Hey cuties !

So a while ago I went on amazon.de searching for the right case! As I am a very girly person, I was searching for something with glitter on it and if possible in pink. I quickly made a found at the ESR cases, that are just sooo beautiful! First I couldn't decide which color to take, as pink and babyblue were just so pretty! Finally I decided to take both, you can't go wrong with buying two of them, because they are really cheap! They sell them for only 10,99 € for 1 case, so it was no question for me to take both. Today, after 2 days of ordering, they arrived! As I tried them on my phone, I noticed they are really easy to get on and off, the material which is silicone is really good arranged and the phone has a really good protection because of the layer on the front side, which also isn't too thick.

I just can recommend this phone case! They have a really nice collection, check it out on amazon with the key word 'ESR case'.