Early Birds! 

In the early hours of 6am! Celina and I headed down to our local little beach in hopes to catch the sunrise!

Excited when see pink fluffy clouds in the sky as we walked, soon changed when arriving to the beach with the sky now having turned to a grey dull blue? This made us confused as to if we had or had not missed the sunrise already! Now this has not been our first attempt either. Last time we didn't even make it onto the beach before rain begun to pour crazy! The worry of ruining the camera and getting ourselves sick became to high that we had to run back home before we got completely soaked!

So here we were ! attempt two and now thinking once again we have failed our mission but still we stayed around in hopes we hadn't !

Birds wanting some camera time too!

As we were walking around taking little photos here and there we begun to notice a orange glow peak over the clouds. Mission sunrise was back on track! Enjoy the spam of photos!

I was so in love with the colours of this beautiful sunrise! A perfect orange pink glow that you just can't capture in a photo! but of course that didn't stop me in fact I took more photos then probably needed but hey you can never have to many photos... right? But sadly the stunning sunrise came to an end </3 Definitely one of those things I wish I did more often but my love for sleep always wins when the alarm clock goes off !

Best way to start the day for sure ! I'm going to try get my butt out of bed earlier this year and do things like this more often! Hope you all enjoyed these few little photos from our morning adventures!

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