Wow, we are already 12 days in to December, isn't that crazy? This year has gone by so fast and it is crazy to think that there are just 12 more days until Christmas eve. I challegne you to think back at the best memories that you have had during this year. Just some months ago we were all happy about the sun shining and the water being warm enough to swim in, but now, Gothenbourg is covered in snow and christmas music is played where ever you go.

Something that is easy to forget when time flies is to live in the moment. I'm guilty of planning everything ahead and at the same time forgeting to live in the very moment. So, don't let all the stress surrounding school and christmas get in to your head, live now, create memories, always.

Btw, Isabelle, Noah, Filip and I just recieved confirmation of continuing on to the National session in the European Youth Parliament. How crazy is that?:))

Have a great day, don't forget to live in the moment!

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Finally this week has come to an end. For me, this has been an extremely stressfull week with lots of studying and just feeling stressed in general. Today, we had a test on financial analysis.. now that all of the built up nervousity and adrenaline has passed I'm feeling really fatigue. Isn't it weird how something as meaningless as a single test can make you feel all stressed and tired both before and after? Now that this test is overwith I'm of to start studying for the next one and a seminar and yet another test coming up next week.

I'm guessing that most of you have felt like this before and most sertainly will feel like this again. So, to help you out I'm going to share some advice on how to manage stress and studying.

The first advice is to make studying fun. (what???) Go on a study-date at a cozy cafe and spend time drinking coffee at the same time as you are studying. This, at least for me, make studying feel more managable and actually quite fun. + you get to take pictures of- and eat tasty food like this acaibowl:)

Secondly, to get your mind of school and studies, go for a run, go to the gym or just on a hike. Getting active really sets you up for a good day and can make your studying even more effective. Today we had a sleep-in before the test and I took the time to workout to get those endorphins running before school.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a recepie for some Raw-vegan brownies that are sugar, gluten and dairy free. For all of you wanting to be healthy and not ruin your gut-health, these will be just perfect!

Have a nice friday!



What a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday was spent working-out, being in town, shopping a little, eating and baking saffron buns. Woke up this morning with a pretty sore tummy, I may have eaten a little too many saffron buns. Anyhow, they were really nice and sometimes you have to sacrifice your gut health to be able to enjoy life:) I went for a power-walk and felt better instantly.

Yesterday I had lunch with my mum and Filip in town, we ate at JOS which was really, really tasty. Although, my salad was gigantic and I wasn't able to finish it. Eventhough salads are healthy and all, a lot of raw vegetables may cause bloating, which is what happened to me. If you have IBS, big salads aren't really ideal because of your gut not really being able to digest fiber and this causing the feeling of a giant squished-together ball of food in your tummy. This happens to almost everyone, even those not having IBS, but for all of us with IBS... it gets 10x worse.

I'm going to finish of this post by sharing some advice on how to calm your tummy when feeling bloated. Of course, exercise is always the best medicine but if you're not feeling like working out I have some advice. Try adding some coconut oil to your coffee, tea or to cook with. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory food which means it decreases inflammation in your gut. Adding some coconut oil can, at least for me, relieve bloating. If you want to read more about the benefits of coconut oil click this link:

Now I'm of for a run:)

Have a great day!



To welcome december and to get the christmas feelings going I started this morning by waking up really early and forced Filip to watch the julkalender with me. An early breakfast with lighted candles never seems to be wrong.

After breakfast I was off to the gym before school started, thank god for sleep-in days!

As christmas is coming closer I took the opportunity to look out for some christmas presents today. Filip's present is now all set and now I have a clue about what I wish for this christmas, apart from world peace and happiness of course. The decorations and music that are all over town are really inspiring me to do some christmas baking, so make sure to look out for a blogpost on that:)

Yesterday Isabelle and I checked out the new Chanel boutique that just opened here in Gothenbourg. I am really excited about all the fragrances and skincare, maybe something to wish for this christmas?

For all of you out there trying to find a good present for your girl-/boyfriend, maybe take a look here?;)

Have a great day!



The past few days have been pretty stressfull ... To say the least. Sorry for not updating on pictures from European youth parliament, there wasn't much time to actually flip up your phone and snap a photo. Anyhow, EYP was really, really fun and I was pleasantly surprised at how much you could grow as a person in just three days by learning from others and working really hard.

Now that the EYP is over (for now) Filip, Isabelle, Noah and I was thrown back into our lives as high school students. Not having the time to study or do schoolwork during the weekend really made our life more stressfull than usual. But, I manage to read 150 pages in one day, study and workout during the first days of this week, feeling achomplished!

Yesterday Filip and I went out to grab a coffee and chat. Being in town while christmas ornaments are hung up and drinking christamassy-lattes really sets me in a good mood.

Speaking about lattes, i've reasently been obsessed with this new concoction that I made. The golden hot drink you see in the last picture is not your ordinariy latte, it's a Tumeric latte (recepie down below). Tumeric is a golden spice with close to no taste that has a lot of gut healing properties. This may sound weird but tumeric relaxes your intestines and make your gut feel calm, this can really help if your feeling stressed.

Tumeric latte

2 dl water + 1 dl almond milk

1 teaspoon tumeric

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 teaspoon coconut oil

Stir it all around and heat it up. These are not exact measurments but it's somewhat equal to the amount that I use.

Hope you have a great day!



My morning + IBS advice

Ready. Set. Go! Starting this morning by having breakfast with the EYP-team (european youth parliament). Filip, Isabelle, Noah and I are up for a challegning weekend being a part of this year’s sessions.
I will be sharing pictures from the sessions during the weekend.

Enough said about my morning, Here is my #guttip nr 1

Something that has really helped me manage my IBS is to always start my mornings of with a glass of hot lemon- and applecidervinegar water. This really kickstarts your body and your metabolism.

Givning your body a chance to awaken before eating breakfast can really help with bloating. This is also a great way to boost your immune system because of both ingredients being high in vitamin C.

Have a great friday, hope you try out the lemonwater!

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I woke up this morning feeling pretty... overwhelmed, that's the right word. Having the day of from school I had planned to dedicate the day to studying and preparing for the EYP (european youth parlament). Somehow I found myself lost in a million things to do; cleaning my very unorganized room, study for a test, EYP, working out, starting up this blog and at the same time not getting all stressed out. Even though I had a lot to do, the first thing I did was not starting right away but complaining and creating a worst-case-cenario of me not being able to do everything in one day. And there it was.... STRESS!

Naturally my body responded by giving me stomach-pain and headache, wonderfull. But, I decided not to care.. I sat down, started my computer and started working. All of a sudden I had acomplished everything that i had planned to.

On my way back from the gym I reflected over why I always put myself in these situations. Why do I always look down on my own ability? If you just sit down and actually do what you are supposed to do (and include some instagram-studybreaks) you will see that stress is just something that you create in your own head, not reality.

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed but I am ending the day feeling content.

Hope you had a great day!



Starting off my first blogpost with a really cheesy captioning. Cool. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience in life, including IBS, stress, happiness and fitness. Right now, I am on a journey to find a balance between being a #healthfreak and actually being a normal person. I will be opening up about the trial and error that I go through to heal my very complicated- and annoying gut.

My goal is for both you and I to learn more about living with IBS and how to keep smiling and dealing with life.

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