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Today has been a good day, I had work at 8, then after that I decided to go to the gym and then went to my friend Emelie! After eating some veggie burgers we decided to go out and take some photos. I hope everyone has had a good day!

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I wasn't sure if I was gonna post this or not, because I don't want family members to worry about my health, but this is an important issue. Note: I am perfectly okay, just angry at the world we live in.

I wouldn't say that I feel particularly uncomfortable or unsafe when out in the city, because my confidence has grown so much in the recent year. I feel safe in who I am, and I also have never been in situations that's made me feel unsafe out alone. I know this is a hard thing a lot of women deal with, and it's also something I realize from time to time.

Not everyone I'm gonna see is gonna mind their own business and leave me alone. I wish I could say I've never before experienced catcalling directed to me, but it has. I'm not alone on this either, I only have to look as far as to my friends to realize that this happens far too often.

I've experienced catcalling since I was 13. Thirteen. Just a child.

So I'm writing this post to address this issue and how it is not okay. It is not okay to put someone through that, and it certainly isn't okay to just write off as "it's a boy thing": Because it's not. It's a display of dominance, a way for men to show themselves (and you) that no matter what happens, they'll always be able to do stuff like this and get away with it. Because who is gonna tell them off? Bystanders? Unlikely. The victim will probably be too intimidated and feel too unsafe to confront the perpetrator. And so this way they get away with it.

This is an issue, and the issue lays among the adults who teaches us what's wrong and what's right. Instead of teaching girls to be careful when they go out, to never talk to strange people, to avoid going out at night, maybe teach boys not to harass girls on the street.

Photo originally posted by Bryana Holly. Instagram . Twitter .



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IsAs we all know, it's the long dreaded (or awaited, if you're happily in a relationship) Valentine's day today, or just February 14th as we refer to it in my family since it is my brother's birthday today. Since we don't celebrate Valentine's day I haven't done anything special the past years but today a friend and I decided to have an "unofficial" celebration. We had dinner at a local asian place called Zao after school, and although while hot, I loved the food.

I hope the rest of you had a great Valentine's day if you celebrate!



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Anyone who has known me for more than a day knows that I'm almost absolutely obsessed with music. Especially now that I've discovered my own taste in music.

To me, music is art. Music is an escape from reality. Music is all the words I could never speak.

My taste in music ranges wildly between alternative rock to pop, but I prefer punk. Something about the political anger draws me in, especially on days when I can see nothing but the bad in the world.

2 years ago I decided to start collecting cd's and vinyls and so far I'm up to 16 cds and 14 vinyls. I have been putting my vinyls up on display on my wall, and I just recently bought a shelf to put my cds up on.



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If there's one thing I've gotten into lately, it's making smoothies. It's super easy and it tastes really good, not to mention that it's really healthy.

So today I decided to make a smoothie bowl for breakfast, and it tasted really good. The ingredients I used for the smoothie was yoghurt (vanilla + forest berries flavoured), avocado, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and chia seeds. I then topped it off with some oatmeal and some berries.



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Hello everyone, I hope you've had a lovely Friday so far! Personally mine has been pretty decent, I had a short day at school and even managed to sneak in a gym session! I am the laziest person I know and have always hated working out in any form, it felt like a chore to me. But now I've realized I actually like it, it lets me deal with frustration and other feelings in a healthy way and I love how relaxed my body and mind is after.

I don't have much plans for the weekend. Tonight I'm planning on binging Hannibal on Netflix and drinking tea, then tomorrow I might go to a friend's, then on Sunday I've got work. It's okay though, I don't need thorough plans, all I need is to be home and get to relax.

The mug in the picture is from Laugerhaus



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Today I found an avocado face mask that I just had to try because 1) it seemed fairly easy to prepare and 2) avocado face masks have a lot of benefits for your skin. I also wanted to try something different compared to the other face masks you find at stores etc. Not to mention that avocado does wonders for dry skin!

The "recipe" I used was 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana and an egg yolk mixed together with a blender! I will definitely start using avocado a lot more in the future because of the health benefits that comes from it.

I hope the rest of you have a lovely night, personally I'm gonna try to read a bit and then hit bed early.



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I get angry when I see what is going on in the world, when I read a newspaper, when I read short stories on the internet. How all the injustice is so obvious, how people still fight for their rights all over the world, even in leading countries such as the US. Today, I want to write a post about a very controversial topic, specifically feminism.

For me, not being a feminist wasn't an option. I have always been a feminist, whether I acknowledged it or not. Because truth is, no matter how many people try to tell me I don't need to be a feminist because I live in a western country and we're so progressive, there is still inequality between the genders.

It's not like feminism is exclusively benefitting women. It also benefits men in the way that many feminists want to abolish traditional gender roles, which puts a pressure on men to be strong, dominant and masculine. If you, as a man, don't follow these norms, you're more likely to be called gay, f*g, or even a pussy.

Many counter arguments to feminism include "you only want equality unless the inequality benefits". (Examples of how inequality between men and women would benefit me includes reduced prison sentences due to my gender, among others). But I don't want that, because doesn't that imply that I'm weaker than men? That I can't handle the same things they can, that I can't face the same consequences for the same crime?

There are of course different types of feminism, some good, some bad.

Examples of bad feminism is when it's exclusively white (people of colour not included), if it's exclusively cis-gendered (transgendered people not included) and when it looks to turn the positions, meaning you're wanting to oppress men instead of women. This destroys the whole idea of feminism standing for equality.

Good feminism is supposed to be inclusive to all genders, colours and sexualities. Only then can it truly be for equality.

Feminism is so important in my life, especially in times like these when a man like Donald Trump gets to be president for one of the most influencial countries in the world.

Do not be afraid to call yourself a feminist just because of the minority of bad feminists. Feminism = equality, not man hating propaganda.

A picture from the women's march on Washington, January 21st. Source.



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Recently I had decided to dye my hair peach, so on Monday I decided to bleach my hair. The purpose of the bleaching was to get the remaining dye to fade away, but unfortunately it faded to a turquoise colour, so instead I decided to dye my roots pink with the help of my friend Emelie.

The dye I used was Directions, Carnation Pink mixed with conditioner and the dye left in my hair was a bleached Directions, Neon Blue.

I'm very happy with the results and I'm in love with Directions as a brand.

Before & After

(First picture by Emelie)



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I get the question often why I decided to become a vegetarian, or more specifically partly vegetarian.

It started in 2015 when I decided to try it out to see if I could keep it up. To begin with, I removed red meat from my diet because I thought that going full vegetarian just like that was gonna be too hard. Then, as time moved on I moved on to removing bird and fish as well. However, I decided to go back to eating bird later on because it gave more food options and it would be easier on me when going out to eat since I'm quite a picky eater. (Not to mention that I love chicken too much to permanently cut it out).

To me, becoming a vegetarian was all about seeing if I could do it. I don't feel guilty for going back to eating bird. It is my choice for many reasons, as well as it's a vegetarian's choice to be fully vegetarian.

I am not planning to go back to eating meat anytime soon, almost any meal containing meat can become a vegetarian alternative fairly easy, so I'm all set when it comes to the variation about my meals.

Tomato soup (recipe can be found here)