… absolutely awesome! I shopped until I dropped, literally, and in stores that they simply don't have back home. Then I went around the city, to Trafalgar Square, Odeon Leicester Square & Soho. I continued shopping in Soho (they had the best little stores!), bought lunch and went to Odeon Leicester Square to eat it in the park. It was really cozy :3
After that I went to Marble Arch and to the Hyde Park, and hanged around there for a few hours. The park was so huge and so beautiful! Also there was apparently a concert there at the time so I got to listen to some music as well😆
Lastly I went to a bar in Soho, called She Soho. It's a women's only gay bar, I am not a lesbian but bisexual, and it was very nice there. Lots of nice people, and very tasty drinks :3 Too bad I couldn't stay there longer :(

This is basically the only picture I have from yesterday because my phone decided to use up all the battery in the first few hours, so I had to keep it off most of the time😔

'Go Crazy' by 2PM =)

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Good morning! Although it is still too early in the morning for it to actually be good, I still hope that you will have a good morning =)

Now, why am I up this early (for me any time before 12 am on a weekend is early ;) on this Saturday? Well, it is because I am going to London today and I want to get there as soon as possible!

My plans for today consist of shopping, shopping, grab some lunch and then some more shopping! Oh, and maybe I'll go clubbing in the evening, if I'm not too tired ;)

Have a good day =)

​'Mansae' by Seventeen. Mansae literally means Hurray ;) 



So much happened today!

The day started pretty chill, I was going to go out & get some shopping done, then go back home and go for a walk with the baby. The first part went exactly as planned, I managed to buy an interesting book (yes, I am somewhat of a book nerd :3), and I even took some half decent pictures for the blog. Then I came home, and dear lord it was chaos!

The baby couldn't stop screaming, which led my uncle & his wife to think that he had a serious problem or something. So they quickly left to the emergency room to get it checked out, and I stayed back home waiting nervously for their return. Now, when I get nervous I cannot sit still, so I thought it would be a good idea to clean up my room here, just like organize my clothes and stuff so nothing major. While I was doing that I suddenly realized that I haven't seen my passport for a while, and it it was because it was NOT THERE. Since I did not want to panic I skimmed through my luggage hoping it was somewhere in there. When it was not I started to seriously panic, threw all of my clothes out of the bag and into my bed and searched through every single piece of clothing. But it wasn't there! :O

So like any reasonable person would do in my place, I started running around the house like a chicken whose head got cut off. That continued for about 20 minutes, before I remembered that when I arrived here, I put the passport into my jacket's inner pockets so that I would not lose it. So yeah, the missing passport was in my jacket the entire time, exactly where I put it thinking that it was such an obvious place that I would never forget it....

Then the parents came home with the baby and everything turned out to be fine, he only had a small fever =)

Good night & sleep well!

​"Crazy" by 4Minute, because this day was slightly crazy



The time has come again... for me to tell you about my favourite performances on M Countdown😆 Which means, that you can enjoy some awesome music & dances if you watch the clips <3 Hope you will like them ;)

1. I must have been waiting to write this for at least a month... NCT 127 has finally debuted!!! This is their debut stage with 'Once Again', and it is everything I did not expect it to be xD I thought that it would be a hip-hop style song, but it is actually pretty sweet :3 The choreography though is as good as I was hoping ;)

2. 'Fire Truck' by them is more of what I was expecting from them, and I must say that I did not get disappointed while watching their performance ;)

3. Is it possible for 13 extremly handsome boys (or men?) to almost make me faint from fangirling by simply dancing & singing? Yes, it is very possible, as Seventeen proved it while I was watching their performance of 'Very Nice' just now😌

4. The girl group CIVA is in the house and apparently they're the top girls? Well, I don't know if they are the top girls, but I definitely like their debut single 'Why'. Although please, I beg you, pick a different name for your song next time, because this is like the third 'Why' I have heard for the past WEEK.

5. I think that the boy group Beast should change their name to Angel, because their voices are simply angelic😇 And let's not even get me started on their beautiful stage with the song 'Ribbon' <3

6. I usually only write about 5 stages per week, but I couldn't resist putting 'Why So Lonely' by Wonder GIrls on the list as well! I have a feeling that this song is going to be my next great obsession... or maybe it already is? ​

1. 'Once Again' by NCT 127

2. 'Fire Truck' by NCT 127

3. 'Very Nice' by Seventeen

4. 'Why' by CIVA

5. 'Ribbon' by Beast

6. 'Why So Lonely' by Wonder Girls



Good morning! Hope you all slept well :3

This morning I will be going into town to get some chores done, and possibly to shop for a bit <3 I will also try to take some decent pictures which I can publish here, but I don't know how that will go because to be honest I am not a very great photographer hehe xD Oh well, we'll see how it goes I guess =)

Have a nice Friday everyone!

​'Very Nice' by Seventeen. I know that I have posted about this song recently, but I just cannot stop listening to it :3



I haven't actually been keeping up with the latest hits this past week, because I have been busy, but I did get a chance to check out some of the songs this past evening & make this list for you guys =) Enjoy <3

1. Seventeen is back again! And no, I do not mean the age seventeen but the Korean boy group ;) They are back again with their new single 'Very Nice', and in my opinion the song is better than Very Nice ;) So if you don't like them & their music yet, you will after listening to this song <3

2. 'Summer Again' by the girl group Matilda is a very energetic song, although I am not crazy about the beginning to be honest. But I love the chorus, and I simply adore the music video to it :3

3. 'Fire Truck' is the debut single of the much awaited boy group NCT 127! I honestly don't know how to explain it, you just have to listen to this song for yourself and decide what you think about it, because it's one of those songs which you either love or hate and there is no in between. Also the music video just made me go 'I have no idea what's going on, but I think I like it' xD

4. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Wonder Girls but I like their recent comeback song 'Why So Lonely'. It's not an upbeat song, but it's not a ballad either. Rather it's somewhere between those to, and it makes me want to listen to it no matter what mood I am in =)

5. YES, THEY ARE FINALLY BACK!! I am speaking about the boy band Infinite, and I am talking about the fact that they released a new single yesterday called 'That Summer (The Second Story)' and I simply cannot stop listening to it! I can't get enough of their sweet voices :3

1. 'Very Nice' by Seventeen

2. 'Summer Again' by Matilda

3. 'Fire Truck' by NCT 127

4. 'Why So Lonely' by Wonder Girls

5. 'That Summer (The Second Story)' by Infinite



Since today is Throwback Thursday, and because I am currently taking care of a newborn baby, I kind of have this wish of going back to my childhood. To the time when everything was very simple.

I went out to play football with my older brother, then I went in to eat something & watch cartoons and take an afternoon nap. Maybe meet up and play with some friends later on, and then get back home to eat dinner and watch some more movies or cartoons.

My world was much more simpler back then, and it certainly was much less complicated. I know that going back in neither possible, nor something I would actually want in the long run, but sometimes I just wish I could go back for a few days. Back to when everything was easy and all you had to do was nothing. Oh well, even though it is not possible I will still try by rewatching The Lion King for the 2435243th time xD I don't care if that movie is for children, it is still a masterpiece to me and I think that everyone must see it at least once in their life <3



So today I baked some cookies with blueberries :3 Here's the recipe & the results <3

​Here is the recipe: 


​150 gram butter

2dl sugar (I used brown sugar)

3 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

1 egg

5dl flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

3 tablespoons of cream

2dl blueberries

​What to do:

​1. Turn the oven on to 175 degrees

2. Mix the butter, sugar and vanilla sugar porous. (Basically until they are very well mixed together xD)

3. Mix the egg in

4. Mix the flour, baking powder and cream in

5. Mix them until all of the ingredients have blended together

6. Roll small balls out of the dough, and put the blueberries into them. Then just press on the dough balls until they become flat and cookie shaped

7. Put them in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes

8. Take them out of the oven and eat them ( I recommend doing it with some milk :3)

​I thought that 'Apple Pie' by Fiestar would be a fitting song for this post ;3 



It is Thursday again, which means it's Kpop throwback time😍 Here are my 3 pics this week:

1. Number one this week is Seventeen with their debut single 'Adore U'. It's a very fun song, that just makes me want to dance around & laugh, and just basically puts me in a very good mood :3

2. The whole cute & fun songs theme continues with this week's number 2, which is 'Me Gustas Tu' by the girl group GFriend <3

3. And let's end this list with something a bit more with an edge, shall we? ;) I present the song 'Might Just Die' by History! I don't even know how to describe this song, except it is a must listen to hit! (Oh and the music video is a definite must see ;)



So I left Russia almost a week ago, for England. Right now I am at my uncle's place in Oxford, but I will also be going to London during the weekend🎉
My uncle & his wife had a baby recently, and by recently I mean like 2 weeks ago, so I am actually here mainly to help take care of the baby. This is the first time I've actually seen and held such a small child, and I can't believe how cute he is! Like when he is half asleep, and his grey ~ blue eyes are barely open… and gosh it just looks so adorable😍
Anyways, beside helping out at home I have been shopping for a bit (I can show you guys later what I bought), and just walked around the city, which is so beautiful! And although the town is a bit too small for my taste, it is very relaxing to be here for a little while :3

"Feel So Good" by BAP, because I feel so good at the moment ;) Also because it is a very energetic & uplifting song, and I just feel in the mood to listen to something like that!