Time goes by too fast

My 9 weeks in Alicante has come to an end. I am so happy to be back in Sweden and to finally be home in my apartment. However, I had a good time in Alicante. I did not like the city it self a lot but my school (Colegio international Alicante) was really good. I have studied at three langue schools before and this one was by far the best one.

It feels lovely to finally sleep in my own bed and to finally be able to do more makeup and photos. Here are some pictures of a look a did yesterday.

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Two great news today

First of all, check this video out with Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson. This was just released a few hours ago and I am in love with the song and the music video. It's on repeat, haha.

Then there was another thing I wanted to bring up. Zara Larsson released her new album today, yaaaaay!!!
Listen to it here --> Zara Larsson, So good Album

This woman is just incredible and I love everything about her. I wish I could look like her.



My beautiful fiancé

I'm trying to look cool

I am Patrick

Hello you guys,
I'm Patrick, the father of Kylies. I am a 25-year-old guy, living in Stockholm, Sweden and study Computer science at Stockholm University. My passions are, being able to be creative, creating makeup looks, taking pictures and develop my technical skills like programming.

I just thought there should be a little presentation of me since there might be posts in the future of not only Kylies but of my regular life.

I love food

Tel Aviv has been one of the best vacations that I've ever had. The reasons are definitely my travel partner, my fiancé, but also the food. The food over there was incredible. I want to go back again just to eat. Every meal we had was like a food orgasm and I still dream about the food a lot. Even dishes that are not typically israeli, like sushi for example was amazing. The best sushi I've ever had. I am drooling just writing this post, haha.

Anyway, if you go to Tel Aviv prepare yourself to gain some weight and it is totally worth it.



Santa came early this year

I got so happy today when I found out that my Glossybox had arrived. It literally felt like Christmas was here, almost even better than the real Christmas.

I can't wait to try the products. I especially want to try the mask, which I will probably do tonight. The only thing I have tried this far is the lip balm. It is nothing special, works just fine. The case to it though, it feels pretty cheap. Not a big problem, especially when you are a broke a** student like me.

Products in the box

- Eye lash curler rose copper, Pick and Pinch
- L'eau de rose, Jeanne Arthes
- Matte nude nail polish, Glam of Sweden
- Facial detox purifying recovery mask, Mudmasky
- Lip balm pink dream, Beauty made easy



I want him to stay with me forever

When I did this look I decided to go for something relatively simple and with some inspiration from Kendell Jenner. The lipstick I used from Estée Lauder was the pure color envy envious. It give a bit of a shine which I love <3

Best product from Estée Lauder would be the sumptuous black mascara. I did not use it on these pictures, however, it is one of my favorit mascaras.

On the first picture you might have seen a dog, if not, you better go and fix yourself some glaces. I am taking care of this dog for two weeks and we are having a blast together. Who know a little company could make me so happy? I don't want these two weeks to be over. I want him to stay with me forever.



What an inspirational video from Estée Lauder! I have seen EL as a company for the older age group, however, this video truly screams youth and silliness. When Kendell Jenner first appeared on EL I first thought that she should have represented a more fun company. That was my first response. EL have changed their image and I think they will succeed with getting more young girls and boys to buy their brand. I for one want to buy more products from them. I have some products and the quality is beyond good. More products in my makeup bag please 🙏🙏🙏

Please do watch the commercial, enjoy and get inspired. Both Kendall Jenner and Elle King are so beautiful. I found a new artist that I have never heard of, and what a voice she got. I ❤ Elle King.



Money, money, money.....

Being a student at a university can be tough sometimes, cause you are not earning a lot of money. There are many superficial things I want to buy, like clothes, makeup and tech things haha. Well, those things are not important. What's truly important is being around the people you love and keep spreading love.

I wish we could live in a world where all people in the world had the same opportunities. It feels so unfair that I have this privilege in life. I can be who I want to be, I have food, free education, somewhere to live etc. I wish all people had this chance in life.

My goal in life is to educate myself, earn money and help people. Money is not the solution for helping people, but it is something I feel strongly that I want to do when I have a job. Giving money and help LGBTQ+ community is something important for me. I want to fight for human rights! I will probably do this all my life. To me all humans are important, and we are all equal. No matter your status, we are all humans. Statuses can change, but we will always be humans.

Enough of my deep talk. Have a wonderful Saturday guys.

Lots of love



Drag race season 9

Good morning y'all! I am a huge fan of RuPaul's drag race, I mean, it's definitely my genre. Makeup, dresses and fun challenges, what more can you ask for?

The 24th of march is the day it all begins. Mark it in your calendar!! I am beyond excited, it will be a period of lots of drag talk.

Previous contestants 

Have you not seen Drag race before? No worries! I will list my top 3 contestants.
*SPOILER ALERT* There will be some revealing of previous winners.

1st place
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000


Alaska competed in the season 5 of RuPaul's drag race and ended up in the finals, however, the first place went to Jinkx Monsoon. Alaska then appeared in RuPaul's all stars drag race and she took the crown. She was so worth it (in my opinion).

She has a youtube channel where she posts her music video and other fun stuff. She is a queen to keep an eye on.

2nd place
Katya Zamolodchikova


Katya is a queen that at first was just plain to me. When she competed in season 7 I was not too impressed, I mean she was good, no doubt, however, I feel like her true colors came through in all stars season 2. I fell in love, mostly because she is a great comedian. She can make me laugh like crazy and she seems like such a nice person. I would die if I got the chance to meet her.

She has a youtube channel as well. It is filled with humor for days, check it out!

3rd place
Adore Delano


My first drag queen crush! The first season I watched was season 6, and this girl was a contestant and I fell hard. I was so amazed by her beauty and her personality. She ended up in the finals but didn't win. Her career took off and she has over 1 million followers on instagram. Just a few days ago we could see her appears on the campaigns for Jeffree Star cosmetics.

That concludes my top 3 list. Check them out and let me know what you think and don't forget to watch season 9.





Primer: Benefit Porefessional
Foundation: Kat Von D lock-it foundation
Powder: MAC Studio fix
Contour: Morphes colors
Blush: Tom Ford (name unkown)

Eye shadow: Morphe 35B - 35 COLOR GLAM PALETTE
Eye shadow: Makeup academy Infermo
Liner: MAC Blacktrack
Eye pencil: MAC Ebony
Mascara: Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme
Lashes: Eylure No 140

Eye brows
Pencil: MAC eyebrows

Lip pencil: MAC Magenta



[Photos: Rene & Radka]

Sitting in my room in Berlin

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had finished my makeup school and I moved to Berlin. In Berlin I worked part time at makeup store while studying german full-time. It was a very exiting moment in my life. One day, I found Michelle Phan and her youtube channel, I was in love. OMG! I could not stop watching her videos. I was so inspired and I wanted to live her life.

For hours I was sitting in my room watching video after video. She was the start of my youtube addiction. Today, 4 years later I can't even go one day without watching youtube.

Where is she?

What happened with her? What is she doing these days? I just remember her posting less and less, and it has been 8 months since she posted a video. Hmm...I will do some digging and see what I will find. If you know what she is up to, let me know!