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What do you do if you're feeling a bit down? You dress up, put your makeup on (if you wear any) and go have fun! Which is what I decided to do today instead of moping around in my room all day. Also, since I was dressing up a bit anyways I wanted to try one of Korean makeup trends called "Puppy Eye".

It’s quite easy, you have to run a thin line of eyeliner across the upper lash line but instead of giving it a flick or a wing at the end, just run it down just following the natural curve of the eye. Here's a tutorial video which I followed:

So here is how the eyes were supposed to look like:

And here are the results:

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I usually go to the gym at least 3 times a week, but lately I just don't really have the time not the energy =( Like, I get anxiety just thinking about how much time I will waste on traveling instead of studying >.< Of course it showed on my condition, so I decided to go to Pintrest & look for some quick workouts you can do at home. I found some good ones, and a bonus is also that it doesn't take a lot of time doing them :3

Also, here's some workout music playlist:



Artist of the Day

Since it's the international women's day I thought why not write about one of the most famous kpop girl groups, Girls' Generation? Also, their name is perfect for today ;)

Girls' Generation debuted way back in 2007, and since then they have become a well known name not only in the kpop scene but also in the international music scene. Their signature musical styles are characterized as electropop & bubbelgum pop, though their sounds have varied widely, incorporating various genres including hip hop, R&B and EDM.

From the beginning the group consisted of 9 members, but 1 member choose to leave the group in September 2014. Here are the pictures & names of the remaining members:

Sunny & Taeyeon

Tiffany & Hyoyeon

Sooyoung & Yuri

Yoona & Seohyun

The group's single "I Got A Boy" was subjected to major attention from Western media following its the Video of the Year award at the inaugural Youtube Music Awards in 2013 :3

My favourite song from them is "Party" which came out in the summer of 2015, and their latest release was "You Think" which came out in the same summer, but at the end of it :3



K-pop, Artist of the Day

It has been a while since I introduced a new artist, huh? =( No time like to today to change it though ;)

A boy band has recently caught my attention, although I have known about them for a while I haven't really listened to them much before now. Let me present BTOB for you:

The group debuted in 2012 with the song "Insane".

BTOB stands for Born To Beat, and the group consists of 7 members:

Eunkwang & Minhyuk

Hyunsik & Changsub

Peniel & Ilhoon


4 of the members have also formed a sub-group called BTOB Blue, and they have released a single called "Stand By Me" in the fall of 2016.

The group's first songs were more dance, energetic tracks but in the more recent years it feels like they have focused more on producing ballads & more slower songs. Not that I complain, because their vocals are something extra ;) To compair you can listen to 2 of my fave songs from them, "Wow" & "I'll Be Your Man". "Wow" is from their early days while "I'll Be Your Man" is a bit more recent.

None of the above mentioned songs are their latest release however, because their latest single (from an album) is called "Movie". I feel like the sound is a bit retro inspired, but besides that it's very uplifting and it has a cool music video :3 (Some parts remind me VERY much of the movie Suicide Squad xD)



Dance of the Day, K-pop

I admit it, I am obsessed with watching dance videos. Who says that it's something negative though? ;)

Recently BTS dropped choreography videos to their latest promoted songs, "Spring Day" & "Not Today", and the dances are AMAZING. Like, I was literally left speechless while watching them <3