Copenhagen has a lot of beautiful places to explore specially in summer, where the sun shines and everyone is in a good mood. One of the places that you MUST visit in Copenhagen is the Cherry Blossom trees. Cherry Blossoms is also called Sakura after the Japanese. Cherry Blossoms are widely distributed in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Cherry Blossoms usually blooms around April.

These beautiful trees can be found in Langelinje, Bispeberg Kirkegård and some random places like; apartments and streets.

How to get there from Copenhagen Central Station:

First Option: Take bus 6a towards Buddinge St. after 18 stops get off at Tuborgvej (Tagensvej) and walk for 7 minutes towards Bispeberg Kirkegård. (This particular transportation takes 32 minutes)

Second Option: Take bus 66 towards Emdrup Torv after 15 stops get off at Tuborvej (Frederiksborgvej) and walk for 2 minutes towards Bispeberg Kirkegård. (This particular transportation takes 24 minutes)

How to get there from Copenhagen Airport:

First Option: Take the metro towards Vanløse st. after 9 stops get off at Nørreport St. From Nørreport take the bus 350s towards Herlev St. after 4 stops get off at Nørrebro St. From Nørrebrø St. take bus 66 towards Emdrup Torv after 4 stops get off at Tuborgvej (Frederiksborgvej) then walk for 2 minutes towards Bispeberg Kirkegård. (This particular transportation takes 40 minutes.)

Second Option: Take the metro towards Vanløse St. after 14 stops get off at Flintholm St. From Flintholm St. take bus 21 towards Hellerup St. after 8 stops get off at Frederiksborgvej (Tuborgvej) then walk for 3 minutes towards Bispeberg Kirkegård. (This particular transportation takes 44 minutes.)

This photos are taken in Bispeberg Kirkegård and since it's a cemetery you´re not allowed to sit on the grass or have a picnic, but there are benches you can sit on. Everyone is welcome to go and explore but remember that it´s a cemetery so we should respect their graves and the families that's mourning.

Enjoy exploring this wonderful place and remember to take a lot of pictures for memorable reasons!

Kimberly xoxo

(Photos are taken with Iphone 6s plus)

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Summer is just a few sleeps away from us and what a best way to start it with a refreshing lemonade. We all know it's hard to remember to drink up to 8 glasses or 2 liters of water and as long as i can remember, i've always struggled with this. Not only because i don't really get thirsty but i also find water sooooo boring. And since i'm a sucker for everything sour and refreshing, i decided to make a post about my favorite drink, Organic Strawberry Lemonade!

What you'll need:

Crushed Ice

Sparkling Water


Organic Lemonade (I prefer Rynkeby)

Organic Mint Leaves

Organic Strawberry

Step 1: Fill your glass of choice with Organic Lemonade. Depending on how big your glass is, it should be filled up with 1/4 Lemonade and 3/4 of sparkling water.

Step 2: Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and mix well.

Step 3: Fill your glass with crushed ice or ice cubes.

Step 4: Add the mint leaves and stir well.

Step 5: Add the strawberry.

Step 6: Enjoy your Organic Strawberry Lemonade with good company :)

Kimberly xoxo



How to make vegan chocolate cookies:

This chocolate cookies are vegan-friendly. For those who want to make these cookies with non vegan producys, you can use the products that are listed in the parenthesis.

What you'll need:

200 grams plant margarine (butter)

300 grams sugar

chickpeas water (1 large egg)

275 grams flour

75 grams dark cacao

a large bar of 85% dark chocolate (optional)

organic almond nuts (optional)

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven at 200 celsius.

Step 2: Making sure that the margarine are melted. Mix the margarine and the sugar in a large bowl until it becomes fluffy.

Step 3: Whisk your chickpeas water until it you can see a thick layer of bubbles.

Step 4: Add your flour and mix it well.

Step 5: Add the cacao and make sure everything is well-mixed.

Step 6: Making sure that the cookie dough is not too wet or dry. Add your choice of chocolate bar and nuts.

Step 7: Lay your baking paper in a tray and start making your cookie dough balls. Making sure there is space in between the cookies. The bigger the ball dough, the bigger the cookies will be.

Step 8: Put the dough in the oven for 10 minutes making sure to check it every now and then.

Step 9: Take out the cookies from the oven and let it cool for 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy your cookies with a cup of coffee or tea and a good company! :)

Kimberly xoxo



In 2014, my sisters and I decide to go in an adventure in Nice, France, along with us were two other friends and a camera. The ticket costs around 1,100 DKK, which is around 156 US Dollars. I believe it was a three hour flight from Copenhagen to Nice. When we landed, we immediately found a taxi, that can drive us to the place we were staying.

The flat that we found in Airbnb was about 20-30 minutes away from the airport. The flat was nice and spacious, it was enough for five people to stay in for eight days. The flat has a reasonable price, it was around 800 euro.

Our journey started in Old Town, where we ate our first lunch in France. Old town is one of the popular place to in France. The place was a reminder of how it looks in the old days. The street was small and the buildings are old. Old town is not only for shopping adventure. It is also for historical matters and we also found some nice little café and ice cream shops.

People were very polite, but not all of them can speak english so it was kind of hard to communicate with them. One of our favorite place to eat was a restaurant besides a beach. They sell all kinds of food, but my favorite was their Chicken Wok and Beef steak. At first, i got confused when they gave me tomato with mozzarella, when i ordered beef steak, but it tasted great and i want to go back in France for that.

Since the weather was great, we also went to the beach called Castel. It was a stoned-beach where people go swimming or sun bathing. We were there for a couple of hours and enjoyed the view and the weather. My sisters went swimming ans since i'm not a big fan of swimming, i just sat there and watch them.

We also went to Monte Carlo and check out their casino, but we weren't allowed to take pictures in there. We didn't play and since one of my sister was under eighteen we couldn't get in. So we decided to check out the view and takes some pictures. It was amazing!!! The places seems to be very exclusive and all the shops were designers only. To get to Monte Carlo from our place we took a bus, it took us around 25 minutes to get there. The driver was crazy (not literally) he drove so fast that i thought i was going to be sick (and also it was a tiny cliff road).

We always make sure to go for a walk and we always end up discovering a lot of great place to chill. And the view was breath taking. Where ever you go, there is always something to see and something to try.

All and all, we all enjoyed our little adventure. We saw a lot of different places and learn the culture, and the most important is that we had time to spare just relaxing and not thinking about problems.

So if you're planning to go on a vacation. I difenitely recommend Nice, France.

Kimberly xoxo