Hi loves!

Sorry I haven't been posting all too much, it's been a busy few weeks here in Switzerland!

We've just got back last night from our vacation in Ibiza, and I'm already wanting to go back. We stayed at the Aguas de Ibiza hotel, and it was absolutely perfect! We didn't go too crazy with the partying, considering that's mostly what Ibiza is all about. But I was more then happy to just chill out and do nothing. After fall, that's what a vacation is for right?

Each day was spent relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the sunshine. I can definitely say that we've come back with some killer tans, even Mirco surprisingly!

In the afternoons we'd walk into town for lunch where the marina was. It wasn't far from our hotel, and it was along the ocean which made it even better.

When we'd head into town I would notice this little pink car that was parked along the walk way. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It reminded me of my old Barbie car I had when I was little! So by the third time I saw it sitting there of course I had to get picture with it!

Then on the second to last night we decided to go to the other side of the island, where all the clubs were. We found out Kygo was playing at the Ushuaia hotel, so of course we had to go and check that out. It was probably the best night of the trip. We had so much fun, and Kygo was unbelievable!

All in all, Ibiza was amazing! The weather was perfect, the food was great, and I had a wonderful time with my man. 💕

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Hello loves!

Well, it looks like San Jose will no longer be my home away from home... Mirco has officially been traded to the New Jersey Devils!!!! It still seems so crazy, and I don't think its hit me yet, especially knowing that I wont be returning to California. But I'm so excited and happy for Mirco to gain a new experience and opportunity.

I'm going to miss all the wonderful people I got to meet, and friendships that I gained, and of course the amazing California weather! But thats the unfortunate part about hockey, everything can be so unpredictable. All I can do is be thankful that I now get to gain a new experience in a new city that I've never been to, and meet more wonderful people! I can't wait!

So for now we'll enjoy the rest of our summer, then come September I'll be officially be a new yorker!

Have a great evening everyone! <3



hello loves!

Now that I've adjusted to this 9 hour time change, I can finally tell you what I've been up to since you've heard from me last!

Switzerland has been nothing less than beautiful! Even though Ive already been able to visit a few weeks last summer, it still never fails to amaze me. The first couple days were a little rough (waking up a 4am and all), but thankfully that didn't last too long!

About a week or two before we headed back to switzerland, I found out one of my girlfriends was traveling europe with her boyfriend! It happened to match up around the time we were flying in, so we managed to be able to meet up with them the first weekend being here! Which was so much fun!

We decided to take them to Zermatt on thursday, and see the Matterhorn! (the mountain on the Toblerone chocolate bar, and yes.. the ride at Disneyland) It was cool because not only had us Canadians never seen it, but Mirco hadn't either! The view was absolutely breathtaking, figuratively and literally. When you're so high up in the mountains its crazy how it actually makes it a little difficult to breathe. But it was all worth it!

After we spent the night in Zermatt, we took a train on Friday afternoon to Bern! Mirco has been to Bern lots of times, so he was our tour guide. We got there late afternoon and decided to go for dinner in the city, then found a cool outdoor bar and had some drinks in the evening. On Saturday morning we decided to check out the main attractions of the city; which was the Bear park and the rose garden! On our way back to the train station from the rose garden we saw there was a farmers market set up in the center of the city, with cheese and meat stands, and lots of fruit and vegetables! Everything looked so delicious, I wish I was able to take it all with us. After we looked through all the stands, we made our way to the train to visit the city of Lucerne!

Lucerne is one of my favourite places I've been to so far in Switzerland, its so beautiful. Swans swim in the lake by all the restaurants and there is so many little shops to look through. Unfortunately by the time we got there a lot of the stores were closing up for the evening, so my favourite shop from last summers visit was closed. :(

For dinner we all agreed on cheese fondue, at a restaurant Mirco and I had been to last summer. It was the best fondue I've had by far! Then after dinner, we picked up some drinks and played some games on the patio of our hotel room. The sunset was unreal! It was probably my favourite night of the weekend.

On Sunday, we made our way back to Zurich; which is close to Mirco's home town, Winterthur. Patricia and her boyfriend Chris' flight was later that night, so we killed some time with them and hung out around Lake Zurich. It was such nice weather, perfect for a day at the lake.

Then sadly, we had to make our way back to Mirco's. While they headed to the airport. I was so glad that I was able to meet up with a girlfriend, and that she got to see part of where I get to spend my summer.

It was the best way to spend our first weekend!

Anyways, bed time for me. Tomorrow is suppose to be another full day of sunshine, hopefully I'll be spending it outside by a lake or pool of some sort haha


- xo Kris



Hello my loves!

Wow what a wonderful 2 weeks it has been; a quick 2 weeks for sure. I'm so glad I was able to see my family and friends before I head off to Switzerland for the summer.

As I sit here at the gate before my flight I can't help but gather all my memories I've gained on my quick trip home. I got to attend a beautiful wedding of my big sisters best friend (which was so much fun), and my little sisters high school graduation.

Toshie wore the most beautiful dress, that looked absolutely breathtaking on her. Her make up was flawless, and I was able to help her out with her hair (which was also so much fun). It felt like I haven't done hair in forever since I've been in San Jose. So it was nice to get back into it, especially when Tosh was open to letting me do whatever kind of style I thought looked best.

Family from Seattle came down to visit for her graduation, which was so nice to catch up with all of them before I was off!

I was also able to catch up with all my girlfriends, and have as many wine nights as possible. Along with beach days, drinks on patios, and lots of laughs

It's a little bittersweet knowing that I won't see my family and friends for a couple months, but I'm so excited knowing that my summer will be filled with so many fun adventures and experiences!

Sorry for the short but sweet post! When you hear from me next, I'll be in the land of the Swiss!! 🇨🇭

Have a great evening everyone!!

- xo kris ❤️



Yesterday might have been one of my best birthdays yet. There wasn't a huge party, or a big celebration. It was just a relaxing day by the pool and a lovely dinner with Mirco. I'm noticing as each birthday passes, my celebrations get smaller and more intimate; I enjoy that! I like the idea of birthdays just being a special day, surrounded by your loved ones. Not some huge party, with 50 of your closest friends. (Not that it isn't fun to do that either) But this year was just so special. It's also the first birthday that I've actually gotten to spend with Mirco! The passed two were spent through face time, so maybe thats why it felt so nice!

I started my morning off with a beautiful gift from Mirco; a rose gold and silver pandora bracelet. Along with two Kate Spade bangle bracelets, that were also rose gold and silver! I've never had a pandora bracelet like this before, but I love the idea with how you can slowly add more and more charms to it! So creative!

Then, in the evening Mirco surprised me with dinner reservations at the Swedish restaurant in Los Gatos, called Hult's. We've only been there for dinner on new years, so it was nice to see what the menu was like in the spring/summer! It was so delicious, if I could eat there everyday I would.

After dinner, we wanted to watch the sunset. So we went up to the roof of our apartment building. It was still so warm outside, even at 8:30 at night! The view was beautiful, so of course I wanted some pictures with Mirco! (he hates taking pictures) But he was being a good sport, and didn't fuss too much about it. He even took some photos of me, and I must say I was impressed! At least we know if hockey doesn't work out, he can take up photography ;)

Now that turning 23 is out of the way, its back to hockey! Game 1 and 2 of round 3 in the play offs is tonight and tomorrow! So lets send as much luck, and positive vibes as we can for the guys this weekend! Fingers crossed that they win!

Have a wonderful day loves!

- xo Kris



Good afternoon loves!

Its feels as if summer has arrived here in San Jose! The rest of the week consists of nothing but sun! And not only that, but today is officially the last day of being 22. Thats right, tomorrow is my birthday! So along with sunshine and relaxing by the pool, these next few days are going to be nothing but great!

Unfortunately these might be my last few days here in San Jose; until next season that is. On Monday I leave back to Vancouver. Im finally visiting my family and friends after not seeing them for 2 months! It's a little bitter sweet; Ive gotten so used to always being around Mirco! But once the playoffs are done I'll meet him back in Switzerland, so hopefully we wont be apart for too long!

Along with me going back to Van, I get the joy of packing not only for my trip home... But to pack up for the entire summer. Sounds super exciting right? I have to try and decide which clothes get to be packed and stored away, and which clothes get to join me on my travels. It's a very tough decision when you're addicted to dresses and shoes.

So far Ive put together a "must bring" pile; dresses and outfits that I know I couldn't survive summer without! Unfortunately the pile seems to get rapidly larger the more I go through my closet.. uh oh. Anyways, here are a few that I've put together!

I must say, pairing outfits together might be one of my favourite hobbies. Hopefully Ive given you a little bit of inspiration for your upcoming summer wardrobe! Its definitely giving me some shopping fever! Luckily Mirco made a wise choice to go a baseball game with the guys tonight. I now have the whole evening to myself to continue with this tough decision making!

Wish me luck!

- xo Kris

top left dress

top right dress + shoes

bottom left top + shorts

bottom right dress

bottom right heels - steve madden




Hello loves!!

What a great couple weeks it has been! Not only was my trip to Vegas lots of fun, but the weather here in SJ has been nothing but beautiful! Which means plenty of pool days! Ive been on my own for the last couple days as Mirco is in San Diego until Sunday. The boys have made it to round 2 in the playoffs, and play their second game of three tonight!

Now, let me tell you a little a bit about my Vegas trip! I had so much fun meeting some of the girls, and gaining new friendships! The weather was perfect, which made it even better for pool parties! The night clubs were also pretty cool. But if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely say that I liked the pool parties more. Hanging out in the warm sunshine always wins! We stayed at the Palazzo, where I have never been before but it was the perfect place to stay! I was so glad that I was able to see some girls from home. Especially my best friend Julia! Living away from home isn't always so great when it means you don't get to see your friends as often. It was a much needed weekend away!

Luckily before Mirco's trip to San Diego, we got to have a nice day to ourselves in San Fran! It was a perfect day for a bike ride along the beach! Before the bike ride we had a lovely lunch at the cliff house restaurant, which had a beautiful view of the ocean! Days like these make me really appreciate where I get to live, and thankful that I have a wonderful guy like Mirco to share it with!

So tonight will consist of relaxing on the couch while watching Mirco's game, possibly with a glass of wine ;) Fingers crossed that they win!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

- xo kris



Good morning loves!

I hope everyone is feeling a bit better than I am! I just found out yesterday morning that I have laryngitis... which is always the best thing to have days before you're leaving on a weekend trip to Vegas! Thankfully, I don't have a sore throat or any other symptoms that come along with laryngitis, other than having no voice! Peppermint tea has been my best friend these days, along with smoothies and popsicles. Luckily my voice is getting a little bit better, so fingers crossed that ill be able to speak to people smoothly by the weekend!

Anyways enough about that, the positive side is that I'm going to VEGAS!! I am so excited to have a fun little weekend trip with the girls! This week has been spent in full preparation mode, with finding bathing suits for the pool parties, dresses for the night clubs, and everything in between! I think that may be one of my favourite parts of going on a trip, all the cute new outfits you get to find!

Nordstom has also been my best friend these passed few days, I've found so many cute little pieces! My favourites for this weekend might have to be the swim suites! I absolutely love how one pieces are coming back, they are so fun and flattering. Especially when you don't feel 100% summer ready...... Either way, I find them absolutely adorable!

Here are some of the cute suits I found! Along with some other accessories :)

Another fun little outfit I found is this beautiful black lace dress with roses from BeBe. Anything with rose embroidery has been catching my eye lately. Dress shopping for more fancy looks isn't a common thing for me, I'm definitely more of a casual dress kinda girl! It was a different shop for me, but still so fun!

Anyways loves, hopefully you all love my pieces as much as I so!! Time to rest up before the best trip ever arrives! Wish me luck for this weekend, fingers crossed that I manage to come home with a voice!!

I've also tagged the links below of all the items that I have shared with you guys!

Have a wonderful day everyone! <3

- xo kris

pink striped suit  

black striped suit  

floral suit

2 piece top + bottoms







hello lovely people!

Let me tell you a little bit about my life. My name is Kristin Redmond and I am 22 years old.

I have an amazing boyfriend named Mirco, who I've been with for 2 1/2 years. We met on vacation and it has clicked ever since. Mirco is from Switzerland, but spends most of the time living in San Jose, due to the fact that he is a hockey player. With me being Canadian, the distance wasn't always fun. Which is why I recently made the decision to pack up and join him on this crazy journey!

When Im not with Mirco in San Jose, Im living in a city outside of Vancouver called Maple Ridge. I have a younger sister, an older sister, and an older brother, who I love and miss so much! When I'm not at home spending time with family, I'm busy at work as a hairstylist! I have been styling hair for about 2 1/2 years, and I absolutely love it!

I love love LOVE fashion and beauty. Keeping up with the latest style and trends has been a hobby of mine for quite some time! Being a hairstylist has definitely helped me with always knowing whats up and coming, even outside out hairdressing, with clothes, makeup, just style in general. Which is why I've finally decided to create a blog, so I can share my thoughts and ideas, and my everyday life experiences with all of you!