Alaa feat Kodie - Black&Gold

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Oooh I just feel so good right now

Yeah I said it, yeah I said it

feel like a boss when I come around

wo-ooh-wo-oh oh oh

Oooh I just feel so good right now

and nothing can bring me down

I said nothing can bring me down

wo-ooh-wo-oh oh oh

[Verse one]

I look so good in these

fitted T-shirts and slim fit jeans

fresh out the store, fresh in my new sneaks

shades on and my brand new accessories

backslicked, beard perfectly shaved

then at the barber to perfect the fade

my style insane

they all amazed

I’m a rockstar, way up on top in my game

hey! ladies love the style

I smell so good, when I pass, they arouse

pow! black and gold, you know my colors

the bold and the fresh, do it like no other

rockin’ my Thor hammer gold chain,

like a boss, tatted and fit, Mr. good taste

Boom! wherever I go people turn around

´cause I look so good when I come around


[verse two]

I look so good in these

suits and ties, the mirror say ay papi

it’s the double 07 in me

go pac in my vest, All Eyez On Me

it’s the way that I carry myself

eat good, train good, taking care of myself

always look presentable

instagram the pose, Im fashionable

Hey! so creative, got ‘em all like: whoa!

maybe I should start designing my own clothes

aint afraid to stand out, I’m a pro

baby I can set new trends with the old

what can I say? Im fly

the perfect gentleman, one helluva guy

ah! wherever I go people turn around

‘cause I look so good when I come around

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Spotify: https://goo.gl/ld1yF9



Releasing the follow up to his well-recieved single "Fuckin Fine", Kodie once again takes us on a journey in time.

Blending 80's pop drums with melodic bouncy house, "We Just Wanna Party" is nostalgia and modern day both in one. Kodie's unique voice and catchy rap stands out and makes you want to rap along to the beat. Not to mention the cheerful hook which is guaranteed to be stuck in your mind right after the first listen.

Spotify: https://goo.gl/UnhFmc