Hey Guys ,

I have recently returned from my holiday in America. First off, JET LAG is a b*tch so sorry it's taken so long! All I've done is sleep.. I spent a week in Florida and a week in New York but I'm going to focus this blog on my time spent in New York as Florida was really to just relax and have some time with family ...

New York New York . Where do I begin ... ?

We stayed at the Lexington which is in the heart of Manhattan, beautiful hotel, definitely earned its repoire. The Lexington is a 15 minute walk from Central Park, 10 minutes from Grand Central station and 5 minutes from 5th avenue . We walked EVERYWHERE .. many people told us to get cabs or take the tube, which we did on the rare occasion , but walking meant we discovered so much more ...

5 things you must do in New York -

Take a bus tour to really get a good incite and view of the best spots in New York ! We did the 'Big Bus' Hop-on, Hop-off tour.

Even if you aren't going to shop there, you have to visit Macy's! It is still the biggest department store in the world ... if only Selfridges was this big !!

Take a boat ride .. unbelievable views you can't see from the city

See the city by night , after all it is the " City that never sleeps "

Shop shop shop...

Sadly , shopping in New York for me was not all its cracked up to be. I still spent a few days checking out the shops but on the whole I found that it was more expensive to shop in certain Europeans stores, including my favourite, Zara. I visited about 5 different Zara stores just to be sure ...I was then told Europe often have lower costs when measured against the United States. However, I couldn't go to all the way to America and not treat myself, so stay tuned for my new babies debut on the gram !!

One of the famous outlets, Woodbury Common, I would compare it to Americas version of Bicester Village. This is out of New York entirely and you have to prebook a coach ride to get there. Lots of shops - Balenciaga , Gucci, Prada, Moncler and YSL to name a few and a Saks which had reduced bags and shoes from many different designers. The bags were good, but the shoes are not garuanteed to even be in the right boxes. Be prepared for disappointment as if you were in your local TK Maxx.

Overall I had a great time in New York and definitely plan to go back soon ...

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Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather this weekend...

So I tend to wear a lot of black and have really been trying to make a conscious effort to brighten up my wardrobe this summer. I'm not ditching black completely but getting colourful statement pieces can really change the look of an outfit. I've decided it's time to stop playing it safe and try something new! As summer has finally decided to show up, I thought I would treat myself to some culottes, sandals and cross bags.

All items are from @Zara

Absolutely obsessed with floral prints and stripes so I had to get these culottes which accommodate both patterns !

This monochrome cross bag is perfect and holds a lot of items, the cross handle is removable so can become a cute little hand held bag and that's exactly how I plan to wear it.

As I said I will add colour to my wardrobe this summer so I bought this coral bag simply for that!

I don't really wear a lot of gold but as soon as I saw these slippers I fell in love (makes mental note to add more gold to wardrobe)

PS. I ordered these a size up as they come quite narrow

Classic sandals, they go perfect with literally anything - Jeans, maxi, culottes, kimono, bikini... ANYTHING!!!

You can also purchase these items here -

Culottes - here

striped bag - here

Coral bag - here

Gold slides - here

Silver slippers - here

Happy shopping!!



Hey Guys,

I am currently in the process of moving house, so forgive me for the lack of posting on my Instagram (sad times, I'll be back to posting often soon ).

But as it was the bank holiday weekend I thought I would put down the removal boxes for a few hours and celebrate.. Bookatable is by far the best app when I need to find a last minute restaurant, especially as they always have good deals on..

So me and my cousin chose to dine at M - they had a deal for a 3 course meal and free flowing prosecco!

Yes please!! 🥂

As the weather was nice I decided to wear culottes, a button up dress from boohoo that can also be worn as a kimono and my new cute bag from Zara. ( I will be including the bag details in my next blog with some other bits I got from Zara recently )

Cheers to a good weekend and a new home x



Is there an unwritten rule, that when you go to STK, you have to order the sliders for starters and the lobster mac & cheese on the side with your steak, cooked medium well of course, or is that just me? Okay seriously, if you have not tried the sliders at STK you are missing out. I am still trying to figure out the recipe for their 'special sauce'! It is just too good to not have tried. One of my favourite cocktails is the STK Martini, but I have been told to try the Lemon Stiletto on my next visit.

The reason I decided to write a blog solely on this restaurant is because I honestly love this place. Good food, great cocktails, lush decor and the perfect place for a photo op! Whether you are looking for a romantic night with BAE or a night out with your friends, STK is the one! My first visit was valentines 2015 with my husband but soon returned for a birthday with a group of girls. I would strongly advise you to book your visit in advance as this is not the spot for a spontaneously unplanned night. (I will write a blog on spontaneous nights soon!)

Also you can save yourself some money and book with bookatable, they tend to have good deals so keep a look out!!

If you plan to visit STK in summer, hit up Radio Roof Top Bar for some pre-drinks or even after to unwind. Radio Roof Top is a 3 minute walk away and another picturesque location. It is situated on the 10th floor and trust me when I say, you will be blown away by the panoramic view of London - The Shard, London Bridge, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Somerset House, South bank, London Eye and Covent Garden are all on show for your eyes to see. Continuing or starting your night at Radio Roof Top Bar, you will not be disappointed, as you soak up the ambience with another extensive cocktail list.

PS. On Saturday nights STK have a DJ, dancing shoes required!



" Is it acceptable to re-wear an outfit ? "

My answer is "YES!"

There was a time when I thought I had to wear a new outfit every time I went out. I couldn't dare risk wearing a dress that someone might have seen me in before. But as I got older and started going out more, I realised the opinions of others did not matter. If I loved an outfit, why should it have to stay hidden in the bottom of my wardrobe?! That lifestyle was just not for me. It started becoming time consuming and costly, and all to impress other people?! From then I knew I had to do something about this...

I came up with a solution, 'recycle and revamp'. I Kept my favourite outfits but started wearing them differently.

How? I found if I switched my statement pieces (Bag, shoes and outerwear) this would create a new but old look.

So how can you do this too? If you wore that dress you love so much last week with converses, try wearing it the next time with boots or heels (maybe wait a few weeks though). It will give your outfit a whole new look and save you time and money!

Below is a classic black ensemble that I have worn before and will wear again!

Look 1 - Black turtleneck and black culottes, threw on some heels and a duster to snazz it up!

Turtle neck - ASOS

Culottes - Quiz

Heels - Missguided

Duster - Boohoo

Bag -Aldo

Look 2 - Switched my heels for some vans and my duster for a leather jacket

vans - ASOS

Leather jacket - Berksha

Hope you found this blog useful!



Happy new month of May,

Just as I was preparing to bring out my spring pieces the cold weather has returned. I'm still trying to keep my outfits as spring like as possible. On Monday I went out to dinner and thought I would wear (with an umbrella on standby and a coat in the car) 3/4 length pants from Zara, a white sleeveless top from H&M and my favourite piece of this outfit, a 'dressing gown' from Bershka. I live in dressing gowns at home, so I am super happy these have become fashionably acceptable in public, they're just so comfy! I paired my gown perfectly (if I do say so myself) with my bag from Zara, it's like these two were made for each other. As nude and pink were the theme for this outfit I wore my KG heels to finish the look, again, perfect!

Liked this Long Dressing Gown from Bershka? Don't worry, you can find it here (They also have it in blue)

And if you liked my bag from Zara, you can find it here also

Happy shopping ladies!!



I may not be a dietitian and honestly HATE the word diet. BUT I think I can safely advise putting down the cookie dough ice cream in exchange for a nutritional Nando’s salad?! Cookie dough is everyone’s kryptonite I know, but summer is fast approaching and it’s time to get ready (however that looks to the individual). This is probably the only blog I’ll post about eating healthy because I am not a health blogger and love burgers and fries too much to completely cut them from my regime, but I hope these basic tips will help you if you are also on a journey to making right choices and becoming bikini ready! 

One of the things I love about social media is all the Instragram pages, blogs and forums buzzing to tell us about healthy eating, what to and what not to eat, making it so much easier to keep fit and stay healthy. My explore page is always filled with mouth-watering healthy meals, I literally haven’t needed to use a cook book since most pages include the recipe and ingredients! @thebodycoach is by far one of my favourite pages. ‘Lean in 15’ has taught me it is faster to make a healthy nutritional dinner than waiting 45 minutes for a lazy takeaway that will only make me feel guilty after consumption.

After doing further research online about health benefits and weight loss, here are 7 foods I have tried and tested and now love to eat during the week, what I really love is how easy and simple they were to add to everyday life -

1. Almonds - Great snack for when you feel hungry but it’s not time to eat yet.

2. Strawberries - Literally wash and go.

3. Spinach - Can go in a smoothie or on the side as a salad.

4. Grilled fish - Minimal preparation, yet super tasty.

5. Lemon - Drizzled over fish or added to water (hot/cold), bitter to start with so add honey if you need to.

6. Chia seeds – One of the most popular super foods and can be sprinkled or added to anything.

7. Dark chocolate – Helps to stop the cravings, plus loaded with nutrients (best consumed in moderation).

Bottom line is, it’s 80% what you eat and 20% what you do so get active and be a healthy weight. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week. Yes TRY, time is running out and I need to run off these extra pounds.



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