Regardless of the age and location or even the sex, attacks are very common in current day scenarios. You are walking alone home at late night and a guy follows you at a 10 foot distance. The most liable condition is not to fight them, but at least to defend them. It is always said that “The wise way to respond to a threat is to avoid violence” and there is no big crime in just running away or helping yourself to get out from the place. At most one can follow few simple Nyc Self Defense techniques that can help you great in handling a solitary situation.

The Method

KravMaga is a special martial art that has great edge in self defensive techniques. Basically the KravMaga has been developed by the Israeli Defense Forces on practical techniques. These techniques have developed as means not to specially require any weapons. These could really help in a variety of scenarios where one does not carry any weapon with them. And particularly there is no special attire and all the techniques can be performed in the regular outfit.

Most of the Krav Maga Classes Nyc do not train you in heavy punches against the bag at gym but some simple strikes with regular intact.

Some Of The Simple Strikes In Karvmaga

Open Hand Strike: Open Hand Strike is a simple hand slap but uses the heel of the hand and target the most vulnerable. The impact areas over the target would be the nose eyes or even face as whole. The instance when the strike is clasped over the target the front and back portion of the neck adheres for a severe pain for the opposite person when you pull your arm back so that it exactly aligns with your elbow.

Kick To The Groin: This technique is one of the most important hacks for the women to get rid of the rouges on roads. All you have to do is have the measurement and calculation of the target from you and the range of your feet. While attacking the target make sure you maintain an ample space from the target and use only the toe part of your feet to strike the target. You can try this trick by folding your leg to knee length and opening it straight to the target.

Outside Defence: When the attacker tries to hit you from back, the Outside defence is the perfect hack to escape from the attack. When the attacker extends his hand over to your waist, catch the attacker’s hand twist the wrist.

Aggressive Grab: When a straight punch is approaching on to your face, Karv Maga suggests that you need to take a slight deviation in your position and grab the fist of the attacker and throw them away from you.

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