A loooong time ago I used to write poems. Well, a long time ago actually means before the summer break but whatever.

I decided to share these masterpieces here, so you can read them and perhaps benefit. The poems are either funny and pointless or deep and depressing (there are also a few that are so dumb that they should not have the right to exist).

You've been warned.

I decided to show you two not-so-serious ones, because I don't feel like depressing you today. I will save it to later.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I like to eat pizza
In the late afternoon.
I could be healthy,
I could be fit.
But that's stronger than me;
Pizza is lit.
Would you give up something you love?
Would you say say "I hate you" to your loved one's eyes?
And live with their pain for the rest of your life?
It's time to face the truth;
It's not complicated.
Let me love pizza
'Cause old school love is overrated.


Roses are red,
Vilets are blue.
My muse is gone,
I have nothing to do.
I try my best
To keep it cool,
But deep inside
I feel like a fool.

It's strange how this thing
Changed so fast.
Life is too short,
Forever - it will never last.

It's time to face the truth;
The hardest moment so far.
I try to come up with something smart to say,
And gaze at my scar.
It would be much deeper if the scar was real
And not just in my imagination.
This shit ain't real,
This non-existent formation.

So I continue to bore you
With my ridiculous rhymes.
They should not make you laugh,
But remind you about your hard times.

'Cause this monster I've become
Wants to see your pain.
But think about it from another angle:
No pain, no gain.

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Have you ever tried to watch a music video with sound off? It's hilarious. You see those people moving their bodies like snakes and everything they do is trying to look sexy. Sadly without the sound it looks ridiculous. Seriously I can't stop laughing. I'm currently watching a music channel and all that lame music that is sended in these days, and I must say that I am right. The music is lame. But you know what is even more lame? The videos. I keep wondering what is wrong with the human kind. I was trying to answer that question a long time ago but I wasn't able to count all the answers so I gave up. Now, months after, I finally discovered the truth. You wanna hear it? Well take a seat 'cause the answer will blooow your mind. Booooooom.



I know.

I'm a genius.

Well, sometimes.

I have those moments of glory but they don't last long. It's as if somebody took a lightbulb and placed it above my head and it would start to shine but then it would shatter into pieces and leave everything destroyed. Including my brain. Then a few months later the brain would recover just so my new idea could begin a chain reaction and repeat the process.

I'm officially the dumbest person ever. Yesterday while I was eating grapes, a thought hit me. I swallowed a seed, did it mean that a grape tree would grow in my stomach? Seriously I don't know how my brain could even imagine something like that. I mean it wasn't even that late, so my night-mode wasn't on (and that's when all the brilliant stuff forms in my head).

I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I just write a tons of shit and expect others to read it. Pathetic. If I could give myself an actual advice it would be to get my shit together. But everyone knows that I don't listen to anyone's advices, including myself. So it's pointless.

Anyway I wanna thank you for consciously wasting approximately 5 minutes of your life by reading my post. At least you learned that a grape tree will not grow in your stomach if you swallow a seed. But I bet you knew this one since kindergarden.



Ah, Conspiracy Theories. We all love them (or, at least, I love them). They fill us with false hope about things that are long gone (like celebrity death conspiracy theories), or make us question things we took for granted.

But there is one thing in common. At some point, in EVERY conspiracy theory, the author mentions...

Bildresultat för no you dont say

ThE ILLuMiNaTi DUM DUM DUUUUM. Or at least, they make a connection that leads us to this "mysterious group" (or make a hint that suggest that Illuminati exists). I don't know if these people are stupid for real or if they just pretend to be, lemme collect pieces of my brain first.

(sigh) Dear people, if you think that Illuminati is a secret group that rules the world, let me ask you a quick guestion: how are they a secret if everybody knows about them?

Perhaps, if there is a secret group that controls the whole planet, nobody knows about their existence. Isn't that logical? If someone would discover such a group, the members would make sure that this person is eliminated and doesn't threaten them in any way. All evidence against the truth would be destroyed as soon as possible. So, in the matter of fact, if Illuminati were the ones to control the earth, they wouldn't be all over the internet! Some people are just so naive and dumb.

In conclusion, if a group of creatures is controlling our planet, they just laugh at us right now. We are helping them to stay covered by believing in this Illuminati-bullshit. WE were the ones to make this whole thing up and now, this ridiculous idea is present in every event or accident that touches our hearts.

"Beyonce formed her hands into triangle, she is a member of Illuminati"

"Illuminati made Jay-Z famous"

"Illuminati killed Tupac"

I don't know how about you, but this shit makes me tired; Illuminati here and there - let it be, folks. There isn't proof that confirms it all, you just make fools of each other.

Bildresultat för illuminati confirmed




Hello world, I am back. Well... I suppose so. I was planning to write something sooner but I couldn't find a good topic. The thing is, when I decided to not give a fuck about others and their stupid decisions, I've come to realization that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Yes, I know, it seems impossible that I don't complain anymore. Your question might be: what will happen with the blog? Will it change its' content?

The answer is: Of course not. I told you that I will stop complain, but I didn't say that I will stop to talk shit about others. See, you don't have to worry.

I realized that my hate towards everyone and everything is pointless; it does nothing good. More than that, it takes away my energy. So, I tried to find a solution that would let me live a "happy, carefree life", but that would still allow me to be mean. Sadly, I didn't come up with anything useful. I though that I was more creative than that, but what can I do. I guess that I will just stick to the old good stuff...

Shit, this post is so unnecessary. I started with how I changed blah blah blah and ended by saying that nothing will actually change on the blog... My God I should just quit writing. I still can't understand why you guys are reading my boring, pointless posts.

PS I will try to write something judicious as soon as possible (I promise).

Bildresultat för facepalm



I personally can't live without my phone; I love the comfort that comes from having my whole life in my back pocket and being able to reach out for it whenever I want to. But many people misuse this wonderful invention and take it to the next level. What I mean is the problem of letting phones control their life and affect relationship with people in their environment.

When I'm hanging out with a group of friends, the thing I hate the most is while we have a conversation and they take up their phone. It feels like they don't respect me and don't care about what I have to say. It's OK to answer a call or to send a mesage, but when I see them scroll through their instagram feed I feel very frustrated and sad. I myself try to do it as rarely as possible because I know how it feels. But many people still do not realize how painful it actually turns out to be. When I make the effort to reach out for you and ask for a meeting, it's because I love you and I want to spend time with YOU, not your phone. So please do me a favor and put it back in your purse. If I wanted to be on my phone, I would have stayed home. As simple as that.

Speaking of phones in general, the world has turned upside down. The only thing that matters is how many likes you get on facebook and how many followers you have on instagram. C'mon people, don't you have higher values? Since when do likes and comments decide if you are pretty enough or good enough? Besides, why do you let others decide YOUR OWN value? Why do you let others control your life? How you look, decide and behave is nobody's business but your own, so do yourself a favor and do whatever the fuck you want. If they tell you that you are a freak, so what? It's better to be a freak and be yourself, than to be 'normal' and pretend to be someone else. Your choice, be another clone, but for how long can you pretend?



Bildresultat för creativity

Every time I go out I see people that look alike. Every single person dress the same, look the same and behave the same. Let me clarify this: you see a teenage girl walking down a street. You notice her because of her good sense of style. But if you look closer, she looks just like the other girls that are passing by; ripped jeans, basic black top, bomber jacket and propably a pair of adidas/nike shoes. Don't misunderstand me, I too think it looks pretty, but why the hell must everyone dress like her? Why must everyone dress exactly the same? I mean, don't you have your own style?

Another thing that irritates me is today's fashion. Some clothes aren't even worth looking at but still, people would die for having 'the honor' for owning this exact piece of clothing. And that's only because they saw it on a celebrity and now they want to brag about it. In this case I don't see the meaning of making clothes if the only thing that makes it pretty is an expensive brand's tag attached to its' side.

Shouldn't the clothes that you are wearing describe you before you begin to speak? Give a hint on what to expect from a conversation with you and show your interests?

So what happens when you dress just like this girl that you saw walking down the street?

You become a basic bitch - just like the others. No uniqueness, no creativity, nothing.

Is that what you want to be?



I am not planning to be nice, whatever pops up in my mind will land right here. I will mostly wright at the evening and night 'cause that's when I get all those 'deep' thoughts (that's why it's called late night thoughts). I don't care about any rules that apply to being politically and morally correct. I always speak my mind and hate when someone is dishonest with me.

So, if you enjoy reading some philosofical shit, stay right here. This blog is about to change your life (Jk I'm not that deep. But this blog will guarante make you laugh) Also, I will post some random stuff too, because why not.

PS Whoever that is interested in complaining about my point of view is welcome to speak up, I want to hear your opinion. It's always nice to find a new friend or to start a catfight. My life is so boring right now, I need more drama.