Lost Among The Flowers 

Well the busy season of school has taken over my life for the past few months I decided enough is enough! its time to start getting back to what I love, taking photos. Now yes I have a million assessments due and yes I should probably be doing them right now but hey whats a good student without procrastination! I'll just keep telling myself that anyways.

Arvo wonders

As school finished and the rain had finally stopped I looked outside to see the perfect overcast lighting. So of course what else do you do in this situation ? I call up my neighbour aka Ashleigh aka amazing hella person who in minutes was willing to run over and jump in front of the camera for a fun little shoot!

Now this shoot was not all smooth sailing, for many days now the rain has poured down leaving the farm in an extremely muddy state! which meant getting these shots meant I may or may not need to stand in a thick lot of mud! haha anything to get the shot haha

Golden Girl

When noticing these beautiful colourful flowers blooming in the yard I couldn't help but snap a few photos of the beautiful Ashleigh surrounded by these vibrant flowers!

Forest love

Now Im not 100% sure if we were allowed here... oh wells!

Thank you! Till next time xx

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