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A Beautiful Family Shoot 

So just the other day I had my first ever family shoot ! I was a nervous wreak leading up to the session but managed to keep my cool when it came to the shoot itself.. sorta.

Thankfully the family is happy with me posting these so I hope you enjoy the photos of this lovely beautiful family !

Little Ones! 

Now anyone that has done a family shoot before knows how hard it is to get all happy smiley faces at the camera when you have little kids not so excited about getting photos taken. As adorable as they are they were very hard to get a smile out of. Which meant making weird hand puppets above the camera and bribing them with chocolate if they let me take a few little photos ! haha

Group Photos!

Isn't this just the most beautiful happy little family! I love how they matched all the outfits! so so sweet.

I laugh every time I see this little photo I captured ! all doing their own little thing.

Some Of The Two Love Birds
Boys Will Be Boys

So as shoot in the field was coming to an end we found the boys sneaking into their grandpas truck and I managed to snap a few photos of them having fun and playing around with the hooter and buttons!


Thank you guys for reading! and thank you to the lovely family for giving me the opportunity to shoot the first of many family photos to come hopefully!