When I scroll through Facebook, Instagram or a newspaper I often come across articles about abused children..

My heart can seriously not take it, they affect me in a very deep level.

When a child is exposed for abuse it affects so many others also, I remember reading about this little boy whom for the first time was home with a "Manny" and when the parents came home he had a red hand in his face.

I can't imagine what I would do if that ever happens to my son.

Let's just say I'd be in prison for sure.

There's is nothing I wouldn't do.

For every single child that has ever gone through this, my heart bleeds for you, and all the children that are victims in wars is so horrible and terrifying cause I'd just like to take them all and take them home and give them a warm bed to sleep in and love... just love! ❤

Ok, I'm bleeding to much now, right?


Anyway, we have a lot of clothes and toys that our son doesn't use, and if you are or know anybody in need of anything, let me know and I'll see what I can sponsor with or donate.

We have clothes from newborn to 1 yo.

It's better for them to be useful then to be in boxes everywhere. 🙌

We are the world, we are the children 🎶

Stay young❤


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I've gotten the question so many times in my life if I had nose surgery, and this time I actually have to say no.

My nose is probably the ONLY thing that's not FLAT on my body😂

But for the ones who may be interested in doing a nose job or in someways are not happy with their nose there's other less painful alternatives. 🤥

For example, my doctor where I go to get my Botox injections works with a filler called Stylage XXL and that filler is very VERY hard, it feels more or less like bone once injected.💉

So you can sculpt you nose and it will last you a pretty decent time. And you don't have to go through the high level of pain and if you decide you don't like it then it will go away, surgery is forever... forever is a long time.... cause it'll be there once you're a corpse to. ⚰️

Try fillers first, if you like it then make it permanent.

God sometimes I'm just so smart 😂

Like you probably already knew this..

The clinic I go to is called Luxurytreatment in Malmö and my doctor is Dr.Wasef.

For lips I go to Gk.lillatorg and my injector is Dajana. 🙌

Don't put your nose where it doesn't belong, get it? Don't put.. oh whatever you get it haha😆 My humor is so off!

Hakuna Matata guys🦁

Love always❤




Have I tried it?

What do you think?

Have you not learned anything yet😂

Yaaaaas ofc I've tried it, and it was a loooong ASS time ago, basically in 2011-12 something. I wasn't born with a very curvy body, nor female-ish, just flat... flat everywhere. Face Asian flat, front and back flat, even my fucking feet are flat as a 🦆 Duck-feet😂

Anywhoo, it's called macrolane and it's a long lasting filler. Should last for a year up to a year and a half.

But omg was I young ang reckless or what 😂

But it's an ass people, ASS! 🍑

I did it at Akademikliniken and wow it sucked big time, so pointless cause your ass didn't look even , it was just bumpy and not flattering. That's probably cause I'm sooo skinny. And it went out so fast, like a month or so and it was gone. 👿💉

So I was happy as a clam when that shit came out.


Im the type of girl who tries everything and if it's not good then it's not, they probably have better fluids for it today.

I hope so at least...🙏

I just remember that they couldn't fill on the lower part of the butt meaning the sit muscles. So if you're super flat it's gonna look weird. 😂

And that was pissing me of cause they made my small "touchas" to a really uneven one.🙄 All for the love of a behind🙄

I don't like the fact that I'm this skinny so if there's anything that can make me fat, I'll take it🙋🏻

So no I didn't really feel like that was something for me...

But they're probably better at it now days. I sure hope so at least for the sake of errrybody who want to Kim Kardashian them self cause the price is ridiculous😵🔫

Young, free, and on a spree 👏💸

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay Vital 🍑 haha


Pregnant life gives you a booty, 7month.



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What is a must for you in the shower?

For me it's kind of a ritual, certain steps and certain things.

Click on the name of the products to be redirected to the right shop, I use:

* Ecotools - Scrub gloves.

This is a really important thing in the shower for me, I don't feel clean otherwise.

* Hårklämmor 2-pack (Svart) -

Deadly serious about this one, keeps the hair in check.

* I use both Tvål Palmolive Milk 300ml and Eucerin shower oil - I mix those two cause my skin is so dry I looks like a dry facial mask.

* I use Sebastian shampoo and Sebastian conditioner in Hydrate.

* Clearasil Ultra - Rapid Action Gel Wash 200 ml - For face cleaning.

* A razor sometimes, cause I usually wax everything. (Need to do laser)

Thanks kind of it...💦

So I always start on top to toe.

Shampoo-ing my loooong ass hair and then rinse to put in a good amount of conditioner, I let that sit in while I wash my face with Clearasil.🛀

After I rinse the conditioner I ALWAYS put my hair up with a hair clamp to keep it away.

Moving on to putting my gloves on and I put half 🚿Palmolive (we always use the honey milk something) and half Eucerin shower oil, now I rub myself pretty aggressive cause I like a good scrub, and yes even the feet (for gods sake don't forget the feet.

If I'm shaving anything I'll do that after the shower soap/oil is off.

There! Nothing advance and nothing extravagant just a serious ritual that always looks the same.

Takes me about 15 min to shower.

Time to go to sleep, nighty nighty 😴

Stay Vital ❤




Ok, let start of by saying that this family is a series nerd family, we are so into series that we basically spend more time in the series world then in our real life 😂

When we get hooked we're hooked, like "you won't see us for a couple of weeks"

So what series do we love, well here's a solid list:

* Bold and the beautiful (it's been on the tv since 1987, it's a soap)

* Vanderpump rules

* The real housewives of Beverly Hills

* Keeping up with the Kardashians

* Suits

* Empire

* Chicago fire

* Chicago PD

* Chicago justice

* This is us

* Greys anatomy

* Scandle

* Hawaii 5-0

* The originals

* Chrisley knows best

* Ballers

That's some of them, and don't get me started on movies 😂🎬

How we get the time to watch them all?

Well when our son is sleeping we finally sit down for dinner and eat and watch series and we continue to do so until 23-00 o'clock, it's a perfect cuddle time❤

Time to prep dinner, and clean up 🙈

Have a great day!

Stay vital❤




Do you love nails?


How about diamonds?


Long or short?

What shape?


As you may know I'm a nailtech but even before I was I've been obsessed with nails.

When I had our son everybody asked my

"how can you have so long nails with a child?"

Well cause maybe I can handle them, did that ever cross your mind?

Just as you're comfortable in maybe let say have short nails, I feel naked as fuck without.

My hands look like man hands, no difference between me and my husbands, except the size.🙄

I like to stand out, I like to play dress up and sing out loud, I love makeup, or wait let me re-frase that and say it's my religion, so for me that's a hobby and any spare time I get I put on that, my nails, hair, face everything.

Shallow? Yeah whatever!

It's a feel good thing. 🦄

I don't complain if you knit on your free time boo, cause it's none of my god damn business.

Go fuck a duck or something, make your life interesting.🦆

Everybody I know take care of them self, both on the inside and out, I get inspired by my friends (and for the record my friends all look like goddesses) we all care more/less about different things and that's girl power right there to encourage whatever your friends or family likes👏

Women empower women!✊️

That's all😁

Stay Vital ❤




Patient guys.... wait it out.

Well I don't know any of your cases but I know my own story back in the day was fucked up, if you can't handle uncensored shit in my blog.... Log OFF!

Before I met my husband and real love, Mr.J😍

I went through some pretty hard bad ass time.

How I got through that breakup is complicated, he was cheating and not even trying to hide it anymore.

Then at one point it all came down on me like I did something wrong.

So I felt that it was my fault and that's always how the person doing something wrong is trying to do.

So anyway we moved apart and even after that there was harassing, threats, busted car windows and so on 🙄

But I found someone new.

Cause a couple of months after that I ran into him on a club and I was fabulous , I was glowing and I had my own place and I was working, partying and traveling.. That's when he pulled me to the side and said that he thinks I look amazing (which I fucking do) and he started to talk about getting together to talk..

Um no, I don't think so ass face cause I found my J.... My one true love, the root to growth. ❤ And he was standing tall right beside me.

And my ex had this ugly "punk ass face stare"

And his reply was at the end, "he's one lucky guy..."

NO, I'm the luckiest girl💏

But to the summery of all of this is, if you want that shit head back, then use my recipe, it'll work.

* Be independent

* Have your own place and job

* Always a clean fresh house (makes you feel good to)

* Always dress for success even if you need to torture yourself with heels. 😂

* ALWAYS fix your toenails and nails.

* Better to talk slow and less then fast and a lot, you'll seem desperate.

* Party, party, party! Feel good about yourself , dress up and just suck in the compliments.

* When he calls never ever answer or text, let him track you down to that place or club and run into you..

* If you play your cards right he'll find you.

* At that point when you meet him you have to think "mind fuck". Just smile be nice and look at your phone 2-3 time and the say I'm so sorry I really have to go. Maybe we'll run in to each other another time. But until then take care.

* Last but not least ALWAYS take care of yourself, with that I mean don't forget to hang out with friends and family to just have a movie night. Even if you feel like shit, don't feel like shit by yourself cause there's nothing worse having a broken heart and nobody gives you attention, cause the attention is what you just lost from you partner so you need it back from other people around you. That's why a lot of people talk about rebound, cause you get the attention you need then...

I hope it all makes sence🙈

After this when he sees that you are a independent woman, working and have your own place and also glowing (even though you desire him back) just keep it together for a couple of months.

Stay Vital ❤




So at times I get accused that I was one while I was living in LA, and it's like if you're a young woman traveling to the states you automatically signing up for being a "Escort", like it's the new fucking ESTA application 😂

This shit is real y'all, obviously people know more about my life then I do myself. Like it's impossible that I was there to actually eh... party?! Have fun? See the land of the stars? Get to know people and pretend to be a Hollywood star every morning when I woke up? ⭐️

Like give it a rest already! Grow up! 😴

First of all I rented out my 4 bedroom apartment in Sweden for a good amount of money cause it was during the summer and where I lived was the place to spend your summers, like the Hamptons or whatever vacation spot. ☀️

When I was 19 (10 years ago, omg I'm old) I was in a magazine for men (Yas, omg cover you mouths and throw holy water on me) please...🙄

Anyway, I got to know a lot of people around the world because of it.

So when I was at a party with my friend (yes a guuuurl) whom I was in LA with at Bingo Rimers party in Stockholm we met a guy who owns a few houses in LA, so he said that if we wanted we were welcome to stay at his house, it was a 3 floor house where we got the whole lower floor all to ourselves. Now why would we decline?!?! 🤓

So no I didn't sell my soul, the man who owned the house worked 24/7 and we literally saw him like 1-2 times a week, we took care of his dogs for him basically 🤗

And for the record you wouldn't wanna pay me for my company😆

In fact I had such a huge fight with this guy because I was being rude (I was actually pretty rude at that time cause as I said before I believed I was a unicorn in the verge of breaking through as a superstar, nobody got through me)

So me and my friend had to move out, so we did and we moved to Bel Air living in a biiiiiiig ass mansion (this was people we got to know when we were partying so much) But we couldn't stay there for long cause it was a emergency solution and they wanted to help us out until we found something permanent.

So we knew a Swedish producer who at that time was in Sweden with his girlfriend and his apartment was available to rent.

So we rented his place, a small place, with a pool, gym, close to the center of Hollywood and so on. It was perfect!👌

When we were there we hung out with all kinds of people, people I'm still friends with today.

If our friends (boy or girl) happened to be millionaires or in some of our cases a prince from Saudi, then they would pay for us, that's not called being an escort haha, it's called common motherfucking sense!

If I had a shit load of money and my friends did not, would I ask them to pay? Never!

So for the ones out there saying I was a escort, I wish you were right, cause if anyone would actually pay to just hang out with me in a water park or whatever, I'd be rich as fuck by now, and it sounds like the worlds greatest job.

Not the case tho 😆😂

I guess all the celebrity's in the world are escorts to? Since they get paid to meet-n-greet.

They would fucking charge you for breathing the same air as them, and why? Because they're smart! 😄 They charge for their time, so would I if I were that smart back then.

So moving on singing "You want a piece of me.... 🎶" sayonara! 🐝

Love always❤


OMG!!!!! She's a scandal!!!! 😱😱



Now that's a good question since I've been living high chaparral most of my life..

My dad is not a Muslim so we can scratch that from the equation.

My mom on the other hand is a very strong believing, practicing Buddhist and has been since she was born in Vietnam.

Growing up my parents didn't live together, they split when I was about 2.

So I lived with my mom and my 3 brothers and 1 sister.

Our mom tried to raise us to be Buddhists,

But it didn't feel like "home" to me being a Buddhist, so thats why I'm a atheist, I don't believe in anything. 👏🙌

I'm just keeping it real and simple...

My family is my religion ❤

Stay Vital ❤


A tbt to when I was cooking and baking Hilton 🤰🏻