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Another project that I have been co-holding is Animus. 

We (Jonas and I) started Animus about 2 months ago and it's a project about the sexual education in school.

Right now we're starting up a workshop named "Puss & Kram" (Swedish for hugs and kisses). We did a trial run on it last Thursday and it went great! We received some constructive criticism through so we'll be working on improving it before the next time we do it. 

The workshop is going to be running mostly this summer but we're thinking about contacting different schools and see if we can hold it with the teachers and students this autumn.

The major thing that will be happening this autumn through is that we're stating our study if the sexual education in Sweden. We have prepared different forms for teachers and students to fill out so we can see their oppinion of what's taught as well as what the teacher's are actually teaching.

So far this project have been really fun to work with and holding a workshop has been an interesting and giving experience. 

If you want to keep on track with this project, you can follow our facebook page where we'll try to update everytime something new happens:

That's all for now, ciao~ 

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What's up?, Projects

Our group project 'Dra-mig-baklänges' is in BLT (newspaper in Blekinge, Sweden)!

We completed the project last Wednesday and it went great! We got super positive response both from the personal and the retirees <3

It was hard work through, we have been working on the project pretty much non-stop from the Tuesday the week before. Everything need to be finalized, the schedule, activities, material, resources etc.

The day of the event was super stressful as well, we had so many technical issues in such a short time that I'm surprised that we managed to fix everything in time.

We did manage to put everything together before 2 pm thankfully and when the event started everything moved rather smoothly, there were some slight issues but they were resolved within minutes so they didn't hinder anything.

Our schedule looked like this:

Morning - 1.30 pm: Preparation and practice

1.30 - 2 pm: Last minute and talking to the press when they arrived. This was also when the attendees started to arrive so I stood in the door to wish them welcome and hand out the sing along booklet.

2 pm - 2.05 pm: Introduction of my friends and I that created the project and a summary of the events schedule

2.05 - 2.30 pm: Movie/video watching - We showed a lot of old TV show clips from when the retirees were young.

2.30 - 2.50 pm: Music Quiz - A total of 7 question about old music was asked, the songs that were relevant to the question were played.

2.50 - 3.15 pm: Sing-along - 9 old classics we're sung. Ronneby's church pianist and my choir leader Fredrick participated as the pianist.

3.15 - 3.20 pm: The winners of the music quiz we're announced and the 8 people that managed to get 7/7 correct answers received a price (it was once a paper that had some fancy text about winning he quiz)

3.20 - 3.25 pm: Time to say thank you to Fredrick for helping out, he received 3 white roses.

After that all was left was thanking everyone for coming to the event and participating. We got 2 presents in form of chocolate boxes that we'll eat during the next week.

It was really fun to do this thing and arrange a fun afternoon for the elderly at Vidablicks home for old people. It's definitely something I'd consider doing again because the response we got from the elderly and the personal was there satisfying.



This is me!, What's up?

Just had my hair cut by my friend Louise, I love it!!! ❤ She was going to shave the symbol from deathly hallows but we had to skip the circle for now since the trimmer wasn't small enough.
So I'm left with the elder wand and the invisibility cloak until next week~
That's ok :3 I've got my faves of the 3 at least 😊



Projects, What's up?

​Slight update on Tales of the Spectrum!

I've had to slow down the speed on the project because I can't keep up with my personal demands of what I want to produce.

So far I've finished writing one story. Right now I'm sending it around amongst friends/family/colleges for comments and constructive criticism. Several of them also have kids/siblings in the right age category so I'm getting an first look at what kids will think about it.

I'm also asking/looking around for dolls/toys of kids for the photos to the fairy tale.

Gonna start photographing as soon as I feel ready~!



Projects, What's up?

Whooho! My main (ongoing) project right now!

Tales of the Spectrum is pretty much the project what takes up most of my time right now.

It's a photographic fairy tale project directed to young children.

I'm creating tales revolving 'round characters that are outside of the cis-spectrum*.

To go with the fairy tales I'm also going to take photographs, where the characters are illustrated through toys, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

My goal with this project is to normalise the idea of non-cis people from a young age. If you look at kids books right now most of the characters (if not almost all) are inside of the cis-spectrum, even if they criticize gender roles, they still stick to gender/sexual norms.

I want to change that and create more diversity in children literature. I want everyone to feel that they are represented.

*= The cis-spectrum includes everyone that are both comfortable with the genre they we're labeled with as birth (male/female) and are strictly heterosexual. (Cis-gender contains only the first criteria of those two)



Projects, What's up?

Dra-mig-baklänges (a direkt translation would be 'pull-me-backwards') is a group project me and a couple of co-workers started up about 3 weeks ago.

Our main idea when we started the project was that we wanted to create a fun day for senior citizens. So we came up with Dra-mig-baklänges.

Our plan is to create an nostalgic evening where the elderly can have fun and remember their youth.

Cezary (a co-worker) and I attended a meeting this morning to talk with the manager of the geriatric care where we're going to hold the event. The date for the event is now set to 8/6 at 2-4 pm.

Approximately 50 retiree's are going to attend + staff.

We're still working on a schedule, but so far we're going to have some type of sing-along, play some old music, show some clips/videos/parts of movies from their youth, have some kind of quiz as well as offer coffee and some kind of cake/cookies (fika).

Well I need to go back to working on our schedule and poster, I'll post them here when they're finished :3




Projects, What's up?

Good morning everyone~!

I made some cupcakes yesterday for my friend Hannes ( and so far he seems to love them <3

Some other people tried them as well and really liked them. Some of them seemed to want some more so now I'm thinking of setting up some kind of mini bakery/ordery at Kaoskompaniet (where I work right now~).

I love baking and think I it will be fun to see if some people are interested in ordering some cookies (for a reasonable price ofc).

I talked to my boss (Anna C) and she seemed to like the idea as well.

Well I'll just have to see how this idea develops over the next couple of weeks :3 I'll make sure to keep you up to date if anything happens with it :D