Hey Hey Hey

So bit of a background story... I went to visit my brother i Japan in May and kind of fell in love with the place, obviously with the food, but also the people, the language, the grace of the Japanese people. I spent 10 days in Tokyo and i know i barely even touched the surface for what the vast city has to offer. So i immediately decided that as soon as i got back to England i would do my TEFL so i could move to Japan and become a english teacher and explore the country over the next 10 months. So at this stage i've just completed my TEFL, got my certificate last week (woohoo!) and im in the middle of trying to sort out my working holiday visa, which is turning in to a bit of a long procedure. I went to the Japanese consulate last week for the first time, had all my paper work and thought it would all go smoothly.. So on their website it states that you need £1,500 in your account and an onward journey, so i sorted that (Anyone fancy coming to South Korea in March....) but that wasn't good enough apparently you needed a return and £2,500 cleared in your account... and basically i needed to open a new current account, then i lost my card with all the money on it.... Its been a VERY long week but all my cards have now arrived and hope ill be able to go back to the consulate on Thursday/Friday this week! Here are some pictured from my trip back in May.