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So i'm officially 21! My birthday went really amazingly this year, I managed to get home to celebrate the day with my fam, had a lovely family meal, reminisced about me as a child, and had an amazing, book themed cake (because my parents obvs want to drag me for being a nerd). Then, I had a sick 21st party back in Wellington with all my friends; I drank 21 shots (and didn't throw up!), had some pretty amazing speeches, and got to spend the night with a room full of people that I absolutely adore. 21 is a pretty special birthday, and I really was spoiled rotten, so I wanted to do a special post in honour of all of the top people in my life, and also share so inspo for y'all because I absolutely love everything I was given. Enjoy my people.

A cute little Scorpion necklace from Asos

Personalised chokers from Mirrou

A UE Boom that I bought with money my grandparents gave me

A pot plant my v talented friend painted bee themed picture on

The classic #whitegirl Karen Walker runaway girl necklace (I do really love it though, because I too am a white girl)

Some sneakers from Hannahs that my mum bought me because my Vans have holes in them and thats not 'lady like'

Some bandanas and other head band bits, from Lovisa and Glassons

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, I wrote a review on it here !

A Great Gatsby badge that another v talented friend painted for me

A Coach clutch from one of my oldest friends

A black bardot top from Glassons

A gingham wrap skirt from Glassons, goes well with the black bardot

Another wrap skirt from Glassons, this time in a pale blue

A PJ set from Peter Alexander

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Oh hey, It's ya girl, biggest fan of summer ever. I use any excuse to spend my measly pay check on clothes, so with the changing of the seasons I thought, hey, why not. So here are the new purchases I've made for the upcoming spring/summer months, and I am really feeling this new summer aesthetic.

Nike Shoes - Rebel Sports

- I'm working retail over the summer, which means i'm on my feet for ridiculous amounts of time. That means I need shoes that treat my feet right, hence these expensive little buggers.

Bardot top - Glassons

- Bardot #1, you've been warned. Desperately needs nipple covers.

Boyfriend denim jacket - Factorie

- My biggest need was a big denim jacket, and this one was the absolute best of the best. Also, there are so many pockets, huge advantage.

Bardot top - Glassons

-Bardot #2, ditto

Wide leg pants - Glassons

- I love this, the denim jacket, and a calvin Klein sports bra. Innovative and sexy, also perfectly billowy.

Swimsuit - Cotton On Body

- because I still have a little of that winter tum, I brought a one piece in this awesome print to feel more secure and confident at the beach, at least during the beginning of summer.

Twist crop top - Glassons

- yeah, it's pretty much a bra. I'm still going to rock it in the middle of the day though, so sue me.

Denim shorts - Cotton On

- How cute are these! They're super high waisted, almost like a Mom jean but in short form. Perf for the beach.

Dress - Princess Polly

- I bought this because it looked cute and now i'm like, what occasion can I possibly use this for?? Oh well, still cute.

Belt - Glassons

- She wants to be Gucci but she can't, still cute though.

Dress - Princess Polly

- The dress that I wore for my 21st!!! So cute, but the boobs were out and proud.

Heels - Glassons

- Another of my birthday outfit pieces. Super comfy, super cute, super versatile.

Earrings - Glassons

- Ditto to above, I had slicked back hair so I wanted something to pop, and these definitely did.

Top - Glassons

- Cute little embroidered top with a lemon. Love.

Striped Summer Dress - Glassons

- Even though I live in the windiest city in New Zealand, I couldn't resist this floaty button down summer dress.

White t-shirt - Glassons

- An obvious staple for anyones wardrobe. This one is slightly cropped, with short sleeves and a slightly ribbed texture.



Review, Literature

Welcome to my new book review series! As someone who studies lit at University, I read a lot of books, both in class and out. So I thought i'd start to take some of my more interesting reads and write a review on them. If that sounds like your cup of tea, get excited, because this summer I plan to fill my time with lying on the beach reading.

Now I love Louise Pentland, she's been one of my favourite youtubers for a long while now, and when I heard that she was bringing a book out, I thought "good for her". I wasn't going to buy it, mostly due to money and the fact that I had none, but when me and my aunt walked into the book store and she offered to buy me a book, I immediately went to Wilde Like Me.. When I got home, I pulled my beanbag outside in the sun, grabbed a bottle of water and got started. It didn't take long to get into it, although it did take some time to get used to Louise's really chatty writing style. It flowed really well, it was easy to follow, and the characters on the whole were pretty likeable. The book follows the life of Robin Wilde, a single mother to a young daughter, and a freelance makeup artist. Robin navigates dating, being a mother, her job, and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness, while helping everyone else in her life as well. 

One thing that Louise did that I absolutely loved, was not make the protaganist fall in love. In these rom comy types of books, single women begrudge their singledom and just want a man to hold them at night and take away all of their problems. I thought Robin Wilde, the protaganist, was going to be exactly like this. You know when you read chick lit, and you can pretty much plot out which chapter they'll meet and fall head over heels in love, with chapter will have a steamy sex scene, and which chapter they'll have their pivotal fight/break up/make up? I was so sure this was where that book was heading. But refreshingly, it was not. Instead, while Robin begrudged her single life, she was not willing to settle for the wrong man. Instead, she sorted out her own shit. The book had an interesting allegory for depression, calling it the 'emptiness', and the way that Louise deals with it is very realistic and really quite poignant. I've read a lot of boos about the subject, especially while I was going through it, but this is the first time where it didn't seem even slightly glamorised. Instead, it's raw and real.

Overall the book was a good time. It wasn't a literary masterpiece, but that's not what you expect going into it anyway. Instead, you get a good book to curl up with, something easy to read and satisfying to finish. If you're into chick lit with a little bit more punch, this is the book for you. 



Recommendations, Tattoo

If I had the money to get a new tattoo every other month, I totally would, but alas, I am a poor old student who has not got the money for that. But one thing that does help curb the cravings is trolling through hundreds and hundreds of tattoo Instagrams. I have made posts about my favourite tattoo artists (most of which i've found on Instagram), about Instagrams you should follow (here and here) and, of course, future tattoo ideas here and here . And I decided to make another, to give me inspiration next time I can afford some new ink. Feel free to share your future plans in the comments, and let me know what you would get done if you could.

A Scorpion tattoo - I am a Scorpio, which is something I've always wanted to represent in ink form. At first I wanted to Scorpio constellation, but now i'm leaning towards something like this simple, outlined scorpion.

A laurel leaf or wreath - my names derivation is Laurel, which has connotations of the ancient Greeks and winning, so i'm totally down to get something to represent that.

Cherry Blossoms - In my family home, we had a cherry blossom tree that hung over from the next door neighbours house. Every time I saw them blooming, I thought it meant good luck, so i'd love to get something like that.

A snake and flowers - I love snakes, I love flowers, and the combination of the two is just so sick. I have one specific artist that I want to do mine, but she lives in Auckland, and tbh it might take me a while to get because I want it on my ribs and that shit is gonna HURT.

Hand outlines - this one really resonates with me, because a technique I learned from my therapist is to check your pulse point, to prove that you're still kicking and you can do it. It sounds really convoluted, but it's become a motion I go through whenever i'm stressed, just to know that I can get through it.

A Bowie tattoo - what do I need to say, he was an amazing dude, a queer icon, and i'd love to pay homage in a personal way

Some quirky word - yet to pick one, but this one is pretty sick.



Coming into the summer, I always wear a lot more perfume. It may be because I gravitate to more clean, summery scents, OR it may be because I get sweaty and smell WHO KNOWS! Anyone, I thought i'd give you guys a mini tour of my collection, give you some of the notes, and rate them on wear time, and how the smells change. I am not a massive perfume connoisseur, mainly because they're so damn expensive, but I love the idea of perfume. Most of mine are modestly priced (hello student budget), but New Zealand tends to overprice things anyway.
Daisy Dream Forever - Marc Jacobs EDP

$132 50 ml

  • Top Notes: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lychee, Blue Wisteria
  • Base Notes: White woods, Musks, Coconut Water

This is probably my most worn perfume of all time. It's fresh, fruity, and sweet, and lasts a reasonable amount of time. My favourite part is the smell that lingers on your clothes the next day, it might even be nicer than the original scent.

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom - DKNY EDP

$39 30 ml

  • Top notes- Grapefruit, Cassis, Apricot.
  • Heart notes- Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, Apple.
  • Base notes- Blond Woods, Smooth skin accords

This one is pretty polarising, one of my flatmates hates it but I love it. It's your classic fresh, summer fragrance, and it definitely sticks around in your hair so it smells freshly washed. It's not super strong, but it does linger.

The Pink Print - Nicki Minaj EDP

$60 30 ml

  • Top Notes - a burst of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot and Passion Fruit sparkling bright on top of fresh florals.
  • Mid Notes - Sensual Nectarine and Frangipani combine with bold hints of Orange Blossom, Heliotrope and Rose in the heart.
  • Base Notes - As it dries, the soft smoothness of Coconut falls into the natural boundaries of White Driftwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Skin Musk

This one is definitely more musky then i'm used to but I always get compliments when I wear it. It dries a lot sweeter then it is when it's originally sprayed, and its lasting powers are pretty damn good

Heat - Beyonce EDP

$39 100ml

  • Top Notes - A radiant floral bouquet of Red Vanilla Orchid, Magnolia and Neroli, balanced with a kiss of luscious blush Peach.
  • Heart Notes - A sensual combination of Almond Macaroon, Honeysuckle Nectar and créme de Musk.
  • Base Notes - A warm and sexy dry-down of giant Sequoia Milkwood, Tonka Bean and Amber.

Again, pretty musky, and definitely a night time scent. I wear this a lot to work and can still smell it when I stumble home at 5am. It's definitely strong, a little bit too much at times, but I mean come on, it's Beyonce.

Wonderstruck - Taylor Swift EDP

$35 50ml

  • Top notes - raspberry, freesia and blackberry
  • Middle notes - honeysuckle, hibiscus and vanilla
  • Base notes - peach, amber, sandalwood and musk

Though I don't like Taylor Swift as a person but damn the girl can make a good perfume. This one was gifted to me, but I had a bottle when I was about 15 so the scent is really nostalgic for me. It's got average staying power and a really nice lingering scent.



As someone who is constantly on Instagram (shameless promo of my personal account @wrenylds), I've built up a pretty good follow list on grams that I absolutely love. So today I thought I'd showcase some of my favourites! Check out my previous version of this here .

1. @graceneutral - tattoo artist, fashionista, cat lover, and overall badass. What more do I need to say? Also check out her show Needles and Pins on Vice!

2. @frankie.and.dolly - An Instagram about two gorgeous little cats. It's just one of those pages that always puts a smile on your face.

3. @internetgirl - truly a fashion icon. If you're into 90's fashion, goth chic, and quirky poses then you'll love this account. Truly millennial aesthetic.

4. @__tukoi__ - one of my favourite tattoo blogs to date, plus the artist herself is an absolute babe. If you're in Melbourne I highly suggest going to check out Good Luck Tattoo.

5. @rupikaur_ - My favourite poet, her Instagram is not a disappointment. Everyone knows what an Insta-sensation Milk & Honey was, imagine getting it from the poet herself.

6. @amandajtoner - An artist based in New Zealand that has so so many beautiful pieces of work. I love just seeing these pop up on my feed.



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For someone who studies books for her university degree, I have a pretty hefty book collection (and these are just the ones in my flat). I always think that a bookcase should be a feature in the room, it's colourful, interesting, and says a lot about a person. Mines a mix of knick knacks, poetry book, autobiographies, fiction, and uni books. So to get to know me a bit better, here's a virtual tour of my bookcase. I've pulled out my favourite books, little accessories, and some of the more, um, interesting titles.



I have never gone braless since the early days of training bras, and that makes me sad. With size 12DD boobs, I've only recently started wearing bralettes ffs. This summer, the shoulders are in, which means that bra straps are out. With things like tube tops and bardot's coming into fashion, going braless is increasingly becoming an option. But not for girls with big boobs. So I decided to break the mother fucking stereotype and wear a bardot top for the day without a bra. I know shocking. 

So here's what it looked like. Granted, wearing white was probably not the best move, but I checked under natural sunlight and you couldn't see the outline of the nip. But boy could you see the nip itself. It was a warm day so there wasn't any of that, but contrary to what I first thought, nipples have a mind of their own. Basically every time I went outside, boom, they were back again.

I felt very uncomfortable walking down the streets. I felt like everyone was looking, and that they were obviously bouncing with a joyous buoyancy that they were not used to. They were free and wild and enjoying every minute, but I myself was not. It's not even like I have an aversion to being naked, I am fine with my naked body. But as soon as I was outdoors and less buttoned down then I usually was, I was very self conscious. I had two men drive by and toot at me on the street, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with the shirt. Still, each time it happened I crossed my arms and didn't feel comfortable to let them go for a while.

My first stop of the day was actually to a tattoo parlour to get my nipple pierced. I know, I planned it out pretty well; get a nipple piercing and not wear a bra AT THE SAME TIME. With that done and bandaged (if you'd like a whole post on that process let me know), I felt a little more comfortable. Mostly because I'd had someone staring at my tit for an hour. After that was uni, and by the time I got their I felt free as a bird. No one in my first class mentioned it, but when I went to sit with my friends in the last class of the day, I mentioned the experiment. One said that because she was sitting nip height she noticed straight away, but said there was nothing wrong with that. By the time I went to get dinner with a friend, I was completely comfortable. I think the nipple covers definitely helped. 

So what did I learn doing all this? Well first that not wearing a bra is actually pretty comfortable, even with a brand new nipple piercing pulling it down. I also realised that I am very self conscious with the size and shape of my boobs. After losing a little weight, they aren't as perky as they used to be, and I've constantly been told to put them away, keep them hidden, keep them covered. Having them out was a lot more freeing then I thought it would be, yet the inhibitions still wouldn't go away. At the end of the day, wearing something new and out of the box is always stressful. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Never let your body dictate what you wear, because it takes all the fun out of fashion. 



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With my 21st birthday and Christmas coming up, I've been having a think about all the things I've wanted throughout the year, but haven't been able to afford on a student budget (and that's pretty much everything). So I thought it would be fun for me, and helpful for anyone looking for gifts for other people, to create a dream Birthday/Christmas wish list. No, I'm not going to be able to get all of these things, mostly because I'm older and birthdays become less and less fun and important as time goes on, but let's just indulge me, shall we?

1. Clothes, specifically summer clothes, because I'm obsessed with having a wardrobe bursting at the seams. Check my post 'Summer clothes I Need' for specifics

2. A long board! Because it's summer here in New Zealand and I live pretty close to the beach, so I was thinking it would be a great way to get around. I also don't know how to skate, so pray for me.

3. A film camera, because i'm an aesthetic hoe. Plus one of my friends has one and has take some really dope photos on it of me, and I would love to document the summer with such a nostalgic vibe

4. Earrings for all of my piercings in my ear. I currently have four in each and I'd love to have some kind of theme or design, where they are all different but still vibe well.

5. A tattoo, of course, because I have the bug. I want my next one to be on my ribs, with some kind of snake incorporated into it.

6. A polaroid camera, because I'm a sucker for capturing memories and that Instagram aesthetic



I saw Lucy Moon recently do this tag on her Youtube channel, and thought it looked like a bit of fun. So welcome to a small, in depth tour of my seriously cultivated (Uni student) wardrobe!

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

Probably my Jan Sport bag. I used it in highschool from about age 16, and still use it at Uni to this day. It's black, simple, and fits my lap top so its pretty perfect.

2. What is the newest item in your wardrobe?

These tshirts that I got from Factorie! One's pink and says "Not Another Coffee T-shirt", and ones of Bowie, my queer icon. I love the look of a simple tee and jeans, and am planning to rock it for most of spring/summer

3. What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Probably my white vans, which my mum bought me (thanks mum!) for Uni, I think they were around $120 NZD. I wear them allllll the time, they look so cute with a frayed hem jean. As you can see, though, they get v dirty v quickly.

4. What is the cheapest item in your wardrobe that you use a lot?

This t-shirt dress that I got from Factorie to wear to work. It was a bargain at only $5, and looks super cute with a flannie tied around the waist. I've had many a compliment in this one.

5. What is the biggest bargain in your wardrobe?

This dress that I recently wore to a 21st, which is so so dope, and had gone on sale to $20. I was originally going to pay $59 for it online, couldn't find my size, but found it on the sale rack of a Glassons outlet store. I wore it with high waisted black underwear and a black bralette (both of which happened to be on sale too!)

6. What was the biggest waste of money in your wardrobe?

Oh this is a hard one, I'm such a spring cleaner that anything I don't wear, I donate. Probably this pair of suede thigh high boots that I got from Cotton On. I thought I would have many opportunities to wear them but have yet to find one. Kind of a waste of money.

7. What are you 3 favourite items right now?

This brown suede skirt that I got from Factorie (a lot of Factorie on this list!), my TopShop Mom jeans that I wear religiously and got for a bargain, and my Daniel Wellington watch. I feel naked without it.

8. What is the most colourful item in your wardrobe?

I really love the colour orange and have a lot in my summer wardrobe, but this jumper from Cotton On is probably the brightest in my winter one. Again, looks super cute with jeans and vans.

9. What is your favourite piece that you have received as a gift?

Ohh, my flatmate Sophie always gives me old clothes that she doesn't want anymore so my two favourite pieces have to come from her. This black off the shoulder top from Wild Pair, and these cute ankle boots.

10. What is the most comfortable item in your wardrobe?

I do love comfy clothes, but the comfiest thing that you probably wouldn't think would be comfortable are these white platform shoes from Number One Shoe Warehouse. As you can see, they are well worn and well loved, but I could do all day concerts and 10-hour shifts in these babies. They were worth their $50.



With summer fast approaching I've been pulling out my old summer clothes. What I quickly realised was that my clothes were all very old season; think silky camisoles, cold shoulder tops, and lace playsuits. Looking at the windows of stores i've seen new trends coming in that have made me so excited for the new season, and all the new trends that come with it. Here are all the items on my summer wish list, including trend pieces, wardrobe staples, and basic cuteness.

1. Sliders - I didn't get it at first, but I can see how versatile they're going to be. Rhianna started the trend, and i'm living for it.

2. Overalls, or Shortalls - light wash jean, easy to chuck over a swimsuit or a t-shirt. I'd also love a full length pair.

3. One Piece Swimsuits - I already have some cute bikinis from past years, but one piece swimsuits are really coming back with a vengeance. I love bold colours and low backs.

4. Oversized Button Up - tucked into a pair of high waisted shorts, or over a bikini, these are perfect for just throwing on and covering up your shoulders from the sun.

5. Bardot tops - I never, ever thought these would come back into fashion but they have in a really big way. I remember these in the early 2000, but they've been reinvented in a big way and they're super cute.

6. Oversized Jean Jacket - same as the over sized button up, plus I love the way they make dresses look casual

7. Wrap shirt - the lighter the better, a perfect way to get around wearing a bra in the heat of summer.

8. Button Up Midi Dress - I saw these in the Autumn unbuttoned over jeans, paired with a big sunhat and sliders I think this'll be a really cute, casual outfit.

9. Belt - I love the look of brown leather and light wash denim, especially when you tuck your shirt in.

10. Denim shorts - speaking of light wash denim, these boyfriend/mom jean shorts are so cute, and a definite need.

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Hey guys! Guess whose back with brand new, new and improved content! This kid! I took a little hiatus from the blog due to a multitude of reasons, but I finally have the time I need to dedicate to it. Hopefully that'll be the last break in a long while. I now have new upload days, Wednesday and Saturday, so expect to see me two times a week, every week. Thanks for sticking it out.

LC x



I was raised in quite a conservative household. We were working/middle class, and both my parents worked really hard so that we could live a good life. Unfortunately, I am quite liberal. As a teen, I suffered from all kinds of problem because I tried to suppress who I was; eating disorders, self harm, suicide, depression, suppressing my sexuality - the lot. I know that parents love is supposed to be unconditional, and I know my parents do love me, but the way that I wanted to live my life did not align with their ideals, and to them, their ideals were the only ones that were good, and the only ones we were allowed to follow. Reading this blog, you guys have probably realised that I am a pretty colourful kid; I'm really into queer culture, tattoos, piercings; I was obviously given to my parents to test them. These are all things that my parents don't like, and things that I absolutely love.

So throughout high school, I expressed myself in small ways, through some of my clothes, and ear piercings, and going to gay pride and on dates with girls and giving a different excuse to my parents. When I turned 18, I moved out and started University in a different city. And in Wellington, I truly learned to be myself. I was able to express myself properly, for the first time. I decorated my body with metal and ink and got to celebrate my individuality (which in reality isn't very different to a lot of people, just different to my parents ideals). Even if I'm a basic white girl in most respects, at least i'm, a WELLINGTON basic white girl.

So, my whole life I tried to make my parents proud of me. I did well in school, I was respectful and responsible, gave them no cause to worry about me because I didn't tell them anything about what was going on. Suddenly, i'm free to act like myself, and I relish in that freedom, and I go crazy in cultivating a unique, alty image. But I know that they won't like it, so I still try to hide it. In my own mothers words, I tried to leave them in "blissful ignorance". Sometimes, parents over react, and this over reaction can damage you more then it damages them. Because my whole relationship with my parents is me trying to please them, having them mad at me is my worst fear. So to make them not mad at me, I hid things from them.

I know parents approval is very important, because it always has been for me. However, it is not my fault if my mum put on her super sleuth hat, found this blog, and got mad at what she saw. Because what she saw is the real me. When everything you've tried to hide suddenly comes out, it is terrifying, but also kind of funny. I'm going to try not to hide myself anymore, to anyone. Because censorship leads to suppression and unhappiness. I'm 20 years old now, I live on my own, I vote, I do taxes, and I work. I'm allowed to make decisions about what I want to do with my life. I believe that living the authentic you, as long as you're not hurting anyone, is so important for your sense of self, and your happiness. At the end of the day, this blog isn't very personal, but it's a nice snapshot of my life, which is so authentically me, and you guys seem to enjoy it. This may be more personal then what y'all are used to, and don't worry, it'll be back to regular programming next week. But I thought it was an important message to get across, because it's a problem that all kids deal with. Be you, be authentic, and know that that is the best way you can be. Love yourself first, above all else x



While I've been single for most of 2017, I have been dating. And dating comes with a lot of broken hearts. The way I got through my first big break up at the start of the year, and through mini ones throughout, has been through the help of music. Everyone has a break up play list, or at least a couple of songs that get them through hard times, and I am no different. Usually, I get really angry after a breakup, then sad, then hopeful again, so I have cultivated a list of songs to take you through the three stages of break up grief, so you come out on the other side better, and loving yourself just a little bit more.

Potential Break up Song - Aly and AJ - a classic, how can you not listen to this? I had this on repeat when I first wanted to break up with my boyfriend of two years, and it really helped me make my mind up. This is a kick butt song

Single - The Neighbourhood - I could include the entire neighbourhood discography onto here, especially their mixtap #000000 & #ffffff, which is all about a break up, happening during the recording

Too Good - Drake feat. Rhianna - this one I had on blast and would sing to myself in the shower. Sad, I know, but very cathartic

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - The entire rumours album is gold, it all deals with a break up, and the haunting melodies really help you mope. Dreams is my favourite, especially for crying and eating pints of ice cream

Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeah - again, perfect for the moping period, when you have to grieve for your lost relationship. I beleive letting yourself grieve and mourn is super important, not just in romantic relationships, but in friend ones too. This song is a mixture of angry and sad, and I love it

Hold Up - Beyonce - If you can find Lemonade anywhere online, put that shit on repeat because holy hell will it help. Beyonce goes through the stages of grief in this album, and it'll really help you too. Especially if you watch the music videos, I love her righteous anger

Shout out to my ex - Little Mix - another obvious choice, but this on helps during the tail end of the break up to really lift your single spirits. Honestly, just listen to the entire Little Mix discography for fun

sHe - Zayn - this whole album is angsty gold, but I love Zayns softer songs. Honorable mentions go out to LIKE I WOULD and dRuNk for wallowy goodness



Surprise surprise, your girl got a new tattoo. This one has been in the works for a long time now, I actually booked it in June and had my first consultation about it a month before. This is my biggest, most detailed, and first colour tattoo that i've ever gotten, and my lord it hurt. I got there at 10 o'clock with my best friend Will, and I got to see the design for the first time. At the consultation, I showed the artist a couple of bee tattoo's I had seen before, colouring that I liked, and some flowers that I wanted. Basically, I said to him, I want a bee, floral, and colour, please design it for me. I think I was most anxious about seeing the design in the lead up to getting the tattoo, and when I first saw the design I was surprised, as it wasn't what I was expecting at all. But I loved it. We talked about colour, and I swapped some around from his original design, we put the stencil on, and got to it.

In total the tattoo took about 4 and a half hours, and lordy, was it painful. The line work I was used to, but as soon as it started to go towards my inner and upper thigh, I was in pain. The colour really hurt too, because we were going over lines that had just been freshly done. Honestly, every time I get a new tattoo, I forget about the pain of the last one. I thought as it was on my thigh, a pretty meaty part of my body, it wouldn't hurt as much. But it definitely was my most painful. My tattoo artist, Cam Oliver at The Gallery in Wellington, was so so good though, he was very aware of the pain level and helped me through it. Immediately after, and in the following days, my tattoo felt hot, stiff, and sore. It is pretty much an open wound though, you can't expect much else. But at the end of the day, the pain was definitely worth it, and I love it so so much.



One of my favourite things to splurge on when it comes to makeup has always been eyeshadow. I love to do dramatic eye looks, and experiment with colour, shimmer, and technique. I thought it was about time that I did a full review of all of my eye shadow palettes, and show you swatches of my favourite colours from them.

Spices Palette by Chi Chi - gorgeous orange and berry toned shadows, with a mix of matte and shimmer.

Mochas Palette by Chi Chi - warm toned and cool toned brown and cream shades. I love the matte browns in this palette

Shaaanxo Palette by BH Cosmetics - nine gorgeous eyeshadow shades, and if you flip it over, nine lipstick shades. My go to cat eye is the cream base, the yellow and ochre tone in the crease, and the dark brown matte in the corner.

Burgandy Times Nine Palette by MAC - really pretty purple shades. I have a full review of this palette here:

Naturals Palette by Chi Chi - a lot of cool toned browns, creams, and greys. I don't use this as much as I should, but after swatching some of the colours I am determined to.

Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette by Tarte - I love this palette so much, the matte colours and the highlight shade especially are mind blowing. I have a full review of this palette here:



@mariusztrubisz - at Pajęczyna studio in Poland. I love the use of female nudes, colour, and nature. If I ever go to Poland, i'm so going to get a tattoo from this dude.

@tritoan_seventhday - at 7th day Studio in Auckland. I love the floral, delicate line work, and the colour is so nice!

@angiedawnart - at The Gallery Custom Tattoo Wellington. I really like the delicate line work and the illustration, especially the foxes she does.

@craigy_lee - at Union Tattoo in Wellington. The mix between classic graphicness and new age daintyness is so cool.

@katy.hayward - at Ninjaflower in Wellington. I really really love the subtle colour, especially on her animals.

@four_titude - at 7th Day Studio in Auckland. The colour, the outlines, the floral. It's all so perfect. This is probably my favourite artist to date.



I've dyed my hair since I was about twelve, when I tried to put blonde streaks through it but ended up just streaky. Since then, I've been every colour under the sun. Red, black, brown, purple, orange, and pink. For the last three years, I've been rocking various stages of an ombré, with my natural, mousy brown/dark blonde hair on top, and a more caramel coloured blonde on the bottom (you would have seen this in my 30 days of selfies challenge). I recently went through kind of a breakup, and you know the first thing you do when you go through a breakup? Change your hair. I've wanted to go blond for ageeeees, but I've always been told that you can't do it yourself (sage advice), and I was too poor to get it done professionally (not to mention go back every month to get my roots done, holy shit). So feeling reckless and a little sad, I went to the Warehouse, grabbed some box dye, and tried to destroy my hair. It's been two weeks since I started my journey, and I'm now finally happy with how it looks. I'll insert a little before an after of what it looks like to ease your curious minds. Just a warning though; you probably should go to a salon, if you can. They will make the process quicker, and probably have a better end result (who am I kidding? Definitely a better end result). The amount of bleach I put in my hair has damaged it, but my hair is very VERY thick and resilient. We've all heard horror stories about people chemically burning of their hair trying to dye it. For me, this worked, but I would do it differently if I did it again.

First thing I did was buy Schwarzkopf's Nordic Blonde extreme lightner, which is a lifter, not a bleach. This definitely lightened my hair, no doubt about it, but it also made it VERY yellow. My flatmates called me slim shady, no jokes. I then used the Nordic blonde toner, and the Fudge violet toning shampoo, to try tone my hair down a bit. the problem was, my hair originally had two different tones to it, brown and blonde, so there was quite a distinct line where those two colours were. Even after toning it, it was still quite yellow, and not as light as I wanted it. One thing that really helped was sitting in the toner for about an hour with glad wrap around my head, just to give it time to take effect. I left my hair for two days and then decided that I couldn't take the unevenness anymore. The only thing I was worried about was damaging my hair even more. So I picked up the Ogx argan oil intensive moisturising treatment and left it in my hair for an hour to give it a good deep condition. After this, my hair felt AMAZING, so I'm really glad that I gave my hair some time out in between different stages of dying it. I then used the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde silver blond lifter to try and strip more of the colour out, and make it less yellow. The conditioner in this kit is amazing, my hair went from feeling like straw when I first dyed it to butter. It did lighten it, but it AGAIN made me look like Eminem, which isn't really the aesthetic I was going for. So again, I left a toner in for about 40 minutes, and I really liked the results!

As for my hair, it doesn't feel any thinner. It's definitely more damaged than it was, but keep in mind I hadn't dyed it since December last year. It gets a little bit more frizzy than it did previously, but it still feels soft and strong. I've noticed a little bit of brittleness, but only when I brush it. I plan to get an all over colour to dye it, as opposed to just stripping the colour out, but I want to let my hair repair a bit first, and i'm enjoying being a little more platnium. I still use my fudge shampoo nearly every wash, just to make it more ashy, especially at the roots where it seems to want to be more yellow. For now, this is what my hair looks like, and i'm still trying to get used to styling it, especially as I love orange and it clashes a bit. Like I said, this is not a tutorial, it's a journey, and I hope I helped you out just a little bit x



Patchwork cut off demin skirt - Top Shop

White long sleeve crop top with pink designs - Factorie

Avocado and toast pyjama pants - Cotton On Body

Black Corduroy overall's with skirt - Glassons

Lace up front shirt - Factorie

Oversized white button down - Cotton On

Black highwaisted denim skirt with large rips - Glassons

QUAY Australia LIKE WOW sunglasses - QUAY

Black velvet crop top - Glassons

Grey knit jumper with zipper detailing - Dotti

Denim Mom jeans with rips at the knee - Topshop

Embroidered bomber jacket - Dotti

Black suede peep toe thigh high boots - Ruby Shoes

White feminist t-shirt - Topshop

Vintage band tee with choker design - Factorie