectives, and ultimately realize that everyone is the same.
I have got to know so many of my friends via internet but because of travelling i've got to meet most of them. I met two of my norwegian friends in New York. I've met my friends who live in Norway, Holland, Åland, Sweden, Estonia, England and Spain.
I've also got so many new friends in every country i've been in and I hope to meet them soon again!

3rd reason: Your social skills gets better
You will meet lots of new people at hostels, guided tours, bars, cafes, monuments, and buses while traveling. Perhaps they are local people or other fellow travelers.
The fact that you get to meet them all will definitely improve your social skills. Compare that to staying in school where you will meet the same people all the time, and you can see why traveling is a more valuable learning experience than school.

4th reason: You learn new languages and get to develop your grammar
There’s something satisfying about being able to throw around a few words of french, knowing how to say thanks in chinese, telling what to order in swedish, introduce yourself in spanish, or simply hearing a language you didn’t know existed just a few weeks before. It's just cool to know some words in many lenguages.
If your native language is something else than english you get to learn to speak english much better. The english I learn at school sucks, my english is better than my english teacher has which isn't even supposed to be possible, or it can be but it shouldn't be. I'm supposed to learn from teachers but i'm the one who corrects her sentences. Then she tells me go out from the class.
There's some problems with my spelling because I don't speak english as much as I used to but travelling has really helped me to understand and speak it better.

5th reason: You get to taste different foods
You’ll be constantly surprised at the flavors the world has to offer. The way people in other cultures and countries prepare food, and break bread together (not that all cultures even eat bread) will astound you.
I haven't tasted that much different foods that my country doesn't have but one of my all time favorites was Chipotle in New York and we don't have it here in Finland. It's the best "fast food" i've ever tasted and the plate thingy was so full of food that I couldn't even finish the whole plate. Even Mc Donalds food is different in all the countries i've been in. You get to taste different sweets and for example water in Finland is so much different than in New York.

6th reason: You find yourself
All the challenges and opportunities travel lays at your feet help you discover who you are in a way that’s only possible on the road. You'll learn to know what are your limits and what things you're able to do. You know what things are easy and what's hard. You learn to be more independent. When you're travelling you need to do things by yourself, there's no mommy or daddy to help you. You will know who you are and what you love to do. I have been trying to find who I am and and I don't know yet completely what kind of person I am and what kind of person I want to be but i'm learning all the time, travelling just makes it all so much easier.

7th reason: You'll get to see beautiful places
Most beautiful city i've been in: Oslo
Most interesting city i've been in: New York
Best people i've met are in: Stockholm

Every country is beautiful in their own way and most beautiful place i've been in is Time Square in New York.
I've dreamed about seeing Time Square with my own eyes and I finally did. I felt like I want to cry because it was so beautiful. When I watch a movie and the people in the movie are walking in New York streets i'm just like "wow i've really been in that same street" it all feels so unreal.
But Time Square wouldn't look beautiful without all the screens and lights. When we think about the whole city and how it all looks.. Oslo wins.

8th reason: Flying makes you feel free
When i'm on the plane and I look out from the window all I can see is clouds or the groud being so tiny. It makes me feel like i'm bigger than I have ever been and that I can do anything I ever want to.
I can go wherever I want to without anyone telling me I can't and no one can stop me.
Travelling teaches that if life kicks you in the head you can always get up and that nothing can control us if we don't let it.

9th reason: Dreams can come true
You imagined it, daydreamed about it, envisioned it. Guess what? It can be done because everything is possible. Travelling to get your dreams done is possible, you just have to decide you’re willing to take the first step and start planning. I know it's not easy to younger people but if your parents don't help you make it happen.. You might just need go hold on to that dream and make it happen when you turn 18. I made my dream come true. I met Shawn Mendes. I had just turned 18 and he was having a free concert in Sweden. Plane tickets weren't that expencive so I just decided to go and so I did. Now one year later i've been in his 4 concerts and met 5 times. Now i'm saving money because i'm going to see him to Spain and Denmark in may 2017.
If you can dream it, you can do it.

10th reason: MEMORIES
Finally we're in the last reason. It’s important to make memories, because it is memories that make life more meaningful. This reason is the most important one to me because I will emember all the amazing places i'vebeen in when i'm older. And I can tell about my trips to my own childen and to my grandchilden what i've got to experience.

Always remember to take pictures and videos, have a good company with you…there is nothing else that reminds us of the good times we had traveling to a place away from home.

So yeah.. go on and make some memories!!


xx Mila

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Helloooooo people!
I'm here once again with text that has my own thoughts and few facts that you should all keep in mind. I'm writing about people that aren't real and also about friends that aren't real because I've had pretty much bad feeling about my few friends lately and i've found some new sides from them that I haven't seen before.
Some of my friends have started to lose interest in me and seeing someone lose interest in you is one of the worst feelings ever. They just wake up one day and decide that they don't like you anymore and just stop keeping contact. When you ask what's going on they say they're busy and act weirdly. But the fact is that people have time even a little, they just choose not to spend it with you because they spend time with whoever they want to. They text and reply to the people they want to talk to. Never believe anyone who says they've been too busy to answer because people are on their phones all the time when they aren't sleeping, working or studying. If they want to make time for you, they would. So don't waste your time to people who can't waste time on you.
People tell me i've changed but with me the problem is that I act differently around certain people. It's not because i'm "fake and arrogant". It's because I have different comfort zones around certain people. I used to go and talk to everyone just randomly and make friends easily but not anymore. When i'm alone in a place where's a lot of people I feel anguished. I don't let people too close anymore and the reason is that i'm afraid to lose people I let close.
And people that aren't my friends think they know me but in real they don't know anything. They spread rumorts that aren't true, maybe it's that they're jealous about me or maybe i've looked at them in a wrong way somewhere. By an accident of course, I try not to look anyone in a bad way, atleast not the ones I don't know. Yeah people might know about some things I've been through but they can't know what's inside my head, there has happened much more than people know and i'd like to keep the things as a secret because I deserve a private life too. People don't know messed up my mind really is. Some things might be pretty sick but whatever, it's my head and there's a reason why I keep it all inside.
I know I have real friends, people who I can trust. So i'm not saying everyone's fake or don't care about me but I still feel like have no one to talk to about the shit that goes in my head.
Maybe i'm just scared to tell them because if they'd know how messed up I am, they don't want to be my friends anymore?

Please comment how you feel about those things or contact me in my social medias. I love to read about how others feel. If you have something bad to say to me just contact me and say everything straight.
Peace and love.

xx Mila

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There's this canadian young man named Shawn Mendes and he means a lot to me. His music makes me feel so good and so much better because it's really easy to put myself in to most of the songs like the songs are written about me. My life has been really hard since august 2015 and many of my readers know why. It's because I lost one of my bestfriends in a accident where I got hurt too. I survived and she didn't and it kills me.

I travelled to Sweden 18th of September 2015 to see his free concert at amusement park Gröna Lund. I just had to try to meet him and I did. I met him 3 times. Outside the radiostation, outside the airport and then alone without other fans inside the airport when I went to wait for my plane to leave back to Finland. I was the only one from Finland who met him there on that day (atleast Shawn said he hadn't met finns before) and I guess I was the only one who went to the concert too. Bought plane tickets only 3 days earlier.

I met him again in Sweden 21st of april this year when I went to #ShawnWorldTourStockholm and I can't even describe how I felt on that moment when he remembered me. He had put his autograph to my finnish flag when we met for the first time and when he saw my finnish flag with his autograph he remembered that I was the one who met him in Stockholm in autumn 2015. It felt so damn good to know that someone who I have supported for a long time, who has millions of followers and has never even been in the country where i'm from.. remembers ME?

I also went to #ShawnWorldTourOslo on a next day but I didn't meet him there.
The concert in Oslo was the best concert I've ever been and it was really funny that many people didn't know the lyrics to Ruin so it felt like I was screaming the lyrics alone hah. I had listened Ruin, Like This and Three Empty Words from youtube since he played those in Radio City Music Hall already.

I also went to #ShawnWorldTourOslo on a next day but I didn't meet him there.
The concert in Oslo was the best concert I've ever been and it was really funny that many people didn't know the lyrics to Ruin so it felt like I was screaming the lyrics alone hah. I had listened Ruin, Like This and Three Empty Words from youtube since he played those in Radio City Music Hall already.

This is the speech Shawn had in Norway:
*Fan screams I love you*
"I love you too, I love you all! I promise I love you all! I'm not lying!
Umh.. I feel like this is my favorite song to play in the set because out of all my music.. I mean as a songwriter the most gratifying feeling, the best feeling in the world is when a fan or someone comes up to you and they say "H
ey that song really helped me" or "Hey that song really changed my life in a good way"
And I feel like out of all the songs i've wrote this one in particular i've got the most feedpack from in that type of way.
And when I first wrote this song it was very personal and very for me. But since you guys are connected with it, it's became so much more. It's became one of my most meaningful songs because of the way you guys reacted to it. And that means the world to me so i'll be dedicating this song to you guys. This is called A Little Too Much."

His music has helped me through a lot of hard moments and "Little Too Much" is totally my favorite because the lyrics are like they're written about me. When I heard him performing it live in Sweden 21st of april this year I ran to hug one of my friends who was few meters away from me. I hugged her almost for the whole song and cried against her shoulder. People say i'm strong but in real I can barely carry on and the thing is also that it feels like no one understands how I feel.
When he sings I can hear that he sings with passion and that he is really dedicated to all this. He's a lifesaver to so many people, I really couldn't ask for a better idol, he's the best!

I was just supposed to write about how his concerts were and stuff.. But it turned out to be a bit deeper too but it turned out to be ok.
Felt like opening up a little again, hope you guys liked the post!
xx Mila

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47 Isac Elliot concerts in less than 3 years.. wow.. just wow!!

I started going to his concerts in august 2013 and since that I've been travelling A LOT.
All over Finland, even in Lapland, Estonia and Norway. I hope that someday i'll be able to go to Southern Europe to see his concert.
Now i'm having a break from his concerts and i'm trying not to meet him as much as I did before.
Yesterday was a exception. I had decided that i'll go to Särkänniemi amusement park this summer and when I was checking bracelet prices I saw that Isac has a concert there 2nd of July.
Of course I decided to go because my friends will go too and it would be "two flies with one punch".

We started driving from Helsinki early in the morning so we would be at Särkänniemi when rides open at 12am.
We bought bracelets that will allows us to go to rides and started going to the rides.
We went to few rides, then Linda arrived and we went to get her from the gates. We went to some rides and then we wanted to try the new ride called X.

The ride was awesome!! We sang Isacs song What About Me for the whole time when we were on the ride, it was kinda funny.
The ride was moving back and forth, then it went around 6 times and stayed up for a while so we were upside down for some seconds. Totally my favorite ride ever!!

I don't know if you recognize Isac from the picture but he went to the ride too with 3 fans who had won a competition where the prize was to get to the ride with Isac and then make cottoncandy with him!
He said he was super scared about the ride!!

We also stopped to buy some slushed ice drinks and took a few pictures together!

Isacs concert started 18:00 and it was 1 hour long. I thought it was only about 30 minutes long so I left when his song Party Alarm ended. In the song he takes few fans to the stage and it's usually the last song in his concerts... this time it wasn't hah.

Later on that day there was a meeting arranged to Linda. She and Isac had never met before. Linda has been here for 3 years too, she just hadn't met him yet.
I got to go to the meeting with Linda and the meeting was at backstage. We sat down and we were hanging out with Isac a little before the concert and after the concert. Usually I speak with Isac a lot when I meet him but this time I actually didn't. The meeting was for Linda and I wanted her to talk with Isac as much as possible. They really seemed to enjoy from eachothers company and it made me really happy!
Linda was happy, Isac was happy, Isacs parents seemed happy to meet Linda too and I was truly happy after a long time.
I didn't take a picture with him alone but I took selfies with Isac and Linda. I also tried to take some secret photos of them but sadly I didn't succeed haha.

Thank you guys for reading, i'll be back soon with some nice subject I hope.

xx Mila

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I was in Estonia yesterday with my mom. I've been in Tallinn for like 50 times and I've never seen any cool places in there so yesterday I did.
We walked around Olf Town of Tallinn and it was so damn beautiful!!
The buildings were old and colorful, I like colorful buildings.
I'm not writing a lot this time, i'll just add some photos from Tallinn.
My friend is coming to my place today and we're celebrating midsummer with my mom. Doing some barbeque, listening music and drinking some nice summer drinks!
Have a nice midsummer everyone who's celebrating it!!
xx Mila

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Tomorrow is the day when i'm moving away from home.
It's scary but at the same time it's exciting because i'm really looking forward to see how it goes when I will live with my one of my best friends and we have to do all the things by ourselves. Make food, clean everything, pay bills and stuff..
But i'm also feeling happy because i'm moving on. I'm not standing still anymore and i'm taking my full life in to my own hands. We will be making our own rules.
I know I've been mean, sad, a big drama queen, just really negative and not a very good person or a good friend to some people lately (so yeah shortly i'm a pretty huge mess right now) but i'm fixing my life step by step and I know that someday I will be that positive girl again who was nice to everyone and who had energy to do a lot of different things. I know it's gonna take a long time before things go back to "normal" but I also know that some things aren't going to be the same anymore. I've changed, my friends have changed and my life has changed in many ways. I also know that i'm not going to forget the things i've been through, the things will always be a part of my life and i'll propably think about the things everyday but the bad things will change form and then the things doesn't hurt so much anymore.
But anyways, I'm so thankful to everyone who has supported me. I know I haven't been opening up to people who has sended me a messages like "hey mila you know that you can always talk to me". It's been really hard to talk to anyone but it really means a lot to me that people showed that they care, even tho I didn't open up to anyone that much. It still means much more to me than people think so huge THANK YOU to the ones who has been supporting me❣
My next post comes from my new home then, thanks for reading guys!!
xx Mila

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I've had many blogs before but after some while I always forget to write it so I just stop using the page. This time i'll really try to write this blog pretty often because i'm trying to do some things I've always wanted to do. And by the way, my mother language isn't english so forgive me my typos.

My blog will mostly be about concerts, artists and my life (daily routines etc)

I just had a blog some while ago in "blogger" but nouw is much better because:

a) it looks much cooler

b) it's easy to use with your phone

c) it's easy to write posts with your phone

In this post I was planning to write some facts about me and then people could write what they would love to see in my blog sooo here we gooo!

1. I was born 20th of august 1997 so i'm 18 years old

2. I get easily excited

3. I'm very social and I make friends easily

4. I don't hate anyone, I just don't like some people

5. I'm studying as a practical nurse

6. I live with my dad where I have three halfsisters and at my moms place I have a twinsister and a little brother so I kinda have two homes

7. I'm a super huge fan of Shawn Mendes

8. I like to speak english more than my mother language

9. I'm finnish

10. I love food

I can't get any more important facts out from my head so those ones should be enough. I wasn't focusing to this post that much but usually my posts are pretty long and the posts have a lot of pictures.

I'll try to write at least once in a week but sometimes I might write more often than once in a week.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked my first post here in nouw!!

xx Mila