I remember today as one of the saddest days since I created my fan club for kygo, it was exactly on February 6, when I woke up there at 11:00 AM, I noticed something strange in Kygo's instagram, he had erased almost all photos of your Instagram ... I was worried then I tried to search for information about what happened, but it was impossible, all Kygers were worried about the disappearance of Kyrre's photos on instagram ... Some thought it was crazy, others thought they were hackers in your account. Until the clock struck at 9:50 PM and everything was gone ... Kyrre's past was no longer present in the instagram, this was like a stab in the heart of the Kygers: / but then Kygo formed 3 images in his profile ... I soon realized that it was a new Era of Kygo, so the sadness was gone, because, from these 3 photos, I realized that Kygo and his team did the right thing for Kygo.

​I love you guys so much, You can check out the story By my friend Marina about Kygo and Maren!

Link : http://nouw.com/mari_ina


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