Hey, guys how is everyone doing? Long time no write! I have been really busy with work and school and when I'm finally free I feel I need a little break. I finally decided to start updating my youtube channel, there I'm also called KingHarris.

Yesterday I decided to film an easy makeup tutorial for you guys to see and also so you guys know that I'm out there. Go check it out and subscribe to my channel for upcoming fun videos.


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Hey beautiful people! Okay, I have to laugh looking back on the struggles I put my dear hair through for the past years! Especially my teenage years, oh gosh... only God knows how much pain and suffering this hair has been through with me has its owner. I did to my hair everything and anything you could think off, from coloring every month to bleaching and you name it. Those who know me personally know the struggle and madness I have done with my hair, haha it's crazy thinking about it now.

Alright, so the last time I took out my weave for ''wash day'', I decided to snap some pictures and show you guys what I use to maintain my hair natural and healthy. First of all yes I am going natural, it took me a very long time to finally decide on consider this journey. Now I can proudly say that I have been on the ''all natural hair journey'' for about a six good months but first I had to sacrifice (we all need to!), meaning I had to do ''the big chop off'' and stopped using products that could cost any damages to my hair.

Guys let me be honest and say it's hard going natural, because you have to take extra care of your hair like it's your little baby, haha yes so dramatic but that's the key. And you need to invest your time and money, yes I said money because you will need money in buying products which isn't that much fun, but again once you start noticing the beautiful changes it will all be worth it.

I love the new changes after starting this hair journey, because my hair looks and feels so much healthier than what it did when I first started. I'm NEVER going back to using chemicals in my hair ever again.

''Here are the few products that I use for my hair! And these are just the ones I use after I wash my hair, I forgot to snap the ones for washing (Shampoo and conditional) but just ask in the comment box if you are wondering.''

''Okay a little tips on what I usually do: I take all the oils and mix them together in a bottle/spray bottle and have it for every day usage. ''Like this little spray bottle that says kukui oil, I mixed together my two different Jamaican black castor oils, virgin olive oil, my Mega growth replenish oil and garlic oil from Vatika''.

'' A little secret, I'm a sucker for Jamaican black castor oils, that oil is amazing especially for treatments'' I usually put an amount of some of it in a bow and then warm it up for a bit in the microwave, I then put it in my hair and scalp (you need enough, don't be stingy). when you are done applying the oil in your hair, you put on a shower cap and let it set for about 1-2 hours before washing it out. I personally apply the oil in my hair right before bedtime and leave it on till the next morning. Okay, there is a tricky part to this, remember not to totally wash out the oil from your hair, because you don't want to leave your hair all dry out after washing it. Thank me later :)

'' Ey ey! Is that progress I see?'' Slowly but surely, YES!

- Here I have an Ultra Defining curl pudding and a jar of 100% Indian Hemp, which I love so much because it smells great and makes your hair soft. What I personally like about the Ultra- Defining curl pudding, is that it also makes your hair softer than usual and really curly.



Hey guys! How is everyone doing? I'm doing great and focusing on what is important in my life at the moment. I have some amazing good news and opportunities coming my way but I can't say quite yet, but when the time is right I'll tell. I'm really excited so far and greatful to God.

Anyways back to the basic, argh guys I'm so not happy about the weather these few days, it's so Cold (wait, did I say Cold?, it's FREEZING as eff!). The snow is now here and everything has turned into ice, trust me it's not that exciting having your face freez off once you step out the door.

And what could be more exciting than a throwback, from when the weather was nice and the sun still used to pay us a visit every now and then.

I'm gussing this look might be the final look untill next summer. No more chill outfits, the "ice age" is here so we need to be well packaged in from now on!

Enough talk about this tragic weather and season! Let's talk about these beautiful nude heels, they are one of my favorite pairs.



Hey guys, how is the new week going? Over here it's been a bit tough but I'm a big girl, I can handle the most things. I started school today which is pretty amazing, because my motivation to succeed is high up and I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to. This time around I have high goals and hopes for my future, so nothing is going to bring me down.

And by the grace of God all my plans and hard work will not be in vain this time around I'm sure. Now that I have a lot on my plate(School and work), I can't promise that I will be able to update the blog every now and then but I won't forget totally about it, since it's one of the few motivations and hubbies that keep me going.

Okey I think that's enough personal crap for now, haha I just freaked myself out by all this. Anyways here is a casual look I put together ''doing that basic chick crap and all'' haha hope you guys like it. I wish you all a beautiful week and new month! oxox.



Hey guys! Finally the weekend is here! I'm so exhausted, sitting on the couch watching TV with the prince, we just finished dinner. I had a long day with appointments and that sort of things. I'm pretty excited for not having to wake up at 07:00 am tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, haha yes I know that's my biggest joy.

Anyways here is a look taken a couple of days ago but I haven't had the time to post it till today. Look how beautiful it looks with all the leaves on the ground! This right here gotta be my favorite season of the year besides summer of course. Fall leaves are the prettiest and I just love everything about it! Seeing all these beautiful colors on the road- side makes me think about the summer that has been and the cold winter which is ahead of us.

Have a beautiful weekend guys! Have fun and remember to take care of yourselves.



Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Oh, I can't wait for the weekend, it's just two more days then I won't have to wake up 07:00 am stressing my ass off.

Today I wanted to share with you a tiny little beauty secret that I'm addicted to. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a must in my daily routine. This product is 100% organic and can be use for almost anything you can think of. From food making to different kinds of treatments.

I have decided to come with some tips you guys might already have heard about but trust me, there are so many ways to use this product, it's insane. I could come with so many tips and ideas but I chose just to show you guys how I use it for my personal use and trust me I just can't get enough.

-Dry and crusty lips?

Here's what to do...

- You will need a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil, a teaspoon of sugar and round cotton pads.

-Blend the coconut oil and the sugar together to create a lip scrub. Now that your homemade lip scrub is ready, take the cotton pads and put some of your lip scrub on it. You will then need to scrub your lips gently till all the dead skin falls off and you will be left with a smooth and soft lips.

''Taadaa, all smooth and kissable''.

- My next tip is for dry scalp and hair. Since I dicovered the usage of coconut oil, my hair and scalp has been blessed. I also use it as a hair and scalp treatment. I gently put the coconut oil in my hair and scalp, then put on a shower cap. leave it on for about and hour or two. Wash it out and your hair and scalp will be forever greatful to you. This is one of the perfect treatments for your hair, if you are going natural. ( For all my afro sisters out there).

- Another tip is to use the coconut oil as a moisturizer, (full body) it leaves my skin soft and moist. I just can't get enough, especially for this cold season, ain't body wanna be looking all ashy and dry haha.

-One more little tips of using coconut oil, is that it works great as a makeup remover. Here I put on a lipstick just to show you guys that it works.



Hey beautiful people! Ever since I changed blog platforms, I noticed that I have gotten a couple of new readers, which is just amazing! Thank you guys so much for reading my blog and for all the love you show me, on here and through private messages. Thanks for all the good feedbacks, I love all of you guys!

Anyways I think it's about time I make a post, where you guys can ask me questions in order to get to know me better, or just anything you are or have been wondering about. So here we go ask, ask and KingHarris will give you an answer. Ahah I know a lot of you are wondering about my blog name.... Anyways ASK ME ANYTHING!



Hey guys! Now that this month is coming to an end, there is that one special day(October 31st), where you can dress up as whatever you like and noone will judge or ask weird questions. That special day is known as Halloween, which is actually for the dead.. meaning if you have any love ones that have pasted away, that day is the time to pay them a visit at their grave sight or something like that. Anyways people have their own saying and believes.

Okey let's get to the topic! I have decided to come with some Halloween ideas for those of you who don't have the time to order in a brand new Halloween costume or just don't have enough money to throw around on costumes which are going to be worn for just a day. My ideas might not be the greatest but I think it might help someone out, and trust me these are the easiest ideas you can put together!

Every single items that were used for this Halloween idea post are all old stuff, meaning these are all cloths and stuff I already had laying around in my closet or whatever.

All you need for the famous Instagram model look: a sports bra, leggings for gym, a pair of trainers, a waist trainer and don't forget a tea bag/ tea cup will also do the trick.

'The school girl look: A skirt, a shirt, a pair of sneakers, some glasses and a couple of books and remember to have your hair in two 'pony tails' and you are good to go.'

For the Masquerade party/ ball look: you will need a long black dress and a mask! Easy as that. ps: if you are wondering where to find a mask, you can find one at H&M I think or at a hobby store near you.

'For the 'Hot school teacher look' : you will need a black pencil skirt, a black sleeves blouse, a pair of black heels, some books and a pair of glasses. ps: mine are not real.

As you can see here are all the items used for this post, they are all stuff I have laying around at home. And oh I really have to stop been lazy and get started with my tea tox already! 

I hope these ideas were helpful, have fun and enjoy!



Hey guys! I feel so dead, today has been a pretty hectic day, I went job hunting! Yes, I'm trying to get a new job because where I used to work hasn't been busy enough for me. I need something to do everyday, while I wait for school. Today I went out with some applications and had to meet up at a beauty-store, with the leader there because I sent in an application about a job some days ago, so she wanted to see me and have a talk. I think it went well, but we'll wait and see. Fingers crossed.

Anywho enough chit chat, I was supposed to update the blog earlier but  as you guys now know, I'm really busy nowadays so I might not be as active as usual, but I'll try my best. Here is a look I put together, autumn is now here and the best we can do is to wear beautiful colors! I really love the suit and it's warm as well, perfect for the season!



Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am... I'm spending my weekend with my beautiful friends, I have been staying at Linda's since Thursday, we have been having some great girls time together. At the moment we are watching some African movie on (IrokoTv) it's interesting and sweet Linda is making us some brunch (eggs and sausages) mmm yummy, I can't wait haha.

About today's plan I'm not quite sure what the girls would want us to do, so we'll see what happens. Maybe make it a chilled day with tea and more movies. Alright guys my food is here now, so I'm gonna go murder it. In the mean time here's a casual look I put together, enjoy and stay bless.