Why not I welcoming myself to the life as a blogger. My name is Kitiya (Kitty). I live in the south of Sweden, and I would like to share some of my life here. It took me a while to start this blogging thing. It's about having some creativities, inspirations of life and everything around yourself setting in place. When I actually turn to be 30 years old for a week ago. yeah, a week ago! ^^ I decided I would love to share all the places I have been, all the food I love to eat and cook. Another thing is that I would love to show some of my asian culture, and lifestyle. Even I have lived in Scandinavia for a while now, I still have my life mixing with a little bit of Asia, and a little bit of Nordic style of life.

Anyway, we don't have to talk long. I hope you all will enjoy my blog, and find some inspirations here too. I will try to post new things in my blog as often as I could. Last but not least, sorry for my "non-correct English grammar". I will try to write it correct as good as possible. You know it's not easy to keep all three languages in the same level as the same time.



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