I'm now set for the upcoming weeks and ready for school. I'm really looking forward to school because it will give me the opportunity to meet new people and use my vocabulary so that I can improve as time goes.

Last Monday, my host dad, Jennifer and me were driving to the schools we'll be in and I was hoping to switch from Capital High which I was supposed to attend to Helena Highschool which my exchange sister will be in that's one reason why I was hoping to change. The second reason is that it would be way easier to get to school because unfortunatly East Helana, the part of the city I live in, is part of the Helena High school disctrict what meant for me that I can't go to school buy bus and need to be driven there.

First we arrived at Helena High to talk to the principal but we had no appointment and so we weren't able to meet him because he is very strict when it comes to this part. That meant for me that I will be attending the Capital Highschool this next school yeaar. GO BRUINS!!!

Soon we were done at Helana High and drove to Capital High and to this point I didn't even know if I'm gonna be softmore, junior or senior but very soon I found out that I'll start in to this year as a junior. The next thing I had to do was picking courses and I can tell you one thing. The variety is huge but it makes the choice even harder so I had to pick four classes out of way more than 20 courses and to my surprise they had German 1-4 :D. It probably took me like 15min but after thinking and thinking I finally made my choice. My classes for next year will be English, Lifetime Sports, Photography, Ceramic, American History, Marketing management and I took a study hall so I can do a part of my homework already at school.

Last friday I had my american football practice and so I went there but after the first practice I realised that it wasn't something I want to do for the next three months because I'm not made for this hard contact sport. So instead of playing football I changed to soccer which took place today from 7 o'clock in the morning to 9 and the 2nd practice was from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The practice was hard but very fun because finally got to talk to other teenager and students so I get the opportunity to make some friends even before school starts. My schedule gonna look like this for the 2 weeks until school starts at the 31st of August (school introduction for new students and freshman at 30th).

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When I first heard about Montana I couldn't think of anything but after my trip to the Glacier Nationalpark on Saturday, 5th August I have a good impression of Montanas wildlife.

My trip to the Glacier Nationalpark started at 4 o'clock in the morning when we had to get up so we could start the ride at 5 a.m. because it takes 4-5 hours from Helena to Glacier. So I jumped in to the car armed with my pillow so I could sleep a while in the car and luckily the car had 6 seats so my exchange sister Jennifer and I could sleep kinda streched out on a whole seat row.

I've stayed now for more than a week in Helena and I hear daily about the forest fires that are going on in Montana but I was always out of the area that has to deal with such fire. On our car ride we came pretty close to a spot like this.  We saw the firefighters camp and the lake that's water is used to extinguish the fire or at least to get it under control.

We arrive at Glacier at 9.45 a.m. The first thing I realized when I left the car for the first time was that the air is so fresh and clear what was in no relation with the air in a city or even in a small city like Helena. We drove on the top of the mountains where we wanted to park and hike trough the landscape but unfortunately the parking lot was full so we had to drive back down to a different hiking path.

On our way up to the top and backdown we saw huge mountains, glaciers with there snow on it in August and a beautiful variety of nature at its finest. We saw some squirrels on there way collecting food for winter, a crystal clear river that made his way trough the hilly landscape and many waterfalls running down the mountains. Check out my instagram to get a better impression of my experiences.

Backdown again we started a hiking path with the promise of an amazing view and thats exactly what we got. We hiked through the woods where we saw a beautiful river crossing the landscpae and went up and down the hills on the hike and finally after 2.5 miles we saw a hiden lake behind the trees and when we arrived there it wasn't just an amzing view it was overwhelming, indescribable. The lake was surrounded by gigantic mountains and trees and behind it we saw waterfalls running down the mountain. The lake was visited by dozens of people but still a huge silence and calmness existed there because everybody was looking up the mountains and was enjoying these couple moments of quiteness. We left the lake after a couple of minutes and made our way back the 2.5 miles to the car and left this unique nationalpark behind us so that we arrived at 11 p.m. back in Helena at felt in our bed after this long day.



It's been now exactly one week since I left Leipzig and I feel really good after this time.

My adventure started with the EF Welcome days at the 26th July and it's been a blast but before I went there I had a real challenge to deal with and this one already started at the airport in Berlin.

My journey started in the early hours of Wednesday 26th. I arrived in Berlin with my huge package and about to start my trip to the USA and the only thing I had to do was to get in to my flight to London and from there to New York but unfortunetly the airport in Berlin had 2 plaines at the excact same time (7.05 am) leaving to London and I didn't know the airline I was flying with so I was looking for the EF ambassador who was helping the departuring exchange students with check-in and so I was looking for him and hoping that he knew more and so he told me to go to the flight with the airline British Airways which should turn out later to be the wrong choice.

So I went to my gate waiting in the queue to check-in but somehow I wasn't the in the data bank and my name was missing on this fly. I had to wait again till things were cleared but the answer came way too late because affter my airplane already took off I got the information that I was booked on the ot the other plaine with German Wings which was very surprinsing and usually not the airline EF flying with but we had to do something so I still could arrive in NY in time.

The EF staff member got the idea that we should try our luck with the United Airlines supervisor and ask him if he could book me on to the outgoing flight to New York. This flight was nonstop to NY which would've been even better than the one I was originally suposed to take not only because I was faster in the USA I was also flying with Clemens also an exchange student and yo instead that both of us were flying alone we flew together. Luck was on my side this time because the United Airlines supervisor was able to upgrade someone and get me in to the fully booked flight. This guy was a reallife superhero and he truely saved my day. When I was thinking about all the stuff that could happen on the exchange I never thought about a challenge I had to take on before I even left the country and this one might sound a little bit cheesy but after this one I can say what didn't kill me only makes me stronger.

I arrived at the Newark airport in New York a little bit tired but very excite and the first thing I noticed was that almost all students waiting at the airport were swedes and norwegians what was very surprising to me but I came very good along with. Later also a group of germans arrived and after a couple of hours waiting we were finally all together so we could ride to the EF academy in Thornwood, NY and we could start in to our EF Welcome days. It took me than a while to check-in but after dinner at 18.30 I went to my room which I shared with Martin from Denmark but he arrived when I was already sleeping so I noticed him when I got up in the morning. We had breakfast at 8.30.

After breakfast we finally went in to our classes #group13) and met our group leader. We were heading towards the school building and went in our class room where we got to know each other through games and learned about things like curfews , american culture, right behavior and other different things which could help us on our exchange. We ate dinner at 6 and had a Welcome Days party at 8. Bedtime was at 9.30.

The second day Friday 28th started just like the first day besides that we got our e-ticket for our flight to the host families and we got information about our trip to New York City where we were about to visit central park, 5th Avenue and the famous Times Square which was really stunning. You can check out some picture I took on my instagram.

We stayed for 6 hours in NYC and after we got back to EF we had a goodbye party with some snacks which was a really sad moment for me because I made really good friends in these 2-3 days which might sound a little bit strange but I think that we all felt that there was something connecting all of us so we got very good along with eachother.

The last day at the EF Welcome Days Saturday 29th was the day of our departure to our host families. I had to be at 3 am in the gym so for all of us who were going to the same aiport were early enough for our flight. My flight went from Newark to Seatec (Seattle) to Helena where I arrived at 1 pm after experiencing some turbulences. My host family and my exchange sister welcomed me there and so we went 'home' after a stop eating pizza.

These couple of days been a real blast with the one and the other challenge but after this I'm very happy being finally arrived in my new life and now I'm ready to start my ADVENTURE.



Hey! My name is Konrad Fischborn and I'm going to be an exchange student in America, supported by the organization EF, the school year 2017/18.

EF Class of '18.

Home: Leipzig, Germany

Age: 16 years

New Home: Helena, Montana USA ✈

So I'm a normal guy from Germany, having a normal life, having normal friends and having a normal schedule and now I leave my home country to go on the graetest adventure so far maybe even the greatest you can have as a student. Now you might wonder. WHY? Why give up on your normal life and risk everything by going to the USA and jumping in to the unknown. Hard question, easy answer. Why not? Ask yourself! Are you happy with your life situation? Are you happy by going to school everyday in your hometown, meeting the same people day by day and doing the same stuff over and over again? If your answer is no you know why I'm doing this. I'm here to grow, to collect new experience, life experience and not school stuff, I want to meet new people, I'm curious about a new culture, a different way of life. I could go on and on just like this but all summarized I want to live just the way I want to live. In my opinion being able to choose who you want to be and choosing how to live is the most important thing in this world because nothing is more worth than freedom.

On my way here where I'm in the USA I realize that you can barely reach anything on your own because it was mainly my aunt who has been an exchange stundent and my grandma who encouraged me to go this way even though it was me who recognized this opportunity as the perfect one for me. I have to admit at this point that this adventure didn't only start because it was the perfect chance for me to prove myself its been a dream of mine for a while now to visit America and I didn't get chance to spend my vacation there so this was the best way to solve this problem too.

I will be trying to upload a post every week and add some photos during my exchange.

I hope you want to follow me through this year in the USA and never forget. This year isn't just a part of your life it will be a life in a year.



Hi! My name is Konrad Fischborn. I'm from Germany and this blog is about my adventure I'm about to go on.