It's finally the weekend and I finally have time to update. So today we went around London for some sightseeing, London is a really big city (1 572 km²) so there's lots of stuff to see. We went on one of those hop on hop off busses so we made sure that we got to see as many things as possible. First stop was to see Big Ben! Big ben is a really old clocktower. They started building it in 1856 and it was finished 1859. It's 96,3 meters tall, 10 meters taller than Skrapan. After seeing big ben we went on London eye which is a big paris wheel. (It is a lot slower though) It takes an half hour for the wheel to rotate. The view from London eye is amazing, you're able to see the whole London! Beside London eye there's an aquarium called Sea-Land. We didn't go in there since it was too expensive... we're students after all. I'd love to go there someday though! The buss took us to many interesting places such as the Buckingham palace, London bridge, The sherlock museum, Westminster abbey and other buildings. It was really interesting to see all these places. For lunch we had Fish and chips which is a typical English dish. We also went to Harrods and looked at many cool stores since everything there is so expensive we only looked at stuff.

After a long day of walking and taking the buss everywhere I was finally back in my apartment. My feet hurt a lot because we had to walk to so many places and tomorrow we will walk even more because we're going to the Harry Potter exhibition. I'm really excited since I love Harry Potter and from what I've heard this exhibition is supposed to be really amazing.

I'll write more about our trip to the Harry Potter exhibition later! Saint Patrick is coming up soon so I'll write about that too :)

See y'all laterrrrrrrr

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Yesterday we arrived in London with the plane. The flight took 2 hours and the seats were very uncomfortable. Since I'm going to stay here for a year I had a lot of luggage to carry all over the airport. I arrived at the airport at 17.00 PM so when I finally arrived to the small apartment ,where I'll be staying, it was already dinner time. Since I didn't have any ingredients to cook I just went to McDonalds. After I had eaten something I went to the apartment and started packing up my stuff.

Next day I woke up at 6.00 AM. It was the first day at University and I was quite nervous. My friend Jessika had promised to accompany me on my way to school, without her I would've probably been late (and lost) on my first day hehe. London is a very big city and the traffic can be really chaotic. So we took the subway instead of the buss to avoid getting late because of the traffic.

First day of school was very fun. Class started at 8.00 AM and ended at 15.00 PM. You had to be in time for every class otherwise you'd get detention. It's much stricter here than it is in Sweden. You have to wear a uniform to school everyday and you also get much more homework. Lunch isn't free either. You can choose between buying food from the school cafeteria or bring your own. First day of school was pretty soft since I've just moved here and the term just started so the classes weren't that hard. I got lots of new friends, they were all really nice and I'm actually very excited to go to school tomorrow. I'll finish all this homework and hopefully be able to write some more tomorrow.

Good night everyone ^^



England is an island country located in the North-west of Europe and it is the Southern part of the Great Britain. England is a part of the United Kingdom and is often mistaken for the whole United Kingdom itself. Nearly 84% of UK’s population lives in England and that makes it the biggest country in the UK, both to size and population.

In England the population is almost five times bigger than Sweden and over 9 million people lives in the country’s capital, London. That’s Sweden’s whole population living in one city. In the UK they use pound and they’re the only countries that uses English pounds as currency.

England has a queen and the UK has a parliamentary lead that decides everything political for all the four countries (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.) So all these four countries have the same lead. That would be as if Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark would form a union and have the same politics.

England is a very interesting country with lots of interesting tourist attractions especially in London. In London you can see lots of old buildings and interesting museums. Even though London is a very old town you can still find lots modern technology and very interesting shops. So it will be nice to move to a country that’s kind of different to Sweden yet similar. Most interesting will probably be to visit new places and discover new things.

I’m not sure how it will turn out yet but it seems very exiting and it’s a great opportunity to be able to learn the English language better. The reason I’m going to England is because I want to learn more about different countries and England is a country with lots of interesting places. Even though the weather isn’t great it’s still pretty nice in the UK.

Ok who am I kidding, I chose to go to the UK because I love the accent hehe. England is overall pretty boring but London is a nice city and I love British accent. Well we’re departing tomorrow so I better go to sleep. Good night everyoneee ♡​