So, second part of my long time no see is the Allen County Fair!

I went to the fair with my family and literally we only came because of the food. We had been to Cedar Point (the big amusement park) the weekend before and therefor we didn't wanna ride any rides. We only looked at them and then we started with looking at all the stuff that people sold and then we also watched a wolf show! Alyx, my older sister, loves wolfs. She wasn't with us at the fair though because she had been there with her boyfriend a day before. So it was me, Ava and Joel and Tracy and we watched it and it was cool. They had a lot of wolfs and the wolfs showed us different tricks and there was also a lot of background story about wolfs.
Then we tackled all the food at the fair. We had corn dogs, fried Oreos, fries, homemade ice cream, fried cookie dough, fried cheese and drinks. It was great but we were all super full after that day.
The fair was very fun and there were a lot of other shows too, like acrobatics and then some art shows. There were also little games that people could play were you could win a live fish or a bunny. It was crazy. I would have wanted to win a bunny. They were cute. But Bernese our dog, would have eaten it. Or one of our cats would have. Same thing with the fish.
Well the fait was good and the food was better! Fried Oreos were really good but it sounds weird!

There were also a lot of animals and animal shows were people sold bunnies or cows or pigs and won prices for them.

The wolf show is the one with the many flags and then some more pictures of the fair!
One thing I've noticed is that there are American flags everywhere. Just if you go to the checkout at Walmart, there will be flags everywhere. I like it!

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Well I haven't really posed anything for a month, but I guess I have just had to much fun enjoying my American life (yey!).

Since I wrote my last post a lot has happened. I started High School, soccer season started for real and I've done a lot of other American stuff like going to the fair and Homecoming week also started this week!
I'm probably going to talk about it in different posts because it's going to be to much otherwise.

So let's just start with High School since that is the biggest thing.
I started at Elida High School as a junior on august 29th and I was lucky to know all the soccer girls because there were a lot of people and it was great to know some! (I would have been lost otherwise, it's so different here from my school.)
My classes are Musical Theater, Chemistry 1, US Social Studies (US history), Latin 1, Calculus, Study hall, Bulldog and English 11. The bulldog is our mascot and Bulldog period is pretty much like a 25 minute study hall but everyone in the entire school has it at the same time so we can go to any teacher for help.

Every other period is about 55 minutes long and in between them we have 4 minutes to get to our locker and next class. It took me two weeks to get used to that short time. But now it's fine!
Lunch is about 28 minutes long and it's not as bad as people told me. There are always 4 lines. Salad bar, sandwich line, main line and pizza line. The sandwich is like a cold hamburger or subway sandwich (less fancy) and kind of dry but there is ketchup and mayonnaise and if you put it on it's good. The pizza is good and I haven't tried the salad yet. The main line is always a different dish. Sometimes mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets, tacos, hamburgers, breadsticks with dip, Chinese food and lot's of other stuff. Then there are always 2 vegetables ans fruits. There is also ice cream and chips and cookies but they coast extra. Otherwise the lunch is about $2,50. I think that's fine.

It took me a while to make friends in my classes because I was so stressed in the beginning and also the teachers were super hard on no talking in class. So basically I couldn't make friends since we weren't allowed to talk. But after a while it all kind of fell into place and I felt more comfortable with the different ways of how it all worked and teachers also let us talk (except for my US Social studies teacher, no one cam talk in that class and I therefor don't like it...). I quickly made some friends in my classes, although most of them still are not good friends, but I also have some good friends which is really great! I also met the Italian exchange student for the first time, the first day of school and she is amazing!! She is one of my best friends here.

People told me before that high school isn't hard at all, but that is actually not really true. It depends on which subjects you choose. Since I have Calculus and Chemistry I have some very hard subjects. But Calculus is fun and Chemistry is not but I have friends in that class so I just stayed in it. The rest of my subjects are really easy though.
I also get a lot of homework in many classes and it is often due to the next day or the Friday of the same week. The homework is not hard, except some Chemistry and Calculus homework, so I usually get it done in Study Hall and Bulldog period.
We have the same homework for English and US Social Studies every week. Current event for US Social Studies and Article of the Week for English. Both sound bigger than they are, current event means that we have to find and read an article and summarise it in 8 sentences and Article of the Week means read and highlight stuff in an article we get from our teacher and write a one page opinion on it. It's kind of boring to do it every week. But US Social Studies are not fun any ways.

My favourite class is Musical Theater because we talk a lot there and it is chill and it's fun. I have many friends in that class. Nicoletta, the Italian student is one of them and also a girl from soccer.
I actually have a girl from soccer in almost every class. US Social Studies is probably the only one were there is none. But Nicoletta is in it.

High School is very different from my school, also just because if the spirit. People walk around in Elida clothes all the time and there is orange, black and gold everywhere (our school colours). There are Bulldogs everywhere too and every Friday a lot of people wear Football t-shirts and the Football players wear their game jerseys. In fact, every team that has a game on a certain day is wearing either their game jerseys, their sport spirit wear or dressing up. A lot of people show up at all the home games also and cheer for our high school. It is so cool. There is also a big "we" in everything and people are super friendly and helpful. My school has about 1 800 students and a lot of people knew who I was before I came so many people introduced themselves (although I didn't make friends with even half if them). But it was really nice!

Well a long story made short- school started very stressful and to be honest I hated it, but now I like it (not US Social Studies and Latin) but the rest is great and I made friends at last and I love the spirit so much and I wish we had it at home. There is so much extra here and the "we" is a great feeling. And it's not really easier, it just depends on what subjects you have and also a lot on the teacher. (I love my Calculus teacher she is great!!!) And I finally made friends and they are Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors so their from every grade. So school is pretty good now! (But it starts at 7:40 so I get up at 5:30 to make the bus...(yes I ride the yellow school bus!) and school ends at 2:40.) And after school I have soccer!!

I don't have a lot of pictures from school because we aren't allowed to take any actually. But here is my locker sign (most sport people have one), some Calculus stuff and an Ohio and American Flag at school. And I also forgot to say that there is an American Flag in every class room and in the morning after the bell rings, everyone has to stand up and face the flag and we may lay the hand over our heart (or just let them hang by our sides or have them behind kur backs) and then say the pledge of allegiance. It goes like this: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

So here are some pictures of the school I've posted before, and then there is my Calculus class and also an example of the school lunch. It is better at home but it's fine here too. It doesn't look fine though. But it is. There is also a picture of a part of a bus reading our school district and then there is a picture of a Homecoming ticket sale poster because we have Homecoming this week!

The last picture is bad, but it's our school in the back and it's taken from a bus. I get to school like that every morning and if you look closely you can see busses driving towards the school. The busses are yellow and have green blackish seats. The seats are like two combined seats so if you sit alone there is a lot of space. There are also no seat belts and the busses are pretty loud but it's ok. They are cozy:)



First soccer game: scrimmage against Allen East, we won 6-1 and we had a lot of fun playing. There is no better way to start playing soccer than winning a game! Go orange, go bulldogs!!

Road Tripping to Cedar Point

Arrival at our hotel at Cedar Point and swimming in Lake Erie, one of the great lakes

Cedar Poiiint!!!

This one is the Top Thrill Draxter, my favourite!

Cedar Point had the biggest roller coasters I've seen in my life

The eclipse and my friend Soopy

They also had dinosaurs and Oreo Churros, Oreo Churros was one of the best things I've ever had

I also Skyped with my family because it was my sister's birthday🎈❤️❤️

This was our dirst game!! We lost but we had fun anyways and Varsity played after hs and they won!!

​Those were all the pictures I had to show, my life here pretty much is either soccer or something else, but soccer is a very big part. But I like it because soccer is awesome!!!



I know that I haven't been updating at all since camp and many people are wondering what I'm up to and how I'm feeling. Well I'm going to summarise my first three weeks here because I don't have the time to write it all down in detail.

The first day I arrived in Ohio I was nervous and excited and sad all at ones. I also was happy when I met my hostfamily because I immediately knew that they are amazing. Since the drive from the airport to my new home was 1 hour, I got to see a lot of Ohio and I was kind of overwhelmed by the time I had gotten a house tour and seen all the new scenery. (There are a looot of corn fields here and it is very flat.) I then took some time too settle in and then we went to eat dinner at a place called Five Guys. I ate like 2 Fries because I was dead tired and overwhelmed and on top if that emotionally confused because I didn't know wether to be sad or happy because I missed camp but also was so relieved because my hostfamily is great.
And yeah, I almost forgot: I also got a tour around the town and I met a few people. My hostfamily's friends and their kids and a girl from the Varsity soccer team. They were really nice!!

I went to bed quite early, we just fixed my phone so I would be able to use it here in the U.S. The next day I still needed some time to settle in and put my stuff away. I also went to my host grandparents place to use their ironing board because my hostfamily doesn't have one haha. Then me and my younger hostsister Ava went on a bike tour around the neighbourhood. It is so pretty and all the houses are big and look rich.
In the evening we ate dinner at my host grandparents place. Lasagna and brownies for dessert. It was really good. Then I taught my host sisters Ava and Alyx a Swedish card game and then we all watched TV shows.

On Monday I had my first soccer practice. The girls were really nice! I play on the JV team but I mostly talked to the Varsity girls in the beginning of soccer. Like the first few days. They are more my age. But I really like the coaches and soccer and the teams. We have practice every day for 1 hour and 45 minutes. It is always hot and the sun is almost shining non-stop. If we're lucky there is a slight breeze. But at leat I got a real tan! But I have permanent soccer socks, t-shirt and shorts...

After practice on Monday the Varsity girls asked me if I wanted to go with them and make locker signs. We went to a store called Hobby Lobby and then to one of the girls house and made the signs together. We spent the entire evening there and I had a lot of fun and I was happy to get to know some people.

On Tuesday we went to the school and I picked my subjects. I will post a picture of my schedule below. I also walket around the school with my host mom. I like American schools!
In the evening me and my host sisters started our Harry Potter marathon. Mostly me and Ava (my younger hostsister) are watching because Alyx (the older one) is working. We also got ice cream from Dairy King. It was super good!

The next day (Wednesday) I had my first soccer game. But it was inly a scrimmage. We went on the yellow school bus and drove to our opponent's school. I like the busses. The seats are comfortable if you are sitting alone on one because it's more like a bench with cushions. That been said: you can "sleep" on it. There are also no seat belts.
I am the right corner flat back- the person in front of the goalkeeper to the right in the corner. So far I've played on all games and only been taken out of one game for a few minutes. I love soccer and I finally have an opportunity to play since I have no time at home.
We won the scrimmage 6-1. It was an amazing feeling!! Since we play on high school level, we get food after the game. That is also amazing.

The next days I pretty much just went to soccer practice and went shopping for essentials like new soccer cleats and other stuff. On Saturday however we went to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to go shopping with a friend of the family and her daughter. Actually the ones I met the first day. We shopped the whole day and I got a lot of stuff!! The mall was big. They had all the stores you need. I got a homecoming dress, and they had Victoria's Secret and Pink, Hollister and an amazing store called Garage. And a looot of other stores. I also met one of my roommates from camp at the mall. I was super surprised and she too because neither of us new the other one would be there or that we would ever meet each other again. I couldn't believe my luck really.

Next day was a Sunday, and we went on a three day trip to Cedar Point!!! It was awesome! Cedar Point is the world's most popular roller coaster park. People from all over the world come there. We arrived at our hotel after a four hour road trip. The road trip was amazing, we sang and listened to music and at snacks. The hotel was also amazing because it was big and fancy. I shared a room with my host sisters and Ava had brought one of her friends. She was fun because she went in all the rides with me and my host dad Joel.
We went to swim in the lake (Lake Erie) after we had arrived. It's one of the great lakes and it was huge. We swam for the entire evening and then went to eat at a restaurant inside the hotel. It was delicious. I ordered a salad with avocado although there was no avocado in it. That was sad.

The next day we went to the actual Cedar Point roller coaster park! We went in early because we stayed at the hotel and went in all the popular rides at first. We started with the Valravn which has a vertical drop where you face the ground. It was so mich better than any ride back home in Lissberg. It was only Avas friend and Joel, my host dad who went on all the big rides. I only went in two rides or so with Alyx and Ava. That was sad:( but I had loads of fun anyway! My favourite was the Top Speed Draxter. It was shaped as a U and it was really fast because it drove straight into the air after 50 meters or so and then very far up and then straight down again. Both the way up and down were vertically from the ground. I loved it. They had a lot of other amazing rides and not a single one of them was even comparable with Liseberg. Not at all. (Okay yeah some of the kids tides perhaps.) I went on all the rides except for one because the like was to long. My host dad and Ava's friend and me ran around the park the last hour because we wanted to do all the good stuff again before we had to leave. We also got a lot of food. I even got some German food. And Oreo churro's. Omg they were soo good!!!! And we also watched the eclipse. Because there was an eclipse. It was cool but the eclipse could best be seen from Tennessee and that's far away so we didn't get the full blow of darkness. I also Skyped with my parents because my sister turned 14!!!❤️❤️❤️ I could barely gear them though because of all the roller coasters. But they could hear me!

In the evenimg we went to go swimming again and then we ate snacks for sinner and went to bed.

About the food here: it is soo freaking good but also very much unhealthy. I have stopped caring though because I can eat healthy when the opportunity arrives and then I can eat junk all the other time because you have too live your American year to the fullest and I can eat healthy again when I come home. I try to eat healthy if it's possible, but if not, it's fine.
For instance I've had taco bell with Alyx, tries new MC Donalds Stuff as we made the locker signs and loads of candy and my breakfast is usually toast and pop tart or banana bread. And apple or pear but that's only if I find the time for it.

The next few days were pretty much soccer and some other small stuff. But then on Wednesday I had my first real soccer game. We took the yellow school bus again and then we gave our best at the game. Or maybe not because we played much better at the scrimmage... We lost 3-0 or something. It was terrible. Afterwards we watched the Varsity game. Man they are good!!! I've never watched a non professional soccer game at this level like this. They are super fast and really skilled.
My entire day was soccer, pretty much, because we watched Varsity play, but I liked it. I finally got to talk better to the JV team and I know more people there now.

There are still two more days to tell about but I will make another post for them, since this would be to long otherwise.

My host family picking me up at the airport! The girl in the back of the car and pink T-shirt is Ava, the younger one and the other one is Alyx, who is older than me. Then my host mom Tracy and my host dad Joel.

One of the cats- Jack, and us playing cards at their grandparents place

Locker signs in the making with the Varsity girls (it's not finished on the second picture)

Some pictures of the High School, it's a nee building and I like it. It looks new and feels new and that is amazing. We are the bulldogs and our colours are orange, gold and black!!

First soccer practice!! I loved it!! Soccer here is so much more fun than home because it is much bigger here because it is a school sport. All the spirit is amazing!

Ice cream from Dairy King, it was so good!

Shopping in Fort Wayne, Indiana and meeting my roommate from Italy again<3 and lunch at the mall with my friend!

Pool day times two

I will make another post with the rest of the pictures because I don't want to post one gigantic post (I know, I already do)



This is probably my longest post, just saying. But I want to remember everything</3. Before I started my exchange I had heard people say that camp was the best 10 days in their life. I didn't believe them because I've done some prettying awesome stuff before. But they were right. You cannot compare camp to anything you've done before. Because there is legit nothing like it.

Today was a really sad day for everyone here at camp. We started the day with breakfast homeroom. The last breakfast... I'm going to miss the buffet so bad because it is so good! They have bagels with egg, cheese and bacon every day (man they are so good) and then there are scrambled eggs, bacon, fruits, yogurt, cereals, bread, bagels, jam and peanut butter, porridge and everyday some special stuff in addition to this stuff. I usually ate the bagel with egg, cheese and bacon for breakfast with fruit salad but sometimes I ate a bagel with peanut butter and jam. I loove the buffet really. They also had so much dessert and it was so good. At breakfast they had muffins and danishes.
At lunch there were hamburgers (cheeseburgers), pizza with either pepperoni 🍕 or just cheese (the one with just cheese was one of the things I liked the best) and fruits and a giant salad buffet and also a special dish every day. I usually ate the special but sometimes the pizza. The specials were so good though. They had Spätzle one day, Chinese food one day and chicken another day. Then there was the dessert. The chocolate chip cookies were soooooo good!!! I miss them like crazy. Then I also loved the brownies. There was also cake and lemon squares and muffins and loads of other stuff.
Dinner was the same as lunch. The same desserts usually and the same thing to eat except that there was another special. I usually drank water for breakfast and Root Beer for lunch and dinner. I love Root Beer. It is a strange thing because it tastes kind if like toothpaste but I love it. Once you get used to it, it is something very much else than toothpaste. One of the ambassadors told us it was his favourite drink but that most people didn't like it. He was right but I love it.

After breakfast today however I went with a friend who recently had gotten a new Host Family, to the EF office to check something about her High School. The EF office is a little bit of campus and the building is really fancy and old. As we went inside a lady told us to sit down and wait because there was no staff there yet. They were all in a meeting. We found the cutest rabbit ever outside the window and then we sat down in the old, fancy armchairs in the living room. We weren't alone for long though because after a while an ambassador came in with a student who had lost his phone. She directly started to do the same as my friend Marietta and I did. She made fun of the old and fancy furniture. Then the three of us went around the house suggesting were the entrance to the secret room might be and the ambassador twisted some stuff on the fireplace and made hilarious comments. I'd never spoken to her before that but I liked her immediately. She is so funny!
When we finally had gotten all the information we needed we went to homeroom were everyone was checking in to their flights. We just sat down in the classroom and got started ourselves. I actually was the first person to check in although the others had had like a ten minutes head start. Our ambassador helped and our teacher helped but it took a long time until everyone had checked in and in the meantime another ambassador came in and told us that he had broken his phone the same day as he had been supposed to check into his flight when he had been going to his host family so he had had to check in on the airport. A girl in my homeroom had the same problem. Although she used her computer.
We also signed each others Eagles t-shirts as a memory of everyone before we would leave.

After the check in we all went down to the basement of the Seeger building (were the cafeteria was) to start out graduation. I was so sad by then. I was not ready to leave camp at all!!! All the Madison Eagles had gathered down there because we wanted to graduate together. All the teachers and ambassadors gathered on the small stage that was in the room and us students sat down wherever there was space. Me ad my friends sat down on the pool table. Then it started and the first homeroom to graduate was Beth's and Lea's class. Beth and Lea stood at the front of the stage and called the names of their students one by one and they came up on stage, hugged Beth and then got their diploma from Lea and hugged her to. Then they went on and hugged the other ambassadors and teachers and then they gathered in the back of the stage to later take a picture. After Beth's and Lea's homeroom, Jason's and Paul's homeroom graduated. In between Beth and Rebecca had some little speeches and they both started crying so I was actually crying real bad by the time Jason's homeroom graduated. Me and my friend Kara were seriously sobbing hard because we cried that much. We sat there hugging each other and our other friends were sitting there hugging us too.
After Jason's and Paul's homeroom it was our turn. Our teacher Michael hadn't been crying really before. Only a little. He told us he was no emotional person and he wasn't when we first met him, I promise. But by the time our class was being called on stage one by one he was crying and had to dry his eyes many times. As it was my turn to go on stage I could feel the tears running down my face. I honestly didn't expect me too feel this bad to leave camp because I thought that I wouldn't get this attached to people in ten days. But I've met people at camp who are some of my best friends (they became that in 10 days!) and some people that are like parents to me and some that are like my older siblings. People I trust, people I would turn to if I need someone to talk to. People who mean the world to me. I didn't expect that at all. But there I was, on graduation, getting my diploma from Shony, my ambassador, hugging her hard, crying, hugging Mike, our awesome and good hearted teacher, still crying. Everyone was crying. Then I went to hug the next teacher and she told me that I was an awesome person and she told me that I would do great and more stuff that I don't remember. Then I went on to the next one and I told her that I would miss her badly because she is so funny. She told me that she would miss me too and some more stuff that I don't remember. Then I went to the last teacher and the three other ambassadors. They all said stuff to me too and I to them and it all made it easier to get ready for leaving camp. Because that's what I have too do and I am not ready.
We later took a picture as all of lur homeroom was on stage. Madison Eagles East. That's our homeroom. I will never forget you guys, you made many things possible for me, all the ambassadors and Eagles teachers included <3.
After the pictures we went back to our seats and then Rebecca and Stefans homeroom graduated. Then there were more speeches and more crying and then the teachers gave their ambassador presents. One ambassador got snacks and hugs from the teacher because that was the relationship in a nutshell he had with his her. He got Root Beer and Skittles and a pillow that looked like a bird and you could clip it together to a stuffed animal and unfold it as a pillow that you could hug. It was heart warming to see all that.
Then graduation was over and some people left and others stayed to sign t-shirts (like us), talk (like us) or take pictures. But then we had too leave and we did. I was so sad by then. But I knew that I would never forget people and they will never forget me.

After graduation we had to start the packing but we only had half an hour time so we went straight for lunch. It was sad because it was the last lunch and the buffet is fabulous as I said before. After lunch though we had a talent show. Everyone who wanted had been able to attend and I was thrilled to watch because I knew that the ambassadors would tell us were they're from. One of my friends and me already knew almost all 19 of them though but it was fun to get it confirmed.
The talent show started and there were many singing acts and music acts. They were all really good and some people gave me goosebumps. There was one girl who sang and she dedicated the song to her homeroom. It was sooo sweet and after a while she had to stop singing because she started to cry and her teacher just ran up to her and hugged her. Her ambassador was sitting in the top corner of the room and he sprinted down all the stairs in an incredible speed. I have never, ever in my life seen someone take that steep and uneven stairs so fast before. Because the steps were not always the same size. They were bigger wherever a row of chairs was so like every third step. It was fascinating and awesome to se him running down the steps that fast because honestly it was a miracle that he didn't trip. I'm still amazed by that, it was one of the biggest talents I saw during the show. He then hugged the girl like crazy after he finally slowed down and got his balance back after the stairs and it was so beautiful! The girl, her teacher and ambassador. I wish I would have had that girls courage and talent. She was so brave to sing that and dedicate it to her homeroom was so sweet. I loved her act.
Some people also danced. One of the Washington Wolves classes danced to Cotton Eye Joe and I didn't like it really because they made it look like it was their dance but it was the dance of the entire camp<3. But they were fun to watch, they gave everyone spirit. The talent show was pretty long though and after a while I got bored. Then the ambassadors went out of the room and I figured that they would tell us by then. Then two ambassadors came down to the stage and started singing a song which they dedicated to all the other ambassadors because they are really good friends. The ambassadors are seriously like a family and I love seeing them together because their friendship is amazing. The song the two ambassadors sang was "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars and it almost made me cry because it was so sweet.
After the song the ambassadors had gone back out of the room and a minute later another song started playing and the boy ambassadors came running down the stairs. All of them were wearing dresses. It was oddly satisfying because some of them looked good in them. It was funny and I loved it. They started dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé and it was so fun. They danced girly. Then the girls came down the stairs. They all wore hip hop clothes and started to dance to a hip hop song. Then they danced to a few songs all together and then one of the ambassadors from my High School went to grab a suitcase. The other ambassadors were standing at the sides of the stage and the ambassador with the suitcase was slowly walking into the middle of the room while a sad song about leaving was playing. The ambassador was playing that he was going to leave America and playing sad and stuff when suddenly, after he had opened the suitcase, "Atemlos" by Helene Fisher started playing and all the German ambassadors came running to the suitcase and took out a german flag and started jumping up and down. Now every country represented by the ambassadors had one song and the ambassador would come and pick up their flag and jump up and down. Then when everyone had done that the entire crowd went down and went to the ambassadors who were from their country. It was pretty fun, but the best part was seeing were the ambassadors were from and hearing them speak in their native language later that day.
This was the last act of the talent show and therefore everyone had to leave and we all had to pack our stuff. I was so sad to having to do that. I had already packed most of my clothes and stuff because I never really unpacked. I just kind of lived in my suitcase at camp. It was pretty comfortable but the clothes were all wrinkly though. We had to leave our big suitcase in the gym because EF wanted to make sure that everyone got ready and packed because they didn't want any problems while loading the busses later at night.
Because I had already packed my big suitcase and still needed my carry on bag and back pack I went down to one of my friends rooms and we sat there talking about leaving. We were both sad and we didn't want to leave our EF family or Muhlenberg College were camp is at. After a while one of our other friends joined us and we went to the gym together to drop our bags of. The line was very long because all the 400 students at camp had the same task. We were lucky though and arrived quite early. We had to tell the people our name and wich buss we were on. We had gotten all the information in the morning while checking in on the plane. I was the only one going on bus 9. I hadn't spoken to anyone else and I didn't know which ambassadors would come with me. Bus 8 however would leave to the same airport just a little bit earlier and two of my friends were on it and one of my favourite ambassadors.

As we had checked in at the desk we were told to go into the gym and leave our bag in the area that was marked with our bus number. My row was pretty empty. As we had left our bags it felt real to leave camp. It felt so strange to leave and it was even more strange that I was so sad to leave something I had only known for ten days. We went to dinner all together for the last time at camp. My friends and me had planned to make a promposal like "thank you" to our ambassador and teacher at lunch but our teacher had to leave lunch early and our ambassador was in a meeting and arrived late so we couldn't do it. We then planned to do it for dinner but at dinner we decided to do it later before prom (yes we had a mini prom after dinner). So we just picked a spot and ate our last dinner. We sat down at a round table and two ambassadors joined us. One of them was a Norwegian girl and the other one was our homeroom ambassador Shony <3. I was drinking my last Root Beer at camp that dinner and I was so sad. I love Root Beer and I am forever and ever going to think of camp when I drink Root Beer. I don't remember what we had for dinner but the food was always amazing. We talked all together and two other girls had joined us too and we joked around with the ambassadors. They told us lots of fun stuff because this was last day if camp and the ambassadors would go home the same day we are going to our host families. They would go back to their home country for the first time in an entire year. That must be super strange for them.

After dinner we had our last free period. It wasn't long at all though and I think that we all just went to get ready for prom. However I had no dress so I just wore a blouse and a pair of shorts. But that was fine. Only a few people really dressed up.

After the Free Period we had one last homeroom. All the Eagles had their homeroom together the basement of Seeger. We had a quick assembly and then every homeroom took pictures and stuff. This was also when my friends and I gave our thanks to our teacher and ambassador. In one of the free periods (the one before lunch) we had made signs that said (sign nr.1) Michael and Shony we just wanted to tell you (sign nr.2) that you are the best (sign nr.3) we live you. We then held up the signs and showed them to them and again we all started to cry. It was a beautiful moment though because they had given us so much and we felt like we needed to give them a proper thank you. We took one last picture and then we went up to prom.

Prom was honestly not that fun. We had one room full of people dancing and a DJ. It would have been fun if the music would have been better. Most songs I had never heard before. But some were awesome. It was still funny but it was of course not a real prom. They also had food. Cookies and drinks and crisps and stuff. It was good. I love their chocolate chip cookies. They are amazingly good! I ate a few:). We danced until 11 o'clock. We were in the front center of the dance floor and I can tell you it was the best spot. All the fun people were up there and it was honestly more fun watching them dance than giving much effort to dancing yourself. But we did a lot of that too. Until 11 o'clock. Then prom ended and the departures started. People on bus 1-3 had to stay awake and in the gym. Us other people had to sleep. And the worst part was: one of my very beat friends was on bus two. We had to say goodbye to her. It was awful. We cried a lot. We also said goodbye to many more people and lingered in the building for far longer than we were allowed to. But then we had to go. Two of my friends and me went to one of my friends room. Although we were told to go to bed we stayed awake. Their wake up time was at 2:15 and mine at 3:30. But we all stayed awake together. We showered and then just sat there, talking and eating candy. It was cozy but we were starting to get tired.

At finally 2:15 we had to start to get ready. We went to say goodbye to another friend at 2 o'clock and then we got ready. I said goodbye to my roommates and picked up my stuff to leave it in my friends room. Then me and my two friends who were left at camp went to the gym. They checked in for the second time and then went to get their luggage. We sat down and waited for the bus to start loading but two other busses were loading first. We talked a bit and then we had to say goodbye. I went with them to the bus and watched them take their seats. It was weird standing there alone. But an ambassador came up to me and asked me if I was alright. She told me she had cried for all the other busses leaving and she made me feel less alone. Then after a long while everyone was on the bus and they waited for the signal to leave. O had to leave before them though because I had to get my bag and check in myself. I hated to walk away from that bus, but I knew that I will see them again. Some day.

I went to get my bag and then returned to the gym. I didn't have to wait for long until my bus number was called and our bus started loading. I was terminal F and was one of the first to get on the bus. I sat down in an empty seat and was later joined by a Taiwanese girl. We talked the entire bus ride from camp to Philadelphia. She was really nice and she kept me from crying. And falling asleep since I hadn't slept since seven o'clock ghat morning. When we arrived at the airport she went of before me and I also saw one of my favourite ambassadors one last time. I had gotten to say goodbye to him like five times and he had been on the same bus as my two friends. It was nice seeing a person I knew again before I had to leave. I didn't know anyone else on my bus. I only knew the ambassadors but hadn't spoken that much to them.
Then we left for terminal F and I got of and everything happened fast. We checked in, got trough security and I only saw the ambassadors who were at my terminal briefly because then we were already gone. I waited with a guy and a girl on my plane plus two Italians and then they all boarded and finally I did too. I went on the plane to Ohio heavy minded, knowing that I was leaving a piece of me behind. A piece I am hoping to collect one day. In my heart I now had another home and even another family. Because that is what we became at camp. We became family. And the love of a family never dies. Not even through distance. Family will always be with you, right in your heart, were it cannot be touched or forgotten.
I will forever miss you, but I will also forever love you guys. I hope you will all have an amazing year in America , find your dreams and live them. For you who already had your exchange, I wish you good luck back home and in the rest of your life, stay as awesome as you are now, you made a great difference in my life! And for my teachers, I wish you the same. Stay crazy people, because that's why I love you and I want you to know that you also made a huge impact in my life!

For my family back home, I will of course always miss you and I love you too, but at least I will see you again for sure. I sadly don't have that luxury with all the people I love ❤️

"It is not a goodbye, it is a see you later" I will stick to that quote and hope that it will not disappoint me. I will see you again one day guys, until then, good luck❤️

This is Root Beer, at Camp it wasn't in a bottle though but I bought this one at the airport

The fancy furniture, although it's just a very small part of it, I didn't have a better picture. And there is also my friend Marietta<3

Oh and yes, this is so good! This is my friend from Taiwan <333 and she got us all Taiwanese candy. You have nooo idea how good these are. Just writing about them makes me want one. They are awesome... I still owe Nashwa Swedish candy though. I promised her

Worst resolution ever but these pictures are from the graduation so I want them to be represented. It's hard to see but on the small ones are the hugs and snacks presents. It was so sweet of the teacher

And this was my graduation!! You can't really tell that I'd been crying but I had

A picture of boys dorm because it is simply beautiful

Packing all our memories away for safekeeping in our identical suitcases

The ambassadors telling us where they're from, prom, food at prom and our pinky promise to see each other again</3 I miss you guys❤️

Because the ambassadors are the most awesome people I know

Our homeroom ambassador and teacher and the other ambassadors and teachers of Madison Eagles, guys you are awesome!!!❤️ Without them my exchange year would be a lot harder. But I know that it'll all be fine even when it feels bad, because they made it. I can make it too. Thank you Eagles ambassadors and staff!!!!

Last goodbye as we waited for the bus...

... and loading the busses



Today was different because classes were already over. We met at the College Green by the Muhlenberg statue and went with the yellow school busses to an amusement ark called Dorney Park. We all went in together according to homeroom. I later went through the park with Marietta, Marlene, Nashwa, Kara and Line. It was so much fun although Marlene had to borrow a wheelchair from the park because of her foot wich she had hurt during volleyball activity. We pushed Marlene through the park and went on roller coasters while 1 person was always waiting with her. We tried some awesome stuff and the ones that was the most fun was one called Steel Force and one for kids with a mouse because it was so ridiculous. My friends also went on some water thing wich resembled the Swedish "Flume Ride" but was much bigger and cooler. There was a bridge in the end were people could stand and the water from the boat coming down the hill would splash on them like a gigantic wave. It looked so much fun but I couldn't do it because I had no spare clothes with me. It was sad. But I loved the attractions I went on and we also tried Frozen Yogurt with toppings I've never seen before. It was so good! We went on Steel Force the same time as a few ambassadors and we gave high fives to everyone as we went for the exit. It was the only time we met someone almost because people were scattered all over the park. We only met some teachers in the end. They were also having fun!

After Dorney Park we went back home to Muhlenberg College and had dinner. We also had an assembly after sinner were we watched a video that was recorded during our camp and had pictures in it from people from camp. It was so sad because it meant that camp is almost over. They also told us hoe to get ready the next day for leaving and stuff. They had a scetch abkut hkw to return your sheets for example. It was so sad and I started to realise that I wanted to stay in Camp forever. Camp has been amazing and I love it and every one I've met/ made friends with here. It will be so hard to leave💔🦅💙

This is Steel Force. It was amazing



I've realised that my posts are really long.

Today was the last day we had classes. It was so sad. We started with homeroom after breakfast and we kind of talked about high school and our host families, like that we have to communicate with them in order to make our year successful. It was helpful although it is sort of obvious for me to do that but it is still good to be reminded of what can happen if there is no communication between us and our host family.

After homeroom we had Cultural Insight. We played a game called "The Hot Seat" and we were divided into 6 groups and the person in the hot seat read different scenarios and then the groups discussed how to handle them. The person in the hot seat then had to choose the best solution and would give that group candy. It was fun! But then we realised that this was the last time we had cultural insight. We will still have homeroom so we will meet our teacher and our ambassador still but it was still the last Cultural Insight class and that means that the end if camp is really near...

But it got even harder in next class. It is my favourite class because it is so random. Especially today! We had class but it really wasn't serious. We had so many breaks were we talked about so random stuff and once we even took a break to go into our homeroom teacher's class to make a joke. Just because we wanted to. Then we went back and played a game were we had three circles. One was the comfort zone, one the growth zone and the last one the danger zone. The ambassador  read out different scenarios and we had to stand in the circle that fitted the best to the situation from our perspective. Like if he would read about making new friends and you are not at all so comfortable with that yet you would stand in the growth zone. It was fun but got interrupted so many times by jokes. For example I was suddenly dead and then dead inside and the ambassador was climbing chairs (yesterday he was rolling into the classroom on the floor), the teacher was letting on a show or my friend Kara would break down with laughter. But that was the fun part of class and it's why I love Exchange Orientation, so I really didn't mind the interruption. The teacher and ambassador told us a lot about their life and in Stefans case about his exchange year. I liked it. It made it so much more personal. In the end the teacher told us that she would miss us and she almost started to cry. Everyone hugged her and the ambassador and I had been laughing all class because it was so funny but by then I had to fight the tears real hard. The teacher is so awesome, I'm going to miss her. I hope I get to be an ambassador next camp so maybe I'll see her again then <3333. 
We took pictures together and then we went to the football field to do a video with the entire camp. Halfway to the field I remembered that I had forgotten my bag. It's the second thing I've forgotten today but I've gotten it all back. So I went back and they fired me for forgetting my bag:((.

I felt so sad as we went to the football field. I hate it. I don't want to leave camp! Most of the people here I'm seriously never going to see again because we are from all over the world. It's so sad and horrible because I love them!

At the football field we had to stand in different formations and they would record it with a drone from above and it would spell out words or be a moving picture. First we spelled out EF camp. We are about 410 students plus 19 ambassadors and then the staff. It's a lot of people. The we made a smiling face which opened and closed it's mouth and last but not least a heart. It was so fun and a great idea!

After lunch we had our very last two classes. Life in America and English corner. We prepared for the meeting with our host family in Life in America which was very helpful and in English Corner we talked about communication with people, misunderstandings, confidence and commitment. I was still sad about Exchange Orientation so I didn't get any more sad after Life in America, I was already very sad. 

English corner was far more emotional than I had expected. The teacher from English Corner is so sweet too and funny in her own way. She's like a mom. Her ambassador is also one of the sweetest and at the same time most powerful persons I've met. She's so cool.
We hugged each other here as well, but most people only hugged the teacher and then went, but some friends and I stayed and talked to her and her ambassador and I appreciated it so much. They are so kind and sweet. The ambassador talked a lot about her exchange year today too. I love when the ambassadors tell us about their experiences. As we stayed after class and talked to them they also gave us their social media. I have all the teachers and ambassadors in snapchat, Facebook and Instagram now from our High School except for the ones from Life in America. That's sad. But then we hugged the teacher and ambassador from English Corner ine last time and went to our activities we had chosen. It was so sad. I was now sad about leaving all the teachers and ambassadors in my High School exceot the ones fron my homeroom because I'm still going tok se them in class. Of course I'm going to see the others too but not in class.

My activity was basketball and it was alright. It was coached by a woman and the ambassador from Exchange Orientation. I liked American Football more and me and one of my friends played that yesterday.

In the evening we had volleyball tournament finals. The Eagles ended up being second best. We wanted to win... but we still had so much fun. My voice is dead right now. The ambassadors from my High School (Madison Eagles!!!🦅) are great at cheering but me and my friend Kara went all in too. There were lots of games and we won them all except for the final game. It was sad. But we cheered better than everyone else. Madison Eagles are the best. We were the only ones I think who dod group hugs after every game.

After the tournament was over and the winner was presenter we danced Cotton Eye Joe all together again. It is so funny because everyone has to dance squeezing around because we are so many on the "small" floor. After Cotton Eye Joe we stood in a circle and sang "Don't Stop Believing" by "Journey", hands around each other. We were so many people! Then at the last chorus everyone just ran into the middle of the floor into a great group hug and jumped up and down. It was so sweaty and the guy I was next to had his t-shirt all wet from cheering. But nobody who had cheered properly was any better. My hair was seriously wet in the roots from cheering and my face wasn't better either. But there were few people who had cheered properly who weren't sweaty. I loved the big hug and everyone jumping. I didn't even know all the people I was group hugging, I just did and we all jumped up and down together. It was a crazy good and sad moment. I'm going to miss camp so much. Everyone here is awesome and the ambassadors are the best/coolest people I've met. Of course I'm dead excited to meat my family! But I'm still going to miss camp.

I am so haply that I've got two more days here and I am going to make the beat out of them!! Then I will apply for being an ambassador during the year and camp and I hope SO MUCH that I get picked... But it's like 48 out of 220 so it's kind of hard. But I will try!!! (Haven't talked to my parents yet though (hi mum, dad and Laura, I miss you<33333) but I'll do that later via Skype because I need to explain what an ambassador does first and it's going to be easier on the phone. But right now, my goal is to become an ambassador and to have the best last days of camp ever!!

Our classroom, Rebecca and her classroom and the football field activity

Mike and Rebecca and a promposal from one ambassador to another one named Tuva

The circle we did in the end before the big group hug

This is when we went in to myhomeroom teacher's class in Exchange Orientation. It was so much fun 



The cool thing is that everyone dances and does fun stuff. Nobody says like "omg it's so embarrassing and childish to do this, duh". Everyone does it- staff, ambassadors and students