Last week we had another bake sale because we LOVE baking and we LOVE fundraising even more - so why not do another one? Surprisingly organized (and early) this time, we started baking Thursday night after going to Aldi, where we met the scariest staff member EVER (Melissa called her: 'German machine' (especially funny for Kat since she is German)). She was literally throwing all of our stuff in our shopping cart after almost breaking Melissa's legs, she checked out our items faster than any cashier I've ever seen in my life (we were very concerned about the wellbeing of our eggs!!). Apparently that's what Germans are like, can someone explain that to me? (Actually I see her point but I mean I have to defend my country I guess..)

Anyways I've talked enough about this amazing experience at aldi!Back home we were more than motivated to finally bake but first we had the most amazing dinner: pizza bread YUMM YUMM YUMM (we might have a pizza bread sale at some point). We forgot to buy oil (actually I thought I still had enough which wasn't the case) so we had to ask our lovely friends to borrow us some (big shoutout to Anni and Q at this point, you are da best)

At 11 pm we were already done with our amazing cupcakes, Fanta cake, carrot cake, brownies and triple chocolate chip cookies. Dressed up as cute little fairies, we sold our cakes at William Guild the next day. After lifesaver Melissa bought two tall Americanos, we made our way through the different buildings where the lovely uni stuff was more than happy to buy our delicious cakes, as well as donating to this awesome cause. We thought we had to walk around for eternities but that amazing lady at Edward Wright bought our entire last cake!!! Another successful bake sale! Thanks for your support guys!!!! Our next event is going to be a pub quiz about a student's most important survival tool: ALCOHOL

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To all of the lovely people out there who already donated money and to the ones who wish to donate, but aren't exactly sure what the money actually goes towards and would like to know more - this blog post is for you!

As you hopefully by now are aware (from all of our spamming on Facebook), we are fundraising money for a charity called Childreach International. Childreach International is a charity that focuses on children and their rights. By rights, we're not only talking rights to education and so forth, but we're also talking about the right to be happy, free and safe. We want children to be able to fulfill their potential. Childreach International helps children in seven different countries, including the U.K.

We'd like to show you an example of some of the work Childreach has done in Tanzania (as this is also where we will be going, YAY) and this project focused on children and their right to food. What is really cool about this project is that Childreach didn't "just" donate food to the children, they encouraged a community based solution starting up a school farm in Tanzania, teaching the locals about farming and sustainability. Not only did this project feed the children of the schools, it brought up the average school attendance from 70% to 92% and decreased the average percentage of underweight children from 20% to 7%. Childreach has ensured that 20,000 children are able to enjoy a hot meal a day whilst at school.

By donating money, you could provide schools with the seeds, tools and training they need to start their own farms.

By donating £5 you can provide a school multiple seed packages

By donating £90 you can build a water pump and transform a whole community

THIS is exactly why we think Childreach International is an amazing organization and why we are devoting our time to create amazing fundraising events to help children in need. Hopefully this has helped clarify or at least show an example of what your money goes towards, if you choose to donate to this cause through our BTMyDonate site.

If you'd like to find out more about Childreach International go to their website:

Hugs from your favorite fundraising girls (we hope) xx



I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I have zero experience with fundraising whatsoever. Apparently it's a good idea to plan fundraising events ahead (like what?). Well let's just say my friend and I were not aware of this - in fact we decided on a Wednesday night that having a bake sale the following day was a pretty darn brilliant idea.
We barely made it to the grocery store in time before they closed and we finished baking our last cake at 2am in the morning. We figured selling them at the library would be the perfect location. Turned out that's a no-can-do as there is a café in the library (again, what?). Fortunately enough we're both optimists, so a bake sale outside the library in the cold (rainy) LOVELY Scottish weather sounded just about right. And that's what we did. Sold cakes in the freezing cold, moving back and forth whenever a cloud decided to rain down on our lovely cakes. But -my oh my- did the cakes sell out fast and I have to admit - it was pretty fun!

What have we learned from this? Bake sales are freaking awesome. And oh, next time we'll probably want to find a decent location...that is not outside.

Cheers for now!