Hello my dear friends,

First of all, I am very new at blogging.. And by being inspired by girls who were blogging I had decided to try it myself.
It is an early morning in a very beautiful city - London! Nope, I do not live here.. I am here just for a short visit to see my school friend. Spontaneous trip Copenhagen-London, what can be more exciting. Even though it's not my first time here in London, I had already visited it 2 times in my life but 5 years ago, it still seems very exciting and different this time.
First day I had arrived we had an amazing walk in the city, shopping a little bit and just having a good time as the weather was gorgeous as well 🌞 Had dinner in a very cozy French restaurant , it was loud but super tasty. There was a group of people sitting at the corner of the restaurant , they were definitely having a lot of fun as the woman was laughing way too loud 💄 My calamari as the starter and pink steak was amazing , wouldn't add a thing to it 👌🏽 Our evening was even more promising- getting ready, having some sparkling wine and heading to the water pipe lounge cafe - Mamounia 💨 Loved it ! But not the prices over there😅 Next destination was a night club where my friend really wanted to show me the night life of London.. Was surprised that the only way to get to the good club over here only though the guest list, and hopefully we were there. First impression- beautiful club, awesome music but too crowded 🤑 All the tables are booked.. Obviously will really rich people as most of the tables had their own security guard 🤑 Was a fun experience but also experienced not a very nice moments over there..
The next day was a sightseeing day, thanks god we didn't drink much last night, so feeling fresh and powerful. Soooo Hyde Part, Trafalgar Square , Big Ben and much more- checked 🚩
Last day, just chilling while my friends is working and later will have a dinner somewhere in a nice place ! My trip couldn't be better ✈️ but tomorrow is time to go back to Copenhagen , probably stay there for a little while and then go back to my home in Aalborg.

I will practice more on putting all my thoughts together to create more exciting blogs! It's my first, so don't judge.

Much love 💕