Imagine being dropped in a forgein place. No GPS, everyone is speaking a different language AND you're borderline ravenous.

That was my first experience of solo travel. After a deep breath (and minor panic attack) I decided to eliminate at least one uncomfortable situation by grabbing a sand which from the supermarket.
1.)I hate sandwiches
2.)everything was in Dutch I can probably figure out Spanish and Italian but Dutch ha!
I grabbed the only one left which was called Americain filet. It had a red mystery substance, cucumber and boiled egg. I choked it down and convinced myself that the red mystery substance was red pepper hummus.
It's amazing how your perspective changes after you've eaten,I picked up my bag spotted a map on the corner and made an attempt to make sense of it. Thankfully a nice man on a bike stopped and pointed me in the right direction.

Such a sense of accomplishment stepping into my first hostel. With little expectation the hostel was so beautiful, and for the first time felt like I could actually do this.

Equipped with a map I decided to explore. Which essentially means I was lost for about 6 hours, I managed to stumble upon all the hot spots vondel park, Anne frank haus ect. Before finding my way back to the hostel.

I had my first self discovery that day: I can't read a map.

Thoughts on Amsterdam

Amsterdam feels like . It almost feels like the Disney version of its former self .the authenticity lost in the flood of tourists. However; it was a great first place to start and I meet a lovely group of other female travelers which was exactly the confidence boost I needed.

Things I would do different: Amsterdam is so touristy buy tickets in advance
Things to do next time Anne frank house and see Banksy

Ps mystery substance on the sand which raw beef mixed with egg πŸ˜–