On Monday, a friend whom I took Japanese Intermediate 2 with this past semester invited me to come with her to see a band called The Charm Park that her friend is a part of. We first met up at Shin-Okubo to grab a delicious plant-based dinner at a small restaurant called AIN SOPH Ripple. It was my first time eating a vegan place and I have to say it was a quite interesting experience. After a few years of constantly encountering both the positive and negative sides to internet veganism (the positive being how appetizing the food looks and the negative being how obnoxious some vegans are lmao), I thought it'd be a great idea to try the kind of food they have on a regular basis. Seeing from how large the size of the buns were, we decided to order one falafel burger and have it sliced in half along with only one plate of salad just so we wouldn't feel bloated afterwards. I forgot what the salad was called but it certainly didn't taste like the kind of salad we're all familiar with. It had some sort of fake chicken with some white circular-shaped stuff which I'm assuming was couscous? Eh. I dunno. Personally, I preferred the burger over the salad. The patty was green and I wasn't sure what vegetable it was made of but I loved it.

We then headed to Shibuya to get to the concert, roamed around the area for a bit and stopped by LUSH and Shibuya 109 just to kill time. Not knowing the band well enough, my friend assured me on our way to the concert venue, "If none of us like the music, we can leave." Getting to the venue was a bit of a walk since it was located in an alleyway. When we got there, there was a long line of people waiting to get into the same auditorium as we were but thankfully, we managed to get in through the VIP line haha. We were even given ¥500 drink tickets so I ordered Moscow Mule (vodka cocktail mixed with ginger beer and lime juice). I normally don't drink but once in a while is alright, I guess, as long as I don't get drunk. Most of the guests looked older than us - in fact, there were a lot of middle-aged people so we didn't have to worry about the event turning wild and unhinged like a frat. The auditorium was packed and since we weren't tall enough to stand in the back, she and I went to the balcony where the view was a lot better. I immediately got hooked after the first few songs. The song titled, "Don't Stop" was when I finally started swaying and bouncing to the beat 'cause it was just that thrilling! The performance went on for about 2 hours but there's no denying that time flies when you're having fun. Another thing I liked about it was the fact that it wasn't the noisy kind of rock genre. It was the kind of rock music that was actually tasteful and the melodies of the songs were just euphoric to my ears. I really needed this after enduring the most exhausting semester ever in terms of writing. It's good to let loose after 4 months of working your arse off.

So that was my first and last concert of 2017. I absolutely enjoyed it and to top it off, we had a bomb meal before our 2-hour jam session. I tried searching up the songs that I liked at the concert but unfortunately, I was only able to find 2 on YouTube and 1 on Amazon Music since the band isn't that well-known. Should've bought their CD on our way out. Oh well.