Hey guys! So I decided to do a night rutine of how I take care of my skin. Her you will see what products I use and how I use them!

First I take my face soap from Beaute Pacifique:

What I do is that I take warm water on my face and make it wet. After I take the face soap and rub It all over my face wile I put warm water on my face. When my face is clean I take a warm cloth and rub all the soap away.

Then I take my skin tonic from Clinique:

Here I put the skin tonic on a pice of cotton and rub it nicely into my skin. The main reason I do If for is because I like to fill all my open pores with the skin tonic so it can kill som of them. It sounds weird but it works for me.

Then I take my first face cream from Clinique:

I take this cream first because it's great for the inder side of my skin but doesn't moisturize the outer side of my skin. Thats were my next cream comes in handy.

Then I take my second cream from Beaute Pacifique:

This cream I take because it gives me a lot of moisturize and makes my outer skin more humid.

Last but not least I sometimes put on a moisturizing mask from Beaute Pacifique:

This is something I just recently started to do. I don't do it every night but most nights I do. What I do is that when I can fell my face cream is in my skin I put a thin layer of my mask on. You can leave it on about 5-10 miniets but I leave it on over night. So in the morning the first thing I do is take a warm cloth and take it off my face.

I hope you enjoyed to read about my night rutine. If you have eny questions then leave a comment or email me at laur268f@favrskoler.dk and follow me on instergram my name is Laura.chr.pedersen. I forgot to tell that Beaute Pacifique and Clinique are danish so I don't know if you can get it were you live. But for me is it only the products you use but also how you use them.

Have a great life and stay tuned to my next post. Bye!

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Hey friends. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about my self. Lets start with the journey of my life.

I was born December 30th 2002. I came into the world with two loving parents and a great big sister. When I was about 4 years old my little brother came into the world. Sweetest little thing. Only ten mouths after my brothers birth my family and I moved to a little country in the bottom of Malaysia. Singapore. Every thing was great there. We learned fast to speak English even though I was stubborn as a child. But after almost six years there we moved back home to Denmark. I get asked a lot about what I miss the most. I think it must be the food and all the cultures. It was so amazing to be able to live there and travel through the other countrys. I can't really find a thing I dont miss about it. When we came back home a new life began. We bultied our own house, we began at a new school and now we have to speak Danish in school two! In Singapore we went to an international school. There we leaned to speak English of course thats why I speak it fluently. But every thing was fine. After a while I grew away from my friends and got some new. The 4th grades horse girls. Of course they made me start to horse back ridning. I enjoyed it a lot. After a year and a half on ridning school I got permission to ride a hores named Max. Now I have been ridning Max for almost a year. But I can't ride him right now because he is sick:(

Late 2016 I was out shopping with my mother and a woman stops us. She says that she is from a modeling agency called Le Management and thinks that I am very pretty. We get her email and make and appointment. After a while they say that I am to young so in approximately 8 mouths they will contact me again. After 7 a man stops me again. He is also from Le Management. My mom tells him that they will call us in a mouth but he insists that we come in. We shortly after find out that he is the business manager from there Aarhus office. So we arrange a meeting and I come in! So if you ask. Yes, I am a model. If you want to check out my page the website is lemangement.dk and search for Laura Christine Pedersen.

So thats all I have for you guys to day. If you have eny questions or requests email me at laur268f@favrskoler.dk. Have a great life and stay tuned to my next post. Bye!