Seriously... snow.. now?

Okey so.. everybody went OMG IT’S SNOWING, HOW WONDERFUL! and im here like... HELL NA!

I am going to tell you why i hate this!

To get to school i need to either

take the bus  or drive my moped.

well none of them are going to work.

If i take the moped… i'm going to crash..get aids and die

If i take the bus.. i’m pretty much going to stand there like a paranoid homeless person.. because the fucking app says.. 5 minutes late… but it just says 5 minutes at a time… so i can literally stand there in like a hole day.. and you know what the worst part is… I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!!

so enough of this rage…

How’s your fkn day been?



The minute i got home, i ran upstairs and throwed myself in bed.

I don’t know why, but something made me feel like i wanted to bring out the photos again, i looked under my bed, it was still there, the wooden box, with golden handels, i opened it, saw the photos and took them all out.

There was something in the bottom, a letter, i opened it, took out the letter and read to myself.

“I will allways be by your side”

Who had wrote this letter, now i’m scared.

It felt like i was going crazy. on the photos their was a women, in the box there was a letter with a creepy text saying “ i will allways be by your side”

was it the women on the photos who had wrote the letter and laid the pictures of me in the box..

I shuddered…

The clock went 7 and i had to go. On my way to the sleepover, i somehow felt safe, like someone was protecting and wathing over me, it felt a little creepy to, because i don’t know who it is.

Everybody was there already, they have started eating from the tacos my lovely teachers have made.

i sat down and started eating to,

I could see how much sarah looked at carl and how much carl looked at me.

when we were finished eating we walked to the classroom we were going to sleep in.

i started making my “bed” when suddenly Something grabbed me.

i screamed, “what are you doing sarah, i said.

“nothing?, she responded.

  • Oh stop it, im not afraid of our “haunted school.
  • well you should be, but i actually didn’t do anything…
  • weird.. i swear someone grabed me.
  • maybe it’s a ghost!
  • yeah sure, haha.
  • haha.

carl came in and asked if we wanted to join the others in truth or dare.

yeah sure, both of us said.’

The bottle started to spin and it landed on… me..

Fuck! i thought to myself.

  • truth or dare Rox, diana said (the bitch in our school)
  • ehm, truth
  • boring, well who is the hottest of the guys here?
  • ehm, i don’t know, Carl maybe...
  • uuuhhh, Rox is in love!
  • no im not! but he is the hottest here, you asked a question and i answered…
  • oh chill honey, im just teasing with you.

I could feel the cold eyes sarah staring towards me with… i felt so stupid, but he is actually pretty hot, and it’s just a game, she have to losen up a little.

This time the bottle landed on… Sarah..

“ Truth or dare, i asked.

“ Dare ,she responded.

Hm… kiss carl, i demanded

  • ehm, okey…

she leaned against him, and right before she was suposed to kiss him, he turned his head

he whispered to her ear” this feels wrong, I like someone else..

Sarah leaned back and was really ashamed…

“Well that was weird, and akward haha, the bitch said.

Sarah took the bottle, spined it and it landed on me..

  • truth or dare?
  • dare..
  • kiss carl…
  • ehm… and if i dont want to…
  • it’s just a game, nothing serious, right!
  • ehm, okey...

I leaned against him and instead of him turning his head, he leaned against me to,

i could really feel the hatred from sarah..

we were close, i could feel his breath, our lips touched and i closed my eyes, he took his hand up to my face and caressed my cheeks.

I felt weird i didn’t want to stop, and i liked it really much, but i felt horrible.

I Could hear the door slam, sarah had gone out.

I opened my eyes, stopped and ran after Sarah!

I shouted her name, but she didn’t listen.

then suddenly she just stoped, fell down to the floor and started crying…

  • Sarah i don’t like him, why did you say that i should k!?
  • I don’t know, i felt empty, i have no one, not even my friend.
  • Oh stop, it’s just a game, and you kinda forced me to kiss him.
  • no! i didn’t you could have said no i don’t want to! I respect you as a friend! so i don’t want to!, But you didn’t right…

She started laughing.. i became scared, of my own friend.

  • What is wrong with you Sarah!
  • What is wrong with me!?, oh i don’t know maybe that my only fucking friend made out with the only guy i really liked!
  • but you made me do it!
  • NO I didn’t do you not have a free will!

Suddenly she stood up, walked towards me and hit me so hard in the stomach that I almost could not breathe, I fell down to the floor.

sarah walked up to me and said

“ Do never talk to me again, ever!!”

I saw here walk away when she suddenly throwed her self in to the wall, She coughed from exhaustion and threw herself once more into the wall

I could here her scream “ what is happening why are you doing this to me”

“It’s not me, i tried to say, but i could only whisper it.

Everything went silent, the lamps started flashing and all the doors started smashing.

sarah flew up in to the celing, wa thrown down in to the floor,

I finally started to understand what’s happening, my guardien is my mom, my biological mother.

she watches over me, but i can’t let her do this to Sarah, if i do not stop here now, sarah is going to die.

  • Mother! stop pleas! Stop hurting her

I could see her in the doorway, like a shadow..

she smiled at me, and by the minute i blinked she was gone.

the lamps stoped flashing and the doors stoped smashing.

I ran out the door, i could’nt be there anymore, i didn’t belong to my family, i didn’t even now that i was adopted but the letter told me something i didn’t understand at first, My mother was sick very sick she knew she was going to die, so she wrote a letter to me, so i would know that she would always be by my side.

i see her standing there, in the dark forest, i walked over there, grabbed her hands, she smiled at me and everything went silent.

Now im home, Now I am with my real family



I walked to school, with carl in my head…

I feel guilty just thinking of him, but why should i, i haven't done anything wrong really!

The minute i see school, i see Sarah, with that big smile, showing her perfectly white teeth, so cute. I feel like i should tell her.

She runs to me, and she screams my name,

  • Why are you screaming?

  • Im so exited!, he said yes!

  • huh?, to what?!

  • Carl wants to come with us tonight!

  • to what?

  • wow, have you forgotten?, already!

  • what?

  • we were supposed to ghost hunt!

  • I never agreed on that, but i don’t think schools haunted, so yeah sure why not.

  • yey!

  • hm, so you asked him, and he said yes??

  • yeah, first he was insecure but then i said you are going to be there to. so then he said yes.

  • oh.. okey

I really need to tell her.

  • Sarah pleas don’t be mad at me now..

  • why, do i have a reason to be mad at you?

  • i don’t know… well he called me, this morning

  • who?

  • Carl..

  • okey?, what were you two talking about then?

  • nothing really, he just asked if i were going to the sleepover, so i said yes..

  • why did he ask you and not me??

so that's why he said yes to the ghost hunt thing, he don’t want to be with me, he wants to be with you..

  • no pleas don’t think like that, first of: i would never do that to you, second: i will kill him if he hurts you..

  • thanks you are a good friend..

  • but you should not give up, he will like you, you just need to get to know each other

  • yeah, your right i guess.

  • yes of cours i am!

  • well see you later

  • yeah bye

It feels good that i said it, i think to myself and walks to class.



Is it only me or do you also hate loud people on the bus!

And they seriously talk about everything you shouldn't talk about in public.

There were one of that kind of people on the bus today,

She was talking on the phone super loud! like everybody could hear her!

I mean do you want strangers to know about your private life??

I can't get that kind of people, why do you speak so fucking loud!

Sometimes I just want to go over there take her phone and throw it out the window! and then scream " we do not want to know about your life! either you shut up or speak really silent! like a normal person would!

Sounds kinda harsh but I can't help it, i'm angrier when i'm on the bus

So today I went to the most boring city, landskrona, the city that you go to, belive it's going to be awsome because there is a tivoli, aka three carousels, 35 bucks for a ticket and 60 bucks for a small helium ballon.

Well my friends and i arrived 17:45, we were going to get some tickets to the ghost tour. but they had sold out, then we went to the "tivoli" were we ended up laughing at all the kids halloween coustumes, well i bought some churros and I'm not kidding, the line were not long AT ALL! but it took like 30 minutes before I could even order!

So when i finally got my beloved churros (It was so good! and so worth the waiting btw!) we went to a stage in the park, and then to the bridge at the old trainstation. and that was pretty much it... 

I went home 19:40.. if it would have been a fun or good night i would have gone home by night time... so yeah it was'nt that fun.. would rather stay home and look at some bad movie or something...

but my friends were fun so it wasn't that bad i guess.

well that's all I got for today. Bye see you next time!

P.s I'm not a bad person the costumes were really funny! nearly pooped myself!




So today is the day, the day where I probably embaress myself or something.

I am so afraid to do something stupid, or atleast something I would regret!

There ar some boys in my class who probably will bring some licker and vodka, so it will propbaly escalte.

Oh yeah, Sarah still wants to look for ghosts…

I don’t now why she want me to go with her so badly…

But i’ll guess I have to, i mean i don’t want to be teased or something because I didn’t dear to go and look for “spooky” ghosts.

I mean i don’t think that our school is haunted, but you’ll never now.

The school are pretty old i guess, so it isn’t impossible.

My phone rings, i pick it up, it’s sarah..

  • - Hey

  • - hi!

  • - what do you want?

  • - what are you gonna bring to the sleepover?

  • - I don’t know a chemise and some sleep shorts, you?

  • - I don’t, i mean I can’t look like a homeless person, like i usually do, hahaha.

  • - hahah ya

  • - oh my god! this is my chance to talk to carl for real.

  • - yeah, u go girl!

  • - haha, see you in school?

  • - yup!

  • - bye

  • - bye

And everything goes silent, My phone blings.

it’s carl, what do he want?

I pick up.

  • - hi?

  • - hey

  • - what do you want?

  • - are you going to the sleepover?

  • - yeah, why?

  • - just wondering.

  • - okey, well se you in school

  • - yeah, bye

  • - bye

Why did he call me? he never calls me...



I called sarah too see if she wanted to come over.

  • hey!

  • hi

  • you want to come over?

  • yeah sure i’ll be there in a sec!

She hungs up and everything goes silent.

I wonder If I had laid the pictures there myself, but I can’t remember that I did.

My thoughts was disrupted by the door bell.

I ran down stairs and opened the door.

  • hey rox

  • hey sarah, come in.

We went upstairs to my room.

I showed her the pictures.

  • what are these?

  • I don’t know, they were under my bed.

  • your parents laid them there?

  • no…

  • well, who did then?

  • I don’t know

  • creepy…

  • yeah..

  • hey show them again!

  • okey? what for?

  • one of them looked weird?!

  • which one?

“ This one, she said and held up the little photo of me, it wasn't the one were I didn't smile… it was another picture.

“ what’s up with it?, I asked.

Can you not see the women standing next to you?, Sarah said, with a trembling voice.

I checked it again, she was right there were a woman standing next me, she had her hand on my shoulder.

It didn't look like a person though, she had black eyes and she was... blurry, like a shadow..



The moment I got home I started packing my stuff, pillow, toothbrush and yeah all that shit you need on a sleepover.

It’s so messy in my room, something I hate, embroilment…

So I couldn’t continue my packing when I had such a mess on my then I started cleaning.

when I was nearly done, I found something under my bed, a box. I opened it and there i found pictures of me… as a kid, but they had changed, i’ve seen them before.

One picture was different from the others, I smiled on all the photos accept that one.

And their was something on the wall, like a shadow…

formed as a person.

I got creeped out and called my mom.

  • susanna speaking

  • hey! mom?

  • oh, hello honey, what did you want?

  • I found some old photos of me as a child under my bed.

  • okey, i don’t know what kind of photos you are speaking about?

  • so you hav’nt put them there??

  • no, I hav’nt dear, your father maybe now

  • Okey, yeah, I will call him, bye

  • bye

I called my dad.

  • john here, who is calling?

  • hey dad!

  • hey sweetheart!

  • i found some photos of me as a child under my bed. have you put them there?

  • no honey hav’nt..

  • okey?

  • but hun, i need to go, see u at home, bye!

  • bye..

Both my dad and mom.. did’nt even know about the photos…

Who could have put them there?! .. and who have taked them..



First of… sleep over in school?… that can’t end well.

Second… it didn’t.


So the day before the sleepover, I was horrified, scared and nervous as fuck!

It was my second year on the new school.. I was not bullied or something like that, I just didn’t want to fuck things up.

Every one was talking about it and I didn’t even want to think about it.

Sarah waved her hand towards me, in a signal for me to come to her.

  • Rox!

  • yeah?

  • come!

  • key?!

I walked over and this was what she said…

  • u know that people have died here right?

  • no, u are just making that up!?

  • nope, I am dead serious,

  • How can you know that?

  • hello this buillding is like.. i dont know.. really old!

  • But do u mean it’s like haunted or something?

  • Well that I don’t know, but i guess.

  • okey.. creepy.. but why are u telling me this?

  • I want to find out if it is haunted!!

  • okey.. well I am not going with u on your little ghost hunt tomorrow…

  • You wish.. you are so going with me!

  • nope.. why do you want me?

  • yes and that i cant say…

  • …?

I did’nt know why she wanted me to go with her so bad.

Or do I?



I've found this trend "halloween week" where u simply posts something halloween related every day untill halloween. Everyone dose it.. and I get that it's becoming pretty boring to see that on every blog u follow... therefor I am not going to do as everybody else.. thinking outside the box know. 

yes i am going to have an halloween week and yes it will be related to halloween

I am going to post a story, that me, myself and I has written all by myself. I will post one part of the story everyday untill halloween. So 6 parts. 

I can't promise that this will be a good idea.. but it is at least worth a try.

hope u enjoy this halloween story week.





Okey, so based on the title u already know what this post is going to be about.

Yeah so me as a kid. Accept from my unnaturally big cheeks...seriosulsy i looked like a fat hamster. Accept from that i was a pretty normal kid i guess.

Nope i was not! because then this wouldnt be fun to read.. am i right?

So lets get started...

I was fat and I was weird, pretty much like a normal kid.

But i was dangerous... I mean u do not just go from holding hands with your mom, take a step forward and end up holding hands with an old dude " he was not dangerous btw". But i was more dangerous to my self than to others. Unlikely from my brother who showed up an plastic fork in to my cousins nose... because he thought it would be fun...

 like every other kid, both me and my brother had some abnormal eating habits... 

I liked snails.. yeah.. and not the french ones.. the alive ones.. those who lives in your garden...

My brother was not so far from that.. he liked dirt, and it had to be in a pot which was too high for him to reach, so he could smash it.  

I can just say one thing.. my mom and dad was far too kind to us....

Hope u liked this!

I am going to write more things and stories about me as a kid but this is all I could offer this time.