Hello! This is my first ever blog post on this blog, which always leads to a certain amount of awkwardness. So, by making things easy, I will not introduce myself nor Lady in detail in this post. You'll learn about us throughout the course of reading this blog.

What I do want to do, however, is start with explaining my plans for the future. My goals, my ambitions and what keeps me going.

I am planning on riding my first Pay & Jump this early summer, perhaps early June/late May, I am still uncertain on when the timing will be good for the both of us. I have ridden one P&J before, but i face planted when my horse refused, so I never did that again. But now it's time!

Until then, I need to reteach Lady everything. When I got her, she was barely ridden at all and could only run straight forward with a rider on her back. This made for a few dangerous situations, which lasted until this summer of 2017. Keep in mind that I have never educated a horse before, let alone broken one in. I made some major mistakes, and after moving them to their summer pasture it all went to complete shit. So, I sent her away to my trainer, who I trusted with everything I had, and she didn't seem to have done that much, if I'm being honest. Lady lost a lot of muscles, stamina and the will to work with me in the same way that she used to. She used to love jumping, now she refuses to jump even the smallest cross without fussing and showing how displeased she was about the situation.

This means that I have had to start all over again. Which I am currently doing and will continue to do until I make my final decision about her. Keep her and keep fighting, or sell her and buy a more educated horse. I am still undetermined, so only time will tell, and how she chooses to behave until May/June.

If all goes well when riding the P&J's, I will attempt to ride my first actual competition sometime in August. She has so far not stepped foot in an indoor riding facility, so as you most likely have guessed, we have our work cut out for us.

I am supposed to have a training with the stable manager tomorrow, I'll see if i can get her to jump a few jumps, but with her sudden fear of cantering in the paddock, it's highly unlikely. Oh well.

Much love, quia nunc vale.

Much love, quia nunc vale