​Hey everybody, 

Im so sorry I stopped posting in here - things got busy and alot have happend! 

Im started on personal trainer and nutrition education and because of that I have started  new blog! I would really LOVE it if you guys want to follow me and my everyday there as im will be posting a lot in there! 

the link is: 


Hugs from Lea <3 

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A while ago I made this post of 10 random facts about me, and thought it would be fun to do it again! So here you go:

1. I hate to wear jeans (and other tight clothes), I prefer my sports clothes!

2. I have an injury in my ankle, which means that I can't do most sports such as tennis!

3. When/if I stress myself (also in a short period) I get stomach cramps and inflammation of the gums!

4. I can eat the same things over and over again without ever being sick of it!

5. I got my driving license last week, and from now on I "hate" my bike! 🚗💨

6. I like to be alone and have some "me-time", and I rarely feel lonely!

7. I eat proats every day and i LOVE it (this is possibly not a surprise 😂)!

8. My second favourite thing to do (after my workouts) is cooking, and I find it so relaxing!

9. After I increased my foodintake and began to eat more unhealthy things as well, my abs have gotten more visible!

10. I CAN'T wait to be free of this illnes, and I think im really close my that goal!

If you have any ideers about, what I should write about in future posts - please let me now! 👇🏼



Long time since my last post - sorry for that. I've been so bussy with exams, training and other things in life, but im during great and im recovering like never before! 😆

But thought it was time for a little foodlog, so here you go:

Breakfast: "Chocolate" casain proats with zucchinni and peanutbutter

During (shoulder and back) workout: "Pineapple" BCAA

Lunch: Grilled beef (made of ground beef), green beans, carrots and ketchup

Afternoon: an icecream, and later some chicken and veggies

Dinner: My mother's meatballs, 1,5 piece of ryebread (from the bakery), homemade pickles and a salat

Nightsnack: Protein"pancakes" (find the recipe here), skyr and a banana

My friend and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy an icecream in the sun - thats life! 😻



Dear Lea,

You are now 14 years old and all you can think about is food and exercise. When you wake up in the morning it is the first thing on your mind, your whole day is planned, so you can get as much time as possible to exercise. Your friends are leaving you, or are you actually leaving them? Your family tries to stop you, but you trick them, it is getting easier to lie because you tell yourself that you have no other choise. You go to school, but its hard to concentrate.

Dear girl,

You are now 15 years old, you know you are sick, but you won't admit it. Your mom tries to "wake you up" and stop you, but you refuse to listen. You tell yourself: "Im not sick, I just live healthy and I aren't even hungry" and focus on the "good" pain from your legs during your second run today. You dont have your menstruation anymore, but you doesn't care because your bones are evident. You starv yourself during the day, and let yourself eat between 19:30-20:15 but only if you have done your daily exercise! You are not happy, sad or angry because you do not show feelings anymore, you are just walking around drained of energy. The happy girl is gone, but you continue.

Dear you,

You are in treatment and it is going the right way, finally. You are started at a dietitian and she is amazing. You gain energy like never before, and you dont do as much exercise anymore. Your friends is lost, but you still have a few and you try to prioritize them - but its not easy. Your family is amazing and helps you, even though you can see how much energy it drains from them. You are getting stronger, but the ed is not giving up.

Dear fighter,

You have to keep going, you have to keep fighting and you HAVE to beat this disorder! You will succes, you always do, and this time is no exception. It might be the hardest thing you have ever done, BUT you will make it! Life is so much more than food and exercise and you deserve so much more.

My brother - my hero



A little while ago I made this "pancakes" as a try, because I was out of oats! 😅 But it actually turned out really good and yummy, it is a low calorie recipe - which I normally never use myself - so I normally add something with more carbs --> #eatforgains you know 💪🏼

What you need:

- 3 eggwhites

- 1 tbs bakingpowder

- 1 scoop casain (

- Salt and sweetner (ex. cardamom if you like)

What to do:

Mix eggwhites until its fluffy, add the rest of the ingrediens and mix. Bake the little pancakes in the oven at 180 degrees for about 10-15 minuts, or frie at the pan in a little oil!

Bon appetite! 😍

​I eat them almost everyday lately, either as a part of my lunch, afternoonsnack or nightsnack! 



Woke up with the sun shinning outside - defiantly the best possible way to wake up! ☀️

Started this day with a bowl of love: proats with zucchini and "double rich chocolate" casain, topped with crunchy peanutbutter! Ate breakfast in bed infront of my favourite tv-serie at the moment, so cozy!

Afterwards I went for a run in the beautiful weather, even though it is restday I couldn't help but going for a little run! 🏃🏽

Went for a loooong bath (and used all the hot water so the rest of the family had to shower cold - ups 😂), now I'm dressed (I am actually wearing a real dress, say what!) and on my way to a big birthday party! 🎉

It will properly take most of the day, so no other than that, good food and rest is my plans today! ❤️

My sweet baby says "hey" - love her so much!



Lets be honest, who does not love to snack!?

Personally I L-O-V-E to snack, actually I think I like snacks more than the actual mea (sometimes at least)l 😅.

I eat many times during the day, I wrote more about that in the post here. I hate the feeling of being really hungry - after 3 years of constant hunger - and besides that, it is super important to keep your bloodsugar stable all day! I eat about 6 times a day: 3 mainmeals and 3 snacks!

My biggest snack a day is my night-meal, pre-bed-meal or what ever you like to call it. First of all I HATE to go to bed hungry, and by getting protein, fat and carbs before bed, I make sure that my body gets plenty of nutrient to recover- and build muscles during the night. And besides that I just think it is so nice/cozy to lay infront of the tv with something delicious - hihi 😁

Here is some tips for snacks:

"Self-pop" popcorn!


Casain mixed with protein yoghurt (skyr), pineapple and warm strawberries

Novo protein chips

Quuuuuuest ofcourse! (or other proteinbars)

Fruit, nuts and yoghurt

Proteinpancakes! Find the recipe here

(Yoghurt) icecream, warm strawberries, banana and a quest

Shake, banana and ricecrackers

What is your favourite snack?? 💕



So today my mom asked my to make dinner, we always make dinner together - it is my favourite time of the day (besides the gym)!

Today I made a healthy pie with grilled chicken and salat!

Recipe for the bottom:

- 1 egg

- 110 g. flour (used spelled)

- 150 g. oats

- 1 tsp. salt

- 1 tsp. bakingpowder

- Water

Mix all the dry ingrediens at first, then add the rest and water until the right consistency.

Pre-bake in the oven for 10 minuts at 175 degrees.

Recipe for the filling:

- 4 eggs + 3 eggwhites

- 2 dl. milk

- Salt + spices after wish (I used paprika, cayanne and tandoori)

- Onion

- Beans

- Cheese, eg. feta, cottagecheese or mozerella (optional - I forgot to put it in...)

Mix eggs, milk and spices and fill it in the pre-baked pie-bottom, then add onions (I fried the oinions before, for ekstra taste), beans and cheese.

Bake the pie in the oven for 30-40 minuts and let it cool 5 minuts!

Adding parma-ham to the chicken makes the taste even better!

A big salat with peas, salat, peber and tomatoes - toppet with fresh basilikum

The pie was actually a challenge, because my ed has/had convinced me that pie is a no-go! I can't really explain why, but it really is. So right now as im writing this post, im sitting and trying to calm my head down and ignore all the stupid thoughts! So far is it actually going quite well! ☺️

I AM getting stronger and the ed is getting WEAKER!

What did you have for dinner? 💕



Still trying to increase my foodintake, to put on some weight, gain muscles and gain energy!

Todays intake:

Breakfast: Oats with zucchinni and casain + a spoon peanutbutter

Preworkout/during: a big ripe banana and BCAA

Postworkout lunch: Pork tenderloin, fresh pinach salat and ketchup

Afternoonsnack: Peas and chicken

Dinner: Salmon on salat, beef tenderloin, potatoes, mixed salat and ketchup

Nightsnack: Skyr, grapes and a chocolate called "P-tærte"

Today was legday at the gym, I did a few but reeeaaally effective exercises!

Todays program:

- 7 minuts warmup at the treadmill

- Front squat (3 sets)

- Regular squats with weight (3 sets)

- Squat press (3 sets)

- Hip thrust in smith (3 sets - 80 kg)

- Rear reshaper in smith (3 sets)

- Death lift (6 sets - different weight)



What a weekend it has been! I am happy, proud, stronger - and tired as fuck!

This has been a weekend fuel of challenges, it has been a huge struggle mentally, but wow I am also really proud of myself - and most important I allow myself to be proud! My family is also really happy about my progress - which is keeping me going much of all!

Friday: me and my family went out for dinner, I had a sandwich (!!!!) with grilled chicken, salad and salsa. It may not sound as a challenges, but for me, it is! Especially the bread is scary - but I ate it and it tasted amazing! 😋

Saturday: we had quests for dinner, and I ate tuna mousse (which consist of tuna, butter (!!!), cremefraish, spices) for starters. Then I had my moms homemade sauce + all the other things for main course. The tuna mousse and sauce was super frightening for me - but ofcourse it tasted yummy! 😁

Sunday: we had quests again last night, which for some reason provoke my ed like craaaazy! But I had bruchetta with feta-creme and other stuff for starters and ofcourse a lot of the main course!

Monday (today): freshbaked buns from the lokal bakery for breakfast, followed by proteinpancakes for lunch (a have a stupid "rule" that forbid me to eat pancakes for lunch - trust me I know how it sounds!) and later am I going to have my moms sauce instead of ketchup to the dinner, and maybe chocolate tonight - if I can manage!

Sandwich at my favourite place currently!

Proteinpancakes for luuuunch!

New dress btw!

Keep on fighting girls and boys! It IS worth the fight! 💕