In the quiet privatized police. When the police are not enough in our municipalities and when private security companies takes over to ensure order. It is a worrying development. Release the police, they have been inside far too long.

According to a survey conducted by Echo private security takes over to ensure order to patrol and maintain order in public places. The reason is that the police presence steadily has declined in the Swedish municipalities. It is easy to understand municipal representatives, they want order in their areas, while it is a very clear sign of a system failure.
For the time being the police which holds the monopoly of violence, it is a job that must be guided by the rule of law and legal certainty require literacy. The development we see described above means that the boundary between the police and private security companies are breaking up. It is not a development we should shrug shoulders at.

There is a reason that police training is two and a half years. The police profession has become more demanding and requires knowledge of regulations. To train as a security guard or watchman means significantly lower training requirements. Security Guard Training is now 80 hours, and nowadays to some extent been outsourced to private providers.

Although the number of police officers has not decreased, rather increased, they have disappeared from our local communities. This applies not least in rural areas. Instead, it is the private security companies that take over. Today, the number of employees in these companies is up to over 30,000, this compared with today's 20 000 police officers (which in itself is an increase of 4 000 police officers since 2000).

In early October of this year, a group of 19 councilors from Norrland's interior met with Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S) at Rosenbad in Stockholm to protest against police shortage in rural areas. After the reorganization of the police, which had as its main objective to get the police to come closer to the citizens, experiencing the northern municipal councils trend is just the opposite: the police close to the citizens has increased.
And then it's not so strange especially if the municipalities instead turns to private security companies. To ensure the security of their communities. When no police are in place.

But there is another aspect to take into account the developments we see, namely privatization. When we rely on private security companies, it means ultimately that there will be those who can pay to get protection. There will be those who have resources that can count on security. It is a dangerous development for the common society.
And if the police only show up when a crime has already been committed, then the police will be connected with insecurity, danger, conflict. It is just the opposite of how the police should be perceived. The police must stand for security. This means that they must work preventively. This requires the presence, not only in big cities but also in rural areas and in our local communities.



It is with much interest that the rights of young girls are being ignored and that much needs to be accomplished in the call of young girls being targeted online by cyberstalkers in which are lurking on the internet. There are many young girls in which are only 11-15 years old being targeted simply because of their hobbies or just simply by broadcasting themselves singing and all that is required for a sextortion to occur is a webcam being installed. The responsibility is upon the parents to supervise their children and take responsibility of what their children gets to use within the home environment.

It is not only the cyberstalker that are affecting the young girls but it is also the aftermath of effects being followed often referred to sextortion in which the perpetrator lures girls into sexual activities and if they do not perform or make appropriate acts in which are requested by the perpetrator there will be consequences followed such as the distribution of nude images to other friends and family.

The perpetrator are often looking for 'weak' spots for each individual girl and often learning every individual girls personality and her surroundings before starting to take action against them. It is through the effects of these perpetrators that shame often becomes an attribute due to the distribution of naked or sexual images being shared with close relatives or friends. It is also the attention that is needed by the Police Departments to frequently be able to balance the workload between cases so that new cases receives attention. It is important that the 'attention' does not only focus on on-going or previous cases but on more new established ones so that they do not get put on hold as this leads to huge complications for young girls, one example would be Amanda Todd in which the investigation was left too late and she had to stand up against being blackmailed from a stranger in which evidently led to anxiety and depression in a very young age -- questions could be asked why the priority was not set for that particular investigation even though there were clarifications that there were more urgent on-going investigations progressing.

Many of these young girls that are being targeted with sextortion are suffering from extreme psychological disturbance with many of them that are taking off their psychological feelings by cutting themselves in their wrists or arms in which eventually could lead to death. It is important that parents and relatives knows what their children are doing online over the web and construct a filtration service in which should be supervised. Also in turn it is important for changes of website policies to encourage a higher age requirement -- even though one can lie about the age it is important that moderators for anonymous websites like chatroulette in which anyone can indulge themselves in online chatting activities are being provided, there needs to be some sort of moderation in which controls what activities are shared on the internet and especially on chat rooms in which are frequently being used by both young and older people for various reasons of both verbal and non-verbal communication. The problem is that the Police Departments must focus their attention striking further before the stalker persists to progressively abuse the girls -- here it is important to adress the specific timings of carrying out policing tasks online and to effeciently enable the police to track down stalkers online in an effective matter of time through IP-tracing but also specifically aiming to capture all logs between young girls and their perpetrator to monitor what current behavior is arising and what kind of text messages from both actors are being received.

Institutions must also become more flexible in sharing information to better help young girls and to be able to pressure investigations further more smoothly. There are many priorities being shared through different cases and it is important to further outline that young girls do not have the time to wait as their well-being are progressively being affected by an anonymous person in which threatens them through sexual or violent acts and stalking them further online. This can be seen with the case of Amanda Todd that were ultimately faced with suicidal thoughts and could not resist the pressure when being targeted with sextortion and that her singing in which she publically shared videos of herself for the purposes of a 'hobby' as any normal girl would do in a young age instead were transformed into an act of sextortion.

Ultimately instead what she got from the lens of the webcam was being faced by threats in the means of sexual activities by an older man with an 'eagerly impatient will' mixed with compulsion to persuade the girl to carry out specific activities. As young girls are still developing they are not frequently aware of what is 'right or wrong' and this captures a sense of parenting in which is extremely important, the supervisory role of the parent.

It is the truth that allowing young girls to broadcast themselves online could lead to extreme consequences in which evidently should be controlled and it is the primary responsibility through more than one actor to really support their child. It is important that the school together with the parents communicate with their children and that webcams are supervised by their parents but also teachers when being used to monitor their Childrens activities online. It is also from the stance of the perpetrator and the ways of trying to interact with young girls on a level in which breaks them down psychologically -- they know that they are easy targets. It is important to remember that sextortion is created through the 'webcam' -- it is mainly this 'apparatus' that enables such acts to happen but there is a line between in which the parents and investigators must cross and to effectively break the cycle by banning their children from the internet.

The consequences of sextortion often ends up with destructive behavior with young girls mainly being afflicted with self-harm due to the disturbed psychological wellbeing in which are shaped and formed by perpetrators by the cost of their eagerly desires. It is a consumption process of the perpetrators to consume sexual activities for the cost of innocent lives and destructive behavior in which ultimately affects the whole circulation of family and friend bonds. The young girls feels ashamed when their naked pictures are sent further to friends or family by the perpetrator and it forms a 'helpless' feeling as investigations are being processed independently and it creates a pressure for on-going investigations to be completed faster so that those currently that needs to be started can be adressed.

These young girls being 11 year old should have the rights to be on the internet safely and be secure -- so what would be the difference between the virtual reality and the genuine environment that we live in outside the cyber world?

The police carries on investigations straight away if a girl is stalked in the genuine reality and it is considered to be more serious but on the contrary if a young girl is being targeted online then same resources and same level of awareness are not having the same 'attention' level as if it would be on the street -- this is a huge difference in which needs to be solved. It is the truth that stalking someone in the outside reality generates a higher level of awareness than in the cyber reality but then rather again the information profile is generally much greater in the public compared to being in the cyber reality. Why cannot same resources be allocated? A stalker is a 'stalker' Werther it is online or in the genuine environment.

It is here we come to the difference of awareness -- a girl being stalked in the genuine environment may directly impose a feeling of insecurity whilst in the cyber environment they can have a sense of security unless they are giving their identity away due to their imbalanced feelings of someone pretending to be the age of 16 but in fact instead is 30 years old. However, it is often referred to a 'repetitive' behavior as perpetrators usually want to establish a link between either one or different girls. It is also the fact that perpetrators often use up to 100 different accounts on social media websites in order to hide their identity properly. A recent case back in 2010 accounted for a man being arrested in California due to pretending to be a family member or a friend of young girls and then tricking them to access malicious software that evidently lead to the full control of various computers and free access of images that could be easily distributed online.

In order to provide a positive solution towards the problem of sextortion there needs to be an app created simply through a smartphone being distributed throughout the world by establishing a link between every parent and their child in which simply interacts when a stranger is conversating but then again also with the possibility of checking every conversation between the child and the unknown person -- this ultimately breaks the privacy of the child but rather than being targeted and imposing a risk of becoming a victim of sextortion or worse acts of illegal online activity it would be worth breaking the privacy circle in order to reduce this kind of illegal activity.

A new campaign launched in 2014 called "MyMobileWatch" is a monitoring software for smartphones in which can be utilized by parents to advise and check what their teenagers are doing online but also who they call and converse messages with -- this application can be used to increase safety for minors including sharing it with the closest relatives and friends.

The image above demonstrates the links between the events taking place of a proper 'sextortion' in which the "WEBCAM" have the primary function -- the webcam acts as the visual picture being transmitted through bodily and physical activities of every actor. The cyber stalker transmits text messages to the victim and this in turn generates an interest for the victim being affected with the means of emotional instability and being aware of what is right or wrong -- the cyber stalker targets the 'weakest' spot and aims to first get a nude picture and the final goal is to coerce the girls to send more and more nude pictures or it will generate a degree of a threat with the means of sending any nude pictures to the individuals bias of relationships unless she fulfills the requirements of the stalker.

These cyberstalkers are frequently trying to capture images of young girls in order to establish a proper 'sextortion' by persuading the young girls to pose in front of the webcam so that the perpetrator can receive more images. According to a report by the Internet Watch Foundation and Microsoft there have been findings in that younger children are appearing naked in videos and images over the internet, the most young child reported was only 7 years old.

We are being bombarded by various activities, images over the atmosphere of the internet in which frequently grows every day and creates more cyber criminals. Even though children are curious about their body and developing, it is of concern about the current age and the responsibility that parents have to oversee their childrens activity in which is a paramount function. It is not just one opening 'road' of the internet but several 'roads' in which incrementally arises the issue of concern for young girls safety.

Children should see their activities as legally protected by their guardian and not misrepresent the fact that their privacy are being invaded -- it is more a protection shield that comes in mind for parents to monitor their children and the activities to ensure that they are safe, it is also during the maturity developmental process that children should be shown what is 'appropriate' and 'inappropriate' to access online. It has come to the issue of parenting by allowing children having computers or smartphones independently but also by browsing the web in their own bedroom apart from their parents. It is also extremely important that institutions such as schools educate children in matters of the cyber world in order to remind them of the dangers surrounding the web -- we now live in a traversive world in which visual images and videos are shaping criminal behaviors while there are people 'consuming' various illegal activities online to enagage in immoral acts by ignoring the consequences it generates -- these consequences are depression, anxiety and much worse and it is what needs to be fought together with institutions to fight illegal activity lurking over the web and protect minors online.

One of those Institutions have been the National Crime Agency which demonstrates ways to infiltrate and hunt cyber stalkers and perpetrators and the influencing techniques which are used to interview victims. One example is the work of NCA below and one of the most terrifying cases which followed the hunt for an abuser who duped and blackmailed hundreds of teenage boys to share indecent images of themselves online.

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