My first mixed review...

I am all for trying new bars and restaurants especially when there is a deal included , I’m a sucker for a discount code and was instantly drawn in by Zebrano’s £1 cocktail (when you download their app). We visited their Aldgate branch which is meant to be the smallest of their chain of bars/restaurants. When first entering, it felt like I was in a family restaurant, lots of staff, not enough customers to accommodate, so all attention was on us. Waiters kept coming back and forth to ask if we were ready to order, which is normally really nice in a busy restaurant but just felt like they were pressuring us to buy (especially the manager). To give them some credit, the cocktails were actually very nice , an extensive menu to choose from and all cocktails were in the deal. But as I wasn’t just going out for cocktails I picked from their 5 for £24 deal (wings , ribs , calamari - finger foods basically ) thinking this was also a bargain, WRONG! If I’m writing a review , on my blog, then I have to be brutally honest. The food was bog standard , I’ve tasted better pub grub and this is meant to be an established restaurant with different franchises. I was very disappointed to say the least. There was just nothing special about it.

So even though the cocktails were really nice, being let down by their food really changed how I felt about the whole experience. the £1 cocktail now makes sense , they use that to lure you in and once you’re in you’re in.. If I was to return it would be to a different branch and probably just for the cocktails!

What I scored Zebrano

Food - 4/10

Drinks - 8/10

Ambience - 6/10

Decor - 6/10

Service - 6.5/10

Value for money - 6/10

PS - I recently got told about the “Drinki” app which I had to share with you, they have deals for all different restaurants! Check them out!

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Every year me and my family take a trip to Calais for some shopping, mainly for alcohol because it’s a lot cheaper in France. I personally like to use it as an excuse to get away from London, especially this year as my next holiday isn't until February. I absolutely love France! I visited Paris this February and could not stop obsessing over the food, night life, culture and of course the fashion. After visiting both cities I noticed how different Calais was compared to Paris. The french in Calais dress a lot more casual, however that wasn't going to stop me giving Paris vibes... I decided I would blog my outfit even if people were staring at me as I posed in the shopping mall. It was such a simple and easy look to put together, probably because I went back to my safe place and wore all BLACK.

Shop the look here...



Similar hat



Je reviens vite... (I'll be back soon)



Just like Game of Thrones, winter in London was always coming but I didn’t anticipate it hitting us this soon, where did autumn go ?! Mentally I thought I was prepared to look cute in my long boots and faux fur coats but it is actually colder than I expected. So due to the sudden freeze I have had to stock up on winter essentials. I must admit even though I hate being cold I much prefer a winter wardrobe to a summer wardrobe, there's something about multiple layers I've always loved, it just finishes a look. The coat above is from Jakke London, but I bought it on ASOS. It is currently sold out so I will include the link once its back in stock. Super warm and free from real fur but it moults like a bxtch... I paired it with my boots from Public Desire.

I have included some winter faves and the links so that you can also get yours! For me this year H&M have won with their coats...

Teddy bear coat from H&M which is extremely popular. I tried this coat on but it had a stain and was the only one in my size so still thinking to order it...

click here for the link

This is a new arrival from H&M and I haven’t yet seen it in the stores or on the gram...

click here for link

The best of both worlds, leather x faux fur from H&M...

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Crusted Poulet with an array of seasonal vegetables. A bunch of fancy words put together on a menu which basically translates to chicken with veg. Instantly when I read a menu like this I am thrown off! Yeah it sounds fancy, but does it taste good? Is it worth the price? Will it even fill me up? There are places you go just to say you've been there, and that is definitely how I felt before dining at the Ritz. It wasn’t the kind of food I would happily replace my sunday roast for, but when invited by a close friend to celebrate her birthday I couldn't exactly say no and I am so glad I didn't. My Ritz experience might possibly be the BEST dining experience I have ever had in my life... Once actually being there in the ambience and 5* treatment, you understand why the Ritz has earned and kept its reputation for so many years...

Food - 9/10

I ordered the Cutlet and Fillet of Lamb which came in a rich gravy sauce ( the jus? possibly ) I had mine served medium which was recommended by the Chef and lovely but when I tasted my friends who had hers well done I felt cheated. Cooking the meat for longer gave it a richer taste. Definitely returning for my Lamb well done! The lamb with all the trimmings was £40 which may seem expensive but definitely worth every penny.

Ambience - 9/10

Low lighting gave it a magical feel, the candle lit tables were set in and around for everyone to see the pianist playing recognisable classics like Clair De Lune.

Decor - 9/10

“ This is the titanic darling...”

This historic building has kept its original fixtures and fittings which reminded my friends of the Titanic, quite a sight for someone who normally prefers modern minimalistic buildings. Felt like I was time warped to the 1800's...

Service - 10/10

David our waiter and his team were AMAZING!! All attentive , all polite - attended to all our needs, genuine hospitality, felt wanted and welcome.

If you are feeling for the Ritz experience, book using the link below, it honestly is something you have to experience for yourself . I will definitely be returning...

The Ritz



Hello guys,

If you are new to the blog, welcome... If you are returning, thank you so much for your continued support...

I haven’t done a food blog in a while so I thought as a few people asked from my insta story where I went on Saturday I would do a write up on my experience. I went to the new restaurant in South Woodford called Lokkum. I had heard only good things about this restaurant so naturally when a friend said lets meet for dinner there, I was more than excited! I love finding new places to eat, and it did not let us down.

I reserved our booking with Opentable so that we did not have to wait long but infact there was no wait at all, we were instantly seated at our table ( our booking was at 6pm, so I guess the earlier the reservation the better ). Opentable is a great app for when you need to make a quick or last minute booking.

So here’s what I thought ...

Food - 7/10

I ordered the salmon and it was probably one of the best salmons I have ever had at a restaurant ... so much flavour and only costed £15 however I gave it a 7 as I did feel quite hungry a few hours later (the mash quantity was very small). 

Cocktails - 9/10

£10 each, I had a pornstar martini of course ... AMAZING. Then a strawberry daiquiri, again ... AMAZING

Ambience - 7/10

If you like quiet then this place is perfect. I hate when you go somewhere and the music is so loud that you can’t hear the person next to you.

Decor - 8/10

Being a new restaurant everything is of course brand new, I loved the minimalist look with good lighting.

Service - 8/10

Always a waiter at hand.

Overall I was happy with Lokkum and would definitely recommend a visit! I will definitely be returning!!

PS. Did you know Lokkum means ‘Turkish Delight’ in Turkish?

Visit the website below to view their full menu.



Finally !!

The trench coats, the baggie Jumper dresses and the long boots, they are BACK!! Summer is over and I am honestly not sad! I LOVE autumn. I love the newness of seasons changing and autumn just has that edge for me, probably because my birthday is in October but also the colours, they are just so beautiful!

My favourite autumn colours have to be, orange , khaki and cream!! The obvious to some but normally I would just wear ALL black (which I did in my last blog post if you missed it!) Although I had a relapse I am still trying to add more colours without having to ditch the black completely.

So on the weekend I wore a black dress BUT paired it with a yellow blazer from Zara which I felt gave it the perfect transitional look from summer to autumn , not too dark , not too bright..

Incorporating autumn colours into my wardrobe means i'll be needing a big shopping trip!! (Any excuse really..)

Here are some autumn buys I have my eyes on...

I've included the links below if you also like these looks -

(All items are from Zara and hopefully still in stock)

Long oversized coat - here

Orange silk shirt -here

Tote bag - here

Leggings - here

Ankle boots - here

Happy Shopping!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you want me to blog next!



So we are currently in that awkward stage where it's no longer summer, but it's not quite autumn yet either .. So what what do we do?! Wear black ... as much as I have been avoiding black, you sometimes have to admit defeat and acknowledge black goes with anything at any time!

This wasn't a usual look I would blog as it's quite casual, but I loved it! You can never go wrong with a simple Slogan T-shirt and pants, literally felt like I was chilling in my pyjamas all day and if you own a pair of vans you'll know how comfy they are too!

Get this look by simply clicking here ...

Leather jacket - here

Slogan T-shirt - here

Trousers - here

Vans - here

Happy shopping!!

I'll be back soon with a blog on 'All things fall' stay posted!



Hey Guys ,

I have recently returned from my holiday in America. First off, JET LAG is a b*tch so sorry it's taken so long! All I've done is sleep.. I spent a week in Florida and a week in New York but I'm going to focus this blog on my time spent in New York as Florida was really to just relax and have some time with family ...

New York New York . Where do I begin ... ?

We stayed at the Lexington which is in the heart of Manhattan, beautiful hotel, definitely earned its repoire. The Lexington is a 15 minute walk from Central Park, 10 minutes from Grand Central station and 5 minutes from 5th avenue . We walked EVERYWHERE .. many people told us to get cabs or take the tube, which we did on the rare occasion , but walking meant we discovered so much more ...

5 things you must do in New York -

Take a bus tour to really get a good incite and view of the best spots in New York ! We did the 'Big Bus' Hop-on, Hop-off tour.

Even if you aren't going to shop there, you have to visit Macy's! It is still the biggest department store in the world ... if only Selfridges was this big !!

Take a boat ride .. unbelievable views you can't see from the city

See the city by night , after all it is the " City that never sleeps "

Shop shop shop...

Sadly , shopping in New York for me was not all its cracked up to be. I still spent a few days checking out the shops but on the whole I found that it was more expensive to shop in certain Europeans stores, including my favourite, Zara. I visited about 5 different Zara stores just to be sure ...I was then told Europe often have lower costs when measured against the United States. However, I couldn't go all the way to America and not treat myself, so stay tuned for my new babies debut on the gram !!

One of the famous outlets, Woodbury Common, I would compare it to Americas version of Bicester Village. This is out of New York entirely and you have to prebook a coach ride to get there. Lots of shops - Balenciaga , Gucci, Prada, Moncler and YSL to name a few and a Saks which had reduced bags and shoes from many different designers. The bags were good, but the shoes are not garuanteed to even be in the right boxes. Be prepared for disappointment as if you were in your local TK Maxx.

Overall I had a great time in New York and definitely plan to go back soon ...



Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather this weekend...

So I tend to wear a lot of black and have really been trying to make a conscious effort to brighten up my wardrobe this summer. I'm not ditching black completely but getting colourful statement pieces can really change the look of an outfit. I've decided it's time to stop playing it safe and try something new! As summer has finally decided to show up, I thought I would treat myself to some culottes, sandals and cross bags.

All items are from @Zara

Absolutely obsessed with floral prints and stripes so I had to get these culottes which accommodate both patterns !

This monochrome cross bag is perfect and holds a lot of items, the cross handle is removable so can become a cute little hand held bag and that's exactly how I plan to wear it.

As I said I will add colour to my wardrobe this summer so I bought this coral bag simply for that!

I don't really wear a lot of gold but as soon as I saw these slippers I fell in love (makes mental note to add more gold to wardrobe)

PS. I ordered these a size up as they come quite narrow

Classic sandals, they go perfect with literally anything - Jeans, maxi, culottes, kimono, bikini... ANYTHING!!!

You can also purchase these items here -

Culottes - here

striped bag - here

Coral bag - here

Gold slides - here

Silver slippers - here

Happy shopping!!



Hey Guys,

I am currently in the process of moving house, so forgive me for the lack of posting on my Instagram (sad times, I'll be back to posting often soon ).

But as it was the bank holiday weekend I thought I would put down the removal boxes for a few hours and celebrate.. Bookatable is by far the best app when I need to find a last minute restaurant, especially as they always have good deals on..

So me and my cousin chose to dine at M - they had a deal for a 3 course meal and free flowing prosecco!

Yes please!! 🥂

As the weather was nice I decided to wear culottes, a button up dress from boohoo that can also be worn as a kimono and my new cute bag from Zara. ( I will be including the bag details in my next blog with some other bits I got from Zara recently )

Cheers to a good weekend and a new home x



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