**DISCLAIMER: All names will be fabricated to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in this story. All information about paranormal activity is not being presented as actual fact, as it could all be coincidental. I am neither 100% agreeing, nor disagreeing to believing in spirits and ghosts**

The spa facility opened up about 8 years ago. At first, everything was running smoothly. For having just opened, all of the staff were able to handle things well. Guests were happy, the therapists loved the job, and the business was thriving. However, in a short amount of time, some strange things overcame the spa. Little by little, odd occurrences began happening. In the deeper part of the building, around rooms 8, 10, 11, 13, and the laundry room, people started hearing noises. There would be bumps, knocks on the doors, and footsteps. Some said that they felt like they were being watched, or that they would see shadows and figures, but nothing would be there when they looked around. It was nothing to bat an eye at in the beginning. Whether the building was just settling, or if something hit a pipe in the wall, nobody paid any attention to the noises. But then, as time went on, things began to escalate. The building itself started having issues. Lights flickered, the air conditioning had issues, the washing machine in the laundry room sometimes wouldn't work. The restrooms were a mess. Things would be knocked over or go missing. The locks became tricky. The plumbing had problems. The whole building started smelling of sewage. Now of course, nobody assumed that any sort of paranormal entities were causing these issues. The owner, Beth, brought in plumbers, technicians, and electricians to try and fix everything. She spent a fortune. Doing this helped the issues for a little bit, but things soon stopped working again. This went on for a long period of time. Years. Eventually, the therapists working in the building started being affected by this "entity." At this point, it became dangerous. One therapist, Christy, was choked twice. Another, Yvonne, was pushed HARD in her room. She was injured so badly, she needed knee surgery. Even Patricia, a therapist who had been working in the facility since the beginning, was attacked when the heated blanket on her table caught fire WHILE she was giving a massage. Because these occurrences were putting the safety of the employees at risk, and because it was affecting the building itself, Beth decided to try a new way of fixing the problem. Left with no other explanation, everyone was led to believe these instances were caused by a malicious paranormal entity. So, in a time of desperation, Beth brought in ghost and spiritual experts to cleanse the entire building and rid all areas of any negative energy. This went on for some time. Finally, at the suggestion of the spiritual healers, crystal Himalayan salt lamps were placed everywhere in the building. There was one in the manager's office, two in the waiting room, and a single salt lamp in each massage room. After the salt lamps were put into place, all of the problems completely vanished. They single-handedly rid the whole spa of all paranormal activity. The employees were ecstatic. Everyone was put at ease, and the spa once again became of place of peace and relaxation. Over time, more and more people that were spiritual and more in tune with the "other world" were brought onto the team. Sometimes they would bring crystals and place them out while working. The employees were a group of loving people who all shared common interests, beliefs, and ways of living. Working in the spa was wonderful.

In January, corporate came for a visit. They wanted to check out all of the locations and ensure things were running properly. They took one look at the salt lamps, decided they didn't like how they looked, and told the owner to completely get rid of all of them. Everyone was shocked. It was a demand that stunned everybody, and suddenly the vibe in the building became sullen. All of the fear from the past came up to the surface. Beth had no choice. She had to get rid of the salt lamps. Whenever the employees would talk about it, they only spoke with concern. The salt lamps were completely gone by Sunday night. Everybody is on edge, watching. Will the spirit return? Those who bring crystals only try to protect themselves. But for the guests, the employees, and the building, who knows what will happen. With the salt lamps gone, nobody is safe.



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