Last thursday I started in school again. I've been sent to get a truck certificate to be of further use on my workplace. It's hard going from having to meet at 14.15, and all of a sudden I need to be at the school at 8!!! o'clock.

The school time is fine though .. Normally we have 3 breaks consiting of 15 minutes each, now we have 3 breaks consisting of 30 minutes each! During lunch it's great, but the other breaks tend to get long, and I start being restless - Thank god (or whoever created it) for Netflix on the phone. I've been watching the movie "Red" in the span of 3 days - Great movie. :-)

After being gone for 8 hours in school, it's nice to come home and actually get to see my daughter (normally she's asleep). When I came in through the door she had actually just been put to her late-afternoon nap, but when she didn't want to sleep, I took her up instead.

After cuddling on the couch for a bit, we went to Jysk, which is a big store which sell different kind of furniture - mainly stuff for the bedroom, but also some for the living room.

After having looking for a new bed for a while (Our current bed is 10 years old and a very low budget 140x200 size) we finally found just the right one!

It look like this and is a 180x200, so now there will also be more space for Gabriella during the night, without me having to fear for falling off!

Only downside is that we won't get it until friday this week (The 10.) - Which is a long time, when you're anxious to get what you bhought, and really get to test it out. - They have a guarantee saying that, if we don't like it, we can return in within the span of 100 days. That should be enough to make sure we get the right bed for both of us.

A little update from me today. Tomorrow I will be spending some time streaming a videogame (if you're in to that, look me up on, and I will try to prepare some decent pictures of the Hyundai we bhought back in January.

Till then - Stay happy and smile to your surroundings - For sure it will be paid back many times over!

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Hello everyone! :-)

Today I spent most of the morning trying to solve a problem with Bjarki's brand new computer (Bjarki is a friend who is living at our place at the moment). It turned out to be a malfunction in the hardware, so he will have to return it - He had been SO excited since he ordered, just to have to wait longer .. Poor guy :-D

After that we went to Århus, which is where Bjarki used to live .. We went there to pack down all his stuff in his old apartment, so it will be ready for new guys to take over. After just 4 hours of packing we had finished it all, and now it's all ready to be moved and for the apartment to be cleaned.

While we were doing this, Simone and Gabriella went to Ikea to buy some new sheets and bedclothing, and for Simone to meet with an old friend of hers.

All in all a very productive day, but unfortunately I still need to get used to take pictures when I go around, so I have something updated to show you guys!

I will do my best to improve on this matter! - I PROMISE.

Till tomorrow .. Have a nice evening/night/day wherever you are!



Today I promised to add in some pictures, and I have just a few which I would like to share.

Gabriella has grown a bit, and is way too rapidly groing in to a young woman (Yes, seriosuly!)

As you can see, she's getting real good friends with our Husky, Eragon.
He is quite protective of her, and always make sure to keep an eye on her if we have guests over! (He does accept it people taking her up and everything, fortunately)

Not so long ago we had a "Snowstorm" here in Denmark - Which gave us the opportunity to take Gabriella and Eragon out for a sleigh ride! We did try to tie Eragon in front of the sleigh, but it didn't really work out as we had hoped for, but we had a lot of fun anyway :-)

(Yes, I know the amount of snow is not that impressive considering it was a -LEGIT- snowstorm)

This picture is taken after our 2nd trip down the hill, which went considerably better than the first.

After dragging Gabriella and the sleigh up the hill, we got seated - just like on this picture - EXCEPT, before I didn't think to move my weight all the way to the back of the sleigh, and on the bottom of the hill on the path we took the first time, there was a "bump" during the last 30cm which resulted in the pointy end of the sleigh got stuck in the ground, making it flip over.
Gabriella came first and took a faceplant to the snow - She wasn't exactly happy about that.
I came second, managing to spread my legs as I flew over Gabriella and barely made it past her body with my upper and lower body - NO HARM DONE!

All in all we got to enjoy a day in the snow before it melted away one day later. :-)

That's all from me today, I think tomorrow I will show a picture of our new (used) car, which we really enjoy!



​So .. Here I am .. Again.

I never gave up on the idea of making my blog. It's just .. Life happened .. I guess!

To really get back into it, I've given myself the popular 30-day challenge. I hope this will keep the fire alive for me.

Today it's very late when I'm writing this, but I had to push myself into beginning again, as the "Tomorrow" syndrome should be finally vanquished.

It will be a short post, but I would like to share some of my recent thoughts about projects I will begin.

First of all - Simone and I have decided to save up for buying a house by May 2018. In order to be able to this, I may need more work!

I've been looking in to applying for a handicap carer, it seems interesting and the longer shifts will add some free days, which I could use for spending time with my family, but also take a second job some days.
Except from working more, I would also like to share more about my life with everyone, and plan on keeping this blog up to date on a daily basis. Also I will be doing some livestreaming, playing computergames, the precise schedule for this is yet to be determined however.

This was my (very) short post for today. Tomorrow I will add some pictures also - I promise!

Now I will go to bed, as Gabriella will probably wake up in less than 5 hours, so I need all the sleep I can get.




First and foremost. WELCOME.

For my first of hopefully many blogposts, I will tell you guys about the highlights in my life.

Beginning from where everything really took some speed, I will start by early August 2015, where Simone and I signed a contract to buy our Siberian Husky - Eragon Percival Says Bazinga (Eragon in daily speech).

After about 1 week of going around being hyped to get our dog, Simone takes a pregnancy test which is positive. (good news, we've been trying since January!) We found ourselves in a dilemma - Do we still want to buy a dog?

Well of course! We figured now we had just about 8 months to train him before also having to deal with a baby - It's actually perfect timing! :-)
We took Eragon home by September 1st 2015, and he has grown to be a playful, but very gentle dog.

Fast forwarding to April 8th 2016, where our perfect little daughter - Gabriella - was born.

Now I will warn you. This blog will be focused around Gabriella and myself in our every day situations, and how we evolve as the time passes along.

As some of you may have already figured out, Gabriella has by now just passed the 8 month mark. She's an active little one, who sits by herself and like to eat by herself (pictures of that will come along later - I promise!)

Fast forwarding again to the date of November 23rd 2016. This day Simone and I got married, and except from being our wedding day, it was also our 10 year anniversary as a couple! (I gotta keep it simple to remember all the dates, right? - Which is also why my proposal happened on her 20 year birthday)

That was a little background story. My future blogposts will be more focused about present time, but I felt some of you might want some insight as to who my family is, who I am, and what this blog will ultimatively be about!

Till next time: Be happy - keep laughing because it's healthy!