Back at Wonderland after a lovely dinner with my better half.
On the way here I passed my friend Artas tattoo studio (Silverink tattoo) where they had a birthday party for his friend Chandra. Stayed for a bit to enjoy the company and music before continuing to my final destination.

This is one of the reasons I just love it here so much! If people are celebrating something and you happen to walk by, they always invite you to join! Now, I knew a few of the people here, but still.
Random people were passing by, and the ones that seemed interested in what was going on were always invited to join.

I pray to the Universe I get to stay for a loooooong time.



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Woohooo! Finally back on Gili!
I've been meaning to post something here for days now, but since I don't have internet access at home it had to wait a little bit.

Anyhow. We're back, and it's awesome! Despite the fact that I've been away for 5 months it feels like I've only been gone for a couple of weeks.

We got a really nice welcome when we came, and it was just amazing to see everyone again, Hendrys friends, my friends.
I was quick to leave my stuff at home, have a quick shower and then head straight to Wonderland: one of the best places on this tiny little island.
Wonderland is a guesthouse where I've been staying everytime I've been in Gili. The people working there are now considered part of my family.
I know I'm not the most impartial person to ask for tips on where to stay on this island, but this place is freakin awesome. And there's always something new happening. This time they've created a tiny gym!

So after some catching up we decided to have a "welcome home"-party. Sooooo much fun! And like always, we started off drinking here and ended up at Sama Sama Reggar Bar later, where, of course, Hendry is working.

Being back feels like last time I was here when Hendry and I started seeing each other.
On our way to Sama Sama I suddenly got super excited and couldn't stop the feeling of a million butterflies going bananas inside my tummy, like I was gonna see him for one of the first times again, haha! Silly, I know, but oh how I loved it.

We ended up having a great night out!

The day after, despite waking up not yet fully sober, I made it to the beach to see my dear friend Chloe. We spent some time catching up, went for a swim (the best thing you could possibly do when being hangover) and just chilled in the sun.

Spent the rest of the day getting some stuff for home and just covering from the hangover.

The days after has also been really chilled, and in a few minutes I'm going for dinner with Hendry.

Just a quick update on what's happened in the last few days.
I've always met a lovely girl named Sim, so I've been spending time with her and her friends as well.
You always make new friends here. Incredibly fantastic!

Summary: it's great to be back home!

See you later!




Okey, a total side note to all of this, but still kind of relevant, is the fact that I think I'm on a path to some serious cynophobia (fear of dogs). And this is because of a super lame incident that happened yesterday... Honestly, my body starts trembling by just thinking about it.

Remember the post from the first day Hen and I came to Bali?
We were walking along the streets in Seminyak trying to find the closest way to the beach.
Now, I love to get around by foot because you get to experience so much more than from just sitting in a car all the time. And sure, you see a lot of interesting things and places this way, but what some people may forget to also tell you is that together with all this fascinating beauty are also tons of dogs! Usually homeless dogs.
I don't have anything against dogs, I find them incredibly beautiful and cute and what not, but when my dear boyfriend constantly tells me that sometimes they can sneak up from behind and suddenly bite you (hello potential rabies) it kind of sticks to my subconscious mind.

So... Yesterday I was on my way back home after getting us some refreshments on the main street.
To even get out to the main street from where we're staying I have to pass a few villas and apartments, and some of them has, of course, dogs.

So there is this one dog, laying (or guarding) outside one of the apartments and as soon as it sees me it gets up on all four and starts to bark and growl while refusing to stop staring at me.
Now, I guess that many of the dogs here probably live a pretty stressful life, and too much stress, as I'm sure a lot of us know, eventually makes you go bananas. But all I could possibly think about in that moment as the dog (who slowly turned into the biggest beast ever) came slightly closer was Hendrys voice inside my head telling me how it would basically eat me alive (not the exact words, but with adrenaline pumping that's exactly what he'd said)!

To make sure I wasn't gonna be someone's dinner that day I turned around and started to walk back the way I came. How I wish I could see myself on camera, cause it must have looked hilarious! Stopped a few meters further away while waiting for my road blocker to calm down and get back inside. And it finally did!

I hurried to walk past the big gate that was supposed to keep the dog from running out on the street, while trying to kill any kind of fear with the mantra "it's okey, just keep calm and just keep walking, just keep calm and just keep walking".

I made it home safe (the last 4 meters that was left of my little journey) but with adrenaline still rushing through my body. Fuckin hell!

Since then, everytime I pass that freaking gate all I think is "dog, dog, dog, dog!" and I get the feeling equivalent to the one you get when you do something really naughty and you know that any minute you COULD get caught in action.

With all this said, am I in need of some serious therapy right now? I'm not sure.

Tomorrow awaits an island with no dogs, but instead some really cute but sometimes crazy cats.

By the way, I still hear that little creature bark across the street...



Canggu was cosy, even though we didn't really do much. Well... to be honest, the only thing we did was me going to the meeting - which went really well in my opinion - and Hendry waiting patiently (I promise to give you details later). After that we took a taxi back to Seminyak, bought the boat tickets to Gili and ended up on the beach for dinner.

As you can see it was crowded, but one of the greatest feelings in the world is when you sit in a place like this, sweet music pumpin loud, you have the greatest view by the ocean with an amazing sunset, soft breeze cooling you down from todays heat and everywhere you look you only see happy people. Big smiles on their faces, laughter, cheerful chattering. And then the sand underneath your naked feet...
So refreshing, so healing and so grounding. And sharing all of this with the love of my life only makes it more perfect.

I really like Bali. Nice beaches, lovely places to eat, great shopping (read: window shopping) etc. And I am just soooo grateful to have my own 24/7 tour guide, just makes things so much easier. Or maybe thats just me being too comfortable?

Either way, I love it!

Okey, gotta start packing for Gili.

See you tomorrow




Todays mission: explore a bit of Canggu.
As if to compensate for our lazy days we've decided to check out Canggu. Actually the main reason for going there is because I have a meeting at 2pm. Interesting.... I'll give you more details later.

Tomorrow we go back to Gili, and I think we both really look forward to. At least I do.




Back again.
While Hendry is still being jetlagged and sleeping in the room, I thought I might take the time to write a little bit.
Oh, and by the way, yesterday ended up with us sleeping almost the whole afternoon (told ya! ๐Ÿ˜‚) until we decided to take a taxi (after getting slightly lost by foot) to the beach. Had a fantastic dinner together with live music and cosy beach atmosphere. Oh how I've missed this. Came back home to the hotel and didnt fall asleep til around 3am.

Okey, so with this post I thought I might share the story of how I ended up here, for those of you who don't yet know and might be interested in knowing, and for those of you who have similar experiences.
I'd be happy to hear about your stories too cause this is very new for me.

Here it goes.
November last year me and my dear friend Vero went backpacking in Asia. A complete new experience for us with lots of fun and challenges. During this trip we went to Gili T where we fell in love with pretty much everything. Got some new lovely friends that later became pretty much family.
After going to Thailand me and Vero split up, Vero back to Sweden and I continued traveling to Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. I went back to Gili two more times after our first visit and the last time I decided to spend the rest of my money and stayed a month. Best choice I ever made because I ended up meeting the man of my dreams: Hendry.

We fell in love very quickly and it all just felt so right.
Going back to Sweden was probably one of the worst experiences ever, and still struggling with separation anxiety didn't make things better at all.
I came home to Sweden and Hendry and I spoke every single day. Looking back now I'm actually quite impressed we kept it going.
I was fast booking my next ticket to Indonesia, got a job to save up some more money and prayed to God time would fly. But it wouldn't take that long until we would see each other again because all the sudden Hendry decided he wanted to come to Sweden. Holy shit, I thought, that would literally be the best thing that's ever happened. So we started looking for info on how to apply for a Schengen Visa. I spent hours talking with friends, reading immigration and VISA documents etc, and after another 2 months Hendry was on a flight to Sweden. VISA obviously granted!

August 1st, 7:00am at Gardermoen airport. I was so incredibly nervous and excited. Hands shaking and heart beating like never before, but seeing him again was like falling in love all over. I can't recall the last time I felt so happy.

We spent August in Sweden, meeting my family and friends, went on a roadtrip for some adventure and just had a great time together.
During this time Hendry told me he wants to live in Sweden, so our next mission is to get him a residence permit. So, if you read this, and have a similar experience, I'd love to hear how you did it!

And here we are today: back in Indonesia for some time before going to Sweden to fulfill our goals.
I am actually really excited about the future. And the present.

Stay tuned and feel welcome to join us on this incredible journey!
Time to wake up that sleeping beauty of mine...

Much love




So, this first post is actually gonna be a quick update for my family and friends.
We (Hendry and I), arrived safely in Bali yesterday evening, checked in to a supercosy hotel (Inkuta Residence & Villa), had a great night sleep (part from the fact that I dreamt I was being chased by zombies...) after a 21 hour long trip, and at the moment we're finishing our breakfast.

And like always, compared to Sweden it's freakin hot here! We have now gone from Hendry always informing the people around him how cold it is in Sweden the moment we walk out the door, to me letting the world know how hot it is. Guh! But it's nice. I don't have anything to complain about really.

Plans for today? Probably check out the beach and have a look around.
It's also Hendrys birthday so he'll be in charge of today's schedule (which, based on experience, won't be too busy ๐Ÿ˜‰).

That would be all for now. Just a quick update. We're safe and sound here in Bali. Will be staying for a couple of days before going home to Gili T.

Stay tuned for more updates!