Iced green tea,taylormade dark chocolate with strawberries and pink pepper and the magnificent Elsa on the cover of Harper's BAZAAR GR.Summer mornings be 🇬🇷❤️🇸🇪

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Tremendous horns

On a skull covered by web paler than its braces

Serpent eyes my mirrors of the world

And serpents’ bodies my lovers

A corpse ancient and unshacable as the white plane trees

To restain this hateful soul

To perfuse this hideous heart

With blood  sluiced out and druck as black wine

To live 

Cursed and formidable upon the earth

Feared,abhored by gods and humans

Trembled and worshiped by the devilish sperms

Here,on the Mountain Of Doom

The incarnation of Horror and abominantion

Me,the Mistress Of All Evil.




Image from Pinsterest


Perhaps it surrounds you,it comes out in the air you use to breathe and in the way you move,you walk,in how your eyes stand on things while you’re thinking

or maybe your own thoughts cause it; not visible,yet their energy flows out and environs you.

This is what they run away from.

This is what causes fear or adoration or indifference.

I have tasted two,and fear almost constantly and for several reasons

And I have found myself more comfotable in it than in adoration,though such a heavier burden;

Adoration makes one lighter,careless about who he is; it is so easy to let go when you don’t have to protect anything.

And,God,how do I dread indifference

that is to come,as no one escapes life,

for little or for long,by failure or senility

How is it bared? It must be hellish.

A better-to-let-aside thought-

For now it is,it’s your soul that creates darkness -therefore fear

And oh,

humans we are so weak to fear.




The only two rules that really matter are these: What a man can do

And what a man can't do.

-Captain Jack Sparrow

The best part of this dress is the old people's looks that think you heil Satan.Valuable


Shoes: ASOS

Choker: Regal Rose

On the Lips: "Wicked",Velvetines by Lime Crime



Some things delusional

Like the feeling the moment you jump off the rock,right before you touch the water
That you know what is about to happen,and that it is irreversible
Like watching the sunset from your shore
And the deep hug of an old friend

Or four words from you,in the unexpected middle,as our lives run and,as if we were grown ups,so fast go by
"I'm coming home"

Things like this in life

There is no freedom in the fulfillment of a hope
But it numbs the pain of an empty town,an empty year
An empty heart.




My photoshoot with @rawimagesathens opens the shooting projects session of this summer.Many thanks to Anna and Alexandros,it was such a pleasurable collaboration!

More work coming soon from now on,keep up!



Image taken at Place De Caroussel,Paris,on March 2016

Αμάρτησε,νεαρέ άνθρωπε

Γιατί οφείλεις 

Γιατί κανείς δεν θα τολμήσει να σε καταδικάσει

Τα ρόδα της ομορφιάς σου στερεώνουν τον ουρανό πάνωθε της γης
Και κρατούν τις μαινόμενες θάλασσες απ'το ν'αφανίσουν κάθε τι ζωντανό και μη που στέκει στον κόσμο

Η λάμψη της νιότης σου αφήνει τον ήλιο να φανεί
Και δίνει πνοή και πορεία στον αέρα

Γιατί μπορείς

Γιατί ο Θάνατος είναι τώρα δούλος σου

Και ο Χρόνος σε φοβάται.



Image from Pinterest

Hear me,ancient black-winged children of the night

Bite me,and with the pearl blades of your nature drain me out of the human blood

Upon a cursed mercy
Take me with you,

With the marginal bleeding kiss of the two worlds

Make me paler,
Make me deadly,
Make me immortal.



Today's lunch at home after a long time.Salmon,crab and tuna rolls with cucumbers,avocado,soy sauce and ginger.
Since the weather is so good these days,I had my meal at the balcony.The tastiest while studying my Swedish🍣 🇸🇪 ❤️